Stephen A: Drew Brees is 'one of the greatest quarterbacks this game has ever seen' | First Take


  1. Tony Dale

    Tony Dale18 일 전

    So we're just going to skip over that the bucs beat them

  2. Michael White

    Michael White21 일 전

    Folks be like im not a SAINTS fan im a Drew Brees fan I thought Drew played for the Saints so you may as well get your black and gold shirt and jump on the bandwagon

  3. Mason MudRunner

    Mason MudRunner23 일 전

    Saints v falcons

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  6. Tyler Guffey

    Tyler Guffey24 일 전

    Top tier offenses aren’t necessarily good as the league has taken so many weapons out of the defense.

  7. Gage Dubois

    Gage Dubois24 일 전

    Lmao Andrew Luck got offensive MVP of the week with 100 less yards and one less touchdown then Drew Brees. I swear the NFL hates giving Drew Brees any credit. He better get MVP this season

  8. EARTH

    EARTH24 일 전

    1 ring dome statpadder

  9. Jimmy W.

    Jimmy W.24 일 전

    I’m a Saints fan and I’m starting to believe, but they have a lot of work left to do. Falcons, Panthers 2x, Cowboys, Steelers and Bucs ain’t no cake walk. This Thanksgiving game vs. Atlanta is going to tell me a lot about NO and how they operate. If they handle business, I’ll start feeling better about a possible 1-seed.

  10. Larry Bilquist

    Larry Bilquist24 일 전

    How many Records must Drew Brees hold in order to be the MVP & G.O.A.T. ?

  11. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez24 일 전

    Brees for MVP. Hands down. MVP, MVP, MVP....

  12. Naweed Productions

    Naweed Productions24 일 전

    Saints over Steelers book it

  13. B Wheels

    B Wheels24 일 전

    Brees a dome QB that’s why he good...Peyton Manning’s the best ever...Brees a stat padder... Malhomes have more yards MVP for sure!...Saints can’t win on the rd... 5-0 this year... Kamara Ingram and Thomas best players on offense... smh just admit y’all hate this man and the team

  14. Marcus Payne

    Marcus Payne25 일 전

    Him and Rodgers are exactly the same but Brees just got a defense and weapons such as kamara and Michael Thomas. Both Brees and Brady only won a Super Bowl when they had a top 10 defense

  15. Marcus Payne

    Marcus Payne25 일 전

    Drew Brees has never had pro bowl wide receiver. He had jimmy graham who he made nice cause he didn’t do anything when he got to the Seahawks. And I don’t think he had any pro bowl running backs

  16. Jonathan83X

    Jonathan83X25 일 전

    While I fully agree Drew Brees is one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game, I still feel his numbers should have an asterisk next to them considering he's playing in an era where defenses are now punished for merely breathing on a QB. It's for that reason alone why I alot more respect for QB's who played during the 70's/80's and even the 90's compared to QB's of today. They have it way too easy. Imagine what numbers QB's like Roger Staubach, Terry Bradshaw, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, Dan Fouts, Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Steve Young and even Troy Aikman would have put up had they been given this type of protection. Their stats would be off the charts. If Brees played during those eras, NO WAY does he have these kind of numbers. He'd still be very good, but not to this extent. Nothing personal against Brees, but I get really annoyed by commentators acting like these QB's of today are so special. They're not. The game favors them now. It's as simple as that. Let defenders be allowed to smash them again like Montana used to be and find out if they can still put 300+ yards and 4 touchdowns on a consistent basis.

  17. joe chrow

    joe chrow25 일 전

    Brees numbers this year are INSANEEEE!!...Dude has "1" INT...Mahomes has "10!!"...Look at Brees QBR numbers...Brees is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Mahomes this year...STOP IT!!

