Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer


  1. Mario Linos

    Mario Linos2 시간 전

    2019: the saga ends 2020: star wars 2 electric boogaloo

  2. El poira 420

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  3. vikingjedi

    vikingjedi2 시간 전

    2019: The Saga ends Also 2019 : Nobody cares because you ruined Star Wars with The Last Jedi

  4. Marcus.R

    Marcus.R2 시간 전

    *I’m the “I have a feeling that the trailer is going to be more enjoyable than the movie” Button.*

  5. Ultidragonlord

    Ultidragonlord2 시간 전

    So, the countdown for new memes has begun.

  6. P.C TV

    P.C TV2 시간 전

    2019: The saga ends. Ha, you thought.

  7. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader2 시간 전

    Ok that's enough with the comments , they produce a lot of movies.If the movies are good then why you get mad for god's sake? Star Wars is a franchise with many different mini-stories that each one could make a movie and that's not bad!

  8. Troa Barton

    Troa Barton2 시간 전

    "The Saga Will End" "The Saga 2: Judgement Day"

  9. RxD Viper

    RxD Viper2 시간 전

    So they go to endor at some point interesting very interesting

  10. yrrab laes

    yrrab laes2 시간 전

    Please let this end here 2019

  11. Mpg Elephants

    Mpg Elephants2 시간 전

    Did anyone else spot Dominic Monaghan (Merry) in there or at least a person that looked exactly like him??? He is the main reason I want to see this movie not a star wars fan LOTR fan that's why but I can't wait feel sorry for you Americans cos it comes out the day after Australia

  12. Tony Tigah

    Tony Tigah2 시간 전

    Sorry but Rogue One will always be the best Star Wars movie!!!!!



    2019: the saga ends Disney: yeah that's the last one ! 2020: ok we need money here is the brand new star wars max pro

  14. Axel Hurtado

    Axel Hurtado2 시간 전

    2019: The Star Wars Saga Ends. 2020: Spaceballs 2: the search for more money

  15. Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana2 시간 전

    Star Wars: Here and back again. I mean it here we go again Meesa!!

  16. Liam Gregorio

    Liam Gregorio2 시간 전

    Okay so is the final battle going to be like the avengers endgame final battle or no I'm just guessing okay.

  17. YourBoyHector

    YourBoyHector2 시간 전

    I’m gonna be honest I still don’t truly understand this last saga. I don’t know why Rey is so important. Is she a skywalker?!

  18. Zebby Clark

    Zebby Clark2 시간 전

    #starwars This was such a beautiful trailer. The bright parts seem to be really fun and energetic. The dark parts seem powerful and intense! I’m so pumped for this movie. Star Wars means so much to me and I feel like it means so much to JJ too. When he said all the stories are coming together he wasn’t playing around! Thank you Star Wars, Disney, JJ Abrams, Kathleen, OG cast, prequel cast, The new cast, Rouge One cast, and The man Dave Filoni!! But a special Thank you to George Lucas for making the most amazing movies in history to me. #PrincessLea #Gungans #Lordvader #sithtrooper #battledroids #knightsofren #maytheforcebewithyoualways

  19. Gay Lord

    Gay Lord2 시간 전

    Can we get the Darth Jar Jar spin-offs now?

  20. TheFrogWhoLaughs

    TheFrogWhoLaughs2 시간 전

    I like star wars

  21. Lìl Mayo

    Lìl Mayo3 시간 전

    Can someone explain to me wth is going on? Wheres my homie darth vador at???

  22. anthony johnson

    anthony johnson3 시간 전

    3rd movie... What do we as the audience want resolved by this 3rd film. What is there to be uncovered or excited for. Please reply with atleast 3 things this story needs a 3rd film to resolve?

  23. Robert Sarorn

    Robert Sarorn3 시간 전

    Avengers: Endgame = Co-Main Event of 2019 Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker = Main Event of 2019

  24. The Uncommon n00b

    The Uncommon n00b3 시간 전

    14 million

  25. Aredec

    Aredec3 시간 전

    If only it’s as half as good as the music in it

  26. Mr M

    Mr M3 시간 전

    Go back to the shadows were you belong ! YOU SHALL NOT PASS !!! ..... Gandalf....some time ages ago !

  27. Demonite

    Demonite3 시간 전

    Well, there's no Anakin Skywalker in this trailer, so I don't think the movie will be good.

  28. EmpireZz

    EmpireZz3 시간 전

    Where the heck is the Solo Jar Jar Binks movie!

