Stephen Curry Belts Out “Hamilton” with Daughters Riley and Ryan


  1. Moose Knuckle

    Moose Knuckle시간 전

    Why do you celebs think you belong on and in the interweb ??

  2. A Poet's Corner

    A Poet's Corner7 시간 전

    Ryan is a better singer lol

  3. Gorilla Gaming

    Gorilla Gaming11 시간 전

    2:32 she was like wtf let me sing😂😂🙌

  4. The CreatorZilla

    The CreatorZilla16 시간 전

    That joke! HA HA HA Edit: I just subscribe. I was entertained!

  5. T0TAL Etrain

    T0TAL Etrain22 시간 전

    I'm stating facts so don't get mad. BMW is way better.

  6. Мухамадсолех Баротов

    Мухамадсолех Баротов일 전

    Отлична карри

  7. YAZIDKillerTV

    YAZIDKillerTV일 전

    Like si no entiendes un carajo pero te gusta

  8. lia vali

    lia vali일 전

    Riley looks like her dad and sounds like her mom

  9. J Matthews

    J Matthews일 전

    His daughters know the knowledge of Hamilton, That let's you know the wisdom of the Curry family .......

  10. Wesley Willow

    Wesley Willow일 전

    I'm you favorite fan

  11. Mariel dela Torre

    Mariel dela Torre2 일 전

    Riley grows up fast

  12. Maher Debbichi

    Maher Debbichi2 일 전

    This is love right there

  13. rēgs tv

    rēgs tv2 일 전

    I like how he sings

  14. It’s my Life

    It’s my Life2 일 전

    Me knows the song of Hamilton that they played I just learned about that last unit in history

  15. S. P. E.

    S. P. E.3 일 전

    I'm not a Steph fan, but seeing him being just a regular dad... I love it

  16. Ataya Grant

    Ataya Grant3 일 전

    Their eyes are so beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. ZNINZ

    ZNINZ3 일 전

    You’re such a great father.. beautiful kids, Wifey is very lucky 🍀

  18. Frank Arellano

    Frank Arellano3 일 전

    Man curry not bad at singing

  19. Ramonagot game

    Ramonagot game3 일 전

    Hamilton is actually disgusting

  20. Geneah 88

    Geneah 883 일 전

    Riley like dad Ryan like mom

  21. Tiquan McMillian

    Tiquan McMillian4 일 전

    Youngest girl looks like Dell

  22. #Mom4Real

    #Mom4Real4 일 전

    Love so much, good voice Steph! You're such a great Dad! God bless you & family!

  23. Brightlyn Ifenuk

    Brightlyn Ifenuk4 일 전

    So cute😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  24. Isaac zidinga

    Isaac zidinga4 일 전

    Ryan looks like

  25. Brek Kaylor

    Brek Kaylor4 일 전

    Your the god I your the best Stephen

  26. Mia Glode

    Mia Glode4 일 전

    You are such an amazing dad and I ,love basketball and I always ask my dad to put basketball on TV and when he doesn’t I get disappointed! You have raised your daughters so well and I watch you to become a better player

  27. Kiceni 777

    Kiceni 7774 일 전

    Awwwwwwwwwww that's so sweet. 💕 These girls will always remember this. He's such a good Papa..

  28. Fiz Ford

    Fiz Ford4 일 전

    😍 😍😍 nice

  29. Julleahna Sachi Camit

    Julleahna Sachi Camit4 일 전

    Ryan has pretty eyes

  30. lexi yeet

    lexi yeet4 일 전

    Steph is such a great dad ❤️

  31. Kęstutis Čiapas

    Kęstutis Čiapas5 일 전

    you my best baskeball player

  32. Lucie Ganier

    Lucie Ganier5 일 전

    She grew up

  33. Langston X

    Langston X5 일 전

    curry I am a fan of you and my name is langston

  34. Kuzma

    Kuzma6 일 전

    nadie va a hablar español? No? Ok

  35. Mariah J Anderson

    Mariah J Anderson6 일 전

    3:27 😂😂

  36. Falaq Basharat

    Falaq Basharat6 일 전

    Awwww they look so cute

  37. Ella Hennings

    Ella Hennings6 일 전

    I feel like their eyes really complement their face lol so pretty

  38. ary Snaza

    ary Snaza7 일 전

    I most recognize is their eyes look amazing

  39. Larren

    Larren7 일 전

    This video made me realize how a 'dad' Steph Curry is😂😂🤗🤗

  40. Jeffrey Birman

    Jeffrey Birman7 일 전

    I hated you for all you did to Cleveland but I love how you play the game. I realize this was a giant car ad but that both your babies knew the words, I really love the way you're dadding.