Super Soaker PAINT Gun Pictionary!! *WINNER GETS $1000*


  1. Alfiewest00 !!!!

    Alfiewest00 !!!!10 시간 전

    Rob Rocking the team edge merch

  2. bum bum Chehade

    bum bum Chehade3 일 전

    Chris wereing the merch from morejstu laugh daily

  3. Daren Bell

    Daren Bell3 일 전

    make t-shorts

  4. Chase Lam

    Chase Lam4 일 전


  5. Sadiya Khan

    Sadiya Khan4 일 전

    Who loves anger

  6. Blaire Duarte

    Blaire Duarte4 일 전

    Its splatoon

  7. Sonia Ramsay

    Sonia Ramsay5 일 전

    I have the same thing as you/watergun

  8. Lucas Dean

    Lucas Dean5 일 전

    Rip jeef

  9. Mattboy 2232

    Mattboy 22325 일 전

    Rob's so funny since he wants to win

  10. Riyaaz Savage

    Riyaaz Savage6 일 전

    Hi there dangle bros

  11. Rowanplayz YT

    Rowanplayz YT7 일 전

    chris is wearing morejstu merch



    Jeff’s screams! 3:29 4:23

  13. Faith Skapik

    Faith Skapik10 일 전


  14. Blake P

    Blake P10 일 전

    Come on Jeff you got this

  15. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones10 일 전

    I just saw that your wearing jstu merch

  16. Brady Kilgore

    Brady Kilgore11 일 전

    Nice morejst hoodie

  17. Brady Kilgore

    Brady Kilgore11 일 전

    Nice morejstu hoodie

  18. Bhairavi Savant

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  19. Poke Tube

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  20. PbtPlayzYT

    PbtPlayzYT12 일 전

    Jeff:Why do I always lose Chris and Robert:Have so much money from challenges

  21. Kathy M

    Kathy M13 일 전

    All the stuff you do is crazy but I love your channel

  22. Blayke Casey

    Blayke Casey13 일 전


  23. ava lamanna

    ava lamanna15 일 전

    Is it just me or is rob wearing that sun set shirt almost every video🤔🤔🤔Love u guys ❤️❤️❤️

  24. SHT GANG

    SHT GANG17 일 전

    Jeffrey gets 100.000.000

  25. Spencer Kissel

    Spencer Kissel17 일 전

    Haha. I love watching Jeff lose.

  26. Brianna Yllaconza

    Brianna Yllaconza18 일 전

    Chris is wearing morejstu merch :3

  27. Annalicia Murray

    Annalicia Murray18 일 전

    Those are not super soakers there x shots



    Part 2 please

  29. Keira Vijh

    Keira Vijh20 일 전

    cool I think jeff will lose

  30. BMX Zoee

    BMX Zoee20 일 전

    I feel bad for rob😅😅😅

  31. Amy Wood

    Amy Wood23 일 전


  32. Mitchell Zielke

    Mitchell Zielke23 일 전


  33. LPS Frosty Fields

    LPS Frosty Fields23 일 전

    9:13 that’s a picture of a sick Webkinz chicken

  34. Otto Unrau

    Otto Unrau24 일 전

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. Gegox Pleys

    Gegox Pleys24 일 전

    69 wtf

  36. MonkeyMan21

    MonkeyMan2125 일 전

    3:33 what is he sucking on

  37. clinton gregory

    clinton gregory26 일 전

    Yay 😁 Jeff

  38. Pikioune Lote

    Pikioune Lote26 일 전


  39. TG Cashout

    TG Cashout28 일 전

    chris "its two words" Jeff "X marks the spot" lol

  40. Sophie's Channel

    Sophie's Channel28 일 전

    I was expecting Pikachu Who else?

  41. Deathstrike 1313

    Deathstrike 131328 일 전

    y is chris so tall?

  42. keira Halpin

    keira Halpin29 일 전

    Jeff drawed a bird for the last rouned and in art at my school I tried to draw a bird it was so hard

  43. Jonatan Lindstrom

    Jonatan Lindstrom개월 전

    Why didn't they use the black paint?

  44. Tyrant Gamer

    Tyrant Gamer개월 전

    In real I like Jeffrey

  45. Tyrant Gamer

    Tyrant Gamer개월 전

    Poor Robert hit like if u support him

  46. Ella Olds

    Ella Olds개월 전

    Jeff finally won a video!!! Yayyyy

  47. Adventure everyday

    Adventure everyday개월 전

    I know that you probably won’t read this but I love watching your videos and you make me laugh every day and I’m subscribed

  48. Tori B

    Tori B개월 전

    Where do you get the paint guns

  49. Ninja Ted

    Ninja Ted개월 전


  50. Ms. Myself

    Ms. Myself개월 전

    Jeff saved the camera(us) in the end!

  51. Pranav Sai

    Pranav Sai개월 전

    9:31 Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Whatever it is, the Seeking Air Mine will blow it out of the sky..... Like if you miss Clash With Cam