Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test


  1. Priscilla

    Priscilla10 시간 전

    actuallyyyyyyyyyy, Dwight works at Dunder Miffline Paper Company.

  2. Sakari Salomaa

    Sakari Salomaa22 시간 전


  3. Kaelan Corpus

    Kaelan Corpus일 전

    I wonder if they will get claimed by the people who own the happy Birthday song since it’s copyright

  4. Rookseven7

    Rookseven74 일 전

    I feel like they're not talking into account that the restaurant did has most likely been reheated since it had to sit in a car on the way to being delivered to the set. So they're not getting the food fresh

  5. Nipple Twista

    Nipple Twista6 일 전

    That last woman was CRINGGYYY!!!

  6. Alex Campbell

    Alex Campbell8 일 전

    I wish Rhett would've committed to the bit and actually not come back

  7. RS Ferrari 1

    RS Ferrari 19 일 전

    Have gordon Ramsay do a fresh or frozen Taste test with you guys!

  8. WalkerBrosFilms

    WalkerBrosFilms10 일 전

    No copystrike for the singing of happy birthday ? 😂

  9. Dizzy

    Dizzy10 일 전

    Happy Birthday Dink

  10. Buzzzyboy Buzzzyboy

    Buzzzyboy Buzzzyboy11 일 전

    Gordan ramsy*has entered the chat*

  11. benjamin refsell

    benjamin refsell11 일 전

    3:07 I thought Rhett was going to say dance of the sugar plums not jaws.

  12. darkSorceror

    darkSorceror11 일 전

    That frozen PF broccoli is well overcooked.

  13. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah11 일 전


  14. Free

    Free13 일 전

    Why are your videos always so saturated

  15. Cayden Kalmbach

    Cayden Kalmbach15 일 전

    They both are frozen Panara has Frazen soup

  16. DMLA All Day

    DMLA All Day17 일 전

    Cicis left me a roach in my pasta : (

  17. miguel aguilar

    miguel aguilar21 일 전

    is it wrong to give

  18. Raimi Gardner

    Raimi Gardner22 일 전

    Is it his birthday? If so Happy Bday! Lol :)

  19. H Plays

    H Plays23 일 전

    why is it that Rhett quits quite a bit and Link just sits there staring at the camera or just getting on with his life

  20. What I Do For Fun

    What I Do For Fun23 일 전

    11:47 is the perfect example of how no one knows what to when people sing happy birthday to them.

  21. Daniel The Fortnite GOD

    Daniel The Fortnite GOD24 일 전

    Those potato skins are super good btw I eat them all the time BUY THEM

  22. Conan Truong

    Conan Truong26 일 전

    4:53 says acidity is higher and base is lower- check the ph scale

  23. Kasarah Shatzer

    Kasarah Shatzer27 일 전

    I love TGIF's potatoes at the restraint than in the frozen section

  24. BRT Playz

    BRT Playz27 일 전


  25. MegUp86

    MegUp8627 일 전

    My Name Jeff!

  26. IDK Studios

    IDK Studios29 일 전

    I’ve had the Cajun chicken pasta from the store and it’s so good

  27. pMicheal

    pMicheal개월 전

    anyone noticed how nick gave it away “the bag says to bake them” lmao he just gave out he got it from the store and it’s from a bag.

  28. Fern and Bacon

    Fern and Bacon개월 전

    American food is nuts.

  29. Katie Elliott

    Katie Elliott개월 전

    Both foods are most likely frozen then reheated

  30. Crafty Corgi

    Crafty Corgi개월 전

    I’m so dumb, I was like I feel liked I looked at the date, well it came out today soooo. Then half way throughlooked again... a year ago today

  31. AH Davis

    AH Davis개월 전

    Cici's was the shit in the late 90's.

  32. Golden Wolf

    Golden Wolf개월 전

    Why does link look concerned whenever he’s biting into anything.

  33. Slipshod Gamer

    Slipshod Gamer개월 전

    They say they made the Jaws theme with the soup, but I heard fur elise

  34. natalie buch

    natalie buch개월 전

    This was literally all my favorite foods

  35. Leo Michael

    Leo Michael개월 전

    ARBY'S we have the curly fries.



    I couldn't do what they're doing is someone reach for my plate I'd instinctively stab them in the hand with my Fork

  37. Zoe Does Stuff

    Zoe Does Stuff개월 전

    This challenge would’ve been better blind

  38. Janago White

    Janago White개월 전

    I worked at Panera for a year. All the soup was already frozen before we served it. It’s just heated in a soup well.