  18. Zachary Chestnutt

    Zachary Chestnutt25 일 전

    It doesn't matter what WR or TE you give Brees, he will make it work. Just like Brady, Rodgers and Manning. He is a better leader than Rodgers in my opinion and has more skill than Brady! As for controlling an offense, I got him tied with Manning. He is always in my list for Top 5 QBs each season. I can't remember him having a bad season but if it wasn't for that defense, he probably have more than one ring by now. I'd love to see him get another one before he retires. He deserves it

  19. Zach Spath

    Zach Spath25 일 전

    People in the comments are ridiculous brees isn't better than Brady and Peyton Peyton had 5 mvps 7 1st team all pros and 2 super bowl victories he did more than brees did and played in the early and mid 2000s when and were still throwing for only 3000 yards and it was a good season stats became bloated after 2010 brees is top one of the guys you can throw into your top ten but he is not Brady manning or montana

  20. Zach Spath

    Zach Spath25 일 전

    I meant you can throw brees into your top 5 but he's not those 3 guys

  21. Data Maestro

    Data Maestro25 일 전

    Your whole program is based on yelling at one another. New co-host, same formula. I'm out, y'all pathetic.

  22. Kam

    Kam25 일 전

    Drew has literally made incredible throws to no-name, undrafted receivers his entire career. He's put up crazy numbers year after year. Saints fans are used to this sort of dominance. It's a shame it took this long for the rest of the NFL community to really catch on. Drew should have at least 2 MVPs by now.

  23. Hunter

    Hunter25 일 전

    tru dat #WhoDatNation

  24. Nathan Bradford

    Nathan Bradford25 일 전

    These QBs are great, but let's be honest. The numbers are inflated due to handcuffs on the defense due to rule changes.

  25. jokerbookshop

    jokerbookshop25 일 전

    Bandwagon ass Stephen a Smith 😂

  26. Marti

    Marti25 일 전

    I just want people to acknowledge how great Drew Brees is. He literally only has 1 INT while Patrick Mahomes now has at least 8 INTs and 2 fumbles. Drew Brees is the level of excellence that will define QB's going forward. I called it before the season and I expect it to pass. Saints win this year over the Pats/Steelers in the SB (I can't rock with KC not having any playoff experience). Drew gets his second ring, book it!

  27. pinkfloyd

    pinkfloyd25 일 전

    It amazes me these idiots are not talking about Peyton Manning, imagine if manning were playing now, he would throw for 7000 yards a year, and luck is the real MVP, the colts are the team no one wants to play. Its not fair that manning did not have more chances to win the superbowls, he would not have lost 3 times like brady i could promise you, if luck had 8 chances he also would not have lost three times

  28. Chance Wolff

    Chance Wolff25 일 전

    I love that the media don't give him no respect and everyone in the comment section are saying that the saints are the best except some rams and chiefs fans and even some of them are honest and say that the saints are better

  29. John Keable

    John Keable25 일 전

    He’s better than Brady but he will never get respect because he only has 1 super bowl win. That’s all people care about. Apparently individual stats don’t matter at all

  30. Stokey Junior

    Stokey Junior25 일 전

    A'm I the only person who thinks these new rules are ruining the NFL?

  31. CJ PatsNation

    CJ PatsNation25 일 전

    Molly's dress is fucking blinding my eyes man

  32. Louisiana Guy

    Louisiana Guy25 일 전

    Everyone is getting embarrassed and pissed after going against the saints. Loving it 😂

  33. D S

    D S25 일 전

    Hope they win the chip this year. Drew needs at least 3... So he needs a second. Like he's better than Peyton.

  34. Craig Winston

    Craig Winston25 일 전

    He's better than Rodgers' overrated ass.

  35. Slime Ball24

    Slime Ball2425 일 전

    Respect my goat

  36. Michel Rosabal

    Michel Rosabal25 일 전

    Im a bucs fan but yeah MVP def is drew brees cant denied that

  37. BamBam Machida

    BamBam Machida25 일 전

    I don't know why people hate too give us our respect. We earned it out the mud fr. ⚜️🖤

  38. This Guy

    This Guy25 일 전

    I'm just happy I got to watch the entire careers of Peyton Manning, TomBrady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees amongst others.

  39. Jameis Winston

    Jameis Winston25 일 전

    Im better

  40. Kyle McKenney

    Kyle McKenney25 일 전

    Earlier in the season, as a matter of fact 2 weeks ago, he tore down the Saints & Brees. Now he on the bandwagon?!!! Whatever gives you a paycheck & likes on your sites.......

