Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test


  1. Bon Jigers

    Bon Jigers2 일 전

    Can someone please tell Rhett that he has Synesthesia (if you don’t know what that is, google does wonders). At 4:30

  2. Adrian Brock

    Adrian Brock3 일 전

    My dads name is Jeff

  3. L L

    L L3 일 전

    Yalls definition of cici's is too accurate.

  4. poetiklee vehrzed

    poetiklee vehrzed4 일 전

    Yall are hilarious lol. The broccoli cheddar part had me cracking up!! Lol the cicis comment.

  5. Potato Tube

    Potato Tube5 일 전

    Well Link, when you only eat dog food with a few exceptions, things begin to taste the same.

  6. Joe Cambo

    Joe Cambo5 일 전

    5:45 this is just DWIGHT

  7. Omar Robles

    Omar Robles7 일 전

    I kinda love the idea of link doing these things in complete silence knowing how much of an urge he has to talk 😂😂

  8. Gym Clown

    Gym Clown7 일 전

    The Panera one will taste the same because if you go to a Panera it comes out of the freezer and goes into a water bath to defrost.

  9. Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified

    Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified9 일 전

    I eat that cajun pasta literally every day

  10. Ryan McCarthy

    Ryan McCarthy11 일 전

    TGI Friday's will always be associated with Guy Fieri to me.

  11. PasTeK Prod

    PasTeK Prod12 일 전

    12:00 rip the intern

  12. xydoit

    xydoit14 일 전

    The cheaper one is frozen. This is the reason the pasta is not the same.

  13. xydoit

    xydoit14 일 전

    The restaurant fries won't be fresh after several minutes.

  14. xydoit

    xydoit14 일 전

    Please add (game) when its a game.

  15. VPagon

    VPagon14 일 전

    I went to Panera a few weeks ago the first time. Got an Italian sandwich, can't remember the full name of the dish. But it was bitter inside, vinegary, and the bread was hard like rocks. So in the words of Link, I was miserable that day lmao

  16. Daniel M

    Daniel M14 일 전

    Man im glad she's gone....

  17. Kathleen LeMaire

    Kathleen LeMaire15 일 전

    Love your show, glad I came across it! I am a new subscriber!

  18. Krynesh Lilith

    Krynesh Lilith15 일 전

    Truthfully, I worked at Arby's for a couple years in several states and many stores(I helped at several stores from my main ones). The fries are frozen, obviously, and most of the stores don't throw out the fries as often as they should. They are suppose to be thrown out after seven minutes(if I recall correctly) of sitting in the fry station(if immediately put into it after they are done cooking) and most places just reset the timer if they even use it. From how dark those are. They are either super old(longer than just a drive) or were left in too long despite the beeping to take them out.

  19. K1aThegL1Tch M1racle

    K1aThegL1Tch M1racle16 일 전

    i think the arby's curly fries would be obvi because if it's burnt its most likely to be the restaurant because the chef might've overcoooked it and the machine from the store might be programmed to have the perfect temperature so the fries didn'tburn.

  20. Ruben Nuñez

    Ruben Nuñez16 일 전

    Khrap, GMM always makes me hungry

  21. to helhiem and back

    to helhiem and back16 일 전

    More like Jim and Dwight

  22. Aaron Petersen

    Aaron Petersen17 일 전

    I work at Kroger and one of the cashiers names is Jeff lol

  23. Antonio Fang

    Antonio Fang17 일 전

    Can we get a "seven minutes of: Rhett leaving the show"

  24. Kevin Alexander

    Kevin Alexander17 일 전

    Who's the announcers voice? Its heavenly. She should read audiobooks.

  25. C R

    C R17 일 전

    lol 3:16 :P

  26. Psychosis Gaming

    Psychosis Gaming17 일 전

    Is it just me or is it satisfying when they chew

  27. dshew d

    dshew d17 일 전

    that mic'd up chewing is faggy

  28. DëiMos

    DëiMos17 일 전

    Oh there gluten ..that just means there both gunna be bad hahaha

  29. TheMilomack

    TheMilomack17 일 전

    Happy Birthday Dink

  30. Joe Picone

    Joe Picone18 일 전

    Link meant to choose the arby's restaurant fries, he said I think these are from the store and not the bag

  31. Nightowl333

    Nightowl33318 일 전

    Am I the only one who actually really likes CiCis? I know it’s super cheap but something about it, maybe I just love variety

  32. Dillon Yousif

    Dillon Yousif18 일 전

    Oh yeah Cici's was the plug. That elbow skin they called pizza was only good because they threw some mac and cheese on it.

