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  1. Xersol’s Life

    Xersol’s Life12 시간 전

    I’m crying realase it plz

  2. Phuong Nguyen

    Phuong Nguyen13 시간 전

    it was spinal

  3. Unfathomable Nix

    Unfathomable Nix13 시간 전

    I just realized Garnet has ruby and sapphire wedding bands on both her hands!

  4. Ethan Mejia

    Ethan Mejia14 시간 전

    Wow !!!

  5. Ueggdbjshbd h

    Ueggdbjshbd h14 시간 전

    They protecc They Attacc But most importantly..... They Gave Steven a necc

  6. XxnotbinsxX random stuff

    XxnotbinsxX random stuff14 시간 전

    Slinky is Pink diamond on steroids

  7. Rox/ Lufu

    Rox/ Lufu15 시간 전


  8. Rose.

    Rose.15 시간 전

    At least it’s not over like regular show I miss that show.

  9. Quan Phlowz

    Quan Phlowz15 시간 전

    How can i get this I instrumental to this ?

  10. irving vargas

    irving vargas15 시간 전

    All I want is for peridot to fuse with lapis and for leggy to make an appearance 😭

  11. Samuel Shaw

    Samuel Shaw16 시간 전

    Spinel: Spinel Superior, Crystal Gems Inferior

  12. KingTrizzy

    KingTrizzy16 시간 전

    Season 6 ?

  13. Variousboyz Gaming145

    Variousboyz Gaming14516 시간 전

    and the gems name is spinel

  14. Variousboyz Gaming145

    Variousboyz Gaming14516 시간 전

    the enemy will turn into a friend at the end.

  15. Mateo Galileo

    Mateo Galileo16 시간 전

    Ngl this song slams. Also i havent watched the movie yet n i already kno that the trailer finna be better than the actual movie.

  16. XxPRAISExX

    XxPRAISExX16 시간 전

    My boy Steven hit puberty

  17. poke dang

    poke dang16 시간 전

    I just want the music

  18. star bits

    star bits17 시간 전

    all i want is more blue diamond 😔

  19. The Plague Doctor

    The Plague Doctor17 시간 전

  20. FurySlaYER _BN

    FurySlaYER _BN17 시간 전

    Was wonderful why Steven looked so weird then read the comments... his neck

  21. Deja’ Nicole

    Deja’ Nicole18 시간 전

    wow... lapis really doesn’t get a fusion. and periodt doesn’t get one at all 😐

  22. Aiden Jimenez

    Aiden Jimenez18 시간 전

    The main thing of the movie is that steven finally has a neck

  23. stqrfall

    stqrfall19 시간 전

    this jojo siwa lookin az tryna kill steven?

  24. 1000 Subscribers With No Videos?!

    1000 Subscribers With No Videos?!19 시간 전


  25. Emily Wolfe

    Emily Wolfe19 시간 전

    i was gonna guess that this gem is a moissanite but my mind just went to mitochondria for no reason

  26. Alexia The Conquerer

    Alexia The Conquerer20 시간 전

    My theory is that the villain is the attempt at making another pink diamond, using her "shards" left from her shattering. Since they were not actually gem shards, she came out defective and evil and corrupt

  27. Myesha Folkins

    Myesha Folkins20 시간 전

    She kind of looks like Angelica from Rugrats😂her laughter to! I’m sooo excited!

  28. Laura Guzman

    Laura Guzman21 시간 전

    It’s come to my attention that all the gems are actually Unitologists

  29. Andy Hernandez-Ponce

    Andy Hernandez-Ponce21 시간 전

    That's the Dark side I think. of rose for now her name is Susie the dark side

  30. lastswordfighter none

    lastswordfighter none22 시간 전

    A movie that doesn't deserve to exist about a series that doesn't deserve to exist whose main villain is a plagiarism of XJ9 with an evil clown motif. Garbage.

  31. Fearless_Saiyan

    Fearless_Saiyan22 시간 전

    Pink Steven had all of Stevens powers and he blew away all the diamonds and gems away and knocked them out except for white diamond she fell to her knees so when Steven masters all his powers he's gonna be the strongest and I thought pink diamond was the weakest but nope she was the strongest the whole time

  32. dr floda

    dr floda일 전


  33. Mashimo

    Mashimo일 전

    Teen Titans GO! Movie: 😒✋ Steven Universe Movie:😏👉

  34. Rhodonite Universe

    Rhodonite Universe일 전

    I’ve been watching this show 7 Years. And I’m soo happy to see how far they came with it,I wanna see how well produced and thought through they’ve did with the movie. I also know Rebecca Sugar never disappoints.

  35. Gacha Lilly

    Gacha Lilly일 전

    Chills, Literal chills.

  36. Krystal Klear

    Krystal Klear일 전

    PLOT TWIST: *_Everyone dies and steven universe dies_*

  37. Jeff Cross

    Jeff Cross일 전

    cool it's the voice he used on his birthday when he stretched out... hahaha... I wonder how much time has passed since the ending of season five... or maybe after some time he just "felt" older. Regardless I want to see this movie.

