Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Chewbacca Legendary Event now live


  1. Caspea03 Caspea03

    Caspea03 Caspea039 개월 전

    Awesome! I have been waiting for this.

  2. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars9 개월 전

    The new roadmap was posted for ya:

  3. dark 1s

    dark 1s9 개월 전

    @EA Star Wars update star wars battlefront 2

  4. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars9 개월 전

    The day has finally arrived!

  5. Greg G

    Greg G8 개월 전

    The most annoying thing was not being able to skip that cut scene every time, but I won’t play it again until bounty hunters are g12 and I can easily do it

  6. Komandor Luke Skywlaker

    Komandor Luke Skywlaker9 개월 전

    When