  33. Shi Miller

    Shi Miller20 일 전

    Dink 😂

  34. I_Like_Memes _

    I_Like_Memes _21 일 전

    That’s Jeff that’s Dwight HEY THATS JIM!

  35. yaite

    yaite22 일 전

    Whats the name of the female that gives you the answers? perfect voice c:

  36. DTMT 527

    DTMT 52719 일 전

    yaite her name is Stevie

  37. Ethan Owens

    Ethan Owens23 일 전

    Why is it that the items taste “totally different” to Rhett and to link they taste the same

  38. Elias broända

    Elias broända24 일 전

    And his name is Jeff kaplan

  39. Pizza slice87

    Pizza slice8725 일 전

    Do you know him

  40. Mercedes Cup rill

    Mercedes Cup rill25 일 전

    Pene means peanut the privite part in spanish

  41. Mahea Ramos

    Mahea Ramos25 일 전

    Why did Link say “Chaaaaangggs” like that?

  42. Walter Phillips

    Walter Phillips26 일 전

    I worked at Panera, the soup comes frozen to the restaurant so I'd imagine it's the exact same recipe as what you'd get at the grocery store.

  43. Walter Phillips

    Walter Phillips26 일 전

    All of the soups come frozen in big bags. No prep of soup is done at the restaurant aside from thawing it out.

  44. Albruey Melton

    Albruey Melton26 일 전

    Why does the girl singing happy birthday remind me of the dude from scary movie with the messed up hand😂

  45. nomad73916

    nomad7391626 일 전

    and hes outta there lol

  46. jawjaw wacky journy

    jawjaw wacky journy26 일 전


  47. Adrianna Weisman

    Adrianna Weisman27 일 전

    gorden ramsy cud figer this out

  48. oxy 75

    oxy 7527 일 전

    From the store or from Arby's they are both frozen. Just matters if you fry them or not.

  49. Reign 55

    Reign 5527 일 전

    Loved cici pizza but they closed the one where I live at in Tennessee

  50. Arnav Singh

    Arnav Singh27 일 전

    Anyone know where rhett got that shirt?

  51. Josh Keating

    Josh Keating27 일 전

    They did the Jaws theme. They jumped the shark.

  52. Rhianan Arthur

    Rhianan Arthur28 일 전

    7:00 hi welcome to chillys

  53. goku son

    goku son28 일 전

    I want rhett and link to be a crew member on their own show and experience the bts with crew members doing the gmm show lol

  54. Figuring It Out

    Figuring It Out28 일 전

    The BBQ chicken pizza from CPK is my FAVORITE

  55. Kate Mattice

    Kate Mattice29 일 전

    Link, you have become...... Food blind

  56. ranaee_ k

    ranaee_ k개월 전

    Eww Rhett’s face @ 11:26

  57. Aubrey and Milo

    Aubrey and Milo개월 전

    Everytime Rhett stands up from the desk I remember how tall he is.

  58. Camalamacorn

    Camalamacorn개월 전

    Link got the first one right lmao. He said the store bought was on his side and it was...???

  59. Nate Brake

    Nate Brake개월 전

    Why does link think everything that is gluten free is terrible

  60. Afeefa Khan

    Afeefa Khan개월 전

    Could u guys do a mukbang

  61. jklego45

    jklego45개월 전

    Have a Toffee?

  62. Andrea Kay

    Andrea Kay개월 전


  63. Mary Frances Brazil

    Mary Frances Brazil개월 전

    My dad loved you too Link💕 (His name is Jeff)

  64. Wild

    Wild개월 전

    Eat the food

  65. Zack

    Zack개월 전

    I love cc's pizza

  66. Natalie Fecteau

    Natalie Fecteau개월 전

    11:34 Link knows me and my habits!! Also Frasier is a good show

  67. Emma Wagner

    Emma Wagner개월 전

    will it crayon?!



    Why does link always look like hes sad when he eats?

