Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - R2-D2 Trailer


  1. Thomas Drummond

    Thomas Drummond년 전

    Robots for life👍

  2. IdarbsGaming

    IdarbsGaming2 년 전

    Around 200 storm troopers R2 D2 is as slow as a sloth *misses all of the goddamn shots*

  3. Bandoolero

    Bandoolero2 년 전

    Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! No Rooster is Deep Enough! No Wallet is Deep Enough! Are YOU Prepared.... to be BROKE?!

  4. Shadow Shooter

    Shadow Shooter2 년 전

    Victim R2.

  5. Rick Noble

    Rick Noble2 년 전

    I advise anyone wanting to play this. Not to play this. EA staff has no intention of fixing any issues they have going on and continually screw over the players. They're pushing for whales to run the game. Unless you put in something of like 1000+ don't count on having any fun. I put in a BBB complaint because of the crappy and shady practices from EA's staff, mods and devs. Every update, change is rigged into twisting your arm into spending money or spending eternity into getting less than what you did before.

  6. Sándor Salamon

    Sándor Salamon2 년 전

    FUCK YOU EA. This game is just a moneymaker shit. fuck you!

  7. Marana

    Marana2 년 전

    21 Stormtrooperrs shooting down a droid... yet they all miss

  8. Oskari Koskimies

    Oskari Koskimies2 년 전

    R2 is favorite

  9. TheGamingShed

    TheGamingShed2 년 전


  10. The Plagued Horseman

    The Plagued Horseman2 년 전


  11. Jumpscare Times And Dimensions

    Jumpscare Times And Dimensions2 년 전

    Anyone waiting for new battlefront 2 trailer

  12. THE LEGEND 2017

    THE LEGEND 20172 년 전


  13. Bas games

    Bas games2 년 전

    look at my strawpoll guys for starwars the force unleased 3

  14. Extreme_ Rider_04

    Extreme_ Rider_042 년 전

    Hi 2 things 1st does this chanel belong to ea. And 2nd if it does i just bought the season Pass for star wars battlefront because there were 70 % off in the ps store and I Cant play any of the expancions from it what do I have to do to play them

  15. hfive times

    hfive times2 년 전

    obi looks like a boss

  16. Shadows Of The Paranormal

    Shadows Of The Paranormal2 년 전

    ea just set up a trap to advertise there shitty mobile game... well done ea 👏

  17. pilkers2

    pilkers22 년 전

    How could dat stromtropers miss and they can aim

  18. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous Otaku2 년 전

    Love this music :)

  19. marvmin1

    marvmin12 년 전

    death to EA and there slave labor and there deals with satin

  20. not dominoes ding

    not dominoes ding2 년 전

    wtf i want star wars battlefront 2 only! plz stop it i hate when you pull this shit star wars! stoooooooop it

  21. Goat Ona Boat

    Goat Ona Boat2 년 전

    you cant spell steal without EA

  22. Dima

    Dima2 년 전

    0:05 wtf does the storm trooper helmet look like that 😂

  23. Eder GamingYT

    Eder GamingYT2 년 전

    Android Guy ikr 😂

  24. OkayOstrich

    OkayOstrich2 년 전

    this game is actually pretty fun

  25. Kacumoto .Kacu

    Kacumoto .Kacu2 년 전

    Yeah, why should I care about this after seeing Battlefront 2 trailers?

  26. Mister Sosiska Emperor

    Mister Sosiska Emperor2 년 전

    I just can't understand, how can anybody play this? Especially after KOTOR on IOS.

  27. Juliane Francis

    Juliane Francis2 년 전

    "blast him!" and still miss no surprise :-)

  28. Patrik Baščík

    Patrik Baščík2 년 전

    we want battlefront 2 trailer with CLONES!!!!!!

  29. David Cuesta Velásquez

    David Cuesta Velásquez2 년 전

    this is not the trailer we were looking for

  30. Glubberer 11

    Glubberer 112 년 전

    Okay everyone is hyped for Battlefront 2. But you can't expect another trailer two weeks after the reveal trailer?!

  31. Oi Oi Statistics

    Oi Oi Statistics2 년 전

    who plays this...

