Steven Crowder Exposes Vox's Dirty Tactics


  1. Paul Ratterman

    Paul Ratterman19 일 전

    I want Not-Gay-Jared back

  2. Ej King

    Ej King21 일 전

    It on the top of my KOreporter search of you

  3. Ej King

    Ej King21 일 전

    Hey there are videos about u on KOreporter using your name but it not you

  4. Alex Duong

    Alex Duong개월 전

    i hope crowder covers the drew brees controversy it's incredibly stupid how easily misinterpretive and naive the left is

  5. Mike Morales

    Mike Morales개월 전

    No one... Vox: We NEED TO STOP HATE!!!" Conservatives with facts and logic: "By promoting others that disagree with you be deplatformed and silenced." Vox: YoU GuYs are MoNsTeRs"

  6. Kerbett

    Kerbett2 개월 전

    cause youd recognize bullying tactics, wouldnt you?

  7. Anthony George

    Anthony George3 개월 전

    start your own platform..someone do it..its time..we will donate to help.

  8. Oopstoobad6275

    Oopstoobad62753 개월 전

    Womp womp

  9. James K-J

    James K-J3 개월 전

    Am I the only one who saw the gap in both of hockey players teens 🤷🏽‍♂️?🤔😳😳😳

  10. AJ 7232

    AJ 72323 개월 전

    Vox needs to be shut down, they try to screw over every Republican channel because they are liberals and democrats.

  11. alexis garcia

    alexis garcia3 개월 전

    I love your channel! Please don't give up on the fight !!

  12. Gabe Villarreal

    Gabe Villarreal3 개월 전

    “I can tolerate it if it’s me, but if it’s my wife, you gotta go to sleep.” My exact thought 2 seconds before he said that 😂

  13. Nunya Bidness

    Nunya Bidness3 개월 전

    Have you ever considered that demonitzation was the primary goal of KOreporter? This controversy was just a useful excuse to implement their plan.

  14. Skip carlson

    Skip carlson4 개월 전

    I heard about Crowder on the radio so I went to his KOreporter this guy is funny highly intelligent just love him I am a new fan as of now🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👋👋👋👋👋👋👋✌✌✌✌✌✌😁😁😁😁😘😘😘

  15. Tabasko Sweet

    Tabasko Sweet4 개월 전

    Crowder for POTUS!

  16. Beau Littzen

    Beau Littzen4 개월 전

    "Banned in the U.S.A." 2 live crew

  17. guardian116

    guardian1164 개월 전

    I have also noticed you tube keeps unsubscribing people from your channel as well this is the 4th time I have had to resubscribe.

  18. Tommi Varela

    Tommi Varela4 개월 전

    This video made no sense whatsoever. They go after competitors, so does everyone else that’s how businesses run. I thought they would go into tactics or something that really matters

  19. Matthew Cioffi

    Matthew Cioffi3 개월 전

    Steven Crowder does not demonitize, censor, or dox his competition. YoutTube and Vox do. Please, stop trying to use one of those "it is okay because everyone does it" or "isn't that what everyone does" type of objections.

  20. Margaret Gunnerson

    Margaret Gunnerson4 개월 전

    You should be demonetized just for wearing that Sgt Pepper's (Lonely Heart Clubs Band) outfit. Unless, of course, you were wearing the polyester bell bottom pants with a sock in place for a bulge. Then, it's okay.

  21. scott jones

    scott jones4 개월 전

    Sooooo.........when a liberal gets treated like everyone else (which is what i thought they wanted) they scream and cry until the bad guy gets tossed. brilliant. bs.

  22. Mike Morales

    Mike Morales개월 전

    @beef flow3000 idk know about this guy, but Crowder is married you moron!!

  23. Matthew Cioffi

    Matthew Cioffi3 개월 전

    @beef flow3000 Who did Steven Crowder dox or demonitize? I must have missed that part.

  24. beef flow3000

    beef flow30003 개월 전

    You're just as in the closet as crowder...just let it out hoss...


    JOHNNY GROGG4 개월 전

    I fought and served for this country in order to keep our freedoms. Don’t let someone opinion of you become your reality. I virtually ignore every single platform and just live my life. Don’t trust any one of them. I only watch Steven crowder.

