Stranger Things 3 | Summer in Hawkins | Netflix


  1. Lewis Ollerenshaw

    Lewis Ollerenshaw4 일 전

    Wait guys it says no diving on the gate why is there a diving hoard though

  2. Tawakie Richards

    Tawakie Richards5 일 전

    ❤ stranger things 👽👾


    I PRO NITE6 일 전 Hopper alive!!


    I PRO NITE6 일 전

    stranger things part 4

  5. HU Zsombi1970

    HU Zsombi19708 일 전

    Old chikens🤣🤙

  6. Marco Miller

    Marco Miller9 일 전

    I cringed so much the first time I watched this

  7. Amen McMahon

    Amen McMahon10 일 전

    Thats South Bend pool in SW atlanta...literally right down the street from me

  8. anentacatMCPE

    anentacatMCPE11 일 전

    Look out mike. Cause Billy is gonna start the hike

  9. wiinterflowers

    wiinterflowers13 일 전

    Justice for Heather!

  10. Levi L

    Levi L21 일 전


  11. CintiaEmotion

    CintiaEmotion23 일 전

    Billy te amo ❤️

  12. le sanglier légendaire

    le sanglier légendaire23 일 전

    Et 11 😭😭😭

  13. Neil

    Neil23 일 전


  14. Sean Ronan

    Sean Ronan25 일 전

    Its 6 months after stranger things 3 why am I watching this?

  15. stavros kozanidis

    stavros kozanidis25 일 전

    Can somebody tell me the title of the song that plays in the background when Billy shows up

  16. Vinicius Fortunato

    Vinicius Fortunato26 일 전

    The Cars - Moving in Stereo




  18. depression with no videos

    depression with no videos29 일 전

    it honestly sounds so weird without lard ass

  19. klmn krstf

    klmn krstf개월 전

    I want a girl who looks at me like Heather does at 0:53

  20. Jack Daly

    Jack Daly개월 전

    They cut out the “lard ass”😂

  21. Flesh

    Flesh개월 전

    I aint gay but damn

  22. Brandon gotz powers

    Brandon gotz powers개월 전

    Spoiler alert billy dies but I’m dead bout to watch it again

  23. Wankil Reiben

    Wankil Reiben개월 전

    One of the best scene of this series!

  24. FullOutPlayah13

    FullOutPlayah13개월 전

    Song playing when Billy walks out..?

  25. FullOutPlayah13

    FullOutPlayah13개월 전

    Fred Flintstone : Good workout song!

  26. Fred Flintstone

    Fred Flintstone개월 전

    Moving in stereo

  27. Siko

    Siko개월 전

    is s4 the last season :(?

  28. Mad Max

    Mad Max개월 전

    No bbbbiiiiiiiilllllyyyyyy!!!!!!!😫😩

  29. Alex Alex

    Alex Alex개월 전

    I see that all of you thought that the moms were getting ready for that girl but I knew they were getting ready for Billy cause in season 2 when he appeared, my dad and I were like: Dude, he is so cool!

  30. 0YOXSIΞ0 00

    0YOXSIΞ0 00개월 전

    What is songs name when Billy enters?

  31. Dark Agent

    Dark Agent개월 전

    4 tirsty moms

  32. Collided Worlds

    Collided Worlds개월 전

    0:39 What people think they look like wearing supreme shirts

  33. Yuri Boyka

    Yuri Boyka개월 전

    I think he said lardass ...but they cut that part..

  34. TikTokTrend

    TikTokTrend개월 전

    anyone know the background song name???? :D

  35. Kurd15 _

    Kurd15 _개월 전

    0:39 when u find a led pencil on the ground with 1 stick of led

  36. iTagusPlays

    iTagusPlays개월 전


  37. BladeMaster 122

    BladeMaster 122개월 전

    My reaction to this part was.... *Oh noes*

  38. Brandon gotz powers

    Brandon gotz powers개월 전

    This show is sponsored by new coke refreshing lol

  39. Hritik Sarode

    Hritik Sarode2 개월 전

    hit like, if you have watched this video more than two times ,lol.

  40. Kiley Mariah

    Kiley Mariah2 개월 전

    Is it bad that now that Billy is gone I no longer have a huge interest in the show .. 🙈 he was literally such a good actor 👌🏽 Great performance

  41. Eren Yıldız

    Eren Yıldız2 개월 전

    Yeah myy favorite

  42. SushiSofu

    SushiSofu2 개월 전

    It feels weird without lard ass in the sentence

  43. Jason

    Jason2 개월 전

    They weren't getting ready for the girl. It wasn't the 90s yet.

  44. H2WHT

    H2WHT2 개월 전


  45. Tyrese Johnson

    Tyrese Johnson2 개월 전

    Is no one going to talk about the song The Duffer Brothers picked for this scene??? If anyone knows what it is, please, help me out.

  46. Ezekiel Ramos

    Ezekiel Ramos2 개월 전

    I feel like no one talks about The age diffrence between billy and Karen billy just graduated high school and Karen already has 2 kids



    I thought they were tryna make the girl jealous or something

  48. Live Wire

    Live Wire2 개월 전

    Where's the lardass?

  49. Ömerhan Susam

    Ömerhan Susam2 개월 전

    1:00 the lady sitting on the sunbed, 1:02 again the same lady lol

  50. juzna tribina

    juzna tribina2 개월 전

    1:14 Duffer brothet?

  51. Sebastian Borja

    Sebastian Borja2 개월 전


  52. Filmmaking Fanatic

    Filmmaking Fanatic2 개월 전

    At 0:51, if you look closely of the shot of the lifeguard, watch how the beach ball was thrown! What a funny coincidence!

  53. Lee Cowan

    Lee Cowan2 개월 전

    We all know the kid's a fkin lard ass!

  54. ryan s

    ryan s2 개월 전

    where’s the lard ass part?

  55. Friendship Girls

    Friendship Girls2 개월 전

    billy just going out of the locker room looks badass

  56. ITS Foolio

    ITS Foolio2 개월 전

    They give billy the hardest intros‼️

  57. animações aleatórias

    animações aleatórias3 개월 전

    In brazil bill say to the kid running around the pool: Hey fatty! Stop running around the pool or you will be banned for life, do you want to be banned for life from this pool?. Poor kid ;(

  58. Freddie 31 ALT

    Freddie 31 ALT3 개월 전

    When I first watched this episode I was like breast stroke? Wtf

  59. Xxx Matthew xxX

    Xxx Matthew xxX3 개월 전

    Where's larda**? 1:03

  60. Bea Pearson

    Bea Pearson2 개월 전

    That’s exactly what I thought. They must’ve cut it out

  61. PhootPhetishPhilip !

    PhootPhetishPhilip !3 개월 전

    He's in this clip too

  62. D.J McLean

    D.J McLean3 개월 전

    In season 2 and 3 Billy’s first scenes had some cool music playing.

  63. Susu Sutherland

    Susu Sutherland3 개월 전

    I’m slowly dying watching this

  64. Flaco_sdm

    Flaco_sdm3 개월 전