Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - The Nightsisters Are Coming


  1. Tahu4266

    Tahu426610 개월 전

    This is the rework grievous and the separatists should have had as well

  2. Lisa Coriveau

    Lisa Coriveau년 전

    Sooo old

  3. Leopold Taylor

    Leopold Taylor년 전

    yeah and then you turned them into useless garbage with KOTOR Sith lords

  4. Kotaro Abe

    Kotaro Abe2 년 전

    Hi I didn’t quite find out where to post this question but I cannot open the app from yesterday. It actually opens for a while like 20sec and just shut down by itself. Environment is iOS 11.2 iPhone SE. And I already trued resetting my network preferences. Have you got any solutions for this?

  5. Jake Hangartner

    Jake Hangartner2 년 전

    You need to add the characters and ships from the campaign of your battlefront 2


    JESIC MC2 년 전

    I have a perfect idea add game to play on PC.who are think that is great idea give a like

  7. Batman

    Batman2 년 전


  8. Gabriel Chen

    Gabriel Chen2 년 전

    Ea for star wars battlefront 2 you should contain the maps from the campaign in the arcade and multiplayer and you should have more modes

  9. Killershootin 69

    Killershootin 692 년 전


  10. Harold Crick

    Harold Crick2 년 전

    Star Wars Battlefront 2: Is Pay-To-Win



    You guys should make Jango Fett that would so cool👍

  12. your Mother

    your Mother2 년 전

    Why so many dislikes?

  13. Crilyte

    Crilyte2 년 전

    I want Jedi Luke Give me Jedi Luke Also, maybe C3PO and AP-5.. And all 3 Kalluses. And the inquisitors with their own faction

  14. Tanner levering

    Tanner levering2 년 전

    Bring back the kaboom game

  15. Dino Jnr

    Dino Jnr2 년 전

    *I really want the Nightsisters to be on Battlefront II...*

  16. Dino Jnr

    Dino Jnr2 년 전

    My favourite Star Wars villain species of all time ! Woohoo !!

  17. Legend Cat

    Legend Cat2 년 전

    People, you want more trailers of Battlefront 2, but think that if they bring us other trailers they will be doing spoilers about the game. Wait for the game, only 1 month or less :/

  18. Isaac West

    Isaac West2 년 전

    This game used to be awesome, I had a friend who hit the #2 spot in ranks, and he never payed any money. Bit now, EA couldn't resist temptations to make micro transactions OP.

  19. Assailant

    Assailant2 년 전

    FUCK YOU AND ALL YOUR PROJECTS YOU CASH HUNGRY PIECES OF SHITS #FuckEa #Wewillbringbackbattlefieldheroesagain #Theresistance

  20. Redneck Sniper

    Redneck Sniper2 년 전

    We want Darth Revan Darth Marr and Darth Malgus



    EA done with single player? well then, i'm done with EA. FUCK YOU!!!

  22. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash2 년 전

    Lol this is still a better game then most of you can make and I made it to level 74 on this game with heaps of characters and only buying one pack to get chopper and I’m super excited for more nightsisters.

  23. JackSkywalker01

    JackSkywalker012 년 전

    Stop complaining about battlefront 2 they are not always going to battlefront SO PLEASE STOP COMPLAIN ITS F****** RIDICULOUS

  24. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash2 년 전

    JackSkywalker01 ikr

  25. TheManWithNoName

    TheManWithNoName2 년 전

    This is still one of the best mobile games!

  26. Flava 23

    Flava 232 년 전

    Worst shit i ve ever seen

  27. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash2 년 전

    IEcho17 Echo if you think that then please watch the emoji movie and Star Wars holiday special

  28. Mr. Assassin

    Mr. Assassin2 년 전

    I realy like Talzin. She is powerfull and makes a hell lot of damage!

  29. The Unknown

    The Unknown2 년 전

    I wonder... Whats after this? What's after the movie?

  30. Adam Akmal

    Adam Akmal2 년 전

    more clone wars characters makes me feel so satisfiying

  31. Rockstar

    Rockstar2 년 전

    Isnt that game shit

  32. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash2 년 전

    TheVillian nope

  33. Adhauz

    Adhauz2 년 전

    Still no account transfer from iOS to android... 0

  34. Ikanite

    Ikanite2 년 전

    It was totally not a mistake to start farming these guys at the beginning as my first dark side characters

  35. khpitbos17

    khpitbos172 년 전

    We already had too many Nightsisters, so sure why not add more?? We’re missing so many actual characters, yet we continue to get just Nightsisters and Jawas. Smart.

  36. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash2 년 전

    Needs to add more villains like inquisitors

  37. khpitbos17

    khpitbos172 년 전

    5 is a full team. We don’t need them to continue adding more archetypes instead of actual characters just to fill quotas.

  38. Cuttlefish

    Cuttlefish2 년 전

    khpitbos17 we have 5 Jawas and like 8 nightsisters? What do you mean we have too many we barely have any Jawas to make one team and we barely had any nightsisters 5 before this update. I prefer them getting something than another rebel/lightside like seriously we are drowning in rebels/lightside right now

  39. Darth Doge

    Darth Doge2 년 전

    The night sisters are coming? So am I.

  40. Rubber duck Studios

    Rubber duck Studios2 년 전

    O:03 poor droid

  41. Matt Dean

    Matt Dean2 년 전

    Halloweene event?

  42. Tubeman244

    Tubeman2442 년 전

    Played 1 of Talzin's events earlier today O.O She's scary powerful.

