Stranger Things 3 | Summer in Hawkins | Netflix


  1. Billy Ritchey

    Billy Ritchey6 시간 전

    I am Billy they based this off me I am suing! I have long hair stache and an athletically toned build just like this cheap knock off, plus I have had relations with cougars. My life is being portrayed on the big screen without any compensation and I declare it unfair!


    KHOA LUONG6 시간 전

    Why’s billy always mean

  3. david maurin

    david maurin9 시간 전

    Probably he bought a fake wig

  4. david maurin

    david maurin9 시간 전

    He’s a dildo bitch

  5. david maurin

    david maurin9 시간 전

    He’s shit lord

  6. david maurin

    david maurin9 시간 전

    He’s fucking ugly as shit

  7. Reeses Fan

    Reeses Fan10 시간 전

    Stranger things becomes riverdale.

  8. Capy

    Capy10 시간 전

    Song from 0:00 to 0:18??

  9. Justin Noordyke

    Justin Noordyke11 시간 전

    Wrong its you wanta be banned for life lard ass! Too bad all the SJWs who have nothing better to do but cry about everything including them smoking on the show.

  10. PeterSpimpson3456

    PeterSpimpson345615 시간 전

    What is the song name after "Rock this Town". The one where Billy seduces everyone to.

  11. ayman hakim

    ayman hakim22 시간 전


  12. Vipern

    Vipern일 전

    They changed the words and subtitles 🤯

  13. Old Sheep Dog

    Old Sheep Dog일 전

    Season 3... Very disappointing ...

  14. Ethan Hurl

    Ethan Hurl일 전

    What is the name of the song that starts playing when Billie comes out?

  15. Justin Garcia

    Justin Garcia일 전

    Hey lard ass! No running on my watch

  16. ShirtlessShulkTv

    ShirtlessShulkTv일 전

    Watching after SPOILER dies😓 Rip billy

  17. Malivale 03

    Malivale 03일 전

    What’s the song?

  18. ChiTown Chef909

    ChiTown Chef909일 전

    Dig the new Mrs. Wheeler!😎

  19. Betshaa

    Betshaa일 전

    music plz ?

  20. Anthony Rosalia

    Anthony Rosalia일 전


  21. Jon c

    Jon c일 전

    What's the song called billy is walking out to

  22. st lp

    st lp일 전

    Jon c moving in stereo

  23. alayna herexdd

    alayna herexdd일 전

    when he blew the whistle the girl in the back was like “😲”i was like “😂”but for billy i was like “🤤”

  24. Edward Erofeyev

    Edward Erofeyev2 일 전


  25. Aidan Marrero

    Aidan Marrero일 전

    Edward Erofeyev the cars -moving in stereo

  26. Mo Eddy

    Mo Eddy2 일 전

    1:03 *They cut out “lardass”* 😂

  27. Dan Bonner

    Dan Bonner2 일 전

    I used to look like billy than a 100,000 Beers later I don't lol

  28. Buff88

    Buff882 일 전

    Anyone notice in the original line on Netflix Billy calls the fat kid "Lard Ass". But not in this clip. KOreporter censorship?

  29. alli son

    alli son2 일 전

    i feel bad for finding him hot 😔

  30. Ryan Smith

    Ryan Smith2 일 전

    Left out part where he calls kid lard ass haha

  31. Ariel Paredes

    Ariel Paredes2 일 전

    Billy best character of Stranger Things 3 . Changed my mind. (Sorry for my bad english)

  32. BrushyWizard09

    BrushyWizard092 일 전

    LOL Billy Knows Not To Swear On KOreporter 😂 1:02 He Really Says: Hey! Lard Ass! No Running On My Watch, I Got To Warn You Again And Your Banned For Life. You Want To Be Banned For Life Lard Ass?!

  33. Fox Leader

    Fox Leader2 일 전

    1:03 on Netflix he says something else to that kid

  34. Giovanni Leao Araujo

    Giovanni Leao Araujo3 일 전

    I LOVE ST❤️

  35. Dom

    Dom3 일 전

    Anyone else notice how they cut the part where billy calls the kid lard ass

  36. Dom

    Dom3 일 전

    That lifeguard was bad af

  37. Vineet Sharma

    Vineet Sharma3 일 전

    Hopper is not dead. Remember the post credit scene "not the american"? They took him to Russia!

  38. mob1235

    mob12352 일 전

    i thought so. but would be a bit too strange he survived that without notice

  39. got cane for the cane sniffers

    got cane for the cane sniffers3 일 전

    Hey Lard ass

  40. Tuco Salamanca

    Tuco Salamanca3 일 전

    Imagine if the genders were swapped

  41. Killer Stalker

    Killer Stalker3 일 전


  42. Player Night gaming

    Player Night gaming3 일 전

    Rip billy

  43. Ripley1156

    Ripley11563 일 전

    This show so far is the best thing ever. Thanks 🙏👍

  44. Fire in the Hole

    Fire in the Hole3 일 전

    👇That's how many people like Billy.

  45. Mr. Clean

    Mr. Clean3 일 전

    Billy struggling for abs

  46. Golden Cat Studios Ltd.

    Golden Cat Studios Ltd.3 일 전

    Every time Dacre Montgomery enters the set of stranger things 0:36

  47. HLGToys

    HLGToys3 일 전

    If you were born in the 80's or is familiar with 80 movies this scene is reminiscent of "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" when Phoebe Cates's character is coming out of the pool albeit more of a PG version.

  48. 72mossy

    72mossy4 일 전

    Mrs wheeler is a sexy bird. No PC world back then even though I felt sorry for lard ass kid being singled out for being overweight, wouldn't happen to and the women eyeing up teenagers today would be classed as pervs.

  49. zafir erobar

    zafir erobar4 일 전

    RIP Billy

  50. Cesar 101

    Cesar 1014 일 전

    I really wanted to see them Bang 💥😋

  51. mary schnapp

    mary schnapp3 일 전

    bro wtf

  52. riham

    riham4 일 전

    Anyone know what the song is for when Billy comes in

  53. Aidan Marrero

    Aidan Marrero일 전

    riham the cars - moving in stereo

  54. Aravinthsri Sivasritharan

    Aravinthsri Sivasritharan4 일 전

    I honestly if I were Mrs wheeler would run if Billy asked me out he is a creep

  55. ScaR_LxrD_RwS

    ScaR_LxrD_RwS4 일 전

    Is dead.