Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Hero Spotlight - Magmatrooper


  1. BloodSniper Dash

    BloodSniper Dash년 전

    I love the Thermal Imploder

  2. Lanied Dero

    Lanied Dero3 년 전

    hero! magmatrooper...

  3. ITZA PC

    ITZA PC3 년 전

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  4. Sajan Mainali

    Sajan Mainali3 년 전

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  5. Anwar Haqiem

    Anwar Haqiem3 년 전

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  6. Štěpán Matoušek

    Štěpán Matoušek3 년 전



    JS ORBIT3 년 전

    I love Galaxy Of Heroes

  8. Tronpool

    Tronpool3 년 전

    This game sucks!!!

  9. Feldstiefel

    Feldstiefel3 년 전

    And no win 10 mobile.... screw u ea

  10. Kodar Gaming

    Kodar Gaming3 년 전

    Just making the comment section number even

  11. TheAceLewis

    TheAceLewis3 년 전

    Another crappy "hero spotlight" video that doesn't explain the character at all. Do you guys need someone to make these videos for you? I'll fucking work for free.

  12. Albert Alvarado

    Albert Alvarado3 년 전


  13. Damian Howard

    Damian Howard2 년 전

    How.. Exactly, is this the worst game ever?! Do you just suck at playing the game or actually don't know *how* to play it? Why come onto a video, to specifically leave a hateful and negative comment? You don't like it? Don't play it. No-one's forcing you to..

  14. Disco Discord

    Disco Discord3 년 전

    I can't get it its not on the Samoan app store for my kindle

  15. OCtaveBgood

    OCtaveBgood3 년 전

    I'm a fuking noob french player who can help me?? see my vids!

  16. Nukekiller30

    Nukekiller303 년 전

    Magmatrooper suppose to miss every shot :/

  17. Derek Sheldon

    Derek Sheldon3 년 전

    Add Scout Trooper...

  18. Peace&Love

    Peace&Love3 년 전

    Am i supposed to be impressed?

  19. James Cowell

    James Cowell3 년 전

    nice, more content in the fucking app

  20. The Seeker

    The Seeker3 년 전

    why were they putting time and effort (and money) into this when they could have used it on creating more content for battlefront 3

  21. Griffin Brawns

    Griffin Brawns3 년 전

    Didn't know Imploders detonate that fast

  22. AlphaFilms

    AlphaFilms3 년 전

    Add Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker

  23. native log

    native log3 년 전

  24. Pxwer

    Pxwer3 년 전

    Amazing. And why is everyone hate on Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes videos ? You're subscribe to EA not Battlefront

  25. Casper Maas

    Casper Maas3 년 전

    Put all the heroes/ villains I see in this trailer in Battlefront and I'm happy.

  26. eeragorn

    eeragorn3 년 전

    This game have more content than Battlefront -_- THE DLC MOTHER******

  27. Sam van Arendonk

    Sam van Arendonk3 년 전


  28. Cameron Bell McClements

    Cameron Bell McClements3 년 전

    outer rim trailer please and space battles in battlefront

  29. Spencer Davis

    Spencer Davis3 년 전

    I just came here to see all the ridicule about Battlefront. EA, at least raise the level cap.

  30. Guilherme Velhote

    Guilherme Velhote3 년 전

    +Spencer Davis raided to 60 to everybody when the dlc releases

  31. Spencer Davis

    Spencer Davis3 년 전

    +Matthew Fernandez lol

  32. Matthew Fernandez

    Matthew Fernandez3 년 전

    +Spencer Davis Whoopdeefuckingdo

  33. David Ratkovic

    David Ratkovic3 년 전

    Money hungry EA

  34. gladmarie1

    gladmarie13 년 전

    her?hrng! lhkjmhnv ijujjkjjhkkjjm mjhhkkk p klgigjtygcfukjcçh read the book of the time of year again I don't have to do it for

  35. Walter White

    Walter White3 년 전

    Works more on mobile game than BF3

  36. Crakecrow

    Crakecrow3 년 전

    Galaxy of Heroes: More content and videos than Battlefront Battlefront: Less content and videos than Galaxy of heroes *EA dedicates to show a storm trooper just firing and throwing a grenade* Is EA taking this seriously or...?