  41. Hank’s Dank

    Hank’s Dank25 일 전


  42. JaydaDex ___

    JaydaDex ___25 일 전

    I feel like the media underrated drew brees after his superbowl win but he’s always played well in his career for the most part

  43. Shaan Andalkar

    Shaan Andalkar25 일 전

    1. Drew Brees 2. Tom Brady 3. Aaron Rodgers Btw I'm a Pat's fan.

  44. noliano3

    noliano325 일 전

    how you put Rogers, in front of BREES

  45. WereBakedFreestyles

    WereBakedFreestyles25 일 전

    Top 5 WR in order 1. Julio 2: Hopkins 3: AB 4: Obj 5: Landry

  46. BLACK GT

    BLACK GT25 일 전

    I hope he wins another superbowl, the man deserves it.

  47. Mvrl

    Mvrl25 일 전

    If it come down to the playoffs all ima day is Drew not loosing in New Orleans or Atlanta, 🏊🏾‍♂️simple

  48. Stevie Night Heat

    Stevie Night Heat25 일 전

    In other news water is wet.

  49. Adetola Atoyebi

    Adetola Atoyebi25 일 전

    Eagles season has been trashy!!!

  50. Gabriel Sanchez

    Gabriel Sanchez25 일 전

    Drew Brees is the most accurate QB in the league.. everybody knows! Also, he can run a offense under 2 minutes and score.. he should win the SB this year. He deserves another ring

  51. Sam The Man

    Sam The Man25 일 전

    Brady>Brees by far

  52. Kevin Mckay

    Kevin Mckay25 일 전

    Y’all late I been saying Brees is the best if all time for the past few years now lbs 😂🤣 I really hope my saints get the job done man

  53. ddland45

    ddland4525 일 전

    Put Drew Brees' career numbers up against anybody and tell me he's not the GOAT. Yeah, Brady has more rings, but championships are a TEAM achievement. That's like saying Terry Bradshaw was a better QB than Dan Marino because he has SB rings and Dan doesn't. Hogwash!

  54. Mark DP

    Mark DP25 일 전

    I agree with Stephen A this "brother" is on another level!

  55. junior

    junior25 일 전

    I'm calling it now saints and chiefs in the super bowl I really don't see anyone beating those guys if they continue to stay hot

  56. Mr Money

    Mr Money25 일 전

    The chiefs are fluke how many times have the cheifs had good seasons and lose in the first round🤦🏽‍♂️😴

  57. Breath OLife

    Breath OLife25 일 전

    Brees is a mount Rushmore QB

  58. LilJMungo

    LilJMungo25 일 전

    Ima vikings fan, I love Drew Brees, I think he always been in the conversation for top 3, 10+yrs. it’s a shame that it took this season for ppl to give drew brees his credit. He’s been better than Brady nd Rodgers forever , idc what anybody gotta say

  59. ants in my eyes johnson

    ants in my eyes johnson25 일 전

    I like Drew Brees but man I hope they get beat down in that divisional round because of Sean Payton and the rest of the franchise acting like the Panthers that 1 year probably won't happen but man hopefully Belichick can put an end to these rams chiefs and saints

  60. Rashan Sankofa

    Rashan Sankofa25 일 전

    Fuck Drew Brees

  61. Musa Fawundu

    Musa Fawundu25 일 전

    His greatness has always been acknowledged, but never to this extent. There was a time when the Saints had 4 out of 5, 7-9 seasons, and even though he had passer ratings of 90 to above 100 and threw over 30 INTs, passed for over 5000 years in most of those seasons, completed about 70% of his passes, and had TD to INT ratios of 2.0 to 3.0, because the Saints regularly had a bottom 5 defense, ranking in that category for points and yards allowed, it took the shine away from Drew's greatness and as QB he was in part held responsible for the record. But last season and especially this season, the Saints have been winning and Drew Brees is having an incredible year. So, there is a lot more perspective and nuance being placed on the failures of the Saints in the 7-9 season and MUCH more acknowledgement of his efforts and great competence even then. The argument can be made with good merit that despite those bad record seasons, Drew Brees has always been better than Aaron Rodgers throughout Aaron's time as a starter in the league. He is a lot more likeable too. That last part is beyond doubt.

