Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Legend of the Old Republic


  1. Mit Whit Gaming

    Mit Whit Gaming년 전

    Okay, Lucasfilm, what are you up to? You just released your highest quality trailer for GoH yet and it was for Jedi Knight Revan...

  2. Junaki Begum

    Junaki Begum2 개월 전

    EA Star Wars I like it thank you

  3. Revan Shan

    Revan Shan8 개월 전

    EU characters are the only characters that make this game fun, the other "canon" stuff, well...

  4. Super Nieva

    Super Nieva년 전

    @EA Star Wars Are you also doing Darth Bane?.

  5. dark 1s

    dark 1s년 전

    @EA Star Wars star wars battlefront update please

  6. Om Kulkarni

    Om Kulkarni년 전

    Nehemiah Bonilla it’s because video games take time to develop, the battlefront 2 dev group is small, and there is a huge approval process before anything is released

  7. Logan Howlett

    Logan Howlett7 개월 전

    358-365-874 need allies

  8. Ryan Rouberte

    Ryan Rouberte7 개월 전

    Revans choir theme is one of the most epic from sw saga

  9. Jonás Echeverria

    Jonás Echeverria8 개월 전

    In battlefront 2


    TRIPPLE SIGHT3339 개월 전

    All these mobile players lmao anyways im here bc um well why the acrual fuck did yall cancel 1313 and kotor 3 huh yall are gonna end up to be bethesda yall are actually almost at bethesdas level but yall r already scums add some kotor content into battlefront 2 and stop adding emote updates

  11. RavenRing

    RavenRing10 개월 전

    Spoiler: The Terentatek would appear, on the last mission to unlock Jedi Knight Revan Jedi Revan is powerful, but when you have a shit old republic team and you fight against Rancor then you're fucked

  12. Goku

    Goku11 개월 전

    get the grand inquistor

  13. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan11 개월 전

    Hello light side me!

  14. The Legend of Mike

    The Legend of Mike년 전

    This is amazing, whoever at ea brought up the idea to put in old republic characters finally needs to earn a raise

  15. Elemental Jedi

    Elemental Jedi년 전

    You guys bring him into the game, but don’t make him canon, that makes no sense.

  16. Nerd Slayer

    Nerd Slayer년 전

    Notice how there are no other legends characters KOTOR confirmed canon👍

  17. Junaki Begum

    Junaki Begum2 개월 전

    Nerd Slayer not really just this game brings in legends characters

  18. Legendary Dark Knight

    Legendary Dark Knight년 전

    Hey can you put this back in the store, I missed it and want to buy it!

  19. HG Kaboom

    HG Kaboom년 전

    So supposedly Battlefront II needs a long drawn out process to retrieve and pick which heroes are allowed to be in the game for “canon” reasons even though we have Grievous fighting the Resistance on Crait, yet Galaxy of Heroes gets literally every piece of content they could ask for ... Fascinating.

  20. Lordofshrek 89

    Lordofshrek 89년 전

    Now you just need to make that one cut scene from the Mortis arc in TCW canon and I’m happy. You know the one

  21. GhosteGaming

    GhosteGaming년 전


  22. Game News Intel

    Game News Intel년 전

    So this video's been released on the 23rd October but the event begins on the 18th of October. Am I missing something here?

  23. Gaming Guzman

    Gaming Guzman년 전

    Give us the Grievous Trailer please

  24. Support Guy And His M249

    Support Guy And His M249년 전

    2 things, grievous is out at some point for battlefront 2 in the next 24 hours at the time of me typing this, and there's no trailer or anything, just a shitty post about him. And secondly, I don't play GOH anymore, so I don't really care that much, but shouldn't Revan be both a light side and dark side character? It would make home very unique compared to other characters.

  25. Toad Bros Nonofficial

    Toad Bros Nonofficial년 전

    EA, just imagine a Vader so cool and awesome like me, with a long cape a cooler voice and some cool helmet gear

  26. Troha Halen

    Troha Halen년 전

    She's pretty cool

  27. and

    and9 개월 전


  28. snipersev07

    snipersev07년 전

    No grievous trailer?

  29. German Hot Toys

    German Hot Toys년 전

    Grivious tomorrow!

  30. yagami_the_shini gamer

    yagami_the_shini gamer년 전

    So....where the grievous bf2 trailer?

  31. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas년 전

    Hell yeah Revan joins the fight!



    Where’s Malak tho

  33. SlenderScarf 335

    SlenderScarf 335년 전

    I love this game so much!! Keep up the good work!! I want more Characters!! 1. Snoke 2. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker 3. General Hux 4. General Leia Organa 5. Commander Pyre 6. Major Vonreg- First Order Tie Interceptor 7. Kazuda Xiono- T-85 X-Wing



    In SWB 2 and appearances to palpatine

  35. Mystery Reaper

    Mystery Reaper년 전

    Revan was a sith

  36. Marcos Paulo

    Marcos Paulo년 전


  37. Hk21boss305

    Hk21boss305년 전

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that I post a video of me screaming like a maniac at games every week.

