Struggles Of Being A Makeup Addict | Ft. Anjali Barot | BuzzFeed India


  1. Khushboo Jain

    Khushboo Jain19 시간 전

    That phone wala was so true😄 cup wala too

  2. vrom vrom

    vrom vrom일 전

    Me exactly😂😂🤣🤣

  3. Closet Quorum

    Closet Quorum3 일 전

    Hire me lol for this character. If you ask me if I have a lipstick.. I will say - NOooO 😂 the end!

  4. Anchal Tiwari

    Anchal Tiwari4 일 전

    🤣🤣can totally relate

  5. sana fatima fatima

    sana fatima fatima4 일 전

    This is just me😂✌

  6. Milk Haleeb

    Milk Haleeb5 일 전

    I see India stay putting the lightest skin girl as main lead

  7. Tapomita Mallick

    Tapomita Mallick5 일 전

    Loved the video.Totally relatable.

  8. Bii Ningthemchamayum

    Bii Ningthemchamayum5 일 전

    Thoda jyada hogayana 😂😂

  9. shahed Ferdous

    shahed Ferdous7 일 전


  10. Er um

    Er um7 일 전


  11. Siren Lucy

    Siren Lucy7 일 전

    Why are they sharing a cup?

  12. Malvika srivastava

    Malvika srivastava8 일 전

    Omg !! Sonia looks so cute just like a baby in the last scene

  13. Pooja Kumari

    Pooja Kumari10 일 전

    Such a bitch. U know what u should study also🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  14. Ruhi Shaikh

    Ruhi Shaikh10 일 전

    That highlighter part tho😂

  15. deepa deepian

    deepa deepian11 일 전


  16. Roshni Chowdhury

    Roshni Chowdhury12 일 전


  17. Ritu Gupta

    Ritu Gupta12 일 전

    I think the struggles of being a makeup addict here means buying makeup addiction and not applying makeup addiction

  18. Arushi Roy

    Arushi Roy13 일 전

    Same meri tarah ...😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  19. Yalda Rad

    Yalda Rad14 일 전

    I ship her and shayan😐😍😄

  20. RAJAT

    RAJAT15 일 전

    Wah !!! Kya keh diya ladke ne

  21. the pisces princess25

    the pisces princess2518 일 전

    Gaawwddd...she shares her products so sweetly with Sonia and thn that woman pounces on her...idc if it was scripted by damn, it was an annoying scene...

  22. Alim zaman Munam

    Alim zaman Munam18 일 전

    The girl is so pretty😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Sam

    Sam18 일 전

    Does anyone remember her, she used to work in scoopwhoop...

  24. Jade Beaut

    Jade Beaut20 일 전

    I’m always cakey with makeup I hate it

  25. Aalina Essess

    Aalina Essess25 일 전

    Relatable af 😂😂😂

  26. Krupa Sekhar

    Krupa Sekhar26 일 전

    That's me ... Exactly me

  27. Rina Deyasi

    Rina Deyasi26 일 전

    She is so beautiful and she is a makeup addict but not even wearing too much makeup .Is she new cause I already love her.

  28. varsha

    varsha27 일 전

    Same here😂😂

  29. Dr. Sravanthi

    Dr. Sravanthi28 일 전

    Hahaha...that was a nice one...i got related to some of the scenes ...pretty awesome video it is ..😀😀😀...guys who all can relate ??

  30. Soumya singh

    Soumya singh29 일 전

    It's Mee also 😁😊😊😊😊

  31. Pooja Gurwani

    Pooja Gurwani29 일 전

    The beauty bloggers have done this to all us 💄 This is so relatable af 🎃

  32. Piyusha Sawant

    Piyusha Sawant개월 전

    So me! 😂

  33. Faree bash

    Faree bash개월 전

    She is most of the time in no makeup look

  34. mehak shykh

    mehak shykh개월 전

    My types......

  35. Priyanka Shankholia

    Priyanka Shankholia개월 전

    She got 3 digits salary

  36. Junainah Zafar

    Junainah Zafar개월 전

    Bro why can I relate so much lmao🤪😂

  37. Mr x

    Mr x개월 전

    Soneya is sooo fucking rude... Y does she always get such roles where she has to act all annoyed n rude..n tht much of anger wasn't even needed

  38. Sakshi Soni

    Sakshi Soni개월 전

    3:40 happens to me .. 🤣

  39. Anu

    Anu개월 전

    Love from Melbourne 🌈

  40. sadaf khan

    sadaf khan개월 전

    Nykaa pauch pink one i have

  41. aditi samant

    aditi samant개월 전


  42. Bakiya Lakshmi

    Bakiya Lakshmi개월 전

    Every day when I sit and open my system at office my first Google search is about M.A.C obsessed with makeup....

  43. happy thoughts

    happy thoughts개월 전

    Mera bhi same haal hai😂

  44. naina salian

    naina salian개월 전

    Ananya pandey: I have gone through alot of struggle. Buzzfeed woman:hold my lipstick do you even know what real struggle is?

  45. Divya 2002

    Divya 2002개월 전

    Well she looks like a natural beauty

  46. Thoinb Ghosh

    Thoinb Ghosh개월 전

    So me

  47. Vinni Tehalramani

    Vinni Tehalramani개월 전

    Last one was fabbbb🤣🤣

  48. Shreya Suvarna

    Shreya Suvarna개월 전

    She's so pretty.

  49. aditi kundu

    aditi kundu개월 전

    Hahaha this is soooo me😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  50. Tina dSouza

    Tina dSouza개월 전

    Never seen a makeup addict sharing makeup things with that bright smile..

  51. Vibha G.

    Vibha G.개월 전

    Can’t relate💩

  52. jinal tailor

    jinal tailor개월 전

    The struggle is real 😂 every moment was like :- yesssss!!! Me tooo!!!

  53. Marjia zaman Rima

    Marjia zaman Rima개월 전

    struggle word sunne se Ananya pande yaad aa jati he....yaar

  54. Dilshad Ktkl

    Dilshad Ktkl개월 전

    Her salary credited is less than 1000rs and she is adding products worth more than 10,000rs to cart..😂😂

  55. NickitaAgarwal

    NickitaAgarwal개월 전

    Ye video bhi thoda jyada ho gya na🤦‍♀️ rubbish

  56. Vinit Shankar

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  57. Santosh Singh

    Santosh Singh개월 전

    I am a make up loveeeeeeeeer

  58. ashish arayath

    ashish arayath개월 전

    I miss my ex. You too are sort of same in the case of this addiction.

  59. ashish arayath

    ashish arayath개월 전

    Is it just me or she doesn't looks like she is wearing too much makeup? is she too much beautiful that the makeup look natural, or she wearing it for so long that she can trick people that she isn't wearing any?

  60. Srishti Singh

    Srishti Singh개월 전

    OMG that highlighter! 😅😅