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  2. Karina Lins

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    Amo demais ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. ᎽΘΘᎫᏆΝ ᗩᖇᗰᎩ

    ᎽΘΘᎫᏆΝ ᗩᖇᗰᎩ3 시간 전

    *مريضين الابداع* 💜

  4. ma ýa

    ma ýa4 시간 전

    It's still 11M 😔 I'm really hate SM 😡

  5. Fanny Campos

    Fanny Campos5 시간 전

    AMO esta cancion e igual a sus INTEGRANTES

  6. soumia bereriche

    soumia bereriche5 시간 전

    Elf stream stream stream please if every elf watch the mv 4 time at least a day we will make the views higher but elf so lazy :(((

  7. Lisbeth Rodríguez

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  8. Buzz Min Kyung Hoon

    Buzz Min Kyung Hoon5 시간 전

    I can only see Heechul in one scene. Am I missing or he is not in the rest of the MV?

  9. Nor Eid

    Nor Eid6 시간 전

    Donghae : bad bad bad bad news Kyuhyun: like bubble Siwon: we are freak Shindong: da ga chi super clap Leeteuk: hit the bass Eunhyuk: "tennis ball" Yesung: wavy...Yesung: yeah.. yeah!! Heechul: Volume up! Ryeowook: boom boom boom

  10. Celeste Montoya

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    11.740.957 arg 13:09pm

  11. SuperJunior KurdishELF

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  12. Star Word

    Star Word8 시간 전

    OMG! No importa cuantas veces lo vea. YESUNG is so hot and sexy.

  13. Zian Nanda A

    Zian Nanda A8 시간 전

    kalian luar biasaaaaaaaaa!!!

  14. leeteuk lily elfs

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    💙💙💙💙💙💙elfs Perú 🇰🇷🇵🇪😘😘

  15. Marissa Jesuitas

    Marissa Jesuitas10 시간 전

    I just can't get myself to get use to Super Junior performing again. I just can see them as MCs and making me laugh everytime I watch them :)

  16. soumia bereriche

    soumia bereriche8 시간 전

    Yes baby SUJU have many sides they can be funny in show and theirs songs are amazing too they are just perfect you have to get use to that ;)

  17. Rojas Claudia Ines

    Rojas Claudia Ines10 시간 전

    Amores míos!!! Aquí ELF ARGENTINA !!¡!¡ I LOVE THEM!!!!!!

  18. Hanna Cristine Reyes

    Hanna Cristine Reyes10 시간 전

    Once a legend,always a legend. Suju never fails to amaze everyone.

  19. Luis Cardenas

    Luis Cardenas11 시간 전

    I Love You My Babies

  20. Charlize Cummings

    Charlize Cummings11 시간 전

    Omg heechul and eunhyuk is still perfect !

  21. CoCo Elf

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  22. nushrat mim

    nushrat mim15 시간 전

    I still can't get over this song

  23. كيۧمۘ دٱيۧسۜونۨــہغ

    كيۧمۘ دٱيۧسۜونۨــہغ15 시간 전

    SUPER JUNIOR 😍😍😍😍😆💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💋

  24. axel bastida

    axel bastida17 시간 전

    excelente mexico.............

  25. Joylyn T. F. Cantilero

    Joylyn T. F. Cantilero17 시간 전

    Super Handsome. 😍😍😁

  26. segoi11

    segoi1118 시간 전

    I just watched this again after a long while. I think they re-edited it. I wonder how many views were lost because of they did that.

  27. sad reee

    sad reee18 시간 전

    Donghaes hair will always be in my heart

  28. Kyla Reign Cerdon

    Kyla Reign Cerdon19 시간 전

    Hoy mga pokpok stream nga kase!

  29. Natalia Hernández

    Natalia Hernández19 시간 전

    Que pasó con leetuk ese look no le va

  30. Yoongi Minostradamus

    Yoongi Minostradamus19 시간 전

    Me encanta ahahahahshs Elf y Army presente !!