  26. Super JLK

    Super JLK4 개월 전

    Thank you for your service but I think it's best to diversify your sources of information so you do not become stuck in an echo chamber.

  27. Felix Araujo

    Felix Araujo4 개월 전

    You fought for our country so you can only listen to Steven crowder because you trust him? Haha. Wow great price to pay sir! Lol

  28. JL1979

    JL19794 개월 전

    Did we just equate milkshaking to a violent threat? If we are going to make arguments we need to do better than that. Milkshaking doesn't really go against KOreporter policy here from what I can see.

  29. Earth Man

    Earth Man4 개월 전

    KOreporter has created a monopoly. Nobody, and no business, can stand up to them. We all know that everyone has an expectation of being able to use social media. There is no difference between radio and tv being regulated, and the internet media. KOreporter is no longer a private business. KOreporter is a public resource. As a public resource, they are subject to public regulation. I would stand up for any content on KOreporter, and then use my free speech to speak for or against it. Regulate youtube. I no longer support any advertizers on youtube BECAUSE of KOreporter's censorship policies.

  30. Greg C

    Greg C4 개월 전

    Wheres Uncle Buck when ya need him? 'Take this quarter. Go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!'

  31. Owen Janson

    Owen Janson4 개월 전

    Look at Snapchats KOreporterr news

  32. Omar Borroto

    Omar Borroto4 개월 전

    Mr. Crowder, thank you for the amazing fight you are putting up despite going up against such a giant like Vox and their goon Carlos in support of freedom of speech. It’s people like you that give vets like myself hope for this country’s future. Keep up the good fight brother. The veteran community loves you! 😃🇺🇸👍

  33. JL1979

    JL19793 개월 전

    @Matthew Cioffi I think the argument is that he violated their harassment and cyberbullying policy.

  34. Matthew Cioffi

    Matthew Cioffi3 개월 전

    @JL1979 No, because Crowder didn't violate their terms of service. KOreporter is in the wrong, not Steven Crowder.

  35. JL1979

    JL19794 개월 전

    He hasn't had his freedom of speech taken away here through. He's been demonitized, which I guess you could say is You tubes free speech.

  36. NetHead87

    NetHead874 개월 전


  37. Phil Wilson

    Phil Wilson4 개월 전

    BULLSHIT ! Turnabout Is Fair Play ! When are the Conservatives going to Fight Back against these whiney, cry baby minority sections of Society ?!? What Is Good For The Goose, Is Good For The Gander ! The left has made it clear, that The Squeeky Wheel Gets The Oil ! This should have been done the day that they "Unpersoned" Alex Jones ! We should be Filing Complaints against vox, cnn, pmsnpc, the root, axios, carlos manza, et cetera and so forth, ON A DAILY BASIS ! Get the left wing nut job chanbels DEMONITIZED ! Get the left wing nut job channels BANNED ! Rise Up Americans ! Make America Great Again !

  38. Saul Mtz

    Saul Mtz4 개월 전

    What type of pistol is on the lower right?

  39. Ididntdoit 1984

    Ididntdoit 19844 개월 전

    Why does everyone say this guy is vulgar and reprehensible? Even Scot Adams said it. I don’t get it. Crowder is nothing of the sort.

  40. Justin Rakestraw

    Justin Rakestraw개월 전

    Ididntdoit 1984 I am a fan of crowder but to me he is pretty vulgar. He calls gays “lispy queers” and I heard him call Milo a faggot. Even though it’s a joke it’s still pretty vulgar. Ask yourself would I let my kid listen to him and I say “no”! I do think he uses facts and I do like his opinions but he is pretty vulgar at times.

  41. Domenic Petti

    Domenic Petti4 개월 전

    Free Free Speech are you listing you tube

  42. AnarchyAirsoft

    AnarchyAirsoft4 개월 전

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  43. Jessy Mason

    Jessy Mason4 개월 전

    is that a gay beaver on his desk...

  44. Martin J

    Martin J4 개월 전

    Watching this video because of that Vox dude. 🤣 all of the sudden I am getting recommended these videos. Oops.

  45. Shadow Hound

    Shadow Hound4 개월 전

    We have been visited by 23 Vox fans

  46. Nate Miller

    Nate Miller4 개월 전

    why did I have to watch an ad if steven crowder has been demonitized?!?! Come on youtube!

