Streamers React to *EVENT* "MONSTER VS ROBOT" FIGHT (LIVE) in Fortnite


  1. Zoro

    Zoro18 일 전

    TFUE for real has the best reactions to live events

  2. B1ack Kn1ght

    B1ack Kn1ght19 일 전

    Robot when it had the ball: RASENGUN!

  3. Space Man

    Space Man22 일 전

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  4. Supreme Memer

    Supreme Memer23 일 전

    Tfue earraped me so many fucking god damn times

  5. Joshnabeast Bob

    Joshnabeast Bob24 일 전

    4:07 Wait for it Wait for it There’s the emote S-T-R-E-A-M S-N-I-P-I-N-G



    Is this Mouse is actually for free?

  7. Fuad Fadel

    Fuad Fadel24 일 전

    Monster:dies Monster:wait Watch the dance Robot:dances Monster:stream sniping

  8. Sniper WolfKiller613 Idk

    Sniper WolfKiller613 Idk25 일 전

    His dick is so hairy 😂😂

  9. Sniper WolfKiller613 Idk

    Sniper WolfKiller613 Idk25 일 전

    Bro fucking tfue 😂 1:30

  10. Εμμανουελα Κακουδακη

    Εμμανουελα Κακουδακη25 일 전

    Fack you men is not free

  11. XDcosmic

    XDcosmic25 일 전

    Who else thinks turner ruined it

  12. Emmar Luna

    Emmar Luna25 일 전

    I hate saying badwords

  13. Lazerbeam is de wae

    Lazerbeam is de wae25 일 전

    Is Tfue for the robot or the monster



    Me: oh god Tfue: OH SHIT

  15. Kryptic-Effectzz-_-

    Kryptic-Effectzz-_-26 일 전

    Can you help me. Get 100 subs

  16. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader26 일 전

    For my opinion i hate tfue Like yea freak robot yeaa I hate him so muchhhh my opinion btw

  17. Debatexd

    Debatexd26 일 전

    How many times did tfue says awww shit!!

  18. Gaming Joker26

    Gaming Joker2626 일 전

    Who can count how many times Tfue says OHHH😂

  19. gustavo.l_p Follow me on Instagram

    gustavo.l_p Follow me on Instagram26 일 전

    @ 9:11 - 9:13 “ tony starks latest technology” 😂😂😂😂

  20. roblox boi man

    roblox boi man26 일 전

    This dudé is funny im dieing

  21. Chris Mildrum

    Chris Mildrum26 일 전

    robot: *flosses* monster: time to report stream sniping!

  22. Gonzalo Buelna

    Gonzalo Buelna26 일 전

    The amonut of times tfue said holy sh#t man and f#ck man and a sexusal thing anout the monster 👇😂

  23. Anthony Germain

    Anthony Germain26 일 전

    Hit the like button if you think that the robot event was the best event

  24. Faz Bear

    Faz Bear26 일 전

    Warning *HEADPHONE USERS!*

  25. AVIT

    AVIT26 일 전

    When mom tell's me to stop playing fortnite 9:45

  26. TrubberDox

    TrubberDox26 일 전

    Tfue annoying af tho

  27. dark hunter

    dark hunter26 일 전

    It's only ninja and tfue not all the streamers ass butch

  28. flamebird boi ツ

    flamebird boi ツ26 일 전

    i actually hate tfue now he got the worst fucking povs, missed some of the rockets hitting cattus, missed mecha hitting cattus with a powered arm and missed mecha doing a salute, such a waste of an event fucking hell. i know he can watch it a different time but it's better to watch in person

  29. dark L

    dark L27 일 전

    Was like a movie

  30. Vaughan Chris

    Vaughan Chris27 일 전


  31. RCRUZ211 _YT

    RCRUZ211 _YT27 일 전

    Who else had to watch the event on mobile or iOS because the update would not download

  32. RCRUZ211 _YT

    RCRUZ211 _YT27 일 전

    Is it me or can I watch this event all day and the marshallmellow event

  33. Miller Krohn

    Miller Krohn27 일 전

    of course a not shitty mouse was free YESTERDAY...

