Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Territory Battles Trailer


  1. Uriel Victoriano Acosta

    Uriel Victoriano Acosta3 개월 전

    Vengó del futuro en 2019 meten las bt de géonosis y es muy difícil

  2. Evoultion GG Vegito

    Evoultion GG Vegito년 전

    They should've add this game mode in Force arena too this is just my opinion

  3. Donut tyre

    Donut tyre2 년 전

    fxxk you ea!! you're kill the dead space I like the Issac but you kill than!!! fxxk ea!! fuck you!!! ㅠㅠ

  4. Batman

    Batman2 년 전


  5. Xen yt

    Xen yt2 년 전

    Will you make a new mobile star wars game or star wars Galaxy of heroes 2 please?

  6. Lisa Koop

    Lisa Koop2 년 전

    it would definetly make more sense graphic wise if that was a mobile game

  7. Gurglyturtle

    Gurglyturtle2 년 전

    People hate this solely because it isn't Battlefront 2. Morons.

  8. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones2 년 전

    Fuck y'all for what you did to visceral, nobody can enjoy Star Wars anymore cause you greedy fucks and Disney. The fact that you used swtor as a bargaining chip to leech rights from Disney and then let it rot after shows how much you don't care about the brand

  9. Jacob Broughton

    Jacob Broughton2 년 전

    More content than Battlefront..

  10. AdiGames

    AdiGames2 년 전

    check my channel for gamez, tnx, sorry wrong place but you gotta get noticed :)

  11. Zombefyer 2.0

    Zombefyer 2.02 년 전

    Here are some more maps that should be for Territory Battles: 1. Geonosis 2. Umbara 3. Kashyyyk 4. Onderon 5. Endor

  12. DickWarfare2021

    DickWarfare20212 년 전

    Wtf is this shit

  13. David Hadkd

    David Hadkd2 년 전

    The top 100 in arena is almost all light side. The current meta is cancer we need more dark side reworks

  14. H J

    H J2 년 전

    Will there be flame troopers in battlefront 2

  15. H J

    H J2 년 전

    Please make a order 66 game mode in star wars battlefront2

  16. IdarbsGaming

    IdarbsGaming2 년 전


  17. Boozlityar

    Boozlityar2 년 전

    Why does everyone look like their on playstation 1 wtf

  18. Soldier_66

    Soldier_662 년 전

    What's a P2w game? (I'm slow don't judge me)

  19. j_NaS_ty

    j_NaS_ty2 년 전

    Your ea servers aren't working

  20. j_NaS_ty

    j_NaS_ty2 년 전

    Your EA Servers aren't working

  21. j_NaS_ty

    j_NaS_ty2 년 전

    Your EA Servers aren't working

  22. Jacob Zacherl

    Jacob Zacherl2 년 전

    why are you servers not working

  23. RedSeaGames

    RedSeaGames2 년 전

    Servers are whack rn


    RBSV GAMING2 년 전

    Bring the servers


    RBSV GAMING2 년 전

    #servers are down

  26. NazonRev

    NazonRev2 년 전



    RBSV GAMING2 년 전


  28. Hurricane Long

    Hurricane Long2 년 전

    JOIN Skyriver guild and together we shall Master the Galaxy

  29. Olliver Aira

    Olliver Aira2 년 전

    Star trek music...

  30. Shocktrooper1366

    Shocktrooper13662 년 전

    now with nintendo ds graphics xD

  31. H J

    H J2 년 전

    Please add a order 66 battle or something for order 66

  32. H J

    H J2 년 전

    For star wars battlefront 2 will there be first order flamethrower stormtroopers

  33. Destory

    Destory2 년 전

    Everyone spawm Separatist Rework

  34. Ikanite

    Ikanite2 년 전

    Yes! It's amazing! But, why 7 star hoth rebel soldier. Why?

  35. Zachary Enberg

    Zachary Enberg2 년 전

    If anyone is looking for a guild Chaotic Empire is open to all. Noobs or pros! Looking to fill out the ranks, about 30 people now

  36. Luke O'Connor

    Luke O'Connor2 년 전

    I thought this was a Star Wars battlefront 2 trailer I'm disappointed

  37. Adhauz

    Adhauz2 년 전

    And still i cannot transfer my iphone account to android account... that is just bad... spent an entire year and more on the game and now i can't play it... i need some solution please

  38. TheFauxGhost

    TheFauxGhost2 년 전

    Fuck this game.

