Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Demo - 14 Minutes


  1. Luismy Cuevas

    Luismy Cuevas개월 전

    4.30 So the soldier says "Fuck You" but no chopping bodyparts because lil kids could be scared?

  2. Skank Tank 986

    Skank Tank 9865 개월 전

    They should let the players create their own Jedi and lightsaber that would make the game a lot better.

  3. beasthunt

    beasthunt5 개월 전

    Looks like it's 60fps.

  4. علي الرضا

    علي الرضا5 개월 전

    The character walk is weird

  5. Zig

    Zig6 개월 전

    0 innovation here. Looks nothing special. And combat is meh.

  6. Mario Teng

    Mario Teng6 개월 전

    character felt clunky as fk

  7. Laszlo Murvai

    Laszlo Murvai6 개월 전

    you mean Prince of Persia 6?



    Looks like it will lag just like Days gone... Hope PS5 fix it all...

  9. Rikimaru B

    Rikimaru B6 개월 전

    looks good,

  10. larsuppling

    larsuppling6 개월 전

    Jerome is a Jedi?.. i always imagined him as a Sith.....

  11. EskChan19

    EskChan196 개월 전

    Shadow of Mordor Star Wars edition? Alright, why not, Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War(after the big greed-removal patch) were actually pretty fun. Staying cautious though, after all it DOES say EA on the box, and that's usually a guarantee that it will suck. But on the other hand it is a Respawn game and those were great so far. But on the other other hand that was before they were bought by EA so.... i'll wait to see the first reviews and untill it's out. It's sadly no new Jedi Knight(seriously, why? EA get onto this right now!) but it has potential.

  12. STARVEL 415

    STARVEL 4156 개월 전

    Fucking bs. We dont want this fucking peice of garbage, we wanted The Force Unleashed 3

  13. bursegsardaukar

    bursegsardaukar6 개월 전

    I have many types of storm troopers but I haven't seen one as snipers.

  14. CCW|MRpeck324

    CCW|MRpeck3246 개월 전

    4:30 He said "Fuck You!" 😆

  15. Jason Solomon

    Jason Solomon6 개월 전

    Why why why do these developers refuse to hear what us fans REALLY want- an open world RPG ala KOTOR?!?!

  16. B Beasty

    B Beasty6 개월 전

    I Hope theres a couch coop multiplayer mode like there was on force unleashed on the wii

  17. TheWrongBrothers

    TheWrongBrothers6 개월 전

    Where’s the lightning force at?

  18. Roxas 101100

    Roxas 1011006 개월 전

    Wow LITERALLY 1% of the comments (me): wow this game looks good! Like uncharted and dark souls in a way. 99% of the comments: I DoNt LiKe ThE wAy hE RuNs, WeiRd AnimAtIONs, iTs iN AlpHa StAge? WhO CaRes¡? Oh and ThE LigHt SabER loOks FunNy¡¿ Reeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Mitch Keller

    Mitch Keller6 개월 전

    How fucking brain dead are these twats at Disney/Lucas film/EA. Just make another knight of the old republic. New story. Update everything. Cha Ching $$$$. Nope instead here’s uncharted in space.

  20. Mitch Keller

    Mitch Keller6 개월 전

    Does anyone else feel really underwhelmed. I know I know blah blah alpha blah blah. I dunno man. Watching the death stranding trailer made me feel excited and curious and for the first time in a very long time I am left wanting more and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Then what, maybe 5 days later we get this. A single player Star Wars game. I should be absolutely bat shit crazy for this game but I’m not. It feel like I’ve been here before. I guess the whole thing looks generic to me. I fucking hope they make me eat those words. Maybe it’s just me. I want this to succeed.

  21. Stephano Doinkson

    Stephano Doinkson6 개월 전

    Why do the enemies feel so generic there should be at least some sith to fight I hope it’s not gonna be killing stormtroopers throughout the whole game. Hope there is also some upgrades to graphics look a little 2014-2015 beta .

  22. Lord King

    Lord King6 개월 전

    This boy is much stronger than Kyle Ren

  23. CCCP2055

    CCCP20556 개월 전

    I’m getting a very force unleashed vibe

  24. ketsloko

    ketsloko6 개월 전


  25. donja

    donja6 개월 전

    Ian Gallagher is you?

  26. Megalobytes

    Megalobytes6 개월 전


  27. Devan Funderburk

    Devan Funderburk6 개월 전

    Both force unleashed games are better in my opinion this just looks and feels boring as hell.

  28. Rudy Fisher

    Rudy Fisher6 개월 전

    Meh. It doesn't look unique at all. Seeing the different gameplay mechanics they have in it already, going for a more true open world would be a better choice to the linear world they ahow in this footage. Honestly, I would be more interested if they just made a good Zelda knockoff with lightsabers, and that's scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  29. Edd Hanks

    Edd Hanks6 개월 전

    So basically sekiro but star wars

  30. I_am_Beowolf

    I_am_Beowolf6 개월 전

    Really wish they continued the Star Wars Jedi Legacy of allowing first person combat, Blasters and Force Upgrades

  31. Bentley Roams

    Bentley Roams6 개월 전

    Makes me think of a cross between Uncharted, Dark Souls, and Force Unleashed. Can't say I'm disappointed.

  32. Dante Au

    Dante Au6 개월 전

    it is not a Jedi way, lol

  33. Micah Daniel

    Micah Daniel6 개월 전

    4:30 did that anti-Jedi trooper just say “fuck you,” ????? Am I the only one who heard that? If so, that’s an M rating, so hopefully the combat will be a bit more visceral. But I could just be hearing things

  34. EnforcerTV

    EnforcerTV6 개월 전

    TLDW: star wars assassin’s creed.

  35. EnforcerTV

    EnforcerTV6 개월 전

    50 seconds in and i find myself saying “this isn’t assassin’s creed”

  36. Michael Bradley

    Michael Bradley6 개월 전

    Oh hey. Normal troopers get one hit killed. Only the special jedi killers have armor that can take a couple of hits. That sounds like something that actually makes sense.

  37. theunbearableman

    theunbearableman6 개월 전

    I can see they went with a Dark souls style of combat, not a fan. But since this is the first potentially good singleplayer star wars game in nearly a decade i think i will play it, even with the horrible dark souls style.

  38. AquaFloats

    AquaFloats6 개월 전

    When I saw them blasting their blasters I thought 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  39. nickle pickle233

    nickle pickle2336 개월 전

    I’m definitely getting this!!!

  40. Dr Pappa Pillz

    Dr Pappa Pillz6 개월 전

    Its gonna be bad😭