Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer


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    2019: End of the saga 2029: Kylo’s kids

  2. TrophicCoin

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    2019: The Saga Ends 2021: Star Wars Dawn of the Planet of the Wookiees

  3. Xtra Spice Mikey

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    just a non-colon-meme comment passing by.....

  4. MH-2

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    With the exception of the originals. Almost all of the Star Wars movies have sucked.

  5. cjallday1130

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    people complaining that the saga wont really end, i mean this is the last film of the Skywalker Saga, so if im not mistaken, this will be the end of THAT saga and bring in a new one perhaps before the Prequels or even after the sequels. maybe a saga during the Old Republic?

  6. Eve Ellyson

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    This movie will flop. lol

  7. Master Troll

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    Soylo Wars: Rise of the Mary Sue

  8. Zach John 26

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    That theme remix hits me right in the feels

  9. smar-10

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    2019: the saga ends 2029: *insert meme here*

  10. Ebolarnator

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    What's the bet Luke and Leia did more than kiss in The Empire Strikes Back? *BOOM* Rey

  11. Ryan Burkart

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    2019: The saga ends 2021: Bor Gullet: A Star Wars Story

  12. roger merrell

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    Any abuse towards people are animals is bad. U put hands on then expect hands on u

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    My wallet: exists Star wars: its free real esate

  14. E State

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    Looks terrible! Will be boycotting this film as Disney hasn't got a clue what it's doing with the franchise. The last film was the worst one yet but I reckon this one will put the final nail in the coffin. Goodbye Star wars!

  15. Dont Read My Logo

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    2019: the saga ends 2029: rise of Chewbacca

  16. A Paperbox Penguin

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    C3PO: I’m taking one last look at my friends. Fans: You, your not planning to kill him off, Right ?!?

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    All these comments are the same'

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    2019: The saga ends 2029: Star Wars: The Live Action Remake

  19. chaosmos24

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    The decision to bring Emperor Palpatine back this late in the game reeks of desperation on Disney's part.

  20. Dewit

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    2019: end of saga 2029: The Droid Attack on the Wookies: A Star Wars Story

  21. SakuraBeacon StrawberryBattery Jace

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    2019: End of Sage. 20420: 143782820's star wars films

  22. LuckyKidDane Studios // Dane Parsons

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    When will this ever end!

  23. Stee 74

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    Star wars teasers are always bang on.

  24. jared pope

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    Someone better give Isaac an Oscar 😂😂😂

  25. 『Cat T.』

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    It's crazy how they got Dio Brando to act in here.

  26. Rosie_

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    please have a good plot 🙏😭 please

  27. Hooded Fluff

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    Anyone else realize that if you turned on captions it said “Emperor Palpatine:”

  28. Greg B

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    It is going to be an amazing movie... The movies that should have never had happened should be Episode 1.2.3 ( the 2000s movies for the people that do not know the proper order...). The episode 7 and 8 are way better than those and I am glad that Lucas is not part of those, cause he would have ruined them as well...

  29. Synthie

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    2019: the saga ends 2029: The Rise of Space Hitler

  30. Patrick Mccallion

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    Carrie, Peter, Kenny, Anthony, Mark, Harrison, thank you for bringing us to a galaxy far far away for all these years because of you the Force will be with us. Always

  31. Hrushikesh Gouda

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    This trailer is epic and cool But I wonder, . . . . . Is it a little odd that I have never watched any Star Wars movie before this?

  32. Ken Kanaki

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    paid likes. OMEGALUL!

  33. Joseph Gonzo

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    2019: the saga ends 3019: lol ok for reals this time

  34. Fun Guy

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  35. Max Schellenberg

    Max Schellenberg8 시간 전

    Finally, they have enough ships to make it looks like a real battle.

  36. HMS Africa

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    Don’t forget that the new droid is called DIO because someone at Disney is a jojo fan

  37. Sans YT Independiente

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  38. The muffin man

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    What if at the end of the movie Rey confirms she is a VSCO girl

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    I subscribed right before this channel hit 3 million

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    give me your zip code so I can send you your reward

  41. Jimmy M

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    C3po should really be saying who da heck are you guys, wheres my friends?

  42. Derek Mikel

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    2019: the saga ends 2019: a new meme begins

  43. Tay. Joh.

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    Don't bother reading the comments... they are all the same meme.

  44. Jorgè Lopez

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    2019: Saga ends 2029: Boss Nass, A star wars story

  45. JAGexRK

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    1:59 "Come child let me tell you the story of Darth Plagueis the wise"

  46. MagicMarley

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    Ngl I don't cry often but this trailer brought me to the verge of tears, at first I disliked the characters, just writing it off as disney trying to tap in to trends, but they've actually grown on me, and it's gonna be sad to see them go. They better do this film right and give this amazing saga the amazing end it deserves.

  47. Turtle Shell

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    2019: a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... 2020: a not so long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

  48. The Yoshi Jedi

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    I have never been more hyped about anything than now

  49. Amrit

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    2019: the saga ends. 2030:Palpatine wars: a star wars Strory

  50. Chris Mcmillan

    Chris Mcmillan8 시간 전

    Why couldn’t Disney just stick to kids films :(

  51. Invader zim

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    1:19 theres a battle droid behind c-3po

  52. Diabetus_Supreme

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    2019: The saga ends 2029: The saga begins again but with Chris Pratt

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  54. Derek Slade

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    This looks SPECTACULARLY................................awful. Seriously, this is awful. Won't be going to watch it. To all of those who want to waste their money, have fun! You're high-fiving the destruction of sci-fi's most famous franchise. I'm out! :)

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    Like for 3m! 👍🏻

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    2019: The Rise of Skywalker, or is it the Saga Ends? 2020: A Star Wars Oxymoron

  57. SomeGuyNamedJay

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    And here we are again ;-; why lucas had to sell the franchise

  58. Daniel Lee

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    i heard a toaster in there

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  60. Maya

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    😔😔😔 porque no dejaron que la saga acabará dignamente solo la alargan sin sentido y arruinan los primeros trabajos de esta gran película 😧