  38. smooverick 187

    smooverick 187일 전

    Steven pushed the home button to take a picture Me: How the fu-

  39. Anime Girl not really

    Anime Girl not really일 전

    All we need is the amazing world of gumball and we are done

  40. Trevion Harris

    Trevion Harris일 전

    Imm soo happy thank you god for this Cuz this made me happy I'm going though sad thoughts so thank you u made me happy plus I finished Steven universe today :'D

  41. Fred Bien

    Fred Bien일 전

    I can't want for the movie eeeee

  42. Xoe The Lizard

    Xoe The Lizard일 전

    I went to a random part of the trailer and I heard: Kill me. Said by Steven and I nearly screamed, even tho I knew that that wasn't the full sentence

  43. Galaxitten

    Galaxitten일 전

    Everyone: *nearly dies* Garnet: ItS The tRuE KindA lOveeee

  44. Aj Sarmiento

    Aj Sarmiento일 전

    I really hope the new fusion is lapis and peridot or peridot and garnet either one I hope it’s peridot and another gem 🤗

  45. Little BlueGamer

    Little BlueGamer일 전

    Steven universe ain't overrated

  46. LolBit GamerYt09

    LolBit GamerYt09일 전

    I didnt know they made this

  47. TheSevAct

    TheSevAct일 전


  48. I don't know what to put here

    I don't know what to put here일 전

    I love the backwards song that plays when slinky appears

  49. Iffy350

    Iffy350일 전

    Mickey Mouse Also, gross.

  50. Alexander_hakeem5432

    Alexander_hakeem5432일 전

    Ok 1 what is she i have never seen a gem like her and 2 im guessing stretching is her type of gems special power and 3 WHO TOLD HER TO PUT HER HANDS ON PEARL

  51. deadlyfire sinners

    deadlyfire sinners일 전

    Ik its steven a wonderful kind person but.... Steven got hot🔥(o3o)

  52. S.bairagi

    S.bairagi일 전

    If u look at 0:36 u can see the weird yellow lines but its pink instead

  53. Jennifer Haney

    Jennifer Haney일 전

    0:25 I think the person's name is luffy cause I bet they ate the gum gum devil fruit

  54. missyuko0

    missyuko0일 전

    Omg the ending is so sad 😢

  55. nerdyPhantom Wolf

    nerdyPhantom Wolf일 전

    @missyuko0 oh, okie

  56. missyuko0

    missyuko0일 전

    When Steven is climbing the huge gem his face is so sad😢😢😢

  57. nerdyPhantom Wolf

    nerdyPhantom Wolf일 전

    What do you mean?

  58. Ngan Nguyen

    Ngan Nguyen일 전

    can’t wait for this but schools in the way

  59. Puglies Brodah

    Puglies Brodah일 전


  60. Isiah Foster

    Isiah Foster일 전

    Wait that pink dimond shield

  61. Deku 4224

    Deku 4224일 전

    Hey she using Luffy’s powers

  62. FazBearFan 11

    FazBearFan 11일 전

    If this is good and a lot of ppl enjoy it...They better make this a second one

  63. Maskr bloodwyle

    Maskr bloodwyle일 전

    Imagine how many futures garnet saw where everyone dies

  64. Elijah T Best

    Elijah T Best일 전

    This song gets so annoying

  65. Ironderp 08

    Ironderp 08일 전

    Slinky: throws Steven Steven: well I'ma die

  66. hachi

    hachi일 전


  67. Brody du beast

    Brody du beast일 전

    thank you

  68. Brody du beast

    Brody du beast일 전


  69. geordan

    geordan일 전

    nobody is talking about this CHANCE THE RAPPER???!!!???

  70. Spring Trap

    Spring Trap일 전

    Wow my b day lucky me

  71. jazzman Jazz

    jazzman Jazz일 전

    Pearl got yeeted in the sky

  72. Beth Luis

    Beth Luis일 전

    I found out one last info... thanks to the recent promo, they'll air the movie commercial-free

  73. Yeslea Ash

    Yeslea Ash일 전

    Garnet: it’s the truth Me: *WHAT’S THE TRUTH GARNET, OR SHOULD I SAY ESTELLE*

  74. a girl.

    a girl.일 전

    She is saying: It's the [true] kind of love

  75. Skitch! 1.0

    Skitch! 1.0일 전

    This animation is driving me nuts.

  76. a girl.

    a girl.일 전

    in a good way?

  77. r.d

    r.d일 전

    spinel gem 2 weeks left till the steven univeres movie comes out,.

  78. b C

    b C일 전

    Before I saw this trailer, I was thinking it would be black diamond but doesn't seem that way.

  79. ZuesTitan

    ZuesTitan일 전

    Steven Finnaly Gets Peace * Spinel: N O Steven: Say Sike Right Now

  80. Juanita Swimsunder

    Juanita Swimsunder2 일 전

    Nice hd and can't wait to see it

  81. Gary The Snail

    Gary The Snail2 일 전

    omg it's commercial less

  82. DoraeArtDreams-Aspy

    DoraeArtDreams-Aspy일 전


  83. why ok

    why ok2 일 전

    Hey do Crystals gems age because none of the gems I see that very concerning you should go see a doctor for that

  84. The Cringe Show

    The Cringe Show2 일 전

    Who's is this Disney Reject

  85. Giselle Beltran

    Giselle Beltran2 일 전

    Who thinks Garnets sing got better? Just me ok

  86. Rune Edmond Lloyd

    Rune Edmond Lloyd2 일 전

    0:54 They just straight up (pun intended) yeeted Pearl into the sky