  39. Cassidy Stuidiot

    Cassidy Stuidiot개월 전

    If you thought the potato skins were easy to find the difference *YOU SHOUlD GET THE BONELESS WINGS!*

  40. Its Me

    Its Me개월 전

    Let Gordon Ramsay do this test

  41. Jamie Elizabeth

    Jamie Elizabeth개월 전

    3:06 Beautiful 😂

  42. Amanda Lupacchino

    Amanda Lupacchino개월 전

    Try to do either a blind or international soup taste test if you haven't already

  43. Tabasco Sweet77

    Tabasco Sweet77개월 전

    I can never tell if it’s a green screen behind them or the real thing

  44. Александр Винниченко

    Александр Винниченко개월 전

    are they gay?

  45. Leroy jenkins

    Leroy jenkins개월 전

    I’m 15 living in Missouri and I love cicis pizza

  46. DroolingNoob

    DroolingNoob개월 전

    "I'm not gonna guess different just to be different, cause that would be wrong", i see that throwback diss to Link changing his vote to the Rhett's side of Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup just to 'differentiate myself'.

  47. Samurai Sorcerer

    Samurai Sorcerer개월 전

    We in the Netherlands don’t have stuff like this, cause we don’t have big restaurant chains. We only have Burger King, KFC, McDonalds and Subway if were talking fastfood. Let alone non-fastfood chains.

  48. Matthew C

    Matthew C개월 전

    Link pronounced appraiser wrong

  49. Luis Suarez

    Luis Suarez개월 전

    Jaws probably gonna copystrike you now 😂

  50. samhouston1979

    samhouston1979개월 전

    Stevie’s voice though

  51. damian prado

    damian prado개월 전

    i use to work at panera as a teenager, all their soups are frozen. probably the reason why it was hard to tell the difference

  52. Leonel Casias

    Leonel Casias개월 전

    They need to turn the mic sensitivity down

  53. Alexis west

    Alexis west개월 전

    TGI Fridays is now getting sued because their potato skins aren't potatoes

  54. Lumen Lights

    Lumen Lights개월 전

    take a shot every time link says store but means restaurant lmao

  55. Brenden

    Brenden개월 전

    My chef's name is Jeff

  56. Megan Ober

    Megan Ober개월 전

    Rhett: "I quit for a little and it felt great!" Wish I could do that lol

  57. David Jiang

    David Jiang2 개월 전

    I'm starting to wonder if Link wished for people to stop calling him Dink when he blew out the candle.

  58. David Jiang

    David Jiang2 개월 전

    If you r winning in these types of games, if you always do what the other person does, then you r guaranteed to win. If he gets a point, you get a point, and when he doesn't, you don't. When you have the initiative and you know my methodology, then it's a guaranteed win.

  59. vance

    vance개월 전

    that would be so interesting to watch

  60. Brad kava

    Brad kava2 개월 전

    Was hoping they’re break into Dr dre with the soups

  61. Mac MashPotato

    Mac MashPotato2 개월 전

    You guys picked restaurants that cook mostly frozen stuff, so yea, they should be about the same. The only reason the resturant ones might be worse is the variability of lazy workers or fry cookers not getting changed out enough.

  62. Ashley McNeil

    Ashley McNeil2 개월 전

    Omg Edward u r so hot lol

  63. WeirdGREENDAY

    WeirdGREENDAY2 개월 전

    I accidentally shot my father because the Jaws theme put me on edge

  64. MasterGamer 26

    MasterGamer 262 개월 전

    Hold on you forgot frozen krabby patties

  65. damien helm

    damien helm2 개월 전


  66. gaston moreno

    gaston moreno2 개월 전


  67. Wandering Sailor

    Wandering Sailor2 개월 전

    I'm 21 and aging faster than these beautiful men. wtf

  68. #02588 #02588

    #02588 #025882 개월 전

    Wtf is Penelope bread? Or w.e

  69. Ligma BOSS

    Ligma BOSS2 개월 전

    Any1 else get bothered by the sound of them eating

  70. Alexandra Cappucci

    Alexandra Cappucci개월 전

    Yesssss I thought I was the only one. It's killing me lol

  71. animal lover

    animal lover2 개월 전

    A guy named Jeff killed my friend’s dad

  72. silvermist477

    silvermist4772 개월 전

    Depends what state you live in, I live in Southern Louisiana so mostly everything we eat is homemade

  73. Yorick G

    Yorick G2 개월 전

    I am the guy who makes the panera soup, i make a lot of soup thats why i never sleep and eat the soup while making it. My life is panera soup and i will die panera soup.

