Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Tank Takedown Raid Trailer



    [WUT]WOOMY MC6 개월 전

    Splatoon 2

  2. PotatoKilr

    PotatoKilr2 년 전

    What is this stupid game?

  3. Ant Venom

    Ant Venom2 년 전

    No why would they hate it if they make stuff of the clone wars

  4. Дмитрий Михайлов

    Дмитрий Михайлов2 년 전

    And when Providence and CIS ships will came in game?

  5. Jayzi

    Jayzi2 년 전

    seriously it's ridiculous! i have people in my raid all level 85 and have gear levels 10 or higher. but even they can't get passed this. i have been told it got updated. blah blah blah and to refresh well i did the time it come up on news feed saying they made changes. seriously what changes. i started the raid again. still the same. it's been 5, 6 months now and we haven't even got passed the first level. it's at 52% i'm like wtf? it's been reworked to make it easier? are you crazy? who works at EA? seriously u play it. i've have this app for 2 years now. i've been on everyday i've upgraded my characters. most are at level 85 and they have mods on mostly all of the 73 characters i have. all powered up to max. all skills are maximum. yet i still can't get passed level one on grievous raid. i think general obi one was offered in the other raid and still can't get passed that either it takes months. people give up and i'm left trying but eventually they moan and i have to abandon the raid. start an easier one. it's a joke. i would love to work at EA meet this stupid brain dead idiots that work there. they bring out battlefront everyone literally hates. then they brought out the new app and i played it once and give up on it. seriously your ruining the star wars game experience. i think back to the force unleashed which was awesome and had a story line. that was the best. we all would agree we would love an OPEN WORLD! star wars game. seriously that's what we want. not this crap. but who cares i guess it's going to end in 2020 so we won't see star wars games again after that. it's literally annoying! give the people what they want. listen to what people will pay for. it's stupid. but will they read this comment. probably not, but who cares i felt like ranting, so rant over.

  6. Yoo Hoo

    Yoo Hoo2 년 전

    Can you just fuck off and make normal game like Force Arena?

  7. Blind Products

    Blind Products2 년 전

    Stef Tep wtf 😂 games have dufferent genrea dumb ass you think flappy bird is the same thing as clash of clans...its called Strategy

  8. Barron Ohler

    Barron Ohler2 년 전

    plz make rebel luke with a lightsaber a character

  9. Skyztekk

    Skyztekk2 년 전

    Disnep à détruit une série de OUF !

  10. Addison Leavitt

    Addison Leavitt2 년 전

    I will download this game THE SECOND you bring in Shaak Ti!

  11. Battlefront

    Battlefront2 년 전

    Star Wars Battlefront needs Clone Wars

  12. N20Stagg12

    N20Stagg122 년 전

    We want Clone wars in battlefront 2

  13. jorj yogurt

    jorj yogurt2 년 전

    Hadrosaur DN 3*

  14. RoyalBrute

    RoyalBrute2 년 전

    Wow, the clone wars.. Now EA, listen, just.. Put them.. In.. The new.. Battlefront... Pls

  15. Alex Karneta

    Alex Karneta2 년 전

    how much hp has aat t7 raid?

  16. Aenation _

    Aenation _2 년 전

    this raid needs a nerf... -.-

  17. Кирилл Миронов

    Кирилл Миронов2 년 전

    THIS IS AAT? Really&

  18. Leonardo Raudales Puerto

    Leonardo Raudales Puerto2 년 전

    when is this coming out?

  19. Crusty The Wanksock

    Crusty The Wanksock2 년 전

    *Why did you just make me wait like 40 minutes while Star Wars installed a 5GB update that I can't play unless I pay an extra £29.99????*

  20. FFMembers

    FFMembers2 년 전

    watch my starwars gameplay

  21. Sai Vishnu

    Sai Vishnu2 년 전

    I want to see a raid where the good guys are the opponents to fight against, maybe clone war era At-Te or storming the jedi temple on coruscant or something like that.


    MAZINGER Z2 년 전

    I want to play Padme.

  23. Oleksii Spitsyn

    Oleksii Spitsyn2 년 전

    Can't wait till they add old republic characters

  24. Mejbi

    Mejbi2 년 전

    Hi !! Please add to star wars batllefront Honda to death star

  25. DHC sec

    DHC sec2 년 전

    dud tesko a youtuber was baned by ea for no reassons his not even cheating 😐 and all of his videos was funny 😂

  26. MephilesRider

    MephilesRider2 년 전

    A Grievous Bossfight? Heck yeah! Oh... and the AAT. Also pretty nice.

