Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Embo has Arrived


  1. Darth Nihilus

    Darth Nihilus11 개월 전

    Impressive, most impressive.

  2. Comrade Blin

    Comrade Blin11 개월 전

    Darth Vader I know that’s why I said it cause I have like no lines

  3. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader11 개월 전

    *Darth Nihilus thats my line!* 😂

  4. JulianTheCoolKid

    JulianTheCoolKid11 개월 전

    edit your comment to something funny+

  5. Comrade Blin

    Comrade Blin11 개월 전

    EA Star Wars no I just find your lack of clone wars content extremely disappointing

  6. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader11 개월 전

    EA Star Wars I find ur lack of progress on battlefront 2 disturbing.

  7. protoss dragoon

    protoss dragoon7 개월 전

    Embo for BFII

  8. The AsTrollmech

    The AsTrollmech10 개월 전

    Best bounty hunter ever

  9. santiago gonzalez

    santiago gonzalez10 개월 전

    Add crossplay, the xbox one servers are dead.

  10. Wide Eyed Wanderer

    Wide Eyed Wanderer11 개월 전

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

  11. sokys vlogs

    sokys vlogs11 개월 전

    Hi when you want to make your games normal and stop doing them pay to win ?

  12. NED

    NED11 개월 전

    no one cares.

  13. Thunderbirds & Harry Potter Fan

    Thunderbirds & Harry Potter Fan11 개월 전

    cool :)

  14. Beanolio Nugget

    Beanolio Nugget11 개월 전

    Is there a chance for a raid with the genosis arena with the Acklay reek and nexu? That would be cool

  15. Beanolio Nugget

    Beanolio Nugget11 개월 전

    Also maybe grevious’s ship?

  16. El Prro Nazi

    El Prro Nazi11 개월 전

    Great disney...great

  17. Alejandro Monge

    Alejandro Monge11 개월 전

    Los fans hablan puñeta

  18. Alejandro Monge

    Alejandro Monge11 개월 전

    Asta fornite les partió el culo con las temporadas y bettlefront siegue sigue en el mismo lado 😠 q malo es ver q tu juego favorito caiga en pedasos y uno q gasta dinero en el 😡😳 cuando nos van a complacer estos cabrones ???? cuando

  19. Alejandro Monge

    Alejandro Monge11 개월 전

    Total mente battlefront 2 es una desespcion para todos ahora mismo lleno de errores brugs y gliches un total desastres veo vídeos de play y pc y está igual q en Xbox con muchos bugs y gliches y errores en los muñecos en las vidas de los heroes ect muchas cosas completamente JODIDAS!!!!!!!

  20. Alejandro Monge

    Alejandro Monge11 개월 전

    Battlefront está muriendo EA cuando sacarán algo bueno Todos aquí estamos esperando algo para battlefront 2 no dicen nada ni siquiera hacen lo que hacían con battlefront 1 q sacaban tráiler de lo q venia nuevo pero no sólo esperar como unos Pal de pendejos y no ponen nada llevo con el juego desde q salió entraron motivados con dlc de last jedi y Despues que an tirado porquerías cosas q los fans no están pidiendo cosas q no le conviene al juego como tal para mi son tonterías battlefront en Xbox tiene errores como sentella y en play no quiero saber q mantenimiento le están dando al juego si sigue igual casi un año y llevamos jugando lo mismo y lo mismo y lo mismo yo soy muy fans de Star Wars y más de battlefront y más cuando juge battlefront del 2005 q es lo mejor Pero casi un año llevo jugando battlefront 2 y nada nadita electronic arts y EA por favor damos un adelanto de lo q viene danos lo q estamos pidiendo por q fue una cogida de pendejo lo q nos distes con los skin de clones q nos quedamos como bobos cuando no estaban en el juego dejen de cojernos de Bobo y hagan bien su trabajo por q nos están asiendo quedar mal antes publicó y me refiero a los youtuber q hacen vídeos sobre lo q anuncian y luego no sale nada 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  21. Chris Cobb

    Chris Cobb11 개월 전

    I would love to have a Phase 1 Clone Captain and maybe some of the Omega Squad in matte black Katarn armor for Galaxy Heroes. Have I missed out on that?

  22. Crimson Gamer

    Crimson Gamer11 개월 전

    EA please stop messing up your games

  23. Aitor Pérez

    Aitor Pérez11 개월 전

    Please, add Jango Fett!! :)

  24. Guilherme Festa

    Guilherme Festa11 개월 전

    in battlefront 2 i cant even find a match. lol

  25. Ethan Brown

    Ethan Brown11 개월 전

    embo is not so bad a guy. he helped obiwan and anikin on faluita and fought maul on nal hutta.

  26. Trump

    Trump11 개월 전

    What about SWBF2? Why do you care more about stupid mobile games?!

  27. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise Alex11 개월 전

    Yeey! :D Clone Wars character come in! :)

  28. Lando Calrissian

    Lando Calrissian11 개월 전

    Ok but where is the new heroes in BFII

  29. Gingecringe

    Gingecringe11 개월 전


  30. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    Could we get some Republic Commandos? Those would be awesome. The 🅱️ad 🅱️atch would be fitting seeing as they’re gonna be in Season 7 of TCW

  31. Bob A Feet

    Bob A Feet11 개월 전

    And yet still no Jango

  32. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    Bob A Feet Jango might be coming very soon

  33. Kyp Daylighter

    Kyp Daylighter11 개월 전

    Yeah my 23rd 3* shelf-marquee character...may the dust be with it! Just can't see a reason to spent a PS4-worth amount of bucks to get one usable char...I know...not a new complaint though ;-)

  34. star wars gameplay video

    star wars gameplay video11 개월 전

    Really nice

  35. ODST Brooks

    ODST Brooks11 개월 전


  36. lFoRGoTl

    lFoRGoTl11 개월 전

    How many loot boxes I have to open to have a 1% chance for dropping that character?