  62. Trev Mac

    Trev Mac25 일 전

    Brady - all time GOAT Brees -most under rated GOAT of all time Rodgers -most over rated GOAT of all time Fitzmagic - an actual real GOAT

  63. jike jike

    jike jike25 일 전

    The best quarterback ever would have been Warren Moon period if the nfl would have given him a chance coming out of college!

  64. jike jike

    jike jike25 일 전

    It don't add up!

  65. Trev Mac

    Trev Mac25 일 전

    You made me think *interesting* i've seen them all over the years and i forgot about Moon but he was a very good QB .. yep from day one if he was given a chance who knows like you said .. long time since i thought about Warren Moon

  66. jike jike

    jike jike25 일 전

    +Trev Mac Thats all im saying what if he was given a chance! Years wasted in the cfl!!! Look at the quarterbacks that was drafted in his class and do the math!

  67. Trev Mac

    Trev Mac25 일 전

    He wasn't drafted because he was for the most part an average college QB but i get your point now. Brady wasn't drafted until round 6 and looked how he turned out (but i do get your point) He was Rose Bowl MVP in his last season.. He is still remebered as one of the greatest CFL QB's of all time when he was young .. as for being the greatest of all time that's up for debate but the NFL teams missed it greatly for not drafting him at least in the later rounds..

  68. jike jike

    jike jike25 일 전

    Was he drafted?

  69. LikeNative MikeTV

    LikeNative MikeTV25 일 전

    Man I wish Aaron Rodgers had a top 5 receiver in the league and a dynamic duo and a rookie who can go for 150 yards. Damn that sure as hell would be nice. Drew Brees is overrated in my opinion and the team that Rodgers has Brees could not do shit with it. Rodgers>Brees

  70. LikeNative MikeTV

    LikeNative MikeTV25 일 전

    Rodgers is better than Brees period

  71. LikeNative MikeTV

    LikeNative MikeTV25 일 전

    Slime Ball24 What did Greg Jennings do after he left Green Bay? Not a damn thing and Donald Driver has been a Packer his whole life and what did Jordy Nelson and James Jones do after they left Green Bay? James Jones couldn't even make the Giants practice squad but yet came back to Green Bay and led the league in touchdown catches foh

  72. Slime Ball24

    Slime Ball2425 일 전

    Rodgers has had Driver, jennings, nelson, cobb, james jones, oh and dont forget Finley the tight end and now Devante adams foh most of these guys were pro bowlers

  73. Trev Mac

    Trev Mac25 일 전

    Hate to shit on your delusional GOAT parade buddy but if you *Google* top QB's of all time about 200 professional web sites will come up and i have yet to find *one* that has Rodgers even listed in the top 10.. (same goes for Bree's) i also have yet to find one that doesn't have Brady as #1.. go ahead Google and if you find one that doesn't have Brady as #1 post the link back here..

  74. Cameron Peltier

    Cameron Peltier25 일 전

    And he plays well out the dome gtfo and we’re undefeated this year away

  75. Ready Set Play Arcade!

    Ready Set Play Arcade!25 일 전

    Colin Kaepernick

  76. Ernie Diaz

    Ernie Diaz25 일 전

    Molly mad annoying bruh

  77. Sham Daman

    Sham Daman25 일 전


  78. Theprfesssor

    Theprfesssor25 일 전

    Rams won

  79. Danny Han

    Danny Han25 일 전

    Greatest ever: 1. Brady 2. Montana 3. Manning If you are arguing with this then you are literally a retard.

  80. Cameron Peltier

    Cameron Peltier25 일 전

    SEth Neall exactly only argument is championships lol

  81. SEth Neall

    SEth Neall25 일 전

    Even though besides wins drew out classes Tom in most categories except interceptions

  82. tedfio1tedfio1

    tedfio1tedfio125 일 전

    "fluid" & "week to week" shows ignorance! Did it take SAS this long to see the greatness of Drew Brees? Idiot Max spends too much time loving Rodgers and hating Brady to see the greatness of Brees.