  39. Conrad Burdette

    Conrad Burdette2 년 전

    How come you don't have an original trilogy Chewbacca, I've been asking for this for a while, can you guys please make it happen. It would be awesome if he had a special correlation with Han Solo. Please EA, please.

  40. Jay R

    Jay R2 년 전

    What happened its delayed again come on.

  41. rebecca middlehurst

    rebecca middlehurst2 년 전

    When is this update released

  42. Mr Friendly

    Mr Friendly2 년 전

    Did they add Padme yet?

  43. Mr Friendly

    Mr Friendly2 년 전

    Yeah, she was only in 3 movies and all :)

  44. JumpingJoey

    JumpingJoey2 년 전

    johnfalcon84 No

  45. Noah Henriksen

    Noah Henriksen2 년 전

    Is this a good game?

  46. JumpingJoey

    JumpingJoey2 년 전

    Noah Henriksen Yes if you have the time

  47. Beef Fishstick

    Beef Fishstick2 년 전

    0:12 Gotta love the line up, all OT, TFA, RO, and Rebels characters and not a single prequel character in sight. Like they didn't even exist. I know it's nitpicky but it's little shit like that that bothers me. A great number of fans actually do like them and they are movies. EDIT: Ok yes there are 3 prequel ships but those are ships, different

  48. Beef Fishstick

    Beef Fishstick2 년 전

    JumpingJoey Did you see Lando at the battle of Hoth? Any Rebels character? K2SO? Jyn? It's the line-up I'm talking about they have literally everything but prequel characters

  49. JumpingJoey

    JumpingJoey2 년 전

    Beef Fishstick that was for repersentation, also did you see Yoda in the battle of hoth? No? Ok then why would they repersentation him there anyways

  50. Beef Fishstick

    Beef Fishstick2 년 전

    I'm honestly fine with sequel characters as long as we dont get the gay ass Rebels characters before actual important movie characters. I personally didn't like TFA but they should still show off all trilogies no matter what, they are the movies, the main show.

  51. JP 17

    JP 172 년 전

    Beef Fishstick and they put sequel characters on it,you get how dumb is it?



    ho putain je bave devant c grave trop super

  53. Anrighe

    Anrighe2 년 전


  54. Anrighe

    Anrighe2 년 전


  55. CrispyMuffin

    CrispyMuffin2 년 전

    i almost fainted when i got a notification. i thought it was a Battlefront 2 reveal or something :(

  56. Chewwalker Skybacca

    Chewwalker Skybacca2 년 전

    the models look like dark forces 2

  57. devastler

    devastler2 년 전

    some people might think this game is crap, but trust me, its not, its a really fun an amazing game that u can get addicted to...

  58. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader2 년 전

    devastler It's a damn P2W

  59. LePèreMécanique

    LePèreMécanique2 년 전

    The only thing I got to say is that we need more powerful Dark side characters.

  60. Walter White

    Walter White2 년 전

    Screw this! We want ship boarding!!!!

  61. CoolStoryBroTech

    CoolStoryBroTech2 년 전

    Just make star wars battlefront on mobile and tablets like the old ones I am sure that they can run on mobile and tablets by now

  62. Pale Moogle

    Pale Moogle2 년 전

    I Find your micro transactions disturbing. .. But its free yeah ;p

  63. zhawmedia

    zhawmedia2 년 전


  64. Moonman

    Moonman2 년 전

    Gotta love the people that are mad that this isn't a trailer for a generic shooter.

  65. Ceiis

    Ceiis2 년 전

    Where's KOTOR III?

  66. Icon Panik

    Icon Panik2 년 전


  67. Relate Your Relics

    Relate Your Relics2 년 전

    Please make a Star Wars clash of clans and clash royale

  68. Jongo Phett

    Jongo Phett2 년 전

    Territory Battles? So Yoda can defend dagobah and say What Are Ya Doin I MY SWAMP?!!

  69. Lisa Koop

    Lisa Koop2 년 전

    you have a point

  70. Lisa Koop

    Lisa Koop2 년 전

    hay jongo phett u r so funny and i already subbed to you for your battlefront funny moments

  71. H J

    H J2 년 전

    I watch your videos bro

  72. TAlila

    TAlila2 년 전


  73. RattyScorpion

    RattyScorpion2 년 전

    Hey, it's you. I subbed a while back. Nice comment. XD

  74. Cain Lau

    Cain Lau2 년 전

    Bloody Hell, just re-master empire at war please.