Struggles Of Being A Makeup Addict | Ft. Anjali Barot | BuzzFeed India


  1. rash royal

    rash royal3 시간 전

    This is my life depicted here.....only makeup lovers can feel it..😍😍😍

  2. novera kamran

    novera kamran18 시간 전

    I like the fact the video doesn't showcases someone walking around like a drag queen on a day to day basis

  3. Tanisha Sikka

    Tanisha Sikka일 전


  4. Etishree Sagarika Panda

    Etishree Sagarika Panda2 일 전

    Well I am a tomboy and I hate makeup. But doing makeup isn't bad.

  5. Payal Parihar

    Payal Parihar2 일 전

    I love anjali! She's great

  6. Prabhat Kandari

    Prabhat Kandari3 일 전

    It was fun

  7. tanaya Mondal

    tanaya Mondal4 일 전

    Wah, my Dil ki baat.. I just dont make u understand how much it is relatable

  8. yaiphabee ksh

    yaiphabee ksh4 일 전

    Relatable af

  9. lively person

    lively person5 일 전

  10. lively person

    lively person5 일 전

    The non mica makeup should be preferred. The mining of mica is dangerous and mostly children are employed in that. It could be difficult to get but at least you are not killing someone for your makeup.

  11. Banana Boy

    Banana Boy5 일 전

    She does her make up perfectly. So she can just put on and go lol lucky her makeup talent

  12. Subhashree Sahoo

    Subhashree Sahoo5 일 전

    Nice ending...

  13. flamingo fusion

    flamingo fusion6 일 전


  14. Amrita Singha Ray

    Amrita Singha Ray6 일 전

    I really don't understand why people who does makeup are always late... Why they just can't start getting ready early 😠 my best friend is always 1hour late..I could never make her understand that Being punctual is way more impressive than being a makeup ki dukan.

  15. Aman Chain

    Aman Chain7 일 전

    2:57 she is wearing like Betty Cooper

  16. yohenba luwangcha

    yohenba luwangcha7 일 전

    She is beautiful

  17. Girly Pleasures

    Girly Pleasures7 일 전

    Sonia was too sweet is that make up sharing girl

  18. Devangi Bedi

    Devangi Bedi8 일 전

    Shayan is so cute ❤😍

  19. kajal

    kajal9 일 전

    it sucks that people think makeup as an interest is vapid or superficial. i think it's cute when people get excited about anything! makeup included! send me to this office, we'll have a heart attack before opening the boxes

  20. Kagome

    Kagome9 일 전

    She is so beautiful!

  21. Angelic Sameera

    Angelic Sameera10 일 전

    WTF!! 1 million likes on the makeup video 😱... That's fake😵.. Check for urself

  22. Sowmiya Yohi

    Sowmiya Yohi10 일 전

    Same like me

  23. Suhani Arora

    Suhani Arora10 일 전

    Am i the only 1 who saw 1M likes on video at 3:34

  24. gracia chawang

    gracia chawang11 일 전

    If someone ask to borrow my lipstick and got mad just because i give them lots of option to choose from they will get a tight slap on the face not my lipstick! choosing foundation is really tough too!can't go around wearing a wrong shade!😣

  25. Rakhi Das

    Rakhi Das11 일 전

    This is so me 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Aastha S.

    Aastha S.11 일 전


  27. Aastha S.

    Aastha S.11 일 전

    But honestly though..people commenting on how much makeup someone is wearing just shows their narrow mindedness...let others express *art*

  28. Deboleena Saha

    Deboleena Saha12 일 전

    Why is sonia always so fucking rude ?

  29. Tandra Guha

    Tandra Guha13 일 전

    When she was going to watch a makeup video , I expected it to be jeffree star or James Charles or Nikkie tutorials...

  30. P. Vengateshwaran Ragunath

    P. Vengateshwaran Ragunath14 일 전

    I remember seeing her in scooopwhoop and earlier episodes of filtercopy

  31. mashk shk

    mashk shk15 일 전

    Struggles nahi hona chaiye tha the caption should have when you are makeup freak or makeup obssesed maniac.. The word struggle is not going with video content.

