Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - How Will You Master the Galaxy?


  1. mxchalis

    mxchalis년 전

    Actually really enjoy this game!

  2. Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine

    Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine9 개월 전

    For Battlefront 2

  3. Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine

    Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine9 개월 전

    @EA Star Wars Can geonosis be in hvv

  4. Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine

    Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine9 개월 전

    @EA Star Wars Heros vs villains

  5. TK-200524

    TK-200524년 전

    mee to but got bored but still like it

  6. TJ_Trez

    TJ_Trez년 전

    Plz make it where you can unlock unmasked Kylo ren besides pre ordering the game. Btw I have game from ps4 store.

  7. Jason Ortiz

    Jason Ortiz개월 전

    Honor vs Vengeance Fear vs Hope Light vs Darkness SWGOH Forever! Jedi, Rebels, Resistance, Old Republic, Ewoks, Droids, Galactic Republic, Clone Troopers, and other Light Side Characters I’m on the Light Side

  8. Spirit Zel

    Spirit Zel3 개월 전

    0:14 - 0:22 Warrior's Intro :D

  9. Fa Ta

    Fa Ta7 개월 전

    This fight between Kylo and rey is better than their first fight in sw7 wtf

  10. Mermaid Kid

    Mermaid Kid7 개월 전

    I literally showed my friend this trailer just now cause in Battlefront II there was a moment where there was an epic showdown between Kenobi and Yoda vs Maul and Grievous on Geonosis. We marked out like crazy lol it was just pure badassery

  11. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan8 개월 전

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  12. B-312

    B-31210 개월 전

    I wish the trailer graphics where in the game :( that’s why I played it again if been playing that game since 4 years

  13. TerraStone

    TerraStone10 개월 전

    This trailer is just so amazing! :D

  14. Matt Lutz

    Matt Lutz10 개월 전


  15. Sc00t

    Sc00t10 개월 전

    Hell yes

  16. Kyle Lombardi

    Kyle Lombardi10 개월 전

    Hi im here to sh*t on this sh*tty turn based game cus its trailer interrupted me while watching For Honor highlights. EA don't you f*ck up Anthem, I'm looking forward to that game more than any other game this year

  17. ninja cheetah

    ninja cheetah10 개월 전

    All this should be on battlefront 3

  18. ninja cheetah

    ninja cheetah10 개월 전

    Darth Maul🔥🔥

  19. Gabriel Shalidor

    Gabriel Shalidor11 개월 전

    i'm about to get Commander Luke Skywalker. He will be the first step towards being better in this game.

  20. waingarth

    waingarth년 전

    Anyone else hear Isa/Saïx? Or is it just me?

  21. Константин Весна

    Константин Весна년 전

    anyone knows the name of voice actor in this ad ?

  22. The Uncommon n00b

    The Uncommon n00b년 전

    Fake I hate it when trailers make their game look so good and when you play it it looks like poop

  23. Sean

    Sean년 전

    This is seriously the best game that you can get on your phone. I very much suggest you get it.

  24. Hawaii's Finest808

    Hawaii's Finest808년 전

    Chills every time

  25. TheGunpowderjunkie

    TheGunpowderjunkie년 전

    If only the gameplay was just as exciting as this trailer

  26. Wes Bugg

    Wes Bugg년 전

    This is a pretty impressive ad for a mobile game

  27. Avy 3414

    Avy 3414년 전

    Fun fact: Grievous and GrandMaster Yoda are the worse characters of the game.

  28. Angel Galvan

    Angel Galvan년 전

    fight for the Galaxy !

  29. John Smith

    John Smith년 전

    You forgot to put lootboxes in trailer, I remember you saying they are immersive in Star Wars universe.

  30. Grand Admiral Senate

    Grand Admiral Senate년 전


  31. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe년 전

    EA want you to master the galaxy by paying $2,100 or waiting 4500 hours in game.

  32. Fuadas Marius Alijevas

    Fuadas Marius Alijevas년 전

    Who complains about game play and graphics, I suggest to think abit.

  33. Jxn_pmg

    Jxn_pmg년 전


  34. Миша Твордовский

    Миша Твордовский년 전

    может сделаете обновление на баттлфронт 1 там карта новая или герои новые для полного издания не у всех монстры а не компы. А лучше сделайте карты из полного издания в оффлайн режим

  35. chicamaniac 327

    chicamaniac 327년 전

    Looks awesome then you realize it's an RPG

  36. The Foundation

    The Foundation년 전

    I hope they add something like blackwing virus to Battle front 2 multiplayer or single player

  37. zNathz Squad

    zNathz Squad년 전

    In battle front 2 please make online arcade

  38. Дмитрий Михайлов

    Дмитрий Михайлов년 전

    And when u will give us Invinsible Hand? We already have 2 ISD, 1 venator, 1Calamari Battlecruiser and 0 Sepatists ships.

  39. Alecsey LozmanN

    Alecsey LozmanN년 전

    when to wait for a darth nihilus? Everyone has, I do not (

  40. Zeno Dragon Head

    Zeno Dragon Head년 전

    Please give to us #SEASON2

  41. Heartbroken DC

    Heartbroken DC년 전

    How about giving us the battlefront 2 we need!? Way more hero's and villains. Mace windu, count dooku and all of them. Add hunt mode and give us more maps/skins!

  42. Fishscado

    Fishscado년 전

    The Lack Of Gungans Is... Disturbing

  43. Diego Hernandez

    Diego Hernandez년 전

    All we are asking is for the Clone wars for battlefront 2, nothing else!!!

  44. jordan naranjo

    jordan naranjo년 전

    Players have encountered error 721. 1 week ago they started the problems with this issue that was the same during the Beta battlefront 2 !! The EA community is asked to pay attention to the account and server communications of PS4, XBOX, PC.

  45. ale ro

    ale ro년 전

    In spanish: Meted YA contenido a battlefront 2, la gente se esta llendo del juego, ya se hace hasta aburrido, mapas heroes y personalizacion YA cabrones

  46. Myles Leopold

    Myles Leopold년 전

    Add this content to battlefront 2 please😁

  47. A1dan

    A1dan년 전

    Please update Star Wars battlefront2 with dlc! 😥😥😥😓

  48. Red Dead

    Red Dead년 전

    Are you guys going to put in costumes for Darth Maul

  49. Lentchunk234 The Warlock Main

    Lentchunk234 The Warlock Main년 전

    Just got nihilius today


    SKULL MAN년 전

    Came here just to give you ladies a thumbs down👎

  51. Spider Overlord

    Spider Overlord년 전

    Ea please can you fix the rank 50 thropie in Star Wars battlefront 2 because it,s do not let me to have the thropie so some reason?

  52. xtron45

    xtron45년 전


  53. xtron45

    xtron45년 전


  54. xtron45

    xtron45년 전

    Give us some fucking content on bf2, or else it’s too late

  55. Rosa Shettler

    Rosa Shettler년 전

    less damage Lando Calrissia to villains and less damage Chewbacca