  27. Great Blue Heeren

    Great Blue Heeren2 년 전

    I really hope beating this raid will reward you with Grievous shards, kind of like how you were rewarded with Han Solo shards for the Heroic Rancor raid. I'd also like to see Grievous get improved, just so he can be a really good character, even without mods.

  28. legogamingjojo

    legogamingjojo2 년 전

    they always say play with friends, but it's only one squad at a time

  29. Kochka23

    Kochka232 년 전

    wow in this game they have prequel characters.. shame EA

  30. Dean Mckenzie

    Dean Mckenzie2 년 전

    Took down Galaxy in Turmoil because your Star Wars games are shitty. Sad

  31. Andres Sanchez

    Andres Sanchez2 년 전


  32. السيد ابراهيم

    السيد ابراهيم2 년 전

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  33. Miremad Pakrah

    Miremad Pakrah2 년 전

    The June patch bugged the A New Hope trophy / achievement across multiple consoles. Nobody has got it to pop in like 7 weeks, and there's evidence out there indicating as much. I don't doubt this will be fixed at some point. Knowing the corporate greed illustrated by the price of the Season Pass, I won't be surprised if EA repackage the game with all the DLC in time for the release of Rogue One in cinemas, and if the new wave of trophy and chevo hunters get wind of a game they can't 100%, you can bet people will be looking back to these posts and questioning why EA never acted before! It concerns me that a company as big as EA and a developer as highly regarded as DICE lack the basic customer support to even acknowledge that this is an issue. I can wait until the August update for the fix, even the September update, but I'm not paying up for a season pass until you fix what's clearly broken. I think I speak for many of us when I say seeing a community manager reply and say "we're looking into a fix for it" is all I need for now...

  34. Mr. Bones

    Mr. Bones3 년 전

    Decided to give propriety to a mobile game but shut down a fan made masterpiece galaxy in turmoil

  35. KingSloan

    KingSloan3 년 전

    yall can make this game but yall can't make star wars battlefront how it supposed to be fuck ea i want the old company who made the battlefront 1 and 2

  36. KingSloan

    KingSloan3 년 전

    fuck this trailer we want star wars battlefront galaxy in turmoil since yall don't know nothing about the old star wars battlefront because i play them and they was better than your version of star wars battlefront

  37. Vitalijus Cyzius

    Vitalijus Cyzius3 년 전

    Hey, my guild looking for new members capable of doing tier 6 raids, few 100k or few million damage, all welcome. Thanks. guild open to join, name Grimm2, hope to see u soon.

  38. Russian Severe Videos

    Russian Severe Videos3 년 전

    This shitpile of a game is not worth your attention people. Shutting down Galaxy in Turmoil was a huge mistake!

  39. Reverse.Flash

    Reverse.Flash3 년 전

    You are right.


    AGENTPEARCE473 년 전

    Fuck you EA

  41. ElZukistrokas

    ElZukistrokas3 년 전

    unban tesko

  42. der flinsch

    der flinsch3 년 전

    Hey EA please create a Star Wars Strategy game like Empire at Wars or Company of Heros but than with more fractions like the Republic, Seperatists, the Rebel Alliance, the Empire and much more because Battlefront is nice but the Star Wars fans wants a Strategy game. And for the Vehicle models and other things use Wookiepedi and other Star Wars sides for your research.

  43. - Siper

    - Siper3 년 전

    I know this is not related to this video but why when I got the season pass on xbox I didn't have access to the dlc plz fix this.

  44. Jay R

    Jay R3 년 전

    So when is the new raid

  45. Battlefront Games

    Battlefront Games3 년 전

    Why did you banned Tesko249? There's a cheater out there called LordSnowNL and he has hacked Star Wars Battlefront, why don't you banne this guy? It's just unfair.

  46. The Krew

    The Krew3 년 전

    EA, battlefront is a piece of shit.

  47. Dr0wsY_CaT

    Dr0wsY_CaT3 년 전

    Lucas was a complete dipshit for fucking up the clone wars trilogy

  48. Kid Gaming Gaming

    Kid Gaming Gaming3 년 전

    I have a new channel I am starting out with star wars video how do u get so mmuch views?

  49. Battlefront Goon Squad

    Battlefront Goon Squad3 년 전

    If you're looking for a channel with great battlefront gameplay including kill streaks and clutch moments. Subscribe to the Battlefront Goon Squad!

  50. SpiderProductionz

    SpiderProductionz3 년 전

    That game sucks anyways

  51. star wars dylan xd

    star wars dylan xd3 년 전

    Please can you get a gamemode in battlefront star wars the clone wars please

  52. Jake T

    Jake T3 년 전


  53. stephanie didelot

    stephanie didelot3 년 전