Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Preview: It's Deeper Than We Thought


  1. the the

    the the시간 전

    the horizontal wallrun looks really unrealistic tho

  2. Prideluxe

    Prideluxe10 시간 전

    The game itself is awesome. Graphics, story, etc. However, as a fan of this game, I play it very often. And it only took me 2 days to finish the entire story.

  3. Bobby Arm

    Bobby Arm2 일 전

    Got from the red box reminds me of a tomb raider

  4. 246yami

    246yami2 일 전

    Mark Hamil = Jedi who became the joker Cameron Monaghan = Joker who became a Jedi

  5. Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

    Jeremy JMIAH Williamson2 일 전

    "Deeper Than We Thought" is the WORST title for this... "DEEP" has NOTHING to do with the story. #BADreview

  6. KapNKruncheez

    KapNKruncheez2 일 전

    Are there references to obi wan , anakin? Any of the og’s ?? I’m really interested in the lore of the Jedi

  7. Ian Herd

    Ian Herd2 일 전

    I feel like the force unleashed was way better with the whole Jedi experience this Just looks sad

  8. VideoPine

    VideoPine2 일 전

    The starwars universe is kind of boring. I would play this if it had the most interesting characters and story. Visually starwars is kind of boring. Desert, snow planet, jungle or grey death star interior. Wish it was more visually diverse.

  9. Regis Sanders

    Regis Sanders3 일 전

    this guy is waaay to artsy in describing the game.

  10. Steven Hightower

    Steven Hightower3 일 전

    Took a pass on death stranding and decided to wait for this. Hope it's going to be worth it 🙏🏼

  11. Mikey paul

    Mikey paul3 일 전

    This game looks so badass!

  12. Chau Jun

    Chau Jun3 일 전

    money has been taken.

  13. HC MT

    HC MT3 일 전

    EA making an actual game? hmmm lets see :)

  14. Wonder Lamb

    Wonder Lamb3 일 전

    Please no I hate this game

  15. Tom Verstappen Drums

    Tom Verstappen Drums3 일 전

    The combinations of gameplay elements remind me of darksiders!

  16. Catty Fangames

    Catty Fangames3 일 전

    idk...the game still seems lacking something and it is coming from EA. it's too early to give a thumbs up

  17. ranmashin

    ranmashin3 일 전

    Sounds like this guy just had low expectations.

  18. James Brown

    James Brown3 일 전

    Tomb (Tuskan) Raider then.

  19. Moritz

    Moritz3 일 전

    I’m buying this with PlayStation Hits next year, just doesn’t make any sense to buy a single player game at release

  20. jexzy

    jexzy3 일 전

    im not impressed tbh.

  21. Majesco

    Majesco3 일 전

    Lets hope this is not as souless as other disney star wars content

  22. Marco Noro

    Marco Noro3 일 전

    Respawn also did titanfall series! Game looks fun! Ea can have my money

  23. Jonathan Davis

    Jonathan Davis3 일 전

    Looks a little clunky but I'll give a shot because I love Star Wars so much!



    It looks very unpolished to me.. A lot if jerky animation blending. Especially when platforming

  25. Juggernawt

    Juggernawt4 일 전

    Why does it look so crap - is this Xbox-footage?

  26. young4z -

    young4z -4 일 전

    Boring no multiplayer EA very disappointed

  27. Fardin Hoque

    Fardin Hoque4 일 전

    Stormtroopers LANDING shots? Nopes ....bad game :v

  28. Julio Alcantara

    Julio Alcantara4 일 전

    Its got ideas from titanfall.

  29. Miyuru Eranda

    Miyuru Eranda4 일 전

    I bought it today!

  30. Dennis Hopper

    Dennis Hopper4 일 전

    What I would love is a Luke Skywalker game in this style

  31. Dohko EX

    Dohko EX4 일 전

    no reviews before the release date is a bad sign!

