Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Official Final Trailer


  1. Muddy Mudskipper

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  2. Moayad Arafat

    Moayad Arafat11 시간 전

    who is come from fortnite like ❤

  3. anonymous1hahaa

    anonymous1hahaa12 시간 전

    Who did Luke Skywalker bone in order for the Skywalker name to carry on after his death? I think ill die from laughter if they go and tell us that S.L. Snoke is Vader.

  4. D FS

    D FS15 시간 전

    Mary Sue gonna be brutal onda episode ix

  5. Tglovescats

    Tglovescats일 전

    The saga will end... 2020: Revenge of the sand

  6. David Smith

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  7. Greetings from the Future!

    Greetings from the Future!일 전

    Disney is robbing Vader of his victory and redemption by bringing back Palpatine. I can’t support that.

  8. Dead Pool

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  9. Virginia Pendas

    Virginia Pendas2 일 전

    I can't wait to see it!

  10. Walter

    Walter2 일 전

    @0:56 "they fly now!?"

  11. The Highest Entertainment

    The Highest Entertainment2 일 전

    EPISODE 9 IS NOTHING BUT GARBAGE! DO NOT GO SEE STARWARS EP 9! VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY/TICKETS! Starwars ended after ep 6 cuz Disney just took multiple shits on it over these years with this Saga! They are truly clueless about Starwars

  12. PogiBearCam luke

    PogiBearCam luke3 일 전

    Gonna redbox it.

  13. Gracie pie

    Gracie pie3 일 전

    I only just watched star wars last week during a final study escape thingy on my campus and I don’t think I’ve ever actually been excited for a Star Wars movie besides this one.

  14. itsyaboi BIGD

    itsyaboi BIGD4 일 전

    Can’t wait for Porgs: a Star Wars story, coming December 2057

  15. itsyaboi BIGD

    itsyaboi BIGD4 일 전

    I’m so glad these are the characters we get to end this 40 year journey with, they’ve been with us through it all....well just the last few actually....wait why is this supposed to be sad again? 😂 all the old characters are pretty much dead already.

  16. Jason

    Jason4 일 전

    I'd like to see General Hux slip on a banana peel and fall down with cartoon sound effects, then cut to Lando who looks directly at the audience and says "This deal is getting worse all the time" then winks. Seriously, that is how bad the comedy has been. Completely out of place. Scenes like Snoke and Kylo bringing Rey in to get turned to the dark side - and she tries to use the force to grab the light saber and it konked her on the head. That was shameful. I remember during most of those out of place jokes, some of the audience was laughing out loud like they didn't get how awful it was, and they knew they were supposed to be laughing. And other people like myself, turning to look at the person they are with and both looking at each other in disappointment. The first moment like that was in TFA at the beginning when Poe mouths off to Kylo Ren and says "Whose turn is it to talk?" That was a pretty horrible way to introduce the main villain. Took all of the threat away immediately. That was the "oh, no" moment for me. Then General Hux parading around like an effeminate and ineffectual slapstick dictator. Zero threat with these new enemies. Was Disney worried about scaring little kids? I was fine with Darth Vader at 4 years old. Nobody ever clowned him. And Leia might have told Tarkin he smelled bad, but he just laughed and blew up her home planet. These new characters would get all flustered and look at the audience saying "What? What? How dare they! I don't smm...." then notice something smells bad then smell their own armpit.

  17. Xd_ SwazeKriptic

    Xd_ SwazeKriptic5 일 전

    Is this the last Star Wars movie ??? Anybody

  18. Gee purrs

    Gee purrs5 일 전

    Usually the Disney trailers show the best parts of the movie. In which case this movie is gonna be bad. Really really bad.

  19. David Smith

    David Smith6 일 전

  20. Kop Cole

    Kop Cole6 일 전

    Since going to the cinema at 8yrs old to watch Star Wars: The Last Hope I’ve been hooked on this story..I wouldn’t say I’m a geek or a SW nerd, I don’t know all the little intricacies of the story that the nerds do but it has for the past 40+ years kept me interested and as that little 8yr old was excited to be going to the cinema to see SW for the first time I shall be going to the cinema to watch the end of this fantastic story. It’s gonna be tough to say bye to these wonderful characters and I hope JJ Abrams has done the credit this film deserves.

  21. Nikolla Tesla

    Nikolla Tesla6 일 전

    The music doesn’t sound like a star wars movie

  22. ichaichafan

    ichaichafan7 일 전

    rey was a mistake & still is, the best were the 6 originals & should have stopped after revenge of the sith, then they go & bring out more with a girl jedi it was a mistake.

  23. Ishwar Chandra Gupta

    Ishwar Chandra Gupta8 일 전

    Finally the saga comes to an end I AM SO SAD 😭😭😭😭😭 STAR WARS YOU ALWAYS BE A LEGEND

  24. Jason Miller

    Jason Miller8 일 전

    Did 42k people actually give this trailer a like? Because this comment section says otherwise lmao.

  25. JiisTube

    JiisTube8 일 전

    "nobody really knows me" Blame the writers honey

  26. David Smith

    David Smith8 일 전

  27. steve wilkes

    steve wilkes9 일 전

    C3PO using the word 'friends' in the Facebook context...

  28. Wookie

    Wookie9 일 전

    3-CPO Could talk with his words about last look at his friends ^^ To say goodbye after all movies.

  29. Official CupCakeCanFly

    Official CupCakeCanFly9 일 전

    0:40 stolen scene & lines from frozen2

  30. flibble89

    flibble899 일 전

    #boycott the new Star Wars movie. Jj abrams said the lgbt community will be represented. Lord only knows what propaganda has been placed in there.

  31. Dr. Parichita R C

    Dr. Parichita R C9 일 전

    Everyone is making laugh here. But I promise I cried at those words' the saga ends but the story lives forever'. No matter what it really does. In my beating heart it always will. It means, meant and will mean a lot to me.

  32. qazul1

    qazul110 일 전

    What if when they’re messing with C3POs head, they’re checking his memory banks for a anikin somehow and this is how we see Hayden Christiansen again or young anny for clues???

  33. Ghost 2099

    Ghost 209910 일 전

    How is the sith alive!!!

  34. SubZeroX

    SubZeroX11 일 전

    No joke I started crying when C3P0 said, *Taking one last look at my friends sir.*

  35. Aleksandr Burmin

    Aleksandr Burmin11 일 전

    Ждем кинцо!

  36. David Smith

    David Smith12 일 전

    The Rise of Skywanker

  37. B. B.

    B. B.13 일 전

    I will definitely be watching this over a pirate site on the internet. I don't give money to Disney! EVER!

  38. Bill Harms

    Bill Harms13 일 전

    Too woke for me.

  39. Jose Justiniano

    Jose Justiniano14 일 전

    Happy it’s ending. Disney just take all the directors and this lame characters and just remove them for any future projects. Everyone will be grateful.

  40. allaniain

    allaniain14 일 전

    1:26 when that music hits 😭