Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - “Cal’s Mission” Trailer


  1. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars2 개월 전

    Become a Jedi, November 15th.

  2. ThunderBolt

    ThunderBolt2 일 전

    If someone is going to be a Jedi, they have to hide their power from everyone

  3. Morozow Vlad

    Morozow Vlad16 일 전

    Guys just want to say thnx for this amazing game, and making my favorite dj Jeff Mills (CERE) an secondary character

  4. High FN

    High FN18 일 전

    Ight bet

  5. Deon Collie

    Deon Collie29 일 전


  6. Victor Vallicella

    Victor Vallicella개월 전

    EA, When and where will SOCON take place this year?

  7. Bo Curly Fry

    Bo Curly Fry일 전

    This was my friends idea, but I agree with it, he wanted EA to make a star wars game where you customize your own lightsaber, your own character, and still play a story mode and online against players.

  8. Kinisha

    Kinisha일 전

    Can someone cut the music from this?

  9. ThunderBolt

    ThunderBolt2 일 전

    They final have an inquisitor

  10. Fuckitzinbucketz 247

    Fuckitzinbucketz 2472 일 전

    Look, besides a few expected undertones...not a bad game imo.

  11. Venom21

    Venom216 일 전

    Just Finished the Game, And must say well done to Respawn. Did expect worst but was pretty good in the end.

  12. Cristiano Dettori

    Cristiano Dettori6 일 전

    I still come here at least two times a day. What a trailer.

  13. Matthew Bergman

    Matthew Bergman11 일 전

    EA I have one request. Make the last level replayable!

  14. TioSabuga

    TioSabuga11 일 전

    a historia dos games estão mil vezes mais foda q a historia dos últimos filmes, R.I.P Star Wars nos cinemas

  15. Γιαννης Γιαρμαδουρος

    Γιαννης Γιαρμαδουρος12 일 전

    Feel the gayforce in gaybox one

  16. Matt Correia

    Matt Correia12 일 전

    Wow an EA game that is actually good I’m surprised

  17. Lc3

    Lc310 일 전

    Yea I've only played about two hrs and still can't believe it's a game from EA even if it was only published. (I like respawn just don't trust EA bs.

  18. Zali Squad

    Zali Squad12 일 전

    Jedi fallen order walkthrough here

  19. Andrea Capuano

    Andrea Capuano12 일 전

    if you ear is good you can hear a very familiar breathing

  20. VIMAGO

    VIMAGO13 일 전

    WOW in 4K it's increible, the best tralier.

  21. E.M Ppwe

    E.M Ppwe13 일 전

    1:24 is that a part of the crashed venator

  22. にこるんぱʕ•ᴥ•ʔ c.w.

    にこるんぱʕ•ᴥ•ʔ c.w.16 일 전


  23. David Jones

    David Jones16 일 전

    EA Sucks.

  24. Webber 56789

    Webber 5678917 일 전

    All those scenes are from the first minutes of the game

  25. The Joker

    The Joker17 일 전

    "You can't hide, not even behind that new face of yours. I know it's you. I know it's you, Jerome."

  26. leifaxardo

    leifaxardo20 일 전


  27. Sterling Mallory Archer

    Sterling Mallory Archer20 일 전

    Trust no one. Specially not the company that has been voted the worst company in America numerous times

  28. Slayer

    Slayer13 일 전

    @Sterling Mallory Archer Watch reviews atleast then. Literally the only bad reviews I've seen are people who thought it would be something else but they still think it's a good game.

  29. Sterling Mallory Archer

    Sterling Mallory Archer14 일 전

    @Slayer Naah .. I think am good lmfaooo

  30. Slayer

    Slayer14 일 전

    Try it lol, It's made by Respawn which is a really good company. Or atleast look up reviews, it's getting insanely good reviews right now

  31. Sterling Mallory Archer

    Sterling Mallory Archer17 일 전

    @The 100% owww.. butt hurting? loool btw am not your bro loooolz.. pretty good.. that's your oppinion dude!!! I. Will. Never. Trust. U. E. Fucking. A. #BoycotEABlizzActivizion

  32. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan21 일 전

    You know what funny is Mark Hamill a Jedi who become Joker in Batman game cameron monaghan a joker who become Jedi in star wars game

  33. The Joker

    The Joker17 일 전


  34. WoodenPlatform

    WoodenPlatform21 일 전

    Just finished the game, would recommend to any diehard star wars fans, wouldn't recommend (at full price) to people who aren't massively into the franchise.

  35. Cryptic

    Cryptic21 일 전

    This looks insane PlZ GrAb SuM SEaT

  36. Percy Jackson Explained

    Percy Jackson Explained22 일 전

    Who’s here after beating the game?

  37. Andrewik

    Andrewik22 일 전

    We all know this is just Force Unleashed take two.

  38. Andrewik

    Andrewik13 일 전

    @Slayer Dude, I don't do monthly subscriptions. I buy or I don't buy. I don't care about EA games to rush and play it, the boss fights were uploaded to KOreporter DAY 1, the let's plays are all over the internet, I'm sure I can wait 12 or even 24 months for a Christmas sale to see if the gameplay checks out.

  39. Slayer

    Slayer13 일 전

    @Andrewik If you're on PC you can buy Origin Premier for 15 dollars and you can basically play the game for a month. Idk if you can do this on console.

  40. Andrewik

    Andrewik13 일 전

    @M Billa But I will try it. Once it's on sale. I ain't buying shit from EA at full price.

  41. M Billa

    M Billa13 일 전

    No it isn't. It is better. Already a game of the year contender for critics and fans. Look at the reviews and try it out

  42. Haven Leekly

    Haven Leekly22 일 전

    Do you get to make your own character?

  43. Samuel Killian

    Samuel Killian18 일 전

    Haven Leekly no you don’t

  44. Reberiano Ramírez

    Reberiano Ramírez22 일 전

    EA... really are you?

  45. Dance Soar Vim

    Dance Soar Vim23 일 전


  46. Bartek Szubert

    Bartek Szubert22 일 전


  47. Tekinette

    Tekinette23 일 전

    Disney/EA Star Wars is all about teenagers with lightsabers and fluffy aliens, I miss the Bioware Star Wars.

  48. Slayer

    Slayer13 일 전

    I assume you haven't played the game?

  49. Dylan Hagsauce

    Dylan Hagsauce24 일 전

    I am going to pretend he is Anakin from Attack Of The Clones! Close enough in looks!

  50. Ultrax Emerald

    Ultrax Emerald24 일 전

    God of War 2. Less man. More boy. Plus glow sticks.

  51. Ultrax Emerald

    Ultrax Emerald24 일 전

    When ex COD developers make a thirdperson Star Wars game

  52. ga4coolguy

    ga4coolguy24 일 전

    Who hype but scared for this

  53. Alexis Chaparro

    Alexis Chaparro24 일 전

    You cant save them *all great star wars game* not from the EA empire

  54. Teak:/

    Teak:/25 일 전

    It looks like jerome from gotham

  55. No Name

    No Name25 일 전

    Русские ребята,залайкайте этот коммент что бы иностранцы думали,что тут что-то важное)

  56. Ivo Hury

    Ivo Hury25 일 전

    Děláte si srandu? To zpracování postav, pohyby, mimika tváře, jak KOTOR. Ani ta texturizace neodpovídá dnešnímu standardu...

  57. Toxic D3viL

    Toxic D3viL25 일 전

    take my money respawn

  58. Yaroslav Babets

    Yaroslav Babets25 일 전

    Why we don’t see a stormtrooper divided into two pieces after smashed with a lightsaber?