Super Mario Maker 2 - 33 - The Most Calming Thing I've Ever Seen


  1. MillerSNK

    MillerSNK6 일 전

    Greatest fantasy writer? Ignoring Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Butcher?

  2. Let's Talk About

    Let's Talk About7 일 전

    BLT Bacon Ladders Table Top Tennis

  3. Alvin V

    Alvin V9 일 전

    21:35 Arin is becoming more and more Italian as he continues to play (as) Mario.

  4. Jessica Valentina

    Jessica Valentina10 일 전

    I'm so fucking happy that my favorite youtubers also watch my favorite channel omg I ❤ Li Ziqi !!!

  5. Reese Johnston

    Reese Johnston10 일 전

    That was a flawless GRRM impression holy shit I'm dying

  6. Jon Stringfellow

    Jon Stringfellow10 일 전

    16:50 When did Chris Chan join the Game Grumps?

  7. The Monument

    The Monument11 일 전

    12:02 I love how they just use british accent to make something nobly arrogant:DD

  8. Vali Riversong

    Vali Riversong12 일 전

    Watching Arin continually miss the note block and getting progressively more annoyed and angry is amazing

  9. Maria Hinojosa

    Maria Hinojosa12 일 전

    Hearing them talk about Li Ziqi makes me ridiculously happy for no reason.

  10. Youtuber Fan Girl Named Edyn

    Youtuber Fan Girl Named Edyn13 일 전

    Am I the only one who thought that he said Undertale and not Undertow, I was like😧

  11. 0MohawkWarrior0

    0MohawkWarrior015 일 전

    I disagree. George R R Martin is a hack whose writing is like an uneducated virgin incel's wet dream.

  12. Dean Harstad

    Dean Harstad15 일 전

    KOreporter is banned in China, so I doubt that woman’s videos are filmed there.

  13. Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf16 일 전

    You can do it.

  14. Sora_D

    Sora_D16 일 전

    so Dan is sponsored by spotify, confirmed

  15. Blake Wenzhou

    Blake Wenzhou17 일 전

    that womens name would be pronounce something like lee zzz-chee

  16. Tamás Fábián

    Tamás Fábián17 일 전

    Liziqi :)

  17. Stunfisk

    Stunfisk17 일 전

    Arin: "I've been eating so well recently, I've being cooking meals" Me: ...Is this abnormal?

  18. Emilie Merrill

    Emilie Merrill17 일 전

    Hard to believe nobody else has said this so far (unless they have and I'm just stupid) but my favorite youtubers talking about my favorite band, slipknot?!?!?!?!?! HELL FUCKEN YEAH!!!!!! w.a.n.y.k. !!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  19. invaderhydre

    invaderhydre17 일 전

    17:27 high-key low-key referencing “Benshapiro *[CLICKBAIT BUZZWORD SOUP]* the *_[opposition]_* ”

  20. Cody Allen

    Cody Allen18 일 전

    Dan, I have to strongly disagree that George R.R. Martin is the best sci-fi/fantasy writer of the last 40 years. His books are popular, but as a writer he is okay at best. He really doesn't stand any where near the truly great fantasy writers.

  21. Artfullyundead

    Artfullyundead18 일 전

    Thank you for introducing me to liziqi!

  22. Mark Mercier

    Mark Mercier18 일 전

    I love that woman that make delicious loooking foood ahhhhhhhhh

  23. Krof927 nud

    Krof927 nud18 일 전

    why aren't they cursing anymore?

  24. Parker Shelton

    Parker Shelton19 일 전

    Can’t believe the maker cleared this whole level from start to finish no checkpoint in 500 seconds.

  25. mike25box

    mike25box19 일 전

    "I figured it out now I'm running out of time, story of our lives, huh" Ba-dum-bum-bum-bum.

  26. Muscle Man

    Muscle Man20 일 전

    A million people have done that before, Arin.

  27. Nj Njhjh

    Nj Njhjh21 일 전


  28. ShinjiteFlorana

    ShinjiteFlorana21 일 전

    -4:56 sneaky edit.

  29. Dradolan

    Dradolan22 일 전

    That soothing chinese food channel is amazing. I found her last year I think and it was just so nice to zone out on to forget how noisy the world is.