  32. jordan poyant

    jordan poyant2 년 전

    guys be real it comes out in November this summer is the gameplay trailer so stupid some time and don't be rude there the ones making good games for you they try there best I bet all of you couldn't make a better trailer or game than EA

  33. Yoo Hoo

    Yoo Hoo2 년 전

    can you just *DELET* it and put open-beta of Battlefront II™ instead? Or at least release date of open-beta?

  34. Freaty the Dreary

    Freaty the Dreary2 년 전

    No one cares about this game, give us more battlefront 2 stuff

  35. Wissem Lachhab

    Wissem Lachhab2 년 전


  36. yOlO nOt

    yOlO nOt2 년 전

    This game is way better than battlefront crap!!

  37. Alberto Barbera Campos

    Alberto Barbera Campos2 년 전

    Just... add jedi luke for fucks sake

  38. Steve

    Steve2 년 전

    lol and no SWBF2 new infos? what a bad day for the star wars fans...

  39. Kcoree

    Kcoree2 년 전

    I wanted to see starwars BattleFront 2 gameplay trailer not R2D2

  40. LuckyBlockYoshi

    LuckyBlockYoshi2 년 전

    Awww I don't have enough imperials to get him

  41. B E

    B E2 년 전

    This is what we get for May the 4th. Pathetic.

  42. Walter White

    Walter White2 년 전

    Enough of this, focus more on Battlefront 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. SWTOR Poland Legacy

    SWTOR Poland Legacy2 년 전

    I would see Bad Batch or Delta Squad in action

  44. Gamaliel Wharton

    Gamaliel Wharton2 년 전

    EA can I recommend you focus on the story and make it about a imperial soldiers journey from late republic era to new order. An open world game where you can explore the worlds. And also customization for the character plus giving us option to pick a name

  45. Will Simkins

    Will Simkins2 년 전

    People complaining about not getting a Battlefront II trailer. All I'm concerned about is why people actually play this game. Look at the fucking models. They're so shitty and low-poly.

  46. Khai

    Khai2 년 전

    Can we get other astromech droids that can do things differently from R2?

  47. I'm ur dog

    I'm ur dog2 년 전

    when you thought eastarwars was gonna upload some battlefront 2 info #feelsbadman

  48. Captain Fordo

    Captain Fordo2 년 전

    R2D2? You mean Harbinger of Mass Lag? seriously this new update is lagging so excessively it's nigh unplayable

  49. WillCookies

    WillCookies2 년 전

    He came out 35 minutes ago!

  50. Not Destroyer

    Not Destroyer2 년 전

    I love how they add new characters and updates to the game but every time it updates it does more updating it did 69 extra mb and when all that finished my game is running slow it keeps freezing it's anoing

  51. chumlee el que sabe que es falso

    chumlee el que sabe que es falso2 년 전

    fua todos con el battlefront,tambien hay otros juegos saben?

  52. Hskull55

    Hskull552 년 전

    Eso digo yo, son muy pesados

  53. chumlee el que sabe que es falso

    chumlee el que sabe que es falso2 년 전

    porque solo personajes imperiales>:'v justo no uso al imperio

  54. J.M.R

    J.M.R2 년 전

    there is something called star wars battlefront 2.......where the fuck are my clones

  55. Moisty Butter

    Moisty Butter2 년 전

    Gameplay for battlefront two already!!

  56. that dude gamer

    that dude gamer2 년 전

    this game is dump u cant pick your side

  57. Soupyy_

    Soupyy_2 년 전

    Does anyone else think the storm trooper helmets are a little bit off?

  58. SpaceProbe Gaming

    SpaceProbe Gaming2 년 전

    Make an X-Wing sequel. Make a KOTOR sequel. Make SWG2.

  59. WkdAwsmAP

    WkdAwsmAP2 년 전

    I want to see battlefront 2 plz!

  60. Daniel Salazar

    Daniel Salazar2 년 전

    This is a lie guys, there's no Luke with a lightsaber yet lol!

  61. Herman Campbell

    Herman Campbell2 년 전

    🤔 Hmm Well Looks Better than 😓 Otomedius Excellent That Game Suck

  62. Rgx Rgx

    Rgx Rgx2 년 전

    bf2 better be worth 60$ shit man i bet there gunna make a dlc better be more worth a other 60$