Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Trailer - Xbox E3 Briefing 2019


  1. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars5 개월 전

    Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

  2. николай конкус

    николай конкус17 일 전

    @GopnikRaptor Peace is a lie...

  3. Alexandre Silva

    Alexandre Silva개월 전

    Right on my birthday

  4. Mehdiuniversal

    Mehdiuniversal2 개월 전

    @GamingPro shit man i mean a new game , why the fuck would i play a game that has 2 pixels on a xbox one or a next gen console next year

  5. GamingPro

    GamingPro2 개월 전

    @Mehdiuniversal They do. It's called Star Wars The Old Republic.

  6. James Bond

    James Bond2 개월 전

    Bonjour, Via ce message : je souhaite suggérer qu’étonnement il n’existe que peut ou pas de franchise en version jouable du film « Terminator », la version que je possède, bien que formidable est aussi très courte. Je trouve cela assez regrettable car il pourrait y avoir des affrontements entre humains et terminators en ligne et des missions à faire en solo… Qu’en pensez-vous ? Cordialement.

  7. Ragnarok GamingYT

    Ragnarok GamingYT일 전

    After battlefront ..mass effect Andromeda.... anthem... finally ..after 3 flops ....EA made super hit AAA ......welcome once again.

  8. Ragnarok GamingYT

    Ragnarok GamingYT일 전

    MUJIC gameplay story .....this game win game of the year....EA DO IT AGAIN....

  9. nomade 75 nomade 75

    nomade 75 nomade 75일 전

    J'adore la bande annonce, ils ont fait du bon travail d'après moi

  10. olive j

    olive j2 일 전

    Haters prediction suck

  11. xxxDarkSiderxxx AARNTheMenace

    xxxDarkSiderxxx AARNTheMenace3 일 전

    Please make star wars the force unleashed 3

  12. Marge bouvier Simpson

    Marge bouvier Simpson3 일 전

    I bet my preorders worth it

  13. Malthe Dahl-Spangby

    Malthe Dahl-Spangby5 일 전

    Saw Gerrera is BACK BITCHES

  14. RedFour52

    RedFour526 일 전

    Saw?!? Lover of Rogue One is in!

  15. butter knife 21

    butter knife 2111 일 전

    I just hope that if there is multiplayer, that it will be better than battlefront 2, which i hate.

  16. Geraldo Del rivero

    Geraldo Del rivero3 일 전

    Single player only mate

  17. Juanito Gonzalez

    Juanito Gonzalez13 일 전

    Is this game part of the Rodge one

  18. Ariki Thomas

    Ariki Thomas15 일 전


  19. EXS Ignight

    EXS Ignight18 일 전

    ‘No were not doing that again’ Time to create a new save file.

  20. Thưởng Vũ

    Thưởng Vũ19 일 전

    0:31 Is this Saw from Rogue: One

  21. The Nightmaric Senpai

    The Nightmaric Senpai22 일 전

    If this game succeeds.. EA's entire excuse for loot boxes and no single-player games goes into space

  22. Jim Pyre

    Jim Pyre28 일 전

    No microtransactions? No multiplayer? I'M BUYING AN EA GAME!!!

  23. Markov Soh

    Markov Soh29 일 전

    Did somebody say respawn? you can buy a respawn for 0.99, 5 respawn for $4.00, 99 respawn for 70.00, unlimited respawn for 300.00

  24. Deanmedi

    Deanmedi개월 전

    I like this game

  25. epicsansundgamer ,

    epicsansundgamer ,개월 전

    I really hope this is good. This trailer looks very promising!

  26. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark개월 전

    Micritransactions or no microtransactions come next month im getting this game im a huge star wars fan i dnt mind paying extra money for content

  27. SerialSnowmanKiller

    SerialSnowmanKiller개월 전

    Lol, if you watch Cal take off the droid's leg at 1:11 at full speed, it looks fine... but if you pause, and use the < and > keys to go back-and-forth frame-by-frame, you can clearly see that the droid's leg isn't actually coming off, he's just folding it back out of the way really quickly.

