1. Vikkstar123

    Vikkstar123개월 전

    Phil is BACK! 😂 Check out his previous appearance here:

  2. Abdirisak Awes

    Abdirisak Awes2 일 전


  3. ya yeet

    ya yeet6 일 전

    gamer guy4521 how have u got 200 likes

  4. Candy Punch

    Candy Punch8 일 전


  5. Bryson 1318

    Bryson 131833 분 전

    3:00 is it cuz my parents are african lol

  6. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode시간 전

    Nobody is talking about Toby being a ducking savage and telling the guy take one more step mate 😂

  7. red saintgaming

    red saintgaming시간 전

    I don’t know who this phil guy is but I like him

  8. BaseGodKel

    BaseGodKel2 시간 전

    Take one more step

  9. Universe 1

    Universe 12 시간 전

    20:17 Ksi went into the shawdoes!!!:&:’z

  10. GrandpaManWoman

    GrandpaManWoman3 시간 전

    I feel bad for Toby

  11. Xion Stuart

    Xion Stuart5 시간 전


  12. Tottenhamfootball 2

    Tottenhamfootball 28 시간 전

    toby try’s to hide it but he is actually sad

  13. Tito Tito

    Tito Tito7 시간 전

    Tottenhamfootball 2 *tries

  14. Im Calofray

    Im Calofray8 시간 전

    Everyone saying how they love Phil, the dude is so not funny it’s unreal😂 he tries way too hard

  15. Hydraxx

    Hydraxx11 시간 전

    I like phil's reaction

  16. Jumbo Truster

    Jumbo Truster12 시간 전

    Vikk isn’t single?!?!

  17. parth thapliyal

    parth thapliyal12 시간 전

    Where have I seen Phil before?

  18. Mick

    Mick12 시간 전

    i love the " do one more step " part because this jelling guy is annoying af

  19. ReAp x SwInE

    ReAp x SwInE14 시간 전

    Phil is a legend

  20. Alan Miguel Silva

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  21. Dmitry Litovka

    Dmitry Litovka18 시간 전

    Fam, what happened to Ethan's voice? 12:55

  22. JordiTube

    JordiTube18 시간 전

    Add Phil to the sidemen whahah

  23. Royal Fists

    Royal Fists19 시간 전

    Anyone notice somethin about Ethan's voice.

  24. Daniel O

    Daniel O19 시간 전

    *strangers roast JJ*

  25. paul jabbour

    paul jabbour20 시간 전

    Phill is a god dont @ me

  26. Zach Mica

    Zach Mica22 시간 전

    No one: Ethan: 🖕

  27. codíe chrístine

    codíe chrístine23 시간 전

    Wtf is a tory

  28. Jeremiah Cole

    Jeremiah Cole23 시간 전

    Dang Deji pissed on Ksi

  29. Nick Schroeder

    Nick Schroeder23 시간 전

    This video currently has 8.5 million views, and I swear at least 40k of them are me just re-watching it because it is such an incredible video.

  30. Itz Risky

    Itz Risky일 전

    Who else thinks tobi hates phill?

  31. Young Slug

    Young Slug일 전

    Everyone saying Phil is funny when this man is so over the top it’s not funny and a bit of genuine cringe at times

  32. Melanie Bafia

    Melanie Bafia일 전

    i like phil

  33. Edwin

    Edwin일 전

    Scoot is so funny and so is Phil

  34. Lolo D.

    Lolo D.일 전

    Why are the videos so long

  35. Jake The singer

    Jake The singer일 전

    Phil is so awesome 😂 and so funny

  36. Jóhan Winther

    Jóhan Winther일 전

    Make Phil one of the Sidemen

  37. 17k

    17k일 전

    That Hawaiian shirt dude and the Scottish dude is a legend Phil is a God

  38. KayTheToon

    KayTheToon일 전

    I feel bad for JJ. He basically got bullied this whole video 😂

  39. Sierra Douglass

    Sierra Douglass일 전

    simon is so cute oml 😭😭

  40. Boa Hancock

    Boa Hancock일 전

    wow the guy with the blue shirt really had some steam to blow off phew now that is what i call a true hater!!

  41. Niek

    Niek일 전

    Mah man Ethan got a date. What a legend.

  42. Random Shit TV

    Random Shit TV일 전

    What means tory

  43. Althea Cassar

    Althea Cassar일 전

    Wait who is ksi dating !!!!!

  44. almina hh

    almina hh일 전

    that flannel dude mad annoying, trying way too hard

  45. Cristiano Marius

    Cristiano Marius일 전

    9:21 Look at Harry's reaction!

  46. A

    A일 전


  47. Tara Dooley

    Tara Dooley일 전

    Harry said he can't vote cos he's not from the UK, where is he from then?

  48. NadimAbdul

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  49. Sedat Aytar

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  50. Jwebby 07

    Jwebby 07일 전

    1:22 was the best bit

  51. Crurophilous

    Crurophilous일 전

    Phil needs to join the sideman right now!!!

  52. Fortnite God 69696969

    Fortnite God 69696969일 전

    I agree 😂

  53. TTarnation gamplay

    TTarnation gamplay2 일 전

    We need more PHIL!!!!!

  54. TTarnation gamplay

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  55. ItsMeTrash

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  56. Dayton J

    Dayton J2 일 전

    Poor VIKK!