  29. Mark Reyes

    Mark Reyes3 시간 전

    C-3PO:"Taking one last look at my friends." Me:"Wai- C-3PO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

  30. memo R

    memo R3 시간 전

    Disney ha destruido Star Wars :'(

  31. Ender Shadow

    Ender Shadow3 시간 전

    Wow epick

  32. Exnomer

    Exnomer3 시간 전

    *Me:* FINALLY... The Bastardization is Almost Over... *Disney 2020: **_"Hold My Jew..."_*

  33. Jent Visser

    Jent Visser3 시간 전

    2020: Star Wars: A Star Wars story

  34. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith3 시간 전

    All three of these movies feel like they could be the first one in a trilogy. Nothing of substance has been built up at all. Zero anticipation.

  35. Matty Plant

    Matty Plant3 시간 전

    Well there you have it. Rey is Leia and Lukes inbred daughter, keep it in the genes 🤮

  36. TheFrogWhoLaughs

    TheFrogWhoLaughs2 시간 전

    I predicted this year's ago, didn't think Disney would do it lol

  37. KIRBA

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  38. I may Have lumbago, but

    I may Have lumbago, but3 시간 전

    I’ve officially lost hope for this franchise. And it’s hard to do that.

  39. Кошкин Дом

    Кошкин Дом3 시간 전

    Дисней все ни как не уймется,хорош уже топтать классику...Как вижу главного злодей этой шняги,ой то есть саги,так смех разбирает.

  40. Brian Delach

    Brian Delach3 시간 전

    Remember how the original films had characters in them? That was so great.

  41. Joel Bolz

    Joel Bolz3 시간 전

    Not gonna lie.. the last trailer didnt really do it for me ...but that one gave me goosebumps

  42. J A F A S

    J A F A S3 시간 전

    The rise of LGBTQP

  43. Дмитрий К

    Дмитрий К3 시간 전

    Император жив???? блин...эффектно крейсер из воды поднимается ............ они вдвоем уничтожили статую вейдера...хм...


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  45. hash force

    hash force3 시간 전

    Dear Skywalkers I didn't want to choose a preference of who was going to Rise But since Emperor Palpatine is coming out of the Man Cave Ill vote for Vader Dont take it Personally Love You Always and all equally

  46. Yoshi999 Z

    Yoshi999 Z3 시간 전

    *Star Wars 9* Fans: finally, the torture will end Disney: there’s another

  47. Smo Mar

    Smo Mar3 시간 전

    *plot twist* The saga actually ends

  48. Max Smith

    Max Smith3 시간 전

    I’ll be giving this a pass

  49. Rebel Riot

    Rebel Riot3 시간 전

    Last I heard they're not even done filming.

  50. Arian Goleh

    Arian Goleh3 시간 전

    Disney just ruined Star Wars with their feminism bulshit

  51. Mad Max

    Mad Max3 시간 전

    2019: The Saga ends 2020: The Revenge of the Porgs

  52. sebastian noir

    sebastian noir3 시간 전

    still_hollywooding? ::: :

  53. TheNameisBacon

    TheNameisBacon3 시간 전

    Who’s cutting onions?

  54. Bukshank

    Bukshank3 시간 전 palpatine alive????

  55. TheFrogWhoLaughs

    TheFrogWhoLaughs2 시간 전

    It appears as if he is in some form

  56. Yagami Light

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  57. Nazuka GT

    Nazuka GT3 시간 전

    Anakin :(

  58. 安室奈美恵です ・

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  59. Dániel Baráth

    Dániel Baráth3 시간 전

    Riding some kind of horses on a star destroyer.......typical Disney cartoon stuff.............

  60. TheFrogWhoLaughs

    TheFrogWhoLaughs2 시간 전

    Yeah nothing like little teddy bears beating an army of stormtroopers and nothing like a little boy winning a space war with one shot LOL

  61. Steve Ellis Hughes

    Steve Ellis Hughes3 시간 전

    Also. Can we appreciate the score for this trailer. The punch in the gut you feel after the 3po piece as williams cranks up the orchestra one last time

  62. Michael Stouffer

    Michael Stouffer3 시간 전

    The funniest part of this whole "year + saga" bit is not the joke itself but the irony of it. The people claiming Star Wars has run out of ideas are the same ones rehashing a lame meme for the millionth time.

  63. TheFrogWhoLaughs

    TheFrogWhoLaughs2 시간 전

    Shhh, these "fans" might read this and realize they are in a massive echo chamber of hate created by fake fans who wants clicks on their youtube channel

  64. Aaron Graf AstronAaron

    Aaron Graf AstronAaron3 시간 전

    At 2:06 I almost thought the Avengers theme was gonna play

  65. Angelo McWhatever

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