  30. Spy check

    Spy check22 일 전

    21:27 lol

  31. Research Fairy

    Research Fairy22 일 전

    I just love the total shift of Arin being grumpy (heh), and then once the stage changed his mood immediately improved, marveling at how wonderfully clever this stage is.

  32. metalupyourazz1

    metalupyourazz122 일 전


  33. Prince Charmling

    Prince Charmling22 일 전

    Qi is pronounced "chi" in Mandarin :) So Li Zi"Chi" (3:55)

  34. Glass Dragon

    Glass Dragon22 일 전

    I LOVE Liziqi!

  35. FirestoneX

    FirestoneX23 일 전

    Get gud

  36. Kenny TG

    Kenny TG23 일 전

    Arin did the mr krabd laugh with the spongebob voice

  37. Matt Parsons

    Matt Parsons23 일 전

    Agree with the editor. Cheers. I heart tool, but I’m assuming this joke has fallen into obscurity; “ah, yes, tool: the band named after their fans”. I thought it was funny. Cheers.

  38. SlapHappyPants

    SlapHappyPants23 일 전

    Oh man if you guys like Li Ziqi, you should absolutely watch Dianxi Xiaoge. Her videos are single-handedly the most soothing things I've ever seen. Also the most beautiful.

  39. zachariah bryant

    zachariah bryant23 일 전

    Danny, u offend me

  40. 「S」

    「S」23 일 전

    Glaiel: "There's no way to die on this stage." Arin Hanson: "Hold my La Croix."

  41. Kass A

    Kass A23 일 전

    i cant believe they watch liziqi. that makes me super happy cause her channel is so cool and calming :)

  42. Joseph B.

    Joseph B.23 일 전

    Dianxi Xiaoge and Liziqi have similar content, both equally as incredible and calming. 😎

  43. [Blank] Blank

    [Blank] Blank23 일 전

    14:54 😂

  44. Bryce Coughlin

    Bryce Coughlin23 일 전

    Wait so salad is supposed to be injars now?

  45. Neceros

    Neceros24 일 전

    That Chinese lady yall are talking about is a paid actor for the CCP, to try to instigate the "old country feeling" in their people. She's not related to anyone there. It's a community garden. She's helped by an entire team of people.

  46. KaraoYoshi

    KaraoYoshi24 일 전

    Dan, I love you man, but Patrick Rothfuss writes CIRCLES around GRRM

  47. REDHOT Gaming

    REDHOT Gaming24 일 전

    7:45 Enderman

  48. Dart Devious

    Dart Devious24 일 전

    No wonder this game is used in game design school

  49. WeirdAj

    WeirdAj24 일 전

    omg I have been watching li ziqi for so long and whem you giys said I was like ARRGHH THEY KNOW ABOUT MY FAVE XD

  50. AllPurposeNerd

    AllPurposeNerd24 일 전

    1:03 - Same. That's why keto is such a cruel deal with the devil. You can either have this whole broad spectrum of delicious thingies, or you can not hate yourself in the mirror. Choose one.

  51. ashley laughter

    ashley laughter24 일 전

    Link to the most calming thing ever.

  52. Fabio Suave 狼

    Fabio Suave 狼24 일 전


  53. IncoherentMoron

    IncoherentMoron24 일 전

    Dan's "Oh no, you'll die!" at 11:46 is probably some of the most genuine concern I've ever heard

  54. The Iron Fro

    The Iron Fro24 일 전

    Why does George R. R. Martin sound like Heath Ledger?

  55. Alex Swanson

    Alex Swanson24 일 전

    8:15 Very underrated band

  56. Saigul

    Saigul24 일 전

    Who else cringes every time Arin falls?

  57. Noah E

    Noah E24 일 전

    Try 2YQ-BCQ-S0G Lava Rising

  58. Moira Dis

    Moira Dis24 일 전

    6:57 - fudge Did someone else hear that or am I insane?

  59. Kydatyvegrybatokeanvisoko

    Kydatyvegrybatokeanvisoko24 일 전

    Some of these exclamations are fantastic "Go dry up in a pool" I think a previous one was something like "Go eat a sock"

  60. Jacqueline Trigo

    Jacqueline Trigo24 일 전

    Awe poor Arin😹😹 I feel bad for laughing at his pain! I've been there