Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | D23 Special Look








  3. thomas krymkowski

    thomas krymkowski14 시간 전

    If the hype is any indication this might be a Great Film unlike The Force Awakens And Return Of The Last Jedi.

  4. Ben Weedman

    Ben Weedman17 시간 전

    Why is c 3p0s eyes red

  5. Kenobi Playz

    Kenobi Playz일 전


  6. Splashy boiJ

    Splashy boiJ일 전

    Lets be honest we all know that small amount if rebels doesn't have a chance against that many star destroyers but of course since they're the good guys they're gonna find some magical way to pull it off

  7. jon_racela_2002

    jon_racela_2002일 전

    Lmao I just love watching the reaction videos of this trailer and I love the good feeling I get when the Rise of Skywalker footage comes on after the shot of Rey with the lightsabers glowing in her face because I bet they be thinking,"Is this another clip tribute?"

  8. Michael Gruenewald

    Michael Gruenewald일 전

    “The Story of a Generation....” What story? That’s the problem with these movies...

  9. Seungwon Lee

    Seungwon Lee일 전

    Guinness book : the longest time taken ever to making movie trailer _ over 40years

  10. Ducklatch Productions

    Ducklatch Productions일 전

    Anyone know the name of the score? It’s amazing

  11. Jedi Knight buckley

    Jedi Knight buckley일 전

    Why is this so awesome

  12. Tin

    Tin일 전

    Palpatine: well Rey... one day a Jedi lost his highground and die... wanna this to you too? Rey: 1:45

  13. Bot Inkdude

    Bot Inkdude2 일 전

    Yo the new Darth Rey be Vibin doe

  14. Georgy

    Georgy3 일 전

    may darth vader rise again ??? i hear his breath.

  15. Georgy

    Georgy3 일 전

    1:46 what if rey gets a vision into the future with that red lightsaber or it could be a clone of rey made by palpatine or first order

  16. CraftonGaming

    CraftonGaming3 일 전

    anyone else hear dath vader's breathing?

  17. Kauan Antuny

    Kauan Antuny3 일 전

    The Rey’s theme when the new stuff comes just 😭😱

  18. Jennovan M.F

    Jennovan M.F4 일 전

    1:22 is that the old star destroyer

  19. The Reliable Ridgeback

    The Reliable Ridgeback5 일 전

    Let’s be honest, the soundtrack was the best I’ve heard

  20. Paul Germano

    Paul Germano5 일 전

    It's so dense every single image has so many things going on.

  21. Studio Tefałen

    Studio Tefałen5 일 전

    Editors probably decided to put the prequels in in the last minute

  22. Studio Tefałen

    Studio Tefałen3 일 전

    @Lyra Skywalker yes?

  23. Lyra Skywalker

    Lyra Skywalker3 일 전

    Studio TEFAŁEN?

  24. Bigdawgk917 Games

    Bigdawgk917 Games6 일 전

    I hope this movie is 4 hours

  25. TheGoldenMan

    TheGoldenMan3 일 전

    Bigdawgk917 Games endgame is 3h 1m

  26. TheGoldenMan

    TheGoldenMan5 일 전

    Bigdawgk917 Games it’s ok

  27. Bigdawgk917 Games

    Bigdawgk917 Games5 일 전

    @TheGoldenMan dang it

  28. TheGoldenMan

    TheGoldenMan6 일 전

    Bigdawgk917 Games it’s 2 hours and 35 minutes

  29. Bigdawgk917 Games

    Bigdawgk917 Games6 일 전

    Like endgame

  30. Dilly bar

    Dilly bar6 일 전

    Put your guess in the comments Dark Rey is a vision Dark Rey is actually Rey Dark Rey is a clone

  31. TheGoldenMan

    TheGoldenMan4 일 전

    Dilly bar same

  32. Dilly bar

    Dilly bar5 일 전

    I think it is a vision

  33. hk.ultimatespidey

    hk.ultimatespidey6 일 전

    Palpatine's voice

  34. Holymoly! Jaeden!

    Holymoly! Jaeden!7 일 전

    Who is Here after you look at the fortnite risky reels screen?

  35. Lego Buildman

    Lego Buildman7 일 전

    Ahhhahannyira Smart-hun Vevevvverry Smart-eng

  36. Edplyz

    Edplyz7 일 전

    I actually cried by watching this

  37. Rizky Arifin

    Rizky Arifin8 일 전

    0:40 Who's that guy?

  38. Gavin 3000

    Gavin 30006 일 전

    Lando Calrissian

  39. Brandon Tea

    Brandon Tea8 일 전

    This is still my favorite star wars trailer

  40. Lukimus Prime

    Lukimus Prime8 일 전

    1:12 that powerful music gives me chills!

  41. Matthew S

    Matthew S8 일 전


  42. Some kid who got bored of Instagram

    Some kid who got bored of Instagram8 일 전

    Y’all know that this is just Disney saying it’s the finale of Star Wars to milk the money out of people there still gonna make more Star Wars story’s like the Madalorian and rogue one

  43. GOD_JDMasterFlex

    GOD_JDMasterFlex9 일 전


  44. Nikki N. Cell

    Nikki N. Cell10 일 전

    I’m not too worried about those Star Destroyers. The Resistance can just take them all down with light speed.

  45. Kevin

    Kevin10 일 전

    This music touched my soul

  46. Jôšę Gonzalez

    Jôšę Gonzalez10 일 전

    Kevin ikr

  47. Radu Guma de Sters

    Radu Guma de Sters11 일 전

    Am i the only one who thinks this is some kind of infinity war?

  48. Radu Guma de Sters

    Radu Guma de Sters10 일 전


  49. Mystomachhurt

    Mystomachhurt11 일 전

    WHat is that fork lightsaber HAHAHAHAHAHA

  50. Veronica Pagani

    Veronica Pagani11 일 전

    Sono troppo felice che abbiano inserito la scena del matrimonio tra Anakin e Padme ! 💙 I’m too happy that they had inserted Anakin and Padme’s wedding scene ! 💙

  51. Monty Gill

    Monty Gill11 일 전

    Can't wait 😊

  52. xilzzz

    xilzzz12 일 전

    EVIL C3PO???

  53. Monty Gill

    Monty Gill11 일 전

    Probably a hangover from the night before.