  32. impussybull

    impussybull4 일 전

    Prince of Persia copycat

  33. Julian

    Julian4 일 전

    I personally find this gameplay just too linear: mini puzzles and bosses in games mundane are not really that enjoyable (for me anyway)- not for me but glad it caters to a large audience out there!

  34. Sam Saleh

    Sam Saleh4 일 전

    Are there any side-missions

  35. networkn

    networkn4 일 전

    So, you can throw your light saber, can you push AND pull with the force? Lift objects?

  36. John Smith

    John Smith4 일 전

    It just looks like hes running down a hallway the entire game. Where is the open cities, with cantinas to enter, droid shops, lively interactions. sheesh

  37. The Infinite Draw

    The Infinite Draw4 일 전

    The Prince of Persia would like to have a word with you in the back room.

  38. matt rendar

    matt rendar4 일 전

    Awesome preview! Can not wait to get this game Friday !

  39. Jeff LaClaire

    Jeff LaClaire4 일 전

    I’m going to wait Dunkey review first

  40. Mr. Bastos

    Mr. Bastos4 일 전

    Being a Star Wars fan, I thought it was cool when it was announced, but didn't have high hopes. But as we get closer and closer to launch, I like what I see in various previews. It went from a game I thought I'd pass on like most other SW games, to one I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition for. I'm excited for Friday.

  41. Imbeth101

    Imbeth1014 일 전

    This better get an 8.5 - 10 with all the hype

  42. PriyRanjan Taram

    PriyRanjan Taram4 일 전

    Money talks 😉😂

  43. Deathsigh _

    Deathsigh _4 일 전

    Don’t have a word for an semi linear semi open world game? Like y’all didn’t just reference soulsborne games? Okay

  44. Unending Blue

    Unending Blue4 일 전

    Nah I’ll just replay force unleashed thanks bye

  45. Megan Bound - Second Channel

    Megan Bound - Second Channel4 일 전

    The Droid moving so he could make it through that crack is honestly the moment I decided to buy the game. I'm such a sucker so those kinds of small details.

  46. Rain Zero

    Rain Zero4 일 전

    Yeah I'm feeling this

  47. Mr Vampire

    Mr Vampire4 일 전

    Jedi Academy without the Academy

  48. MetalDeth777

    MetalDeth7774 일 전

    Can already hear the "9 out of 10"

  49. Solaire of Astora

    Solaire of Astora3 일 전

    Between 8.5-9.5 is my guess

  50. DjVanHeb

    DjVanHeb4 일 전

    EA releasing 2 games without microtransactions in the same month. WTF is going on?

  51. LukeE94

    LukeE944 일 전

    *_Space Souls_*

  52. Stefano Christiano

    Stefano Christiano5 일 전

    Not so much a review, but much more a dude nerding out over Star Wars.

  53. Senor Grav

    Senor Grav5 일 전

    I want another forced unleashed too man. I wanna feel all that power

  54. EFIL WV

    EFIL WV5 일 전

    The Japanese audience will not understand this game Kojima!

  55. SHAWKLAN 27

    SHAWKLAN 273 일 전


  56. PlaneetRuk

    PlaneetRuk5 일 전

    It makes you feel like a jedi

  57. Ethan Herrera

    Ethan Herrera5 일 전

    just let from software developer a souls bourne star wars game

  58. Jayjay

    Jayjay5 일 전

    I can't wait to played this game.

  59. Mr Memelord

    Mr Memelord5 일 전

    “ the dark souls of Star Wars games”

  60. Thincrust128

    Thincrust1283 일 전

    That comment turned me off from wanting to play the game.

  61. Keenan Angevine

    Keenan Angevine5 일 전

    Preordering this tomorrow afternoon! Thanks IGN :) I had high Hopes for this Game. Lemme tell you.

  62. Demontrae Johnson

    Demontrae Johnson5 일 전

    It would be nice if it was a rpg letting by tap into the dark side like mace

  63. Appiah -_-

    Appiah -_-5 일 전

    This game is our last hope...