  47. ajcsteeler26

    ajcsteeler264 개월 전

    Nate Miller i know isn’t it great!

  48. PetertheSkeeter

    PetertheSkeeter4 개월 전

    In 2024, American mercenary Steven Hyde was asked what it felt like to take a human life. He replied, "I wouldn't know, i've only killed journalists."

  49. Billy File

    Billy File3 개월 전

    @Roscoe Roney Well that's definitely a much better description of Maza than...Lol, journalist.

  50. Roscoe Roney

    Roscoe Roney3 개월 전

    @Billy File He's the prime minister of propaganda for the radical left. Like Joseph Gobbles

  51. Billy File

    Billy File4 개월 전

    Maza is NOT a journalist.

  52. Colby Taylor

    Colby Taylor4 개월 전

    To all saying crowder is a baby or whatever else: The point is maza asks for crowder to be shut up. See we on the right dont ask you to be shut up. We say let us speak freely as you want to. Want to be gay, go for it, but dont teach my kids that it's a normal thing. Want to be trans go for it, but dont force my kids to believe it's normal. Want to vote for socialism, sadly go for it, but dont tell my kids they are bad people for wanting capitalism. The left isnt for debate. They are for suppressing speech. Edit: and ideas

  53. Hayden Tyler

    Hayden Tyler25 일 전

    @Kenny Johnson in order to find countries that we socialist, we should agree on what we mean by a "socialist country". I would define it as a mix of communism and capitalism that is 40% or more communist. This would mean that you could have a communist country that is socialist. But just because it is socialist, doesn't mean it is communist. By this definition, almost every Western European country is socialist. However, you are welcome to reply with a new definition and we can work towards finding a definition we both can agree on and go from there. Second, I agree that my argument saying the left isn't for supressing ideas was bad. So allow me to restart. (Keep in mind everything I say is a generalization) The left is all about new ideas, some won't work, some will. Most of the non-working ideas are thrown out rather quickly, however there are a few out there (i.e. gun buyback, free college, cancelling of student debt). With all these new ideas, a lot of them are intended to replace the old ideas. The right is all about keeping the old ideas. So when the left comes in and tries to change everything, that's where it can seem like the left is for supressing ideas, where in reality, the right is the one supressing ideas to keep the old ones in place.

  54. Kenny Johnson

    Kenny Johnson25 일 전

    Hayden Tyler name a country comparable to the u.s in population where socialism works Edit: you’re rebuttal to him saying the left suppresses speech makes no sense, claiming that him classifying people who are lgbt as not normal is just a dumb emotive response with no argumentative substance

  55. Hayden Tyler

    Hayden Tyler개월 전

    @Colby Taylor. What? The left is for supresing ideas? When you literally said that being gay and trans isn't normal. And capitalism isn't bad? Capitalism is just as bad as communism. That's why we mix them. Pure capitalism is on the complete right of the political spectrum and communism is on the complete left. In the middle is socialism. But all you listen to are the far right media outlets like FOX because they're the only ones who still support your radical or outdated views.

  56. something original

    something original3 개월 전

    @Mike070405 yeah and that's a good thing!

  57. Pigwart (I Subscribe Back)

    Pigwart (I Subscribe Back)3 개월 전

    Lol what. How about some sources. And even if what you said is true ANTIFA is a lot more harmful

  58. John Silver

    John Silver4 개월 전

    you need to do a wizard of oz theme on one of your show's ... you can be the man behind the come at least one show later.