  28. SerialSnowmanKiller

    SerialSnowmanKiller개월 전

    "The Jedi are not yet lost!" **Darth Vader would like to know your location.**

  29. steeve1149

    steeve1149개월 전

    I wish it will be as good as it seems

  30. SplitERin2

    SplitERin2개월 전

    I know EA knows what makes a damn good game but considering what kinda game this is I'm kinda hoping they learned something from the most recent god of war game.... Cuz that shit was f****** amazing. And they are similar so damn high hopes here..... I love f****** star wars and I can't help but think they are gonna really f*** this up....

  31. Ultra Instinct

    Ultra Instinct개월 전

    The lightsaber looks more like a blue glow stick than a lightsaber

  32. Alexlplp

    Alexlplp개월 전

    One Trailer and it looks better than the hole SWB2 story

  33. 義三田辺

    義三田辺개월 전


  34. Jon Stokes

    Jon Stokes개월 전

    I gotta laugh at the 3k people who gave this trailer a thimbs down. Its funny how little negative nerds who play PC games in their mammies basement pretend to hate everything star wars yet their here watching the trailer here with all the SW'S fans. I know I sure dont have time to watch trailers for games I have no interest in moreless comment on them, I'd rather watch stuff I like! Oh yeah and half you are angry little Star Trek fans, and hey I like ST too, but I dont feel the need to shi+ on SW because ST can make and F'ing reasonable game. The part thay gets me most, 90% of thr haters in the comments will buy this game on opening day, you can stamp that and take it to the bank

  35. Jonatas Henrique Oliveira

    Jonatas Henrique Oliveira개월 전

    it seems that this will be one of the best games of star wars

  36. Search More

    Search More개월 전

    Dont buy this. Wait for a sale.

  37. Hk 4lyfe

    Hk 4lyfe개월 전

    1:15 Bernie Sanders speaking

  38. Too Much Sauce

    Too Much Sauce개월 전

    Flop Box One

  39. CircusKing

    CircusKing23 일 전

    Jon Stokes you Been play games too much.

  40. Jon Stokes

    Jon Stokes개월 전

    Not to mention PS4 would have gotten smokes if Microsoft didn't fumble their initial launch trying to make it the center of your home entertainment center with a less focus on games, but those days are done, with the new man at the helm PS is so unsure about the next console war its all over the internet. They wim the Japanese market but will choke in the US

  41. Jon Stokes

    Jon Stokes개월 전

    Someone regrets buying a Playstation and has tl piss on the competition to make himself feel better....poor guy! Its funny PS4 owns get all sensitive when crossover games play 10x better on the one X. Dont worry little buddy, there is always next gen. Heres a American

  42. Connor Anderson

    Connor Anderson개월 전

    I do hope there's a mature setting for dismemberment via lightsabers

  43. Fredi Foi

    Fredi Foi개월 전

    I hope his master was old starkiller

  44. Adam Games

    Adam Games개월 전

    First of All This game Looks Very Well taken care of besides no limb cutting off im pretty fine with a Star killer like story line with a adventure added to the game.

  45. Shane D

    Shane D개월 전


  46. doanutTHEnut

    doanutTHEnut개월 전

    Nice! But if i want to become a sith 🤔

  47. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow개월 전

    Am I the only one annoyed by the lightsaber missing its solid white center

  48. Thanos 6.0

    Thanos 6.0개월 전

    Hype train. Chu Chu.

  49. Yeeyee

    Yeeyee개월 전

    Seeing how Respawn did with their Titanfall 2 campaign, micro transactions that are purely cosmetic and don’t affect gameplay, and having great game mechanics… I have hope that this single player Star Wars game will be great! Of course they might have micro transactions and other small things that might effect small gameplay like more damage or even getting more xp, but honestly seeing what they did with Titanfall 2’s cosmetic items that earn you a chance of getting double XP in multiplayer games I have hope that it’ll be the good kind of micro transactions, and not loot boxes. Although they did make loot boxes a thing in Apex Legends, it doesn’t affect gameplay and are purely cosmetic, and they added in the rates of your odds on getting legendary loot. Can’t wait to see what this game becomes!