  34. Kjghfg

    Kjghfg27 일 전

    This live event just ruins everyone’s Theories of polar peak coming back

  35. SamuraiPlayz

    SamuraiPlayz27 일 전


  36. Leslie FREEDOM

    Leslie FREEDOM27 일 전


  37. Thatoneguy 213

    Thatoneguy 21327 일 전

    Robot does emote on kill Ninja:REEEPORT

  38. iiCoolboy_Laws FN

    iiCoolboy_Laws FN27 일 전

    Sadly the mouse is not free Because it need Shopping handling

  39. TRT _Salfam

    TRT _Salfam27 일 전

    I bet in season 10 a nother monster will come and destroy different places and the robot will return Also this is exactly like Pacific rim

  40. MzKrissie

    MzKrissie27 일 전

    I need a new mouse

  41. Megablox 3000

    Megablox 300027 일 전

    You know all these reactions are priceless lol

  42. John Sudol

    John Sudol27 일 전

    I dont see enough movement

  43. Sh Alzaabi

    Sh Alzaabi27 일 전

    I subscribed and liked the video and commented

  44. Spaceman So Cool

    Spaceman So Cool27 일 전

    3:41 I can’t be the only one that missed that voice crack

  45. Stoned o asis

    Stoned o asis26 일 전

    Im dying

  46. LateAdam

    LateAdam27 일 전

    Pacific Rim btw

  47. CarsonHufferYoutube

    CarsonHufferYoutube27 일 전

    the robot is one of those 6 year olds in pubs spamming rockets

  48. CakebroGaming

    CakebroGaming27 일 전

    I would have liked the event better if the robot lost then the two teams had to defeat the boss monster then when everything seems lost the robot gets up got the sword and killed the monster leaving the new area! In the game still

  49. Jackie Sloat

    Jackie Sloat27 일 전

    Kevin the cube is also coming back

  50. Jackie Sloat

    Jackie Sloat27 일 전

    Season 4 rocket is back

  51. Rangers Fan Channel

    Rangers Fan Channel27 일 전

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Ninja: **hEs FlOsSinG**

  52. Uriel Cruz

    Uriel Cruz27 일 전

    Guys that or is Kevin the cube sente

  53. Jonah Morris

    Jonah Morris27 일 전

    When did tfue get so fucking annoying

  54. Fade

    Fade27 일 전

    Fortnite is overated now

  55. Kostas Tsiplakis

    Kostas Tsiplakis27 일 전

    Anyone else getting the transformers vibes when the robot fly away!🤔

  56. Radiator NEO

    Radiator NEO27 일 전

    Tfue is an asshole missed everything

  57. Veggeess

    Veggeess27 일 전

    The mech wasn’t seeing enough movement

  58. yahir chavez

    yahir chavez27 일 전

    The robot took the nexus

  59. Landon Vachon

    Landon Vachon27 일 전

    It won't be the end. They can make a bigger one, having it as the mother!

  60. Psychic Gamer800

    Psychic Gamer80027 일 전

    Finish him

  61. SpiralXL

    SpiralXL27 일 전

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Tfue:OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!

  62. BH HQ

    BH HQ27 일 전

    Only people

  63. -Escapist2000009 -

    -Escapist2000009 -27 일 전

    Tfues Reaction: 0:26 Ninjas Reaction: 5:18 I hope this helps. No price to pay for time. Have a great day!

  64. Roohan Mahmood

    Roohan Mahmood28 일 전

    9:46 “THAT MOMENT” 🤧🤧🤧

  65. Ultima Gaming

    Ultima Gaming28 일 전

    ninja: ooh noo

  66. akaBorg

    akaBorg28 일 전

    Tfue more interested in buttholes and hairy dicks, misses half the fight.

  67. Blake P

    Blake P28 일 전

    Tfue missed most of it being corny af

  68. v1 Spectrum

    v1 Spectrum28 일 전

    Correction: Better use code "Spect" in the Fortnite item shop. Bruh does'nt need your support or using his code because his already rich and has plenty of money earned.

  69. Jefry Paz

    Jefry Paz28 일 전


  70. Tombob06 _Games

    Tombob06 _Games28 일 전

    He should of went for the head 😂

  71. Unmasked Gio

    Unmasked Gio28 일 전

    Plez everyone unvault Hunting rifle :(

  72. Ziare Sullivan

    Ziare Sullivan28 일 전

    Hand down this is the best live event

  73. Mulberryhawk 268

    Mulberryhawk 26828 일 전

    Yeah our games shit and things don’t take skill Have Godzilla

  74. Sweaty Soccer skin

    Sweaty Soccer skin28 일 전

    All i said was just *HOLLY SHEEET*

  75. Elf Boots

    Elf Boots28 일 전

    1:59 *iTs a rAT*

  76. Hello1230944 YT

    Hello1230944 YT28 일 전

    I voted for team mech

  77. FaZe Echo

    FaZe Echo28 일 전

    4:12 umm i think its pronounced flossing

  78. Moses Fong

    Moses Fong28 일 전

    Teddy bear went SHING SHING SHING

  79. james bond

    james bond28 일 전

    Is it just me or is Tfue’s perspective annoying as hell

  80. Andy Pabon

    Andy Pabon28 일 전

    9:55 wait ninja isn't reporting for stream sniping? *NANI*

  81. Outrageous Robloxer

    Outrageous Robloxer28 일 전