  59. Brad TheItalian

    Brad TheItalian4 개월 전

    Hey there fellow Crowdians, sorry for posting this update here. I dont remember the original video I had posted this here but everyone was very supportive so I wanted to leave an update. Before I had posted that me and my wife were going to court so she could adopt my ( our) daughter. First we had to cut biological moms parental rights, which we figured wouldnt be to far out of the question since we hadnt heard from her in about a year in a half to two years. Last we heard she was addicted to some drugs and living out of her car. Well we had the case recently and presented all the evidence that we were available if the bio wanted to get in contact, and bio had clearly abandoned this child ( she has another one). In the opposing lawyers closing statement she even admits that her client has done this. Our daughter had a lawyer who stated it wouldnt be in her best interest to stay in contact since throughout this 5-6 year long case she continuously abandons the child. Well we got the result of that case back a couple weeks ago and we lost. Weve spoken to our lawyer who is beyond shocked, her lawyer and our childs lawyer all of which said the decision made by the court was wrong. Not only that but the court then proceeded to take the original child lawyer off the case. This is largely unheard of due to the fact that this lawyer has spent some time with the child and has developed a relationship with the child. The child lawyer wanted to file an appeal against this and wanted to go into greater detail how wrong all of this was. He later backed out due to not wanting to risk his job safety. In the courts decision on this case he paints me as a villain who has tried to interfere with bio mom and daughter relationship. This however makes no sense especially since I have evidence that states that ive been nothing but cooperative with the courts rulings in the past. Well now we are filing an appeal, which is beyond expensive I believe the price was 30,000 to 60,000, luckily our lawyer believes that theres been a great injustice done here and is taking the case on pro bono. However the appeal usually takes a few months in these type of cases so its possible we may have to do a few supervised visits.Anyway sorry for the long post I needed to vent, I wish I could post up more like the stacks of evidence I have or go into greater detail about this uphill battle ive had for the last 6 years ( every lawyer I looked at told me my case would be impossible because im the father in the case). Id gladly go on a show and talk about the pitfalls and dangers also talk about how guys you need to be extra careful the people you sleep with, even if you have protection. Sorry for the long post please pray for us and thank you for reading my rant. Have a good day.

  60. Likes&Favorites

    Likes&Favorites4 개월 전

    I need to start crying more...maybe I'll get stuff done! I mean wow! Some liberal cries somewhere and they get whatever they want...sounds like a beautiful utopia we got to look forward to. : (

  61. Super JLK

    Super JLK4 개월 전

    Public figures should expect harassment. I am not okay with death threats though. If someone is encouraging violence against someone then that video should be demonetized and the channel should be dealt with personally by KOreporter. Carlos is a little snowflake that can't handle internet bullying. No one is throwing a milkshake in your face Carlos.

  62. Clayton Mackenzie

    Clayton Mackenzie4 개월 전

    How so? Crowder got demonetised, but he wasnt monetised in the beginning. AND crowder got hundred thousand mug club subs AND a path back to monetisation. Thats the oppoaite of what carlos idiot wanted

  63. My Name

    My Name4 개월 전

    Vox is equivalent to Buzzfeed. Nuff said. 😂😂😂😂

  64. Tobias Sanders

    Tobias Sanders4 개월 전

    Well, BuzzFeed is just stupid. Vox is painfully and intentionally stupid.

  65. mitchell cooper

    mitchell cooper4 개월 전

    Dirty homophobe

  66. Nunovya Biznez

    Nunovya Biznez4 개월 전

    Gloves? My kid or wife feels a smidget of burning and you're worm food.

  67. OpL Kovak

    OpL Kovak4 개월 전

    Carlos is James Charles in disguise but worst

  68. OpL Kovak

    OpL Kovak4 개월 전

    Maybe it’s is * illuminati creepy song starts playing*

  69. Cooled Pigeon

    Cooled Pigeon4 개월 전

    Its firebox Illuminati confirmed

  70. saberur66

    saberur664 개월 전

    this is why i left the republican party. the republicans play victim more than anyone else, and yet are allows the ones in the KKK outfit hiding behind their internet screens. chowder isnt brave enough to come out of his studio to debate anyone. all he does is try to make his followers more aggressive and it only works to people that are devoid of any intellect and just want to follow someone.

  71. fightful1

    fightful14 개월 전

    Dude, you clearly have no clue what you're speaking about. By your comment alone anyone can tell you've never been in the Republican party lol, troll.

  72. 3mate1

    3mate14 개월 전

    Of all the Crowder clips for Blaze to pick up, they chose this???

  73. DonCervantes

    DonCervantes4 개월 전

    Why not?

  74. James Smith

    James Smith4 개월 전

    Mr Beck, it's time for you to implement freedomtube to combat the leftist media machines!