  37. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars11 개월 전

    You asked the question, Da Tick answered it. Play the Marquee Event today and you can get a 3-star version of Embo 100% for free.

  38. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    lFoRGoTl Very funny.

  39. lFoRGoTl

    lFoRGoTl11 개월 전

    Wow, pay attention guys, we have a EA bot here

  40. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    Also, you unlock the character from events. You can then earn blueprints from packs or playing missions. Theres also a shipment feature where you can buy stuff with in game currency which is easy to obtain.

  41. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    Then you havent heard about the Origin “on the house” feature. They straight up give you games for free

  42. Joshua Hanes

    Joshua Hanes11 개월 전

    all the idiots dont realize is that the people commenting understand that it isnt the same department, but EA seeing all the comments will hopefully get something going

  43. Alexander Nord

    Alexander Nord11 개월 전

    I have been looking forward to this

  44. Universe Traveler

    Universe Traveler11 개월 전

    What about Jango?

  45. Jael l

    Jael l11 개월 전

    Gracias EA!!

  46. Chandler Martin

    Chandler Martin11 개월 전

    Should this development time be spent on battlefront 2?

  47. David Escalante

    David Escalante11 개월 전

    "I hate you EA, you suck... also, can you give me more content for free? And make it quick, thanks" - The PC community

  48. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    Chandler Martin No. The community is gone and they refuse to come back even after content and fixing was promised. This game however, is very stable and people keep coming back to play it.

  49. Sychael Lawinger

    Sychael Lawinger11 개월 전

    Move all these developers over to BF2. It’s supposed to be the full SW experience but it’s so incomplete with SW content. I have hope still. We want KOTOR and CW as well as Rebels and whatever else SW. GOH is cool and all but before I read the comments I started laughing because I knew 75 of the comments weren’t even gonna be on this game, but for BF2. Hope you guys realize how many people care and want the full SW high quality experience more than any other game.

  50. Sychael Lawinger

    Sychael Lawinger11 개월 전

    Da Tick Good point. That’s what is happening with BF2 currently though. It’s not totally dead and though they won’t regain trust from certain people there is a very persistent community that is hoping because it’s closest to the most realistic SW game that’s ever been made. So both of our points are good but who knows what’s gonna happen in the future... games aren’t everything.

  51. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    Sychael Lawinger “Move these developers over to BF2” And let a successful game die? EA isnt that retarted. There will be a new BF2 season before the end of next month. Or at least a trailer. Also almost 3/4th of the community has lost all hope and straight up uninstalled. They’re refusing to come back even after new content is promised which lead to the games downfall. Therefore they aren’t prioritizing BF2 as much as at launch

  52. Teemo4Life

    Teemo4Life11 개월 전

    So fucking sad a mobile free game has literally 50x more content than battlefront 2 Disgusting developers

  53. Teemo4Life

    Teemo4Life11 개월 전

    Where's his dog?

  54. Joshua Hernandez

    Joshua Hernandez11 개월 전

    Digging the love for BHs. Love them all!

  55. Jnious

    Jnious11 개월 전

    The reason bf2 is dead is because they dont earn money on it, they focus on this mobile game where people spend TONS of cash on. and each character is like 20 dollars or something right? holy sht EA must swim in money. So stop crying for bf2

  56. Michael McGrath

    Michael McGrath11 개월 전

    Who the hell is Embo?

  57. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    Michael McGrath A bounty hunter from The Clone Wars TV show

  58. General kenobi

    General kenobi11 개월 전

    Hello there

  59. NotteStellatta

    NotteStellatta11 개월 전

    Funny how you use battlefront 2 music for this trailer yet you leave that game starving for fixes and new content.

  60. ODST Brooks

    ODST Brooks11 개월 전

    The Senate Star Wars music for a Star Wars game? WhoDaThunk?

  61. KOB

    KOB11 개월 전

    There are more people complaining about people complaining about battlefront 2 than there are people complaining about battlefront 2 lol

  62. DreadxCombs Combs

    DreadxCombs Combs11 개월 전

    Why ain't Embo in Battlefront 2? Hell the game is dead by incompetence anyways

  63. Fernando Busch

    Fernando Busch11 개월 전

    Oh, cmon, give us Star Wars fans a new RPG! :(

  64. HCB

    HCB11 개월 전


  65. Juan Navejas

    Juan Navejas11 개월 전

    Sweet. One question will ever get Revan? Because we got Bastila Shan so why not Revan

  66. Juan Navejas

    Juan Navejas11 개월 전

    Da Tick hey as long as they add him I’m good even if it is a bit of a grind to get

  67. Da Tick

    Da Tick11 개월 전

    Juan Navejas We might get him as one of those characters that are hard to get like R2 or Commander Luke

  68. Mando Pool

    Mando Pool11 개월 전

    This isn’t live! I looked for updates and restarted the game but it still isn’t there!

  69. PK_TheDragonKing XD

    PK_TheDragonKing XD11 개월 전

    Ye boi

  70. manuel Quezada

    manuel Quezada11 개월 전

    Embo 😍😍