  50. Brick Man

    Brick Man개월 전

    This game got me sold already. I plan on getting this game on release date. I just hope for one more thing from this game!!!! When will we get lego sets base on it.😃

  51. Thanos 6.0

    Thanos 6.0개월 전

    The force is strong with this game.

  52. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    @Thanos 6.0 Battlefront 2 is cooler than Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order with shit Graphics and Gameplay! Clone Commandos is coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 sounds cooler than Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order with a noob jedi!🤨

  53. Thanos 6.0

    Thanos 6.0개월 전

    WHAT? The graphics look great and what's wrong with SWB2?

  54. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    But the darklord of Star Wars games is Star Wars Battlefront 2 with the content ever! And not jedi fallen order with shit Graphics and Gameplay!

  55. Folkvar

    Folkvar개월 전

    A white male lead, the SJW racists will be going crazy right now.

  56. Luke.the.Legend

    Luke.the.Legend개월 전

    Une canonnière? 0:18

  57. Marie Rook

    Marie Rook2 개월 전

    Why did i just see a Republic gunship

  58. Thinh Bui

    Thinh Bui2 개월 전

    I hope meet Rouge One

  59. Lazy

    Lazy2 개월 전

    1:24 the text means „Zeffo“ I have no clue what that is... maybe a cantina?

  60. Ryunark Hooduckerburg

    Ryunark Hooduckerburg2 개월 전

    This is great Pokemon sword and shield come out on the same day 2 games to enjoy and Mario sonic Tokyo Olympics is out on the 8th NOVEMBER is going to busy

  61. harrisonclement

    harrisonclement2 개월 전

    Why the lightsaber look like a glow stick

  62. Jack Dempsey

    Jack Dempsey2 개월 전

    Just gimme da game!!

  63. Tristan Smith

    Tristan Smith2 개월 전

    This is your last chance EA. Your LAST FUCKING CHANCE. Don't screw this up.

  64. themaskedmagican

    themaskedmagican2 개월 전

    He's probably starkiller's father and that's why it looks similar to force unleashed

  65. Gary Brower

    Gary Brower2 개월 전

    How can you have a lightsaber game without dismemberment? Extremely disappointed

  66. Gary Brower

    Gary Brower23 일 전

    @CircusKing get over it? Unrealism? Who asked you? Why are you commenting on my post? What does it have to do with you? How about you get over my post? You just a trolling douchebag or what?

  67. CircusKing

    CircusKing23 일 전

    Gary Brower Get over it.

  68. Tristan Pfeifer

    Tristan Pfeifer2 개월 전

    Do people really think this game looks good? Lol

  69. CircusKing

    CircusKing23 일 전

    Kerim Gürsu you Been play games too much.

  70. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    It looks shit!!!!!

  71. -has a masters degree in wumbology

    -has a masters degree in wumbology2 개월 전

    they did good with titanfall, no microtransactions, fun gameplay, and a very good story, at least as far as multiplayer fps games go. But that don't mean I ignored the EA logo.

  72. Jose Moyano

    Jose Moyano2 개월 전

    Bad game and bad story for sure. I KNOW.

  73. Connor May

    Connor May2 개월 전

    But it's not even out yet, and Respawn makes consistently good games.

  74. Jeffrey Aguilar

    Jeffrey Aguilar2 개월 전

    This could be good but do we always got to have a stupid ass tiny droid sidekick. If you gonna give a droid for a sidekick make it HK-47. And he wouldn’t be my sidekick he’d my my partner in crime.

  75. CircusKing

    CircusKing23 일 전

    Jeffrey Aguilar Get over it.

  76. Liam Walsh

    Liam Walsh2 개월 전

    I hope we get to fight different enemy types like death troopers

  77. NYG1991

    NYG19912 개월 전

    This game is going to be canon, FYI.

  78. BreakDamageLimit

    BreakDamageLimit2 개월 전

    An MC using mainly Shii-Cho? Good way to show that Cal never actually finished any meaningful training because of Order 66; Form I is literally beginner lightsaber attacks, charactarized by sweeping broad strokes. He probably picks up some bits and pieces of the other Forms as the game progresses. That or his late mentor was Kit Fisto, the only actual Jedi of note that made Form I into an actual combat style.