  38. Hero Motion Pictures

    Hero Motion Pictures년 전

    EA please add a knights of the old republic era with sith troops and rebulic troopers and the main characters in the game as heroes and villains and add korriban, tairs, star forge, dantoonie and Mannan as new maps.

  39. Adam Akmal

    Adam Akmal년 전


  40. N 8492 L

    N 8492 L년 전

    Where is general grievous trailer?

  41. Velesův Žrec

    Velesův Žrec년 전

    So Revan is canon now?

  42. TheSly442

    TheSly442년 전

    Anyone just realized Revan never received the rank of Master?

  43. Leopold Taylor

    Leopold Taylor년 전

    In case you don't know, Revan cannot be unlocked without 5 other characters from kotor, 3 of which are directly locked behind a paywall, costing 100 dollars minimum each. And Revan is so overpowered, all metas before him don't stand a chance.

  44. Cody

    Cody년 전

    Hey it’s me.. Yes I know, I have been going around this comment section telling people to wait and to be patience. Sorry for my “toxic” comments, just like you i’m waiting. Since the launch of the Game actually, but saying EA and whoever’s working on this game is doing nothing is a mistake. They just revealed General Grievious, and are workig on so many things. Of course it takes time and of course there’s people who find it taking too long. But with the community giving the developers a huge pile of things to fix and things to be added, they are busy.. And while they are working hard we are giving them hate and more things to do. If a simple guy like me can wait, why can’t you? My opinion here might be wrong to some people or right to others, but it’s mine. I would like to see your opinions as well down here. May the force be with all of you! Cody

  45. Cody

    Cody11 개월 전

    Marauder Shields i’m spending my time on the way I want...

  46. Marauder Shields

    Marauder Shields년 전

    My opinion? You wasted your time with that comment. The reason why Battlefront patches and content releases take so long is due to the tiny dev team, you could have just said that and moved on.

  47. Colin Davis

    Colin Davis년 전

    y’all hear something?

  48. Matt Done

    Matt Done년 전

    Just bring back the old republic already. Its better than anything you could come up with. Don’t change whats not broken

  49. Uriel Ignacio

    Uriel Ignacio년 전

    un poco tarde

  50. Cole Winters

    Cole Winters년 전

    So uhhhhhhhhhh. Making a movie now?

  51. kragzh

    kragzh년 전

    Hey it’s already coming to the end of October where’s grevious trailer you dumbshit ??

  52. Thomas Newell

    Thomas Newell년 전

    Yay a character locked behind a pay wall where you only unlock him by spending hundreds.

  53. John Henry

    John Henry년 전

    They just teased grievous on instagram, I thought this was going to be the reveal

  54. Irvin Lira

    Irvin Lira년 전

    Just make Revan canon already and give us a trilogy of films based on that era already!!

  55. Tyler Lund

    Tyler Lund년 전

    Wait, does that mean Revan could be canon?

  56. Lowet Duda

    Lowet Duda년 전

    Is Revan Canon ? Or use GoH Legends stuff too ?

  57. Mackenzie Braden

    Mackenzie Braden년 전

    Revan is the ONLY character i really want.....yet i cant cause im only level 39 and have no chance of getting 80 fast......

  58. The Ray

    The Ray년 전

    So kotor is now canon?

  59. Junaki Begum

    Junaki Begum2 개월 전

    The Ray nope :/

  60. Fellipe Fischer

    Fellipe Fischer년 전




    aaaaaand they need to make an Old Republic Movie Trillogy or TV show..

  62. Silverbolt

    Silverbolt년 전

    Grievous Trailer

  63. John Michael Gonzalez

    John Michael Gonzalez년 전

    When are you guys going to advertise the new grievous details that were just released. Also I am loving this game

  64. Mr_glowe

    Mr_glowe년 전

    Wow another 300$+ character that the (WHALES) are going to spend their money on.....

  65. Brent Williams

    Brent Williams년 전

    The name sounds like an android clone app

  66. Michael Ruelas

    Michael Ruelas년 전

    No one cares! All I care about is Star Wars Battlefront 2! Not this piece of garbage app on a phone!

  67. ~(Rogue Jedi)~

    ~(Rogue Jedi)~년 전

    I’ve wasted so much just trying to get mission to 3 stars so I can fight the second stage. Let’s just say I’ve wasted all my crystals 😑

  68. Ali gaming

    Ali gaming년 전


  69. Laftin15

    Laftin15년 전

    I just thought a new swtor game would come out and I was so f*cking hyped. But yeah...

  70. cTB1440p

    cTB1440p년 전

    Make Swtor like this and go back to the roots - to Kotor and the very good game feeling (not the aktuell Swtor Game feeling :