  32. Nidan Peace

    Nidan Peace15 일 전

    Omggg dis is sooo damn relatable..🤣

  33. Haseena Parveen

    Haseena Parveen15 일 전

    It's like buzz feed violet...🤣🤣😂😂

  34. sana naaz

    sana naaz16 일 전

    This is so me🤣

  35. Sumaiya Islam

    Sumaiya Islam17 일 전

    Same as me🐸😂👌

  36. Urmi Banik

    Urmi Banik17 일 전

    These are struggles? Really🙄🙄🙄

  37. Tahiea Begum

    Tahiea Begum17 일 전

    How is it even possible to get makeup in someone's shirt or phn? It doesn't, I wear makeup!!

  38. Mohini Dabarwal

    Mohini Dabarwal7 일 전

    Tahiea Begum Definitely. I sweat like a pig (well girls glow) , and everything goes down the drain lol

  39. Tahiea Begum

    Tahiea Begum8 일 전

    @Mohini Dabarwal well, I think, it depends on which brand makeup u use and type of skin u have!

  40. Mohini Dabarwal

    Mohini Dabarwal8 일 전

    Tahiea Begum if you sweat, it definitely wears off

  41. Warrior Bros

    Warrior Bros17 일 전

    Anjali Barot is natural beauty💕💕💕

  42. ginny toor

    ginny toor18 일 전

    Hehe i can totally relate to it 😄🤣

  43. lakki sai

    lakki sai18 일 전

    Great job Anjali!!

  44. P D

    P D18 일 전

    If women wont do makeup thn who will wear it....make up is meant for ladies to enhance their features but one shouldnt be addicted to it.

  45. Rituparna Rooj

    Rituparna Rooj18 일 전

    Last seen was epic haha....I can't see

  46. Mehendi by Savayah

    Mehendi by Savayah18 일 전

    Nope! Not all makeup addicts take a lot of time to get ready you know! I'll take me max 15 mins to get my makeup done even for a desi wedding! 😎

  47. Divya Gogia

    Divya Gogia18 일 전


  48. Apurva Lad

    Apurva Lad18 일 전

    Sooooo me😂😂😂😂

  49. Joseph Kurien

    Joseph Kurien19 일 전

    I felt soniya is overacting in this video

  50. Honey Soni

    Honey Soni19 일 전

    Pouch from nykaa...they hide the tag..🤣

  51. Prity Tamta

    Prity Tamta19 일 전

    hahaha..vo order vala prt same 2 same....

  52. Srabni tyu

    Srabni tyu19 일 전

    Those boys who are seeing this video. Is really make up matters to u???

  53. sana Khan

    sana Khan19 일 전

    so relatable 😂😂😂

  54. rajni kanojia

    rajni kanojia19 일 전

    Very nice guys it's just awesome 🤣👍

  55. jyoti raj

    jyoti raj19 일 전

    any time koun makeup karta h yar

  56. Claudia venus

    Claudia venus19 일 전

    She isn't even putting a makeup on. Too less

  57. Sweta Roy

    Sweta Roy19 일 전


  58. Nandini Singh

    Nandini Singh19 일 전

    Didn't know it could be this funny. Caught me off guard 😂😂😂😂 Thank you Utube Recommendations..😊😊😂😂

  59. COCO Land

    COCO Land20 일 전

    The last part was awesome " highlighter part"😂😂😂😂😂itna highlighter kon lagata h bhai?????

  60. Anjali verma

    Anjali verma20 일 전

    Same yrrr

  61. Angel Falfali

    Angel Falfali20 일 전

    3:22 that's so me 😝

  62. Shriti Ishu

    Shriti Ishu20 일 전

    This is me now days😂

  63. Dennise Danny

    Dennise Danny20 일 전

    Soneya is fucking rude!