Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer


  1. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars6 개월 전

    Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

  2. Mathias Pedersen Explained

    Mathias Pedersen Explained6 일 전

    It is gonna be awesome ❤️

  3. Zach Theobald

    Zach Theobald9 일 전

    May the Force be with us.

  4. Search More

    Search More17 일 전

    Characters face look retarded.

  5. Hunter Espinel

    Hunter Espinel29 일 전

    That’s my birthday

  6. LICAN -

    LICAN -개월 전

    I want to be a sith to defeat jedi! Not destroy them, just defeat.

  7. Kyle Crutchfield

    Kyle Crutchfield6 시간 전

    Yo I'm more excited for this 6 month old trailer than the rise of skywalker.

  8. DMmaster5 - Gaming Videos

    DMmaster5 - Gaming Videos7 시간 전

    I am genuinely excited for this game, and it looks as though it will really change the standard for modern Star Wars titles.

  9. Patrick Kilduff

    Patrick Kilduff8 시간 전

    Thank the lord for Respawn! Without them...I would not trust this game for one parsec...(shut the fuck up morons...I know what a parsec's a joke)

  10. DeepFriedSalt

    DeepFriedSalt11 시간 전

    I think this game actually looks pretty damn good, and it's made by respawn.

  11. Bryce Crane226

    Bryce Crane22616 시간 전

    Rules to survive Star Wars: Don’t marry a skywalker Don’t be friends with a skywalker Don’t be a skywalker

  12. suvam k

    suvam k20 시간 전

    Red dead pc ,cyberpunk .. dont think of anything else.

  13. Hi I’m Jace

    Hi I’m Jace일 전

    This looks sick and I’m buying but it’s nothing compared to the fun I had for hours on Battlefront 1 for 2 years

  14. Emily Morgan

    Emily Morgan일 전

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  15. Arcade Alchemist

    Arcade Alchemist일 전

    wait at 1:18 did they just avenger assemble chorus

  16. Gaunter O' Dimm

    Gaunter O' Dimm일 전

    Word of advice to those scared of microtransactions; get it on PC so you can mod it or use a trainer.

  17. Nathan Low

    Nathan Low일 전

    Vader really does a shiit job at hunting Jedis.

  18. Bruciphers Dungeon

    Bruciphers Dungeon일 전

    We all know this is just Prince of Persia. Right?

  19. Eli Lozano

    Eli Lozano일 전

    Cody Ko?

  20. Bradley Beauclair

    Bradley Beauclair일 전

    They broke our game so we break their China.

  21. Luca

    Luca일 전

    EA CEO: Wow this game looks nice, who did this and why are no surprise mechanics in it yet? EA Employee: I did it, I want to make good game. EA CEO: you're fired!!! Gamer Community: FUCK this game!!!

  22. Jim Pyre

    Jim Pyre2 일 전

    No microtransactions! It's a single player game! DEAR LORD...I'm giving EA money!!!

  23. Evan MUNSCH

    Evan MUNSCH일 전

    Pity this game wasn t a pVe

  24. Valore Dramack

    Valore Dramack2 일 전

    Star Wars Jedi: Shameless Order

  25. Pólvora Del Rey

    Pólvora Del Rey2 일 전


  26. Nathan Klaudt

    Nathan Klaudt2 일 전

    am i the only one who thinks this is The Force Unleashed but a good guy version?

  27. Matthew Hall

    Matthew Hall2 일 전

    Can't wait for this, however, I'd really enjoy a VR style, go through the academy, learn a style of fighting, pick a race (each race has pros and cons, build a saber, go on missions for the jedi order, use the force and block/deflect blaster shots, fight along side other jedi and clones (pre order 66) and fight droids, clones post 66, rank up and much more

  28. David Sánchez

    David Sánchez2 일 전

    Disney compra Lucas Films y Marvel. El resultado es la música de los Vengadores en un videojuego de Star Wars.

  29. Neon Twilight

    Neon Twilight2 일 전

    Can’t wait... to pay $99.99 for the HIGH ground dlc.

  30. TheOneAndOnlyBiscuits

    TheOneAndOnlyBiscuits2 일 전

    Jerome? Is that you? Geez I guess instead of going insane you left Gotham.

  31. ThePr3acher TV

    ThePr3acher TV2 일 전

    Heyy that's joker from Gotham!

  32. Fudall

    Fudall3 일 전

    *Them tearing apart a Venator and the Clone he finds really makes me miss the Clone Wars Era.*

  33. Mohammed Ahmed

    Mohammed Ahmed3 일 전

    As long it's made by EA, there is no goal to make perfect games

  34. LemonPanda

    LemonPanda3 일 전

    Tears actual tears

  35. Dubswirl30

    Dubswirl304 일 전

    1:47 when your going on a trip to Disney land and this happens

  36. Justin Pinkard

    Justin Pinkard4 일 전

    Release is just a month away. Why am I not seeing anything promoting this game? Is it still coming out on time?

