Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - "Save the Forest Moon of Endor" Event


  1. Nick Yuzdepski

    Nick Yuzdepski7 개월 전

    Anyone else think this is the best trailer they’ve ever released, gives me chills every time.

  2. Helen Broadley

    Helen Broadley2 년 전

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  3. christian nover

    christian nover2 년 전

    I fоund this аwеsоmе аll in оnе сheеееаt fоr Stаr Wаааrs Gаlаху Оf Hеrоеs :)

  4. Raptor086

    Raptor0862 년 전

    Holy shit I'm glad I got out of this game.

  5. marky lunny

    marky lunny2 년 전

    0:23 I thought the panda said WTF

  6. Lanied Dero

    Lanied Dero3 년 전

    fuck you.

  7. Gustav Ljung

    Gustav Ljung3 년 전

    They cancell 1313 and the clone wars but no this. Discrase Disney!

  8. The Seeker

    The Seeker3 년 전

    came here for my daily downvote

  9. 23 Savage

    23 Savage3 년 전

    this looks fun..........................

  10. InfiniteRiddims

    InfiniteRiddims3 년 전

    So mad that this event was an iOS exclusive.

  11. Omar lmao

    Omar lmao3 년 전

    I want to see a hide and seek game mod pls I am a super fan of star wars battlefront🙈🙉

  12. Billy  Duffy

    Billy Duffy3 년 전

    Add more characters not ewoks

  13. Billy Loves Beans

    Billy Loves Beans3 년 전

    i'd love to play this, but it isn't compatible with my phone. please fix EA

  14. Atomic Horizen

    Atomic Horizen3 년 전

    I was thinking about buying a knife in CS:GO, but now I want a real one so I can stab every member in EA

  15. Gagi nyrican

    Gagi nyrican3 년 전


  16. Clanker

    Clanker3 년 전

    SWB suggestion PLAN DEFENCE imperials attack the tantive IV and rebels defend the ship and the plans there are 3 sections to defend before the impier steals the plans 30 seconds for preperation for rebels befor the imerials break through the door in to battle if theimpier steals the plans and brings them back to start they win if time runs out the rebels win if you like PLEASE like this comment (you have to battle in halls)

  17. Clanker

    Clanker3 년 전

    +TheDiamondKing RS btw i think this is perfect for the death star dlc

  18. Universe Traveler

    Universe Traveler3 년 전

    You stay away from the clone wars but you go right to ewoks...

  19. Harryhas26

    Harryhas263 년 전

    Better than Battlefront 3

  20. Dan 04

    Dan 043 년 전

    I have a suggestion for the dlc of bespin put as an Easter egg down to the basement and find a luke and vader

  21. O A

    O A3 년 전

    the Apps for Earth and WWF endorsements were funny lol

  22. ExpoPwn

    ExpoPwn3 년 전

    K den

  23. Jibran Haider

    Jibran Haider3 년 전

    Hey can you guys gibe me the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass? Please? Cause I literally don't have enough money to buy it.

  24. Jibran Haider

    Jibran Haider3 년 전

    +Gagi nyrican Dude I'm 11.

  25. Gagi nyrican

    Gagi nyrican3 년 전

    Get a job

  26. veitikkje

    veitikkje3 년 전

    can you make clone wars in star wars battlefront 3?

  27. Juan Manuel Cespedes

    Juan Manuel Cespedes3 년 전

    why? i mean,is a good game for a phone...but this is just....noo... ewoks killing machines?! holly fuck star wars will get fucked by disney,post cartoon network abd EA?

  28. stallion fox

    stallion fox3 년 전

    con la nueva actualización el juego se fue a la mierda . era bueno el juego ahora es basura , lo único que le interesa a EA es sacar les dinero .hijos de puta

  29. TbcAlex

    TbcAlex3 년 전


  30. André Pedersen

    André Pedersen3 년 전

    I love how no one cares about this

  31. Hydronair

    Hydronair3 년 전

    Nobody cares about your stupid mobile game EA.

  32. Liam Gallagher

    Liam Gallagher3 년 전

    EA are making battlefront great again.

  33. Ingridk2

    Ingridk23 년 전

    We need a wall

  34. Ian Allen

    Ian Allen3 년 전

    Thats good how they support WWF, thank you EA for that, very proud for them.

  35. Evrnire84

    Evrnire843 년 전

    Money money money MONEY!



    EAstarwars can leia get this powerup the powerup is that leia can call for help?

  37. year111

    year1113 년 전

    There should make a new Battlefront game mode where you hunt down Ewoks, that was great.

  38. michalides lp

    michalides lp3 년 전

    New update nope ! Its just time eater, dislike it all ;) not reccomend game for everyone

  39. michalides lp

    michalides lp3 년 전

    New update nope ! Its just time eater, dislike it all ;) not reccomend game for everyone


    BRONOMICS3 년 전

    Just hit dislike guys lol

  41. JoSoFine

    JoSoFine3 년 전

    april fools was 2 weeks ago. bit late

  42. Silvander Raven

    Silvander Raven3 년 전

    Cool game. But do you think WWF would mind if I chose to command badass scout troopers instead of mini wookies? I-I really don't like those things.

  43. inactive account

    inactive account3 년 전

    more content then battlefront LOL

  44. TheLegendaryWafffle

    TheLegendaryWafffle3 년 전

    Its an app,how does it have more content?