  37. minterman237

    minterman2373 년 전

    Oh come on EA! Now a stupid mobile device game?

  38. Tim Howard

    Tim Howard3 년 전

    when the trailer has more content than the game

  39. Jaxon Tucker

    Jaxon Tucker3 년 전

    Battlefront outer rim trailer??? We at least need a date for the trailer because you guys make pretty good trailers

  40. Tim Howard

    Tim Howard3 년 전

    good trailer from EA = shit game

  41. FinstockFanPage

    FinstockFanPage3 년 전

    Skate 4!!!

  42. CaptainAmazeballs

    CaptainAmazeballs3 년 전

    does anyone actually play this

  43. RamiroRSM

    RamiroRSM3 년 전

    +CaptainAmazeballs Yep

  44. NexxΩmega

    NexxΩmega3 년 전

    I play this and i really like it, i was surprised because it's a good mobile game (in my Opinion)



    +CaptainAmazeballs yes

  46. TheMitchwheelz

    TheMitchwheelz3 년 전

    When skate 4 commin out?



    Why are there no rebels characters!? Pleeeeeaaaaaassseee



    +FAVAHORNET are you stupid?

  49. Shephard

    Shephard3 년 전

    An ordinary stormtrooper is a hero? Have you gone insane, EA?

  50. The Real Stephano

    The Real Stephano3 년 전

    +Shephard, Corporal he doesn't miss... ( ill see my self out)

  51. Shephard

    Shephard3 년 전

    A magma trooper is just an ordinary stormtrooper who operates on volcanic planets like Sullest in mass numbers. So what makes this ordinary trooper a hero?

  52. Lord Awesome

    Lord Awesome3 년 전

    Are you blind? It's a "Magma trooper"

  53. Corneru

    Corneru3 년 전

    Why the fuck can this break Canon and Battlefront can't?

  54. Miranda Brewer

    Miranda Brewer3 년 전


  55. Garrison Taylor

    Garrison Taylor3 년 전

    Funny how EA continues to work on the mobile game even after everyone has told them time and time again that it sucks and we want more battlefront content.

  56. Garrison Taylor

    Garrison Taylor3 년 전

    @Timothy Tran Yeah right, says the salty guy defending his lame game. And as for calling people retarded, you really shouldn't talk about your mother that way. Blocked.



    @Garrison Taylor HAHHAHAHAHA so salty this is hilarious.

  58. Garrison Taylor

    Garrison Taylor3 년 전


  59. Garrison Taylor

    Garrison Taylor3 년 전

    Aaand there it is, you got no response so you come up with some little jab, you kids have fun finding someone else to bug. BTW you make it really obvious when you know you have lost an argument ;)

  60. Patriot 03

    Patriot 033 년 전

    @Garrison Taylor It's pretty obvious you have issues, or are way too immature to be on the internet. - Your mother needs to ban you from the internet.

  61. Eirikur

    Eirikur3 년 전

    That moment when mobile Star Wars games are better than the AAA Star Wars game we got.

  62. Martin Bergqvist

    Martin Bergqvist3 년 전

    Why do people go to every Galaxy of Heroes video and dislike it?

  63. Matthew Fernandez

    Matthew Fernandez3 년 전

    +Martin Bergqvist I have to wonder: do YOU play it and like it?

  64. ButtTrauma

    ButtTrauma3 년 전

    +Martin Bergqvist Negative opinions have as much right as positive ones.

  65. Tim Howard

    Tim Howard3 년 전

    +Timothy Tran not to mention a bunch of kids whining for new DLC's. Feeding money to the greedy whores of EA



    +Martin Bergqvist everybody dislikes it because the character sucks

  67. Tristan Pearson

    Tristan Pearson3 년 전

    +Martin Bergqvist Unfortunately, you are pretty much exactly correct.

  68. Weta

    Weta3 년 전

    Aloha Snackbar! 0:00

  69. N.D

    N.D3 년 전


  70. Noah Salgadinho

    Noah Salgadinho3 년 전

    Give us the dam outer rim trailer nobody like galaxy of Heroes

  71. JS ORBIT

    JS ORBIT3 년 전

    Well maybe some people do! We have our own opinions! So f*cking calm down

  72. Sillssa

    Sillssa3 년 전

    +Jacob Rice Will you fucking calm down. Did you shit your pants.