  37. Iñaki Alvarez

    Iñaki Alvarez4 일 전

    1:08 1:47, second sister, the 5th inquisitor

  38. Zizor FTW

    Zizor FTW4 일 전

    I wish any other company made the star wars series, im so sick of EA!

  39. Diplex Cello

    Diplex Cello4 일 전

    Pls put this on the switch

  40. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller4 일 전

    i would play this game if it was say 30 bucks max cost and was actualy available on steam, but so far as i can tell this damned thing is just gonna be another 60 doller origin and latest consoles only game complete with bland everything and pay to win garbage and a fucking battle royal mode.

  41. camau79

    camau794 일 전

    A better story than rise of sky walker

  42. Michael Duka

    Michael Duka5 일 전

    why didn't Cody Ko tell us he was the main character

  43. Black Microwave

    Black Microwave5 일 전

    EA Don't Let Me Down On This Game Please

  44. MARVIN 990 Movie

    MARVIN 990 Movie5 일 전

    Had Jedi Fallen Order a Multilanguege

  45. Troy G

    Troy G5 일 전

    This should have been a film instead of solo... or fuck it, with solo. More the better, long as they are good. Sadly Solo was only mediocre.

  46. ohitsjeremeh

    ohitsjeremeh5 일 전

    Why does that guy look like Ian from shameless

  47. Archie Schwartz

    Archie Schwartz2 일 전

    Because he is the voice actor of Cal dumbass 😂😭👏👏

  48. NxNaD

    NxNaD5 일 전

    So Excited for this game , even the Trailer is so good , Cannot wait for the game to be uploaded .

  49. Solomon Grundy.

    Solomon Grundy.2 일 전

    He says three things in the whole trailer, wow, seems like a good trailer. If this game were to win anything, itd be lazy writing.

  50. Lori Suomi

    Lori Suomi6 일 전

    We want a real rpg...

  51. Ryan Taylor

    Ryan Taylor6 일 전

    Become a Scammed Jedi on November 15, 2019.

  52. Mathias Pedersen Explained

    Mathias Pedersen Explained6 일 전

    I can,t wait for this game ❤️

  53. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark7 일 전

    Dang why wouldnt ea play binary sunset for the trailer?

  54. CurryinaHurry369

    CurryinaHurry3697 일 전

    shut up and take my money

  55. Kly

    Kly7 일 전

    Wow. So Disney wants to breed next generations to be cattle? Getting this message across to kids who play games is basically them whispering be a nobody, be a defeatist. But suuuure. Its just the main character's personality.

  56. Kanni9

    Kanni98 일 전

    The micro-transaction memes have been dead for a very long time. Stop using them, and they aren’t funny.

  57. Mr. X

    Mr. X8 일 전

    Disney bitches ,the fans want a SW:1313 , burn the piece of shit of Jedi Fallen Order. STAR WARS= PEGI+18 Pd: the lightsaber dismember people

  58. Zocku Mean

    Zocku Mean8 일 전

    Kommt schon deutsche traut euch zu komentieren

  59. Veronika

    Veronika8 일 전

    Is that Mara Jade?

  60. Miss Spook

    Miss Spook8 일 전

    Jedi huntress: Nsfw artists: we have something new to work with

  61. Andrea Capuano

    Andrea Capuano6 일 전

    dun de dum.

  62. Kieron Mystical

    Kieron Mystical8 일 전

    Jedi= $17.98 Sith= $19.99 Quit= $1.00

  63. Garth Marenghi

    Garth Marenghi9 일 전

    I had no interest in this game until this trailer. If they focus on story and gameplay with minimal micro transactions this could be one of the best games to come out of EA in years. The sheer selfishness in putting EA at the bottom of the logo though. Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea.

  64. Lowlife 13

    Lowlife 139 일 전

    The game suck and it will have in game pay to win

  65. coco cornflake

    coco cornflake9 일 전

    The big EA logo leaves me doubting this game will be any good.

  66. The Joker

    The Joker9 일 전

    You failed with Battlefront, Battlefront 2, Battlefield V and Anthem. I'm done buying your trash.

  67. Gal Anonim

    Gal Anonim9 일 전

    I want just a good game about first 6 episodes where we playing anakin in first 3 and next 3 as luke or vader

  68. Koya Ignas

    Koya Ignas9 일 전

    I feel like people are forgetting this is made by the same company who made battlefront 1&2

  69. chase hyland

    chase hyland10 일 전

    Pants Creamed!!