Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser


  1. Tweico

    Tweico47 분 전

    Pls bring anakin skywalker back🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  2. John Lincoln Hawk

    John Lincoln Hawk시간 전

    Where is R2D2???

  3. TheCrazyTopHatMan

    TheCrazyTopHatMan시간 전

    C3PO I am heavy weapons guy, and this is my weapon.

  4. SamaK

    SamaK2 시간 전

    the rise of skywalker Anakin finally gets the high ground

  5. Amanda G.

    Amanda G.2 시간 전

    Prequel and original trilogy lovers: Fun isn't something one considers when watching the sequels *Palpatine laugh* But this does put a smile on my face

  6. derek452

    derek4522 시간 전

    The last one? Yeah right. It will be back in 2035

  7. Clay Brazil

    Clay Brazil시간 전

    Well, a new saga of star wars in 2022

  8. TheMarionick

    TheMarionick3 시간 전

    I forgot this movie is still happening this year :p

  9. Fuad Ashraf

    Fuad Ashraf3 시간 전

    Let's make another feminist movie where girls life is important than men

  10. Interdimensional

    Interdimensional4 시간 전

    If there isn't a super epic lightsaber duel at the end like in Revenge of the Sith, I will hate Star Wars even more.

  11. Musab mohamed

    Musab mohamed5 시간 전

    I miss t old characters tbh

  12. David Lyon

    David Lyon5 시간 전

    Darth Maul will be in this movie. He’s alive. He was in the Solo movie which came AFTER Phantom Menace where he “died”. Him and Palpetine will be the bad guys.

  13. Garrison Hester

    Garrison Hester5 시간 전

    Episode lll Anakin Skywalker fights emperor Palpatine Episode lV Luke Skywalker fights emperor Palpatine Episode lX Rey Skywalker fights emperor Palpatine

  14. Ibrahim Erol

    Ibrahim Erol6 시간 전

    Where are you Palpatine ?

  15. Luis Villasenor

    Luis Villasenor6 시간 전

    Every time I watch this I start to shiver.

  16. Anubis-XYZ

    Anubis-XYZ7 시간 전

    Nobody has taken into account that if the Jedi are capable of being force-ghosts, what about the Sith and the Dark-Side users? :)

  17. Anubis-XYZ

    Anubis-XYZ4 시간 전

    @Stogie2112 Boy, I hope so!

  18. Stogie2112

    Stogie21125 시간 전

    It’s been discussed. The question of Dark Side followers becoming Force Ghosts has no answer at this time. We haven’t seen one yet. We have seen places that channel the Dark Side, like the cave on Yoda’s planet, and the cave on Luke’s island. Maybe Dark Side followers simply fall into oblivion, never to return - a version of Hell, perhaps. Or maybe we will see a Dark Ghost in this new film. Maybe.....

  19. Mister Bms

    Mister Bms8 시간 전

    Should a had grevious coughing at the end

  20. MrDmd74

    MrDmd748 시간 전

    Great! Finally the last 3 movies can fade into oblivion and stop stinking up the internetz.

  21. Robbie Reece

    Robbie Reece8 시간 전

    Just jar jar binks, God I hope hes gone forever

  22. JM Studios

    JM Studios6 시간 전

    We never really knew what happened to him.

  23. Elena Karakitsou

    Elena Karakitsou9 시간 전

    the palpatine

  24. Derrick G

    Derrick G9 시간 전

    "I know that laugh"

  25. Stratowind

    Stratowind10 시간 전

    All three movie teasers started with rey or finn breathing heavily.



    Stratowind The Last Jedi did not

  27. Raheel Ahmed

    Raheel Ahmed11 시간 전

    Snoke: I was the big baddie! Palpatine: I am the senate!

  28. Justin Fencsak

    Justin Fencsak11 시간 전

    When's the next trailer

  29. Sharky Boik

    Sharky Boik9 시간 전

    @THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Ah, nice. Thanks for the info. :)



    Sharky Boik october because thats when the second the last jedi Trailer dropped and august 24 because it is DS3 and tros has a panel

  31. Sharky Boik

    Sharky Boik9 시간 전

    @THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Why then? Very specific



    Justin Fencsak October or August 24th

  33. Kuowei Lee

    Kuowei Lee11 시간 전

    “No ones really gone “ Jabba : solo .. I want my money back

  34. Sunny Suniar

    Sunny Suniar11 시간 전

    Rise of Skywalker?? Lol more like- Starwars episode 9: The Chronicles of Ma-Rey Sue. Dont trash the Skywalker Surname anymore than you already have.

  35. phe the phe

    phe the phe11 시간 전

    I saw the lightsaber and I clapped

  36. Fuzionlolz

    Fuzionlolz11 시간 전

    the comments are about: 45%about the senate 30% memes 20% tragedy of darth plagueis the wise 4% hoping its gonna be good 1% making this kind of comment

  37. Feel Good

    Feel Good14 시간 전

    It's weird that we get entertained by looking at large quantities of pixels

  38. Dani Langlois

    Dani Langlois15 시간 전

    Nothing in this teaser has rekindled my interest in Disney Star Wars. I doubt I will see this film.

