Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Official Reveal Trailer


  1. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars9 개월 전

    Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.

  2. captain arunraj

    captain arunraj개월 전

    Ea games great comeback...keep it up we need more games from ur production

  3. kazuya mishima

    kazuya mishima개월 전

    Ian O'brien sadly you can only choose the colour at the Jedi temple which nearly the end of the game but you can get the dual blade pretty much at early at the map that you first met your robo buddy

  4. Ruben Garcia

    Ruben Garcia2 개월 전

    That's my 21st birthday

  5. Matt Scrapper

    Matt Scrapper2 개월 전

    Wow EA! This might be the first game you publish that I will buy. As long as you don’t screw it up. Everything I’ve seen looks great.

  6. Samaung J4

    Samaung J4일 전

    This got to be one of the most immersive and well crafted game I've ever played. It runs like butter at 1080p on my gtx 650 2gb medium settings. Well done who ever made this game

  7. Reid Epperson

    Reid Epperson일 전

    the venator graveyard made me sad

  8. Jack Robins

    Jack Robins일 전

    I definitely love this game! Best Star Wars game yet. Please do a sequel!

  9. X_Mute_

    X_Mute_2 일 전

    Just finished the game.

  10. Alejo Garcia

    Alejo Garcia2 일 전

    my favorite game.

  11. Retspm

    Retspm2 일 전

    That trailer was better than the last four feature length movies

  12. Synix.

    Synix.3 일 전

    I finished the game just a while ago and its absolutely incredible. Please keep making games like it.

  13. soulrebelmx

    soulrebelmx3 일 전

    I like this game a lot and I passed it twice, but a lot of the stuff in the trailer that I liked isn’t in the game. For example the neon city bar/nightlife, trilla chasing cal in the city, fighting the purge trooper with only the Force, wearing hood, and much more. I was really disappointed when the nightlife part was never in the game.

  14. Jonathan Encarnacion

    Jonathan Encarnacion4 일 전

    Some of the boss battles in this game will bring out the dark side in you

  15. Ipso Facto

    Ipso Facto4 일 전


  16. iStan3000_

    iStan3000_4 일 전

    Fun Fact: You Didn't Search For This Video

  17. Charlie Toloza

    Charlie Toloza5 일 전

    The Jedi have fallen. An Empire rises... I dunno why that sounds so epic

  18. Perfectly Balanced

    Perfectly Balanced6 일 전

    EA’s redemption

  19. Gabriel Flo

    Gabriel Flo6 일 전

    Aw there’s clones in this game?

  20. xxxlh 52

    xxxlh 526 일 전

    And guess what? They can actually aim

  21. Daniel Santos Cruz

    Daniel Santos Cruz6 일 전

    EA should've made a brand new version of "The Old Republic" instead of this

  22. Ibrahim Conteh

    Ibrahim Conteh6 일 전

    he never wears his hood in the game and you dont have the option to

  23. xxxlh 52

    xxxlh 526 일 전

    Clickbait on highest level. Instead he has a fucking poncho.i Love the game but the ponchos Are TRASH

  24. Ken

    Ken7 일 전

    Remember that time SJW's felt hurt by this being a white guy? Cal: a Jedi to boot. SJW's: crying into their soy lattes

  25. Fartpoo116

    Fartpoo1167 일 전

    When the heck did Cal have a space-hoodie?

  26. PadawanSarah

    PadawanSarah7 일 전

    1:22 I haven’t seen him come across a dead clone in the game. I’m going to be disappointed if that’s not in the game :(

  27. Thomas Rainbow

    Thomas Rainbow8 일 전

    I don't really play video games but went out and bought an Xbox One just to play this and Cyberpunk 2077. It was an amazing game! I loved it!

  28. dylan sallnow

    dylan sallnow8 일 전

    Never watched a trailer more than this

  29. S Gams

    S Gams8 일 전


  30. Kókusz Dió

    Kókusz Dió8 일 전

    Finally a game where you dont have to play 100$ in-game

  31. TheDudeOfGreatness 725

    TheDudeOfGreatness 7259 일 전

    2:02 that gives me chill

  32. Reel Unique

    Reel Unique9 일 전

    I’m tired of linear Star Wars games. What we need is an open world Star Wars game that lets us Travel the entire Galaxy and have a map of everything including the outer rim that we can go to in our spaceship. Basically Skyrim meets Star Wars. Imagine being able to fly to Naboo anytime we choose while having quests and side quests on each planet. You could play as a Jedi, Mandalorian, Wookie, and so fourth.

  33. Edible Apple

    Edible Apple10 일 전

    Finished the game. I’m now wondering where Cal Kestis is. He may still be alive while the rise of skywalker was taking place... who knows..?

  34. Luisma 25

    Luisma 259 일 전

    MsYar2000 he is like 17 during fallen order

  35. MsYar2000

    MsYar20009 일 전

    Rise of Skywalker was like 40 years after Episode 6 so there's little chance he's still alive since Episode 6 is about 20/30 years after episode 3 and Fallen Order is about 5 years after Episode 3. So if Cal was 20 in Fallen Order, he would be about 80 years old in Episode 9.