  31. kenia Ariñez

    kenia Ariñez19 시간 전

    Ustedes me hacen feliz, bailar, emocionar, llorar, gritar, enloquecer y ahora tambien aplaudir!!! (Olvide decir más pobre lol) SJ sin duda alguna cambio mi monotona vida a una mas divertida y con las emociones a mil! *^*)

  32. Carla Jauregui

    Carla Jauregui20 시간 전

    Vamos ELF, las cifras van muy lentas

  33. GHADA Ad

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    سوبر جونيور ارجعوا اشتقنا ⁦🇸🇦⁩💙

  34. BestTacoSauce BestTacoSauce

    BestTacoSauce BestTacoSauce20 시간 전

    In the beginning I said "who's that dude Whit tennis ball hair" (Sorry if it made someone mad)

  35. Nor Eid

    Nor Eid6 시간 전

    Nah.. no one is mad. He is eunhyuk the tennis ball indeed

  36. Cristy Sa

    Cristy Sa20 시간 전

    "Super Clap " por ser tan bellos... Suju cada vez se superan mas.

  37. Kim Seok jinnie

    Kim Seok jinnie20 시간 전

    Dont mind me just having. know a crush on a 32 year old🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤠🤡🤠🤠🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  38. rina andriani

    rina andriani21 시간 전

    i wonder those who gave dislike, who hurt them? lol

  39. Nor Eid

    Nor Eid6 시간 전

    They hurt themself

  40. Jojo

    Jojo22 시간 전

    Heechul cantó un poco más de 1 segundo no??

  41. Claudia Concha

    Claudia Concha22 시간 전

    No sé Uds, pero esta canción es la primera y la última que escucho en el día ... hace un mes!

  42. Ixxati 97

    Ixxati 9722 시간 전

    this song deserve more viewers because the song was lit...ELF Fighting!!!

  43. ジュニココ

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  44. brillianté fullsun

    brillianté fullsun23 시간 전

    Suju : We're all freak Me : yeahh me too bruhh:)

  45. Nor Eid

    Nor Eid6 시간 전

    I feel u

  46. Tftf N6n6

    Tftf N6n6일 전

    ILOV YOU ILOV YOU ILOV YOU لقداحببت الكلمات والمسيقى كثيرا 🎧🎵🎶👏👏👏💙SJ💙🇸🇦#ELF #SUPERJUNIOR

  47. Angelina Hosein

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    nobody : not a soul: ryeowook: "boom boom boom" yesung" yea yea ye yeahhhhhhh"

  48. Natalia Palacios

    Natalia Palacios일 전

    Hay un grupo ELF internacional??? Para q sumen vistas hagamos streaming....ves tres veces elvideo desde un mismo dispositivo para q cuente👍

  49. tess tessy

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    They really like their job, that's everything you need to win

  50. Rina xian

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  51. Luis Cardenas

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  52. elena Kim

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  53. PAT

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  54. Reine sans roi

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    Fax coming thru- I might’ve died a bit.

  55. Maria Ochoa

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    Omg I love 2:22. His singing 💕

  56. wonderland 18

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  57. Celeste Montoya

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    11.662.436 arg 16:25 pm

  58. Stray Kids For Life

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    0:57 Who is that guy in the middle?

  59. Celeste Montoya

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    choi si won

  60. Nicole Mrass

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    Shindong is the best ❤❤

  61. Nor Eid

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  62. Rojas Claudia Ines

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    Siiiii!! X los 30 M antes de fin de año!!!!! Vamos!!!!!!!

  63. Elena Castillo

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    Un milagro para Navidad

  64. soumia bereriche

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    I wish that too !!!!

  65. Mislaine Katia

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    Tão lindos 😍😍 #🇧🇷🇧🇷

  66. Loli Arias

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    11M 🎊🎉

  67. 딩디용

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  68. Ellen Karine

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