  39. EpicChocolate

    EpicChocolate6 시간 전

    Dani Langlois then don’t

  40. zack the wolffox

    zack the wolffox17 시간 전

    Nobody: Star Wars: I always spawning in christmas

  41. Keith Kemper

    Keith Kemper19 시간 전

    Ok enough of this annoying teaser its time for a areal trailer to drop

  42. Timothy Mclaughlin

    Timothy Mclaughlin10 시간 전

    Oh goodie maybe like october. Just like the last jedi been added from the nfl. And just like the last jedi of that installment is irritated.

  43. Stogie2112

    Stogie211212 시간 전

    @L. R. ..... Disney’s 2019 D23 Expo is set to run August 20-25. They may give us a new trailer then.

  44. L. R.

    L. R.15 시간 전

    We won't get one before October

  45. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112일 전

    All the Apollo 11 coverage is really distracting me from watching this trailer ..... 😆😆

  46. lil13yuh

    lil13yuh일 전

    I call it, fans and critics are gonna be divided again

  47. EpicChocolate

    EpicChocolate6 시간 전

    lil13yuh they were from the beginning critics said Star Wars would never grow to be this big and that it would fail

  48. Stogie2112

    Stogie2112일 전

    They usually are!

  49. William Chollick

    William Chollick일 전

    When the second trailer comes out, it should have an epic sci-fi version of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

  50. A Baked Demon

    A Baked Demon일 전

    No one is ever really gone... Look! Meesssa all sparkly glowy!

  51. A Baked Demon

    A Baked Demon일 전

    What if we bring Palpatine back to life to explain almost everything in the plot? JJ Abrams: Deeww it

  52. Archanon79

    Archanon79일 전

    Why the big dramatic pose before she starts running? Looks like an over dramatized unnatural super ninja cricket doing an angry I'm a bad a** pose just so it can look cooler. Will she be doing this pose every time a baddy shows up? Looks like they are trying to create drama just for the sake of drama. Perhaps I'm a bit too critical, but after the mess the last movie made I have lost any faith I may have had for this trilogy.

  53. Sunny Suniar

    Sunny Suniar11 시간 전

    Whats with the freaking breathing lol

  54. Damian Wayne™

    Damian Wayne™일 전

    I can tell based on these generic top comments that KOreporter staff is erasing the negative ones. See the REAL fans would say "Palpatine is only brought back to appease the backlash, because clearly he has no logical place in the Sequel Era at this point." But no let's just all type boring memes.

  55. JustAnotherGuy

    JustAnotherGuy일 전

    I'm tired of Star Wars.

  56. Peter Francis

    Peter Francis일 전

    The Rise of Skywalker but trailer opening with a lot of SAND, it get everywhere

  57. Jesse Tellez

    Jesse Tellez일 전

    Would you rather have fire pokers drilled into your eyes for 3 hours or watch Star Wars the return of skywalker? Tough choice, am I right?

  58. Sunny Suniar

    Sunny Suniar11 시간 전

    Boycott its the only way they will learn. Dont give them your money they get paid millions for spitting out this garbage.

  59. TheAirperri

    TheAirperri일 전

    1:40 Surf check?

  60. Grace Munro

    Grace Munro일 전

    Luke: "No one's ever really gone" Palpatine:

  61. James Foreman

    James Foreman일 전

    I think this will be the best star wars movie ever

  62. Collin Earley

    Collin Earley일 전

    It has a potential

  63. Guilherme Larios

    Guilherme Larios일 전

    1:07 the starship pass through Rey. the movie ends... Directed by ROBERT B. WEID Executive Producer LARRY DAVID good story bro

  64. athansky25

    athansky25일 전

    Hollywood Fate: Dark Agenda Social Justice Warriors (read: Feminist agenda) a decade 10+ ago had taken hold and root in Hollywood franchises that is why we are seeing movies churning out like these since...

  65. techno639

    techno639일 전


  66. C Jones

    C Jones일 전

    Am i the only one that gets goosebumps whenever i watch this



    C Jones no i get to

  68. Marleyyy

    Marleyyy일 전

    We are like 4 months away from the movie. When the hell is the next trailer coming out?!

  69. Timothy Mclaughlin

    Timothy Mclaughlin10 시간 전

    @The Ridiculous Otaku that'll be good to remember this new one in October. I'm looking forward to this. Just like the last jedi been added on the nfl drop.

  70. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous Otaku일 전


  71. Stratowind

    Stratowind일 전

    No one's ever really gone. You jokin mate? - Qui gon

  72. Anoymous 2000

    Anoymous 2000일 전

    Star wars episode 8 im the worst star wars movie of all time Star wars episode 9 hold my beer

  73. Sunny Suniar

    Sunny Suniar11 시간 전

    Episode 8 was pathetic

  74. techno639

    techno639일 전

    HE GOT U



    Anoymous 2000 when you try to make a joke but it flops and no one cares