  45. TheMitchwheelz

    TheMitchwheelz3 년 전

    SKATE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Christian Taylor

    Christian Taylor3 년 전

    Please put Ahsoka Tano in battle front!

  47. Ingridk2

    Ingridk23 년 전

    +Sir Swagger 420 she existed somewhat during the ot doe.

  48. Sir Swagger 420

    Sir Swagger 4203 년 전

    +Christian Taylor only OT.

  49. Jomar Domingo

    Jomar Domingo3 년 전

    Who cares. EA and Ubisoft are my Best Friends that I am going to buy all the Games with Season Passes for every game they make. EA is the best entertainment industry of all time with Disney because Disney Corporates with EA for the New Disneyland Expansion. With all that money from EA, making sales you bought for games, they are building Star Wars Land at All Disney Parks on the U.S, and building a attraction ride at California Great America Theme Park, powered by Electronic Arts. And you all know about Need for Speed the movie that is supported by EA's designers, it's the best racing movie of all time better than any Fast of the Furious movies. Ubisoft will be the beginning of their Entertainment Franchise in Europe because they are building a theme park near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, opens in 2020, and they are making an Assassin's Creed Movie that will release in the year of 2017.

  50. Money Benny

    Money Benny3 년 전

    255 people are only subscribed for Battlefront content

  51. Dinkymod

    Dinkymod3 년 전

    This looks like a very bad game, however 100% of the proceeds goes to protection charities, so I guess that's cool. Most gamers familiar with Star Wars don't know how to read though, so I'm sure they missed that part.

  52. Walter White

    Walter White3 년 전

    add more shit to battlefront 3 wtf

  53. Lazy

    Lazy3 년 전

    Come on guys... I don't have this and I don't really care but it HAS EWOKS!

  54. Isaiah H

    Isaiah H3 년 전

    I don't know if some of you people are blind or what, but some of you idiots need to get your facts straight: 1. This is not a Battlefront exclusive channel. It's called "EA Star Wars", not "Battlefront EA". This channel will include content from any game EA makes relating to Star Wars 2. Start reading the titles of the videos. So many comments complain about Galaxy of Heroes videos not being Battlefront. Well, it's in the title. 3. Don't throw this game in the garbage. I bet most people who say this game sucks haven't even played it. So don't say it sucks. I just wanted to put this all out there, I don't know how many people will see or consider it at all.

  55. marky lunny

    marky lunny2 년 전

    Tony Harris good words but it sucks (I haven't played it)

  56. Isaiah H

    Isaiah H3 년 전

    @Sir Swagger 420 Technically, this game doesn't have more content than Battlefront. Just a larger era of time, hence more characters, since the game wouldn't work if it were exclusive to episodes 4-6.

  57. Sir Swagger 420

    Sir Swagger 4203 년 전

    +Tony Harris if EA can make a mobile game that has more content than Battlefront then they don't have any excuse.

  58. Starkzee

    Starkzee3 년 전

    Why do you bother even writing this...? No one cares.

  59. FlufflzGaming

    FlufflzGaming3 년 전

    Exactly dude couldn't have said it better myself.

  60. Crakecrow

    Crakecrow3 년 전

    oh good, micro transactions that are 5 dollars and 20 dollars. just what we need....

  61. Rogue

    Rogue3 년 전

    How about you guys save Battlefront first instead of this

  62. TheLegendaryWafffle

    TheLegendaryWafffle3 년 전

    They are,havent heard about the summer update

  63. Anrighe

    Anrighe3 년 전

    Just fuck you EA

  64. Emperor Palpatine66

    Emperor Palpatine663 년 전

    fuck android why not?

  65. Emperor Palpatine66

    Emperor Palpatine663 년 전

    +Tony Harris okay

  66. Isaiah H

    Isaiah H3 년 전

    This is something hosted by Apple dude, that's the only reason it's not on Google Play.

  67. Balances

    Balances3 년 전

    I thinks this game is good it's just that my profile got deleted and I had to start all over, so I just deleted it :/

  68. clonetrooper163

    clonetrooper1633 년 전

    Please release this game on Windows 10 app store i'd love to play it on there then my phone just like Star wars commander.

  69. Nathan Belleau

    Nathan Belleau3 년 전

    +clonetrooper163 yesss

  70. Sael maks

    Sael maks3 년 전

    19 $ Very good.

  71. Sael maks

    Sael maks3 년 전

    Stop please...

  72. CerdaHurtYa

    CerdaHurtYa3 년 전

    Why so much hate? This game is actually really good

  73. CerdaHurtYa

    CerdaHurtYa3 년 전

    +Martin Bergqvist Exactly! the people in this comment section are fucking brain dead

  74. Martin Bergqvist

    Martin Bergqvist3 년 전

    People think this is DICEs channel lol.

  75. João Victor

    João Victor3 년 전


  76. famous youtuber danny de vito

    famous youtuber danny de vito3 년 전

    +Luke McNamara to help starving ewoks in china

  77. Luke McNamara

    Luke McNamara3 년 전

    100% of proceeds go to WWF

  78. Drewsca

    Drewsca3 년 전

    sub here for battlefront content, uploading a destroying ATST montage tommarow

  79. Andrew Cas99

    Andrew Cas993 년 전

    Aaaaaaaaand no one cares

  80. Hip Russian Man

    Hip Russian Man3 년 전

    This is beyond stupid

  81. Kevin Balog

    Kevin Balog3 년 전

    what the fuck is this shit?