  69. E. W.

    E. W.개월 전

    Yo those potato skins are SO AMAZING!! I love em!

  70. Kim 2

    Kim 2개월 전

    Are those not called elbows...

  71. Sakura

    Sakura개월 전

    Former panera workers and everywhere else everything is frozen XD Fast food XD

  72. Tien Davis

    Tien Davis개월 전

    I swear you guys just do this for food

  73. kieran heath

    kieran heath개월 전

    I am getting hungry

  74. 4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování

    4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování개월 전

    *D I N C C*

  75. Jasmine Ysabel

    Jasmine Ysabel개월 전

    Shoulda been Dwight and Jim not Dwight and Jeff

  76. obaid chaudhry

    obaid chaudhry개월 전

    Everything at panera is already frozen

  77. InMySpareTime

    InMySpareTime개월 전

    I like how calm Link is the for part of the episode he's just like quietly nodding his head with no expression until Rhett leaves.



    Link is a sociopath lol

  79. JustAnotherYoutuber

    JustAnotherYoutuber개월 전

    Happy birthday Dink lol

  80. C00kii0

    C00kii0개월 전

    Screw the bag directions fry them

  81. Sid Drees

    Sid Drees개월 전

    How do you feel? I feel like Dink.

  82. Pr0sacK

    Pr0sacK개월 전

    I was so hoping they would do the comparison between frozen White Castle and "restaurant" White Castle :)

  83. Shiloh Blake

    Shiloh Blake개월 전

    Bob Evans has non-frozen foods in stores, like mac & cheese and mashed potatoes.

  84. Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette개월 전

    That bread bowl with broccoli cheddar is life and you really haven’t lived rhet didn’t lie

  85. Matthew Hickey

    Matthew Hickey개월 전

    The tgi Friday in the cape cad mall definitely uses frozen food just like at the grocery store. I know because i used to dumpster dive there and had to wade through the boxes

  86. Strictly Anime!

    Strictly Anime!개월 전

    I'm just wondering now.. Does rhett actually want to win games like these? Because he's doing it the wrong way. CAUSE IF YOUR COMPETING WITH SOMEBODY, YOU DONT GIVE THEM THE CLUES ABOUT THE RIGHT ANSWER BEFORE THE REAL ANSWER IS REVEALED!!!

  87. Breanna Kittle

    Breanna Kittle개월 전

    Those 13 seconds without Rhett were weird man

  88. Qrows_Nest

    Qrows_Nest개월 전

    Red lobster cheddar biscuits are way better if you add shredded cheese

  89. NotSnarl

    NotSnarl개월 전

    Is this the White Male Only Show? It's 2019...

  90. Jackie Dean

    Jackie Dean25 일 전

    Clearly you don't watch it regularly. But brownie points for trying to be edgy or whatever

  91. Shadow Gaming

    Shadow Gaming개월 전

    i subscribed and turned on notification bell and i liked the video!

  92. Winter Davis

    Winter Davis개월 전

    I can not eta bred

  93. madestmadhatter

    madestmadhatter개월 전

    You guys need to drink water between tastes.

  94. Maci Friedrich

    Maci Friedrich개월 전

    Did anyone else notice that when they were eating the Cajun chicken pasta from chili’s that the picture they showed of the store bought box said chicken Alfredo?

  95. NirmyWizard -SammiiCake

    NirmyWizard -SammiiCake개월 전

    Link it’s app a tizer not app a teezer

  96. Kevin Lalonde

    Kevin Lalonde개월 전

    Link has little boy bites



    If link didn't have broccoli in the fist one he tasted then how does he know what broccoli was firmer ?

  98. Roken

    Roken개월 전

    fast food chain vs. frozen products... isn't both the exactly the same?

  99. Mattie Constance

    Mattie Constance개월 전

    I wish she would have said sink😂😂

  100. OneEyedGhoulX

    OneEyedGhoulX개월 전

    Just looking at these frozen foods makes me want one of those frozen foods xD

  101. David Martin

    David Martin개월 전

    Do a macaroni and cheese taste test

  102. Jill J

    Jill J개월 전

    I live on store bought

  103. Kazzy Shawny

    Kazzy Shawny개월 전

    Rhett’s face on the curly fries reveal, my heart sank too