1. Space Ghost Coast To Coast

    Space Ghost Coast To Coast시간 전

    To the first lady they've pranked.. Have she even seen Star Wars?? Lmao

  2. phantom nova14

    phantom nova148 시간 전

    Why is vader so short

  3. Cracking Zone

    Cracking Zone11 시간 전

    2:23 BRUH HE T H I C C

  4. Anirban Debnath

    Anirban Debnath일 전

    2:31 anyone else noticed the clone trooper ?

  5. Fish Cat

    Fish Cat일 전

    2:20 Alabama Slave hunters chase down escapee 1837 colorized

  6. Classified user

    Classified user일 전

    Who else here would actually like to have this prank played on them ⬇️

  7. Alpha Whiskey-6

    Alpha Whiskey-62 일 전

    This looks fun

  8. ashutosh pandya

    ashutosh pandya2 일 전

    Bhago bc

  9. Svade Err

    Svade Err4 일 전

    1:55 If the guy fought back, it would be a collateral damage for the troops.

  10. ace freddlazy

    ace freddlazy4 일 전

    That guys leash for his dog was literally a rope

  11. Ajax

    Ajax4 일 전

    Why he run ? xD

  12. Daniel Colton

    Daniel Colton4 일 전

    That is the fastest fat man alive ladies and gentlemen

  13. Michael Pe

    Michael Pe4 일 전

    The Ewok is speaking Tagalog lol

  14. Nothing Meek

    Nothing Meek4 일 전

    It sucks that these things are always staged!

  15. Александр сэтрий

    Александр сэтрий4 일 전

    Тупые какие то реакции у людей, словно никто не смотрел Звёздные войны.

  16. NoLegs Gaming

    NoLegs Gaming4 일 전

    Lame how no one knows it’s Star Wars they just all get scared and run 🏃

  17. JOHN

    JOHN4 일 전

    dont make jokes on old people

  18. JOEM Zevahc

    JOEM Zevahc4 일 전

    Eto na eto na siya. ??? Tagalog language?

  19. Cacao Lamosa

    Cacao Lamosa4 일 전

    What surprised me in the first 30 seconds of the video. The tiny creature speaking filipino. Saying "ETO NA SIYA. ETO NA SIYA" LOOOL

  20. Rumman Nasiri

    Rumman Nasiri5 일 전

    Does like no one in this video know what’s Star Wars is

  21. The Jihadi Mun

    The Jihadi Mun5 일 전

    Do these people not know what star wars is 🤣

  22. Dr. Vag

    Dr. Vag5 일 전

    When the dog started running I was crying from laughter lmaoo

  23. rem amboy

    rem amboy5 일 전


  24. Ok ShutUp

    Ok ShutUp6 일 전

    1:11 to 1:12 How people raided Area 51

  25. Freshpeperoni

    Freshpeperoni6 일 전

    why is there a first order stormtrooper

  26. The boiz gaming

    The boiz gaming7 일 전

    I saw A Trooper With A First Order Helment When it was the imperial storm trooper

  27. BadMoon

    BadMoon7 일 전

    don't these people know what star wars is?? LMAO!

  28. TheMelloBros :P

    TheMelloBros :P8 일 전

    The funny part is I don’t think any of them knew what Star Wars was.

  29. Marsmello from Mastercraft

    Marsmello from Mastercraft8 일 전

    There no boudy hunter ( hunter jetpack )

  30. Vašek Beneš

    Vašek Beneš9 일 전

    Why is there a clone trooper?


    MAKEIGNACIO 23510 일 전

    El gordo ese hay como WTF CORRE

  32. Phanta Green

    Phanta Green11 일 전

    I saw a clone trooper

  33. мисс X

    мисс X11 일 전

    Едрён батон 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😂😅😅😅 эта подстава 😐😡😬😠

  34. Sophie T

    Sophie T12 일 전

    0:36 on the left side of the screen you can see a first order stormtrooper

  35. Game reacts and Game plays

    Game reacts and Game plays13 일 전

    2:23 that should help him lose weight XD

  36. 88erva

    88erva13 일 전

    None of these people have seen Star Wars. Why do this in a foreign country?

  37. Roan Matos

    Roan Matos13 일 전

    The old couple were adorable

  38. Kick_myass

    Kick_myass14 일 전


  39. swanchilds

    swanchilds15 일 전

    Fuk you who made this clip. That elder couple could have been heart attack.

  40. Princeton0551

    Princeton055117 일 전

    U used way to many effects