  75. Jon De Leon

    Jon De Leon3 개월 전

    You should read the policy guidelines of blaze TV. they read a lot like KOreporter’s. They both prohibit offensive speech

  76. SuperDrumwolf

    SuperDrumwolf4 개월 전

    will he rub his face in Cheetos again? haha no idea why levin, and crowder teamed up with that moron.

  77. Saurabh Telharkar

    Saurabh Telharkar4 개월 전

    3:04 are those the hodge twins?

  78. zizzy

    zizzy4 개월 전 these vlogs ....regards to back-door-dingbat Carlos MAZA!

  79. frankpaws

    frankpaws4 개월 전

    "I can't tell the Hodge Twins apart." You are racist!

  80. frankpaws

    frankpaws4 개월 전

    Good job on Clown outfits.

  81. Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes

    Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes4 개월 전

    Great uniform, Captain Obvious! You da man! Thumbs up.

  82. Cruz Rocha

    Cruz Rocha4 개월 전

    Lol but trump can tell people to punch someone at his rally. Sad crowder, baby. And tell Rogan to stop bullying you it hurts your feelings

  83. Colby Taylor

    Colby Taylor4 개월 전

    The point is maza asks for crowder to be shut up. See we on the right dont ask you to be shut up. We say let us speak freely as you want to. Want to be gay, go for it, but dont teach my kids that it's a normal thing. Want to be trans go for it, but dont force my kids to believe it's normal. Want to vote for socialism, sadly go for it, but dont tell my kids they are bad people for wanting capitalism. The left isnt for debate. They are for suppressing speech.

  84. Prepper TECH be ready

    Prepper TECH be ready4 개월 전

    Crowder is crying look at him go I bet you he played the race card im white poor me they are being mean to me cry cry

  85. selador11

    selador114 개월 전

    Crowder and millions of other youtube content providers, should be filing civil lawsuits against youtube. Crowder should be filing against Vox and maza (Doesn't deserve a capital m.) as well. Civil. You don't have to show criminality. You only have to show you were financially affected by them. There should be millions of lawsuits filed against these guys by the end of the day wednesday! Even if most lost. Even if most were tossed as nuisance lawsuits... It would at least be exactly that. A nuisance. They will waste a lot of money on defense and even lose money getting the nuisances tossed out. Hit them where it hurts. In the wallet!

  86. Prepper TECH be ready

    Prepper TECH be ready3 개월 전

    @Mike070405 are you literally targeting a guy for having an opinion

  87. Prepper TECH be ready

    Prepper TECH be ready4 개월 전

    @saberur66 crowders a crybaby elhe is always playing the victim Cry cry

  88. saberur66

    saberur664 개월 전

    and sue for what?

  89. Prepper TECH be ready

    Prepper TECH be ready4 개월 전

    Did you watch the video maza put out gay bashing like that onbyoutube does mean youtube has a right to react you have to be fair and honest

  90. Cookie Love

    Cookie Love4 개월 전

    Maza wanted to be like the attention grabbing Smullett. That worked out so great for him. He said I want me some of that. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  91. frankpaws

    frankpaws4 개월 전

    Until Smullett goes to prison, but maybe that's what he wants. ')

  92. Louie Montes de Oca

    Louie Montes de Oca4 개월 전

    It’s pathetic how Carlos uses his ethnicity and sexuality as a defense if he wasn’t gay he wouldn’t even be relevant

  93. Chu Dat

    Chu Dat일 전

    Felix Araujo Whether you agree with Crowder or not, he is at least entertaining.

  94. Richard Miller

    Richard Miller4 개월 전

    He isn't relevant at all.

  95. Felix Araujo

    Felix Araujo4 개월 전

    And Steven crowder is? Lol

  96. Prakriti

    Prakriti4 개월 전

    he has to mention it a lot because its the only "interesting" thing about him.

  97. 1pedalsteel

    1pedalsteel4 개월 전


  98. The MA Show

    The MA Show4 개월 전

    Check out vox on social media, their views have PLUMMETED!

  99. JG

    JG4 개월 전

    Mr. Klein is Vox. Haven't heard much from him on this.

  100. Prepper TECH be ready

    Prepper TECH be ready4 개월 전

    Well its an issue with maza not vox Maza has a fair argument you cant just keep trying gay bashing its negative to a true intellectual argument