  83. Grn Lantern

    Grn Lantern25 일 전

    Brees MVP!! Who dat!! Geaux Saints!!

  84. Jax Ace

    Jax Ace25 일 전

    Wow when someone wins, people forget all the bad just like that huh? I’m sorry but Tom Brady has been great consistently and people have been hating on him, now Brees is having a good year and everyone is now saying he’s one of the goats 🤣. Dude has been putting up numbers just like Peyton did but Brady been putting up championships, and btw I’m not even a Brady guy, I hate the pats but y’all need to halt the breaks on this Brees Bandwagon.

  85. Jax Ace

    Jax Ace25 일 전

    Kam so you disagree with others by insulting and name calling as if it’s kindergarten huh? Well good for you, and btw watch and see cause the saints are not winning the Super Bowl. I’ve seen Brady play with some no name receivers and he still gets the job done. So what if he plays in a weak divisions, he still has to beat the best team from the other conference right? The result of that is the dude has 5 superbowls so your argument has no merit. Btw I didn’t say Brees wasn’t great, I actually like the dude but just to start this bandwagon to give him the mvp just cause he’s never won it and has been putting up crazy numbers before is ridiculous. Wanna talk about numbers then Patrick Mahomes has the best numbers aside from turnovers this year, so come with facts instead of childish insults.

  86. Kam

    Kam25 일 전

    Championships are TEAM achievements. Drew played otherworldly in every year the Saints went 7-9 and missed the playoffs; those down years were because our defenses were literally HISTORICALLY bad. Saints wouldn't have even gotten to 7 wins those years without Drew. And even in the 7-9 years, each one was a handful of plays away from being 9-7 or 10-6. Let's not forget how good the NFC South has been as a whole since Drew coming to NOLA in 2006. Meanwhile, your boy has played an annual schedule of the Jets/Dolphins/ whatever other trash the AFC as a whole has put out. Discounting Drew Brees at this point just makes you look like an idiot Masshole that doesn't watch any football outside of Pats games. Drew's greatness is apparent when you watch him.

  87. Nick Braud

    Nick Braud25 일 전

    Brees has put up huge numbers since he got to Nola. More than Brady. He just doesn't get the notoriety because they've had some terrible defenses which contributed to a terrible record. If he had even a top 15 defense every season, he'd have more rings than Brady. I'm not discounting Tom either, he's definitely an all-time great.

  88. Poise YT

    Poise YT25 일 전

    Brees has always put up crazy numbers but he just never had a good enough defense to win

  89. Cameron Peltier

    Cameron Peltier25 일 전

    Drew breesus>>>

  90. Widkey

    Widkey25 일 전

    Mahones was great tonight but the inexperience showed.

  91. Kevin Mckay

    Kevin Mckay25 일 전

    Drew for MVP easy!.... don’t come at me with the Mahomes bull shit he couldn’t beat the rams and he turned the ball over 5 Times

  92. TheLtrain85

    TheLtrain8525 일 전

    Whoa..what a hot take. LMAO. Really went out on the ledge the Stephen Ass Smith

  93. OlogEmusic

    OlogEmusic25 일 전

    I love how ya come at each other's rankings So lovely

  94. Adam Terrebonne

    Adam Terrebonne25 일 전

    Yo max saints stopped rams offense max needs to go he is trying to hard to be skip and Stephen A

  95. Sandy sanchez

    Sandy sanchez26 일 전

    DAmn strait

  96. Bryan Miller

    Bryan Miller26 일 전

    Stephen A...Bandwagon Ninja

  97. GODZGIFT 0306

    GODZGIFT 030626 일 전

    Nobody wana tlk bout how dis da 2nd week strait dat da saints was da only team in da NFC South to win their game?! 2 weeks in a row.. Dats sumtin..

  98. fuc zuc

    fuc zuc26 일 전

    SAS the type of nigga to take his girl to mcdonalds and forget his wallet.