  43. Dizi Doktoru

    Dizi Doktoru2 년 전

    Dislike for u

  44. One memey Comrad

    One memey Comrad2 년 전

    Nice job maybe something like this can be in battlefront II

  45. Comrade Kane

    Comrade Kane2 년 전

    Balance the galactic war damnit

  46. ZookerMan

    ZookerMan2 년 전

    Who else clicked on this thinking it was battlefront II?

  47. Shineytrooper

    Shineytrooper2 년 전

    the nightsisters are probably one of the only good things to ever come out of feminism, i honestly really enjoyed it and i was surprised that the writer was a fat feminist, because there is no political bullshit throughout any of the nightsister episodes, hell the new STD (Star Trek: Discovery) has tones of SJW and Feminists shit that just feels out of place in star trek as star trek has always been a show where it doesnt matter what race or gender you are, Siskos race was only ever brought up 1 in DS9, And captain janeway being a woman wasnt even mentioned until Q turned up and hes Q he can get away with it LOL, But the New STD, is just disgusting the way they turn klingons into how they imagine trump supporters are, dispute the fact its an already established culture and they make their ships look like the gould from stargate, and i like stargate but it just doesnt fit in star trek, and there are many problems with the show but im going to leave it there for now Now the new star wars is what i hate with all the SJW rubbish they shove in and especially the Stuipid feminist bullshit and the "DONT HOLD MY HAND" and how reys a woman is supposed to be a big deal to kylo... for some reason??? she is just an overpowered character who is the most powerful character in the entire series which was supposed to be LUKE!!! as he was the son of the chosen one, who balanced the galaxy twice!!! and there is the SWBFII EA, where the head writer is an anita sarkessian fanboy, one of the worse feminists i have ever seen, using her "Victumableus Bullshit status" as a sheild to say anyone who disagrees with her as an alt right sexist... anyway, this guy is a fanboy of her and shes a minority female lead... shes going to be a overpowered mess with "URG Fight Like A Girl!" mentality im not going to be surprised if shes a man hater or a lesbian I honestly didnt mean for this comment to be as political as this but i just got carried away

  48. Сергей Фитчин

    Сергей Фитчин2 년 전

    Уже опробовал.

  49. Ocyrax_2

    Ocyrax_22 년 전

    Rebels and clone wars are not canon

  50. Mina Kostova

    Mina Kostova년 전

    Your lack of faith disturbs me.

  51. Crilyte

    Crilyte2 년 전

    Nemy Beast So basically, my face is yours, but better?

  52. Ocyrax_2

    Ocyrax_22 년 전

    Grand Admiral Ender/Sans ur face is whatever the fuck I say it is

  53. Ocyrax_2

    Ocyrax_22 년 전

    Grand Admiral Ender/Sans idgaf

  54. Ocyrax_2

    Ocyrax_22 년 전

    Grand Admiral Ender/Sans I’m not even going to say anything u already look like a sad loner nerd who lives in his parents house and beats his meat to slave Leia

  55. Sander Jedi Knight

    Sander Jedi Knight2 년 전


  56. Ivebeenjamin

    Ivebeenjamin2 년 전

    Nobody asked for this

  57. Ovalsquare

    Ovalsquare2 년 전

    This game looks like a Star Wars version of Summoners War, is that true? Might get it if it is...

  58. Cuttlefish

    Cuttlefish2 년 전

    Ovalsquare plays similar with less rng but a lot more grind and is a bit more difficult

  59. sameer mara

    sameer mara2 년 전

  60. BobaDeadStroke

    BobaDeadStroke2 년 전

    I just watched the Nightsisters Clone Wars episode this morning, lol.

  61. SPEEDY

    SPEEDY2 년 전

    pepole try understand that ea needs to make halloween updato to this game. what is better,zombie stormtrooppers?

  62. Dhruva Mukhopadhyay

    Dhruva Mukhopadhyay2 년 전

    I want this in Battlefront 2.

  63. Sokol

    Sokol2 년 전

    есть русские?

  64. Minecraft is so lit

    Minecraft is so lit2 년 전


  65. Divine Stand

    Divine Stand2 년 전

    Oh how many people in this comment section deserve to be tortured by these witches

  66. Ikanite

    Ikanite2 년 전


  67. Tahu4266

    Tahu42662 년 전


  68. FinZeldra

    FinZeldra2 년 전

    I was just watching star wars the clone wars season 4 episode 18

  69. Hezekiah Rodriguez

    Hezekiah Rodriguez2 년 전


  70. Cryptotic

    Cryptotic2 년 전

    In b4 people start whining that its not a Battlefront 2 trailer ever though this is a KOreporter account designed to promote all Star Wars games.

  71. Plant Changer

    Plant Changer2 년 전

    Midas someone finally has some brain cells

  72. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash2 년 전

    Cryptotic yeah they start whining even though it’s a all Star Wars games KOreporter channel

  73. McFlyer81

    McFlyer812 년 전

    They better be added to Battlefront II post launch.

  74. Cryptotic

    Cryptotic2 년 전

    Where the fuck is Nightsister Han??!?!? Disliked and uninstalled!

  75. Ikanite

    Ikanite2 년 전

    It's a joke because literally every event/meta nowadays has a han solo.

  76. Paul's Parlour

    Paul's Parlour2 년 전

    What is wrong with you? Why would Han Solo have anything to do with this?

  77. Ikanite

    Ikanite2 년 전


  78. Cuttlefish

    Cuttlefish2 년 전

    Cryptotic where is the Han tag

  79. GZer0_11

    GZer0_112 년 전

    Are you going to introduce Jango Fett?

  80. Miner Mighty

    Miner Mighty2 년 전

    When you expect more battlefront 2 trailers, but they drop galaxy of heroes instead.

  81. Oleksii Spitsyn

    Oleksii Spitsyn2 년 전

    Miner Mighty bad for you