  73. james dean

    james dean3 년 전


  74. Spikerguy

    Spikerguy3 년 전

    +Noah Salgadinho i like it :(

  75. khpitbos17

    khpitbos173 년 전

    Better than Battlefront

  76. PlasmaBacon

    PlasmaBacon3 년 전

    Amazing, This is amazing. . .

  77. MeowCaptain

    MeowCaptain3 년 전

    More content than Battlefront.

  78. ITZA PC

    ITZA PC3 년 전

    GO HЕRЕ--> FОR ТHЕ Stаr Wаrs Gаlаху Оf Hеrоеs hасk TООL FОR unlimitеd Crуstаls аnd Crеdits! Stаr Wars Galааахy оf Hеrоеs Hеrо Sрotlight Mаgmаtrоoреr

  79. MeowCaptain

    MeowCaptain3 년 전

    @RamiroRSM Someone's illiterate.

  80. RamiroRSM

    RamiroRSM3 년 전

    +MeowCaptain This is Galaxy of Hero, no Battlefront.

  81. Alex Alex

    Alex Alex3 년 전

    +Guilherme Velh Vel hotelquitosoote quinsol

  82. DylanRocket

    DylanRocket3 년 전

    lol The funniest part is how they made a trailer about one character who doesn't even appear in the films. xD

  83. DylanRocket

    DylanRocket3 년 전

    @Spartacus Smith I know, but Sullust was never featured in the films nor were Magma Troopers. I guess they're posting the trailer because the trooper is in Battlefront, but still it seems silly how they're calling this a "Hero Spotlight". :P

  84. Spartacus Smith

    Spartacus Smith3 년 전

    They're basing it off Battlefront

  85. KingdomRushHeros

    KingdomRushHeros3 년 전

    Make battlefront 2 clone wars

  86. Klaus Illhardt

    Klaus Illhardt2 년 전

    Multiple eras have been confirmed I think

  87. Laura Godines

    Laura Godines3 년 전

    .cbhio1234dtty pops a it'd as saw😈😉😊☺😀😁🌺🌻🌻🌻🌻🍩🍰🍩. 🍧🍴

  88. Pk41

    Pk413 년 전


  89. Angel W.

    Angel W.3 년 전

    Star Wars Battlefront!

  90. Alefarías96

    Alefarías963 년 전

    EA trailer outer rim please

  91. Nic Franklin

    Nic Franklin3 년 전

    +Roger Dozen you need to calm down. he wants a trailer that realistically is going to appear soon. no need to go after for wanting something that's very likely. and even if it's not who cares? this comment is as insignificant as your reply. and mine really. lol

  92. Roger Dozen

    Roger Dozen3 년 전

    Yeah sure they will make a trailer that probably costs them thousands of dollars now only because of your comment

  93. The Boss Stage1

    The Boss Stage13 년 전

    Not even been an hour and it already has a ton of dislikes



    +The Boss Stage1 yeah cuz the character sucks

  95. Benjamin Ortega

    Benjamin Ortega3 년 전


  96. Saquon Barkley #Beezy #26Hunnit #BreakinRecords

    Saquon Barkley #Beezy #26Hunnit #BreakinRecords3 년 전

    Give us a clone wars in Battlefront you fucks

  97. Ash

    Ash3 년 전

    Got it just today :p Yea. I play this I think its fun

  98. khpitbos17

    khpitbos173 년 전

    A+ comment 10/10. Yea. Would read again

  99. Gamers Unlocked

    Gamers Unlocked3 년 전

    can u do a shout-out to gamers unlocked KOreporter channel

  100. Justin Clary

    Justin Clary3 년 전

    But why have a trailer for a character that has been in the game for a little over a week now?

  101. Scott Lestat

    Scott Lestat3 년 전

    +Justin Clary i dont think EA gives a shit lol

  102. Justin Clary

    Justin Clary3 년 전

    +Revenant “Cynical” Akatsuki think we should go on strike for outer rim trailer?

  103. Scott Lestat

    Scott Lestat3 년 전

    hes not even that good lol

  104. Justin Clary

    Justin Clary3 년 전

    Dang it! Where's outer rim!