  99. Joshua Marcel

    Joshua Marcel26 일 전

    Hhh Alwayz gotta Mention "One" of the greatest QB...SMH He is the Greatest QB Of All Time!

  100. Corey Ballet

    Corey Ballet26 일 전

    2019 Pro Bowl voting I'm very excited for the players and and the city of new orleans. Half way through the season has been amazing. to all you Saints fans from Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Southeast Texas let's vote our players. Personally I voted for (offence)*Drew Brees* Michael Thomas Alvin karma trequan Smith Terron Armstead ryan ramczyk larry warford max unger (defense) Cameron Jordan Sheldon Rankin Demario Davis Alex anzalone secondary Marcus Williams Marshon Lattimore Eli Apple coleman.. special team Justin Hardy and Tyson Hill kickers will Lutz Thomas morstead my fingers getting tired I need everybody help to support these guys... former players on the roster I wish I could vote for but they're not up there. Rest in peace Tom Benson you will forever be remember.

  101. 290 Ren

    290 Ren26 일 전

    Don’t sleep on my Texans without a line 7 straight games

  102. daysErlock

    daysErlock26 일 전

    Why don't they ever talk about the bears?

  103. J Alves

    J Alves26 일 전

    I’d take Drew Brees over Peyton Manning, idc fuck you if you disagree

  104. Mr.GlockDaKay

    Mr.GlockDaKay26 일 전

    Wait why is Drew Brees getting this attention NOW?? I pretty sure he been great for years.

  105. Musa Fawundu

    Musa Fawundu25 일 전

    His greatness has always been acknowledged, but never to this extent. There was a time when the Saints had 4 out of 5, 7-9 seasons, and even though he had passer ratings of 90 to above 100 and threw over 30 INTs, passed for over 5000 years in most of those seasons, completed about 70% of his passes, and had TD to INT ratios of 2.0 to 3.0, because the Saints regularly had a bottom 5 defense, ranking in that category for points and yards allowed, it took the shine away from Drew's greatness and as QB he was in part held responsible for the record. But last season and especially this season, the Saints have been winning and Drew Brees is having an incredible year. So, there is a lot more perspective and nuance being placed on the failures of the Saints in the 7-9 season and MUCH more acknowledgement of his efforts and great competence even then. The argument can be made with good merit that despite those bad record seasons, Drew Brees has always been better than Aaron Rodgers throughout Aaron's time as a starter in the league.

  106. Bob McKindle

    Bob McKindle26 일 전

    Will people just shut up about Rodgers and start puttin some respect on Brees' and Roethlisberger's names?

  107. Ali Jawad

    Ali Jawad26 일 전

    i just noticed stephen a cut his hair shorter than ususal

  108. Ro

    Ro26 일 전

    Look at Stephen a flip flopping again every week. Now the saints are the best huh? Finally

  109. onidtubes

    onidtubes26 일 전

    “ He is a BAAAD MAAN ! “ I miss those words, uttered by this Stephan A.....not!

  110. P Pumpkin

    P Pumpkin26 일 전

    I'm a Brady fan, but this year Brees is better than Brady has ever been.

  111. j p

    j p26 일 전

    Mvp goat everything drew brees is the best

  112. j p

    j p26 일 전

    Saints super bowl 🏆

  113. j p

    j p26 일 전

    Best qb ever fr lets fucking go now they all on our dick

  114. j p

    j p26 일 전

    Saints going to the super bowl fr we will beat the fuck out the falcons

  115. Mager Zakaria

    Mager Zakaria26 일 전

    2:44 "bitch"

  116. w9j15g

    w9j15g26 일 전

    Stephen A is a kick! I enjoy listening to him even when we disagree--which isn't often. However, I agree with him in this clip.

  117. James White

    James White26 일 전

    Chicago will beat them in nfc title game and win bears represent nfc

  118. Chris Mequet

    Chris Mequet26 일 전

    Who Dat nation stayin hungry

  119. ReturnoftheBrotha

    ReturnoftheBrotha26 일 전

    LOL. Smith went with curl activator to prolong the inevitable.