  74. WorldMess

    WorldMess2 개월 전

    I love cc’s

  75. jazmine galvan

    jazmine galvan2 개월 전

    When the Panera soup comes frozen to the store too so it’s literally is the same lmao

  76. Isaiah Gillette

    Isaiah Gillette2 개월 전

    9:44 am I the only one that paused it here to process what Link says

  77. Jennifer M

    Jennifer M2 개월 전

    You can just by the way the broccoli looked that Link’s side was the frozen one for the PF Chang’s

  78. luky98ification

    luky98ification2 개월 전

    The part where they freaked out about the different notes that the bowls made when tapping on them irrationally bothered me lol. Of course they're going to make a different noise when one of you are tapping on the hollow section of the bowl and the other is tapping on the soup filled section of the bowl

  79. Tiff-Kate

    Tiff-Kate2 개월 전

    Why is this so ASMR??? I just cantttt

  80. Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson2 개월 전

    Jump the shark

  81. joshua ooroth

    joshua ooroth2 개월 전

    I wish they did the red lobster biscuits

  82. TemperChain X

    TemperChain X2 개월 전

    Taste test on acid

  83. Gabe Jones-Lang

    Gabe Jones-Lang2 개월 전

    TemperChain X no blindfolds just a dark room

  84. Jessica Weaver

    Jessica Weaver2 개월 전

    I was a manager at Panera. We did nightly orders (at my store) for soups and veggies and everything. The soup comes frozen. We heat them in the bag and cool them down again (at my store) then boil them in a large pot and bring it out as if we make them every morning 🤷‍♀️ so that’s more then likely why they taste the same

  85. ツJammiez

    ツJammiez2 개월 전

    I didn’t click for asmr

  86. Steven Bailor

    Steven Bailor2 개월 전

    I like how their native North Carolinian roots come out. CiCis pizza.....

  87. RuggedandDumb

    RuggedandDumb2 개월 전

    I’m curious why so many thumbs down on this video? I guess some bad feed back is good feed back.

  88. CobyM24

    CobyM242 개월 전

    Love the show but is that laugh tracks I hear

  89. Big32Productions

    Big32Productions2 개월 전

    10:47 👎👎🏼👎🏾👎🏻👎🏿

  90. Espen Buseth

    Espen Buseth2 개월 전

    Crazy catlady alarm 11:48

  91. Desi's Skits

    Desi's Skits2 개월 전

    I Panera to work at used and our frozen comes in soup

  92. James SAP

    James SAP개월 전

    Sean Matthew King 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤭🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  93. Sean Matthew King

    Sean Matthew King개월 전

    +James SAP 👌

  94. James SAP

    James SAP개월 전


  95. Sean Matthew King

    Sean Matthew King개월 전

    +Mpreivel 🤔

  96. Mpreivel

    Mpreivel개월 전

    danielallen111 r/woosh

  97. Joe Rams

    Joe Rams2 개월 전

    Anyone else always pick the right curly fries?

  98. Jen Dee

    Jen Dee2 개월 전

    Former Panera employee: Panera bread soup comes frozen from the “Panera kitchen” and thawed out and served in store as do the soups sold to the public. They are the same. However can differ based on batch and where in the batch the container is filled.

  99. LeaFY ModZ

    LeaFY ModZ2 개월 전

    U forgot costco pizza

  100. mike

    mike2 개월 전

    I like how link looks like a little kid at the grownup table.

  101. Linuxpunk81

    Linuxpunk812 개월 전

    shouda been blindfolded

  102. Drake krome

    Drake krome2 개월 전

    when it comes to panera bread restaurants you get big taste but very, very very little food, that's how their profit margins work. you order a sandwich and a bowl of soup, you're literally only going to get half of a sandwich and only going to get exactly 6 ounces of soup, if you don't know how little 6 ounces of soup is that's less than half a serving bowl of Campbell's canned soup. its nothing, like 7 spoonfuls of soup and its gone. its nothing and you've just spent $30 on half a sandwich and 6oz of soup. that's what i had to realise the one and only time i've ever ate there, me and a date decided to eat there on our date, we ordered the half sandwich and a 6 oz bowl of soup and the price was like $54 we just ate a half of a sandwich and a half a bowl of soup. we ate there and left only deciding that were still very hungry! we ended up immediately going to a chick-fil-a where we ordered 2 chick-fil-a sandwiches and an order of 12 nuggets. LONG STORY SHORT PANERA BREAD IS NOT WORTH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Nathan Butcher

    Nathan Butcher2 개월 전

    Hey where's Alissa Violet from Panera

  104. Arkham Scrace

    Arkham Scrace개월 전

    Nathan Butcher I was looking for this comment 😂

  105. Anthony Tah May

    Anthony Tah May2 개월 전

    didn't sound like jaws at all

  106. Mike Christy

    Mike Christy2 개월 전

    How do they keep the restaurant food fresh? These are the questions I must know

  107. JohnX

    JohnX2 개월 전

    My nickname is Jeff



    3:33 the time I thought my life was over

  109. Bon Jigers

    Bon Jigers3 개월 전

    Can someone please tell Rhett that he has Synesthesia (if you don’t know what that is, google does wonders). At 4:30