  36. Rocket Radioket

    Rocket Radioket10 일 전

    Everyone with a EA trailer: its a trap!!!! Also everyone: give me that shit

  37. David Alberto Veintimilla Ramos

    David Alberto Veintimilla Ramos10 일 전

    Demonios xq no hicieron la posibilidad de invertir el eje Y, maldición no puedo jugar...

  38. Zack Conner

    Zack Conner11 일 전

    anyone know what is the name of the music use at the end of the trailer when the game title appear?

  39. Bartłomiej Wierzba

    Bartłomiej Wierzba11 일 전

    You are layers, all of this action showed in trailer is shown during video cuts, in regular game all you do and sometimes fight with half brained stormtrooper (yes, one stormtrooper, sometimes 3/4 but that it)! Even star Wars battlefront II from 2005 was better than this, I strongly NOT recomend this game, im very disappointed...

  40. WiNTRCHiLL

    WiNTRCHiLL11 일 전

    This game was awesome!

  41. Ash Bash

    Ash Bash11 일 전

    I love how he says those 3 rules and during the trailer he breaks those rules. Like poetry...

  42. FrozenFire

    FrozenFire11 일 전

    it is so good i was littarrally almost crying

  43. NotMyShrimp

    NotMyShrimp11 일 전

    is this star wars: holocaust

  44. Faded Crescent59

    Faded Crescent5912 일 전

    Half of the Content here wasn't even in the game how disappointing EA :/

  45. Bourak & Proky Games

    Bourak & Proky Games12 일 전

    Best Game EVER

  46. octo ake

    octo ake13 일 전

    Get this face for some reason popular--->😐

  47. Ognelin

    Ognelin13 일 전

    Принц Персии оказывается тоже был джедаем)) По стенам ловко взберался)

  48. Homer Simpson

    Homer Simpson14 일 전

    How come almost none of this happens in the actual game

  49. ThatGuyNick

    ThatGuyNick14 일 전

    Trust... only... in the force

  50. brezz

    brezz14 일 전

    nice game-trailer

  51. Isaac mason

    Isaac mason14 일 전

    This looks better than the full game

  52. Shine Pretty cure!

    Shine Pretty cure!15 일 전

    OMG, I WISH THAT, THEY REALLY MADE THE GAME THIS EPIC (this trailer is better than the game itself tbh)

  53. King Meng 55

    King Meng 5515 일 전

    Game actually matched the trailer

  54. CrunchyEar

    CrunchyEar16 일 전

    The game is epic! THANK YOU EA!

  55. Halime Hatun

    Halime Hatun16 일 전

    I cant get past how ugly the main characters are.. skipping this game regardless how good the story is. Everything esle looks great sigh

  56. Jay Guy

    Jay Guy16 일 전

    EA: Published Good Star Wars Game Me:No, That’s impossible!

  57. Seregomir Gurkov

    Seregomir Gurkov16 일 전

    Oh God! Best outfit customization I've ever seen. Love this ponchos! Especially my favorite one: Brown! 999 ponchos of 10! Awesome!

  58. Jax

    Jax16 일 전

    1:24 anyone wanna help me ID that clone? All I can think is he was apart of the 41st green company

  59. Abby Isaac

    Abby Isaac16 일 전

    This video game was absolutely incredible. It should have a sequel, or like an actual movie.

  60. ChickenNuggie

    ChickenNuggie17 일 전

    Kinda pissed off that 95% of this trailer isn’t in the game

  61. Walker Jackson

    Walker Jackson17 일 전

    I wish this was a movie

  62. Kaden Hamm

    Kaden Hamm17 일 전

    Highly suggest this game so fun

  63. Joseph Barnes

    Joseph Barnes17 일 전

    EA Star Wars I wanted that other Lightsaber customizations that came with the other editions also when I got the Split saber I wanted it to be evenly matched Saber. I wish it was like the Force Unleashed even as powerful with Force Fury from the Sequel I miss with Force Repulse, Lighting Shield, infuse my Lightsaber with Force Lighting and no limits to the Force. Jedi should use Force Lightning because it’s cool.



    Deleted scenes in the game trailer

  65. Skittle P. Diddle

    Skittle P. Diddle19 일 전

    Man I cried after finishing the story because it was such a great game that honestly deserves awards.

  66. CallMeCar

    CallMeCar19 일 전

    Friendly reminder that this is a singleplayer Star Wars game with no loot boxes or microtransactions published by EA in 2019

  67. Adrim theToaofMetal

    Adrim theToaofMetal19 일 전

    Me when this trailer came out: "I've got a bad feeling about this.." Me when I played the game: "I've got a really good feeling about this!"

  68. Nick Jerrison

    Nick Jerrison18 일 전

    A lot of people seemed to miss the fact that this game was being made by Respawn which was an instant sign that the game would be great.

  69. Peely The King Of Bananas

    Peely The King Of Bananas19 일 전

    Why didn’t you actually do him with a hood that would have been cool