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  2. Truth Balm

    Truth Balm5 일 전

    He slipped up and said Aaron under his breath..2:03

  3. TTY GANG Inj gaming

    TTY GANG Inj gaming16 일 전

    I say a-aron all the time lol

  4. SupaAmi

    SupaAmi20 일 전

    *points at B’lakeh* “I’m fo real. I’m FO REAL.”

  5. Paula Fitzgerald

    Paula Fitzgerald26 일 전

    Tallon Jones ‘

  6. Joshua Roberts

    Joshua Roberts개월 전

    my name is Toby

  7. Larry Leos

    Larry Leos시간 전

    😂😂 Aaron

  8. Redemption1987

    Redemption19874 시간 전

    People actually find this funny? Chappelle show>K&P

  9. Legendary Rebel

    Legendary Rebel6 시간 전

    This shit's real funny, is this just a mini-series or are there full episodes?

  10. Bani the freakish Bunny

    Bani the freakish Bunny9 시간 전

    I hate it when teaches say my name wrong and get mad when I correct them they get mad like it’s spelled justics but it’s pronounced just-sticks

  11. Kasia Krajewska

    Kasia Krajewska11 시간 전

    i named my new puppy Blake and i keep thinking about this

  12. Aron Teitsson

    Aron Teitsson13 시간 전

    My name is Aron and still this bit haunts me to this day

  13. JJ Samuel Gunn

    JJ Samuel Gunn15 시간 전

    If he be teaching History, his class would get 100% attendance every time cuz the students would attend just to hear him pronounce the names of all those historical figures. Ike Eisenhower.

  14. ElectricPeaPlayz

    ElectricPeaPlayz일 전

    Nontellectuals: *Blake* Intellectuals: *Bel-ake*

  15. Blake Anderson

    Blake Anderson일 전

    This video has ruined my name for the past 7 years....

  16. thachiefrocka

    thachiefrocka일 전


  17. Ellesse Dee

    Ellesse Dee일 전

    The way he turns around and says “insubordinate... and churlish” hits the sweet spot. Every. Time.

  18. La guida FB

    La guida FB일 전

    “Well you better be sick dead or mute Ay-Ayron!” 😂

  19. Gabriel Ferrell

    Gabriel Ferrell일 전

    o shag hennesy LOL

  20. Arsh Malik

    Arsh Malik일 전

    De Nise is hot af 🔥 plz tell me who she is

  21. Throne2

    Throne2일 전

    Whos here after the Power Finale?

  22. Julia Srednicka

    Julia Srednicka일 전


  23. τhε rεαl sęνęη

    τhε rεαl sęνęη일 전


  24. Cody Friedland

    Cody Friedland일 전

    2:20 is my reaction to watching the Killer Inside documentary.

  25. Alyssa Marquez

    Alyssa Marquez일 전


  26. Blake Raymond55gr34

    Blake Raymond55gr342 일 전

    My name is blake. I am officially ba-lak-a to my entire wife's side of the family.

  27. dan r

    dan r2 일 전

    My fave part.... " do you wanna go to war ballocky" "cuz we can go to war" Lol

  28. Marc Stover

    Marc Stover2 일 전

    I'm a teacher and have to really concentrate when one of these names comes up.....50 years immature.

  29. Renektonisbae

    Renektonisbae2 일 전

    Don't hire substitutes from Ghetto Public schools.

  30. /0gan

    /0gan2 일 전

    *you wanna go to war b l a k e*

  31. majodie

    majodie2 일 전

    I'm today old, and i just learned about this over-the-top, funny-as-hell video. Omg.

  32. xXCoolMaverickXx

    xXCoolMaverickXx2 일 전

    I saw this at school

  33. Ms Holcomb

    Ms Holcomb2 일 전

    Crying this was The funniest stuff ever

  34. KiranK28

    KiranK282 일 전

    7 years later it's still a classic

  35. Christina Yi

    Christina Yi2 일 전

    Why are all the students like decent actors tho

  36. Chantel Anderson

    Chantel Anderson3 일 전 man

  37. Delta2000

    Delta20003 일 전

    " Get Out Of My Goddamn Classroom before I break my foot up in ya ass " 😂😂😂

  38. Abhishek Joshi

    Abhishek Joshi3 일 전

    D-Nice is really pretty.

  39. The Irrelevant Thought

    The Irrelevant Thought3 일 전

    I think we need another substitute teacher skit, what do you guys think??? 😁

  40. SuperEman YT

    SuperEman YT3 일 전

    Denice is so beautiful.

  41. AsianOstrich 68

    AsianOstrich 683 일 전

    7 years later this still kills

  42. Mohammed Mohammed

    Mohammed Mohammed3 일 전

    So this is it .... finally 😀😀

  43. Luis Ángel Herndez Ramirez

    Luis Ángel Herndez Ramirez3 일 전


  44. Willem DaFuckedUp

    Willem DaFuckedUp3 일 전

    A-Aron's actor was trying so hard not to laugh at 2:18

  45. N e i t o

    N e i t o3 일 전

    Bro..... 0:26 Jacklin Raised her Hand Using left right? 0:28 its right arm Geezums....... Tell me im not the only 1 who saw this please..

  46. Junior Espinoza

    Junior Espinoza4 일 전

    I just met keegan right now couple minutes ago guy is amazing cool funny

  47. Tsmjaygaming Fortnite

    Tsmjaygaming Fortnite4 일 전


  48. Tsmjaygaming Fortnite

    Tsmjaygaming Fortnite4 일 전

    Son of a Bitch!

  49. B E

    B E4 일 전

    Let's be honest, no one searched this up.

  50. Aerin Gamer

    Aerin Gamer4 일 전

    Ok ok my name is aerin. And my parents love this skit so whenever my parents are downstairs and im upstairs they yell "A ARON OH A ARON" and they know i hate it WHO ELSES PARENTS DOES THIS PLEASE LET ME KNOW I WANNA KNOW IF OTHER PEOPLE ARE FEELING MY PAINNNNN

  51. Makayla's Dollhouse

    Makayla's Dollhouse4 일 전

    Is there a A A Ron down here?

  52. Nasri Abdi

    Nasri Abdi4 일 전

    One of the best clip on KOreporter.classic.

  53. Alaadeen 85

    Alaadeen 854 일 전


  54. Tyler Swiech

    Tyler Swiech4 일 전

    With my sister being a Jay - quelin, my life had changed.

  55. Tyler Swiech

    Tyler Swiech4 일 전

    If you don't say Ay Ay Ron from now on.... GO TO O' SHACK HENNSEEY'S OFFICE RIGHT NOW.

  56. OG Message Show

    OG Message Show4 일 전

    U cant hate on this show

  57. Lycangaming

    Lycangaming4 일 전

    I get called A a Ron all the time

  58. Porkle Dragon

    Porkle Dragon4 일 전

    I got my eye on you Jaqueln.

  59. fou haf

    fou haf5 일 전

    This is the longest SOB in my life

  60. summan Khan

    summan Khan5 일 전

    I am a substitute teacher and this is so relatable 😂😂😂

  61. Devaughnta Pratcher

    Devaughnta Pratcher5 일 전

    Black teacher is funny

  62. Branden Rios

    Branden Rios5 일 전

    “I got my eye on you Jay-Quellin.”

  63. Shelbie Hewitt

    Shelbie Hewitt5 일 전

    My brothers name is Aaron. Let’s just say his life has been... difficult.

  64. Jeremiah Reed

    Jeremiah Reed5 일 전

    I like that video

  65. Yeetus Splangweetus

    Yeetus Splangweetus5 일 전

    My name is Aaron and this video has changed my name. Not by my choice.