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  2. Corbin Gillum

    Corbin Gillum29 일 전

    Your reaction was so fucking annoying Courage. Holy shit!!!

  3. Wave Reeves

    Wave Reeves개월 전

    Kevin the kube is now Simon the sphere

  4. AeronProbably

    AeronProbably개월 전

    hey courage marshmello event or this event?

  5. CamelToe9999

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  6. jose perez

    jose perez개월 전

    @VRider they might wait till season 10 to change map

  7. Jaden and the cousins And sodor

    Jaden and the cousins And sodor10 일 전


  8. Jaden and the cousins And sodor

    Jaden and the cousins And sodor10 일 전


  9. Kursed

    Kursed11 일 전

    They should've built a huge robot monster to fight the robot

  10. YuhItsCombo

    YuhItsCombo12 일 전

    and now there are overpowered mini robots that can shoot 10 mussels and do 50 damage per missile 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. Joshy playz

    Joshy playz17 일 전

    His name is olly the orb

  12. Iron3 Slaughterer

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    Courage: He has the vault power, he has the vault power!!! Me during that moment: He has the power to vault the drum gun again

  13. Above In Shadow

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    He screamed louder than the Rip ears

  14. ItsKingBoxxyz _23

    ItsKingBoxxyz _2324 일 전


  15. Chappie Livdahl

    Chappie Livdahl27 일 전

    So, according to Jordan, the monster’s name is Eugene... (Can we get a “huh?” in the replies, KOreporter?)

  16. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader28 일 전

    Voltron? Power rangers? Pacific rim? Well whdayya know

  17. Chappie Livdahl

    Chappie Livdahl28 일 전

    And I HAD to be on vacation while all this cr*p was happening.

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    Do you know who “NovaBerries” is? You should totally play with her!😁😁😁

  19. XaXa The Gamer

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    I'm re-watching this for the 6th time, I got chills at the end

  20. josh crossland

    josh crossland28 일 전

    what would have been sick would have been if the robot died it gave everyone guns to kill the monster in like a boss battle

  21. Gary Winthorpe

    Gary Winthorpe29 일 전

    Skevin the sphere?

  22. Toxical Mast3r

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    This is just like pasific rim

  23. Aziz almulla

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  24. The Root Beer Gamer and Vlogger

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    Little did they know, they were with H2O Delerious and Gorillaphent in the server.

  25. Yea Umm

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    1:45 voice crack

  26. DrinkGameRepeat

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    Not gonna lie, Fortnite's way of changing the map is fucking amazing.

  27. Kian06Rowley

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  28. Rust Bucket

    Rust Bucket개월 전

    The arm fell in the ocean

  29. Just Devil

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    watch my latest youtube video‼️

  30. MATDABOSyeet

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    sam the sphere

  31. Fallen Lil Suss

    Fallen Lil Suss개월 전

    His laugh killed me😝

  32. DaZzaIGNIT3D

    DaZzaIGNIT3D개월 전

    7:22 courage you stole my joke

  33. Hey whatsup

    Hey whatsup개월 전

    The robot beat the monster and danced on it and that means the robot did that in front of us current/future players then time gets rewound and all the default players from season one were actually us from the future that watched the robot and monster fight then sometime in the near future time rewound back to season one and that’s why us when we were all defaults at the beginning have been doing the default dance and dropping into the battle field to fight against each other bc before time rewound we were all watching the fight and picking sides and now we’re left fighting each other bc we witnessed what the robot and monster did 🤯😂 that would be a cool storyline imo lol

  34. Ryan Does Zombies

    Ryan Does Zombies개월 전

    I have the same headphones as you there pretty lit

  35. Stonewall Jackson

    Stonewall Jackson개월 전

    they copied gundam so hard

  36. Dndnjwjdx Rjemcmcnwjc

    Dndnjwjdx Rjemcmcnwjc개월 전

    How does Jack have so much light ammo😂

  37. Triple Sixx

    Triple Sixx개월 전

    0:49 Ya Yeet!

  38. SkaterBro1294

    SkaterBro1294개월 전

    The arm flew into water tho👌

  39. Nik Lauch

    Nik Lauch개월 전

    I don't understand how u can be so hyped about such a lame event

  40. AprilandLuke

    AprilandLuke개월 전

    I hate mech

  41. gUnG1 CHR1S

    gUnG1 CHR1S개월 전

    Robot pulled a tony stark

  42. Peppe Storti

    Peppe Storti개월 전

    Go go power rangers 4:47

  43. Offslaes S

    Offslaes S개월 전


  44. Annonymous 6969 1

    Annonymous 6969 1개월 전

    Wait so does this mean Drift is dead#RIPDRIFT

  45. I am nerdy

    I am nerdy개월 전

    btw can we add each other CouRage?

  46. I am nerdy

    I am nerdy개월 전


  47. I am nerdy

    I am nerdy개월 전

    YOOOOOO i wish they could add a ltm gamemode for ever or make a featured world with all the events in it that you could watch make this blue if you agree heart if u agree (for CouRageJd) ntw i use ur creator code V V

  48. Sebastian Sabotkoski

    Sebastian Sabotkoski개월 전

    Keven the sphere



    The monster was every og player that wanted the tac smg Back, but then the robot was every 12 yrs old who wanted the drum gun back and actually got it back

  50. Mr_Mc_Squid

    Mr_Mc_Squid개월 전

    Isn’t it crazy thinking one day there will be a 10-20 minute event (other than a concert)

  51. hilm red

    hilm red개월 전

    Arm fell in the water

  52. Wave Reeves

    Wave Reeves개월 전

    Bro Kevin the kube became Simon the sphere

  53. TidePodChalleng3

    TidePodChalleng3개월 전

    why does Jordan always sound like a faggot, fisher, you ruined courage's stream faggot

  54. Justin Garcia

    Justin Garcia개월 전

    That’s why the rocket in season 4 controlled by the villains tried to hit the middle of loot lake because the villains wanted the power of the orb to destroy the fortnite island.But the heroes maybe mecha saved loot lake so the heroes later could control the cube to go to loot lake because the heroes knew that the cubes powers could defeat what’s left of the villains (monster) and save the fortnite island from what’s left of the villains.

  55. Mallerie

    Mallerie개월 전

    Courage's video was great because of the height he got, Tim's was great because of the angles. I didn't watch it live but still got the full bad*ss experience because of y'all. Thanks guys!!

  56. Battle Rap Opinions

    Battle Rap Opinions개월 전

    You ruined this whole event with all that unnecessary screaming!!!!

  57. Duck Duck FN

    Duck Duck FN개월 전

    Courage and Timthetatman had the best reactions on KOreporter 🤣 btw love the videos courage your reaction was amazing

  58. Gamer Pro

    Gamer Pro개월 전

    I laughed so hard during the intro... YA YEET!

  59. TheNeon 12019

    TheNeon 12019개월 전

    So what if Fortnite & Apex were connected? Apex might be the Future of Fortnite...

  60. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady개월 전

    Man that fight was just a huge rip off from transformers dark of the moon in the last fight😂😂😂😂

  61. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady개월 전

    Cryptic oh okay I thought u said fortnite is better my bad G

  62. Cryptic

    Cryptic개월 전

    bro transformers not all that

  63. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady개월 전

    Cryptic I'm not sure about that

  64. Cryptic

    Cryptic개월 전

    just better

  65. Blu

    Blu개월 전

    all courage did was scream its like just SHUT THE FUCK UP you annoying creaming bitch ass bot

  66. pauline richardson

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    this event is usome

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    I will subscribe to anyone who subscribes to me and likes this comment

  68. Leftyyy

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    I will subscribe to anyone who subscribes to me and likes this comment

  69. Dj Griffin

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    I swear this is pacific rim😂

  70. Charlie Vea

    Charlie Vea개월 전

    That was optimus prime lol

  71. K J

    K J개월 전

    Exactly were is the Mech supposed to be going he was made on earth

  72. Red Perez

    Red Perez개월 전

    How did I know

  73. Bryson and Beckett Petry

    Bryson and Beckett Petry개월 전

    0:33 0:33 0:33

  74. Thomas Biddle

    Thomas Biddle개월 전

    4:39 Is it possible to learn this power

  75. gaming life

    gaming life개월 전

    This mech X4 shit😂

  76. pauline richardson

    pauline richardson개월 전

    lol an shut uppppp

  77. Wolfi Chuuu

    Wolfi Chuuu개월 전

    Rip drift arm it flew into the water

  78. Mr.n00bduck

    Mr.n00bduck개월 전

    In the unvaulting event every option had the monsters eye in it

  79. king_jj _07

    king_jj _07개월 전

    This is the fortnite dream team 1.ghost Aydan 2.faze sway 3.courage is 4.tfue

  80. tee tne

    tee tne개월 전

    Hey guys, for those who are not in an eSports team and want to be in one, my org is recruiting for Fortnite and Rocket League players. If you do not want to be in a team, we also do not have enough staff at the moment. We would be very grateful if some of you could sign up to be staff. What We Need Gfx/Vfx Designers Pro Players Management Non-Toxic People Requirements EU or NA (West or East) At least 2 KDR Microphone PC or Console Good Aim, Building, and Editing Scrim Experience

  81. Mirza Crnic

    Mirza Crnic개월 전

    Monster : Gets Killed. Robot : eZ Monster : Watch For the Emote! Watch For the Emote! Robot : Dances "No Sweat" (Floss with one hand) Monster : *Report Player* Stream Sniping

  82. Gianni Hernandez

    Gianni Hernandez개월 전

    Jordan calling the monster Eugene was great 💀💀

  83. cam skurtas

    cam skurtas개월 전

    The mech arm went in to the water lol not soccer field

  84. oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah개월 전

    New room

  85. Zachary Anderson

    Zachary Anderson개월 전

    what happened to the polar castle that was on the monsters back?

  86. slash 1966

    slash 1966개월 전

    The castle got blowing up when the robot shot the Rockets at the monster one of the Rockets hit the castle on his back I think it's right at the beginning

  87. rayyan Okay

    rayyan Okay개월 전

    it wouldve been cooler if the sky bases became drones and shot at the monster

  88. Onnixbox

    Onnixbox개월 전

    “Imma dab after this” is the funniest thing Tim has ever said.

  89. Fandom Enforcer

    Fandom Enforcer개월 전

    This event happened within the first hour of my work shift. I would’ve attended my first live event in fortnite if I didn’t have work!

  90. GioTheOne

    GioTheOne개월 전

    Ninja has left the chat because you guys didn’t include him

  91. karatedude 5K

    karatedude 5K개월 전

    Like they were saying I hate to play fortnite it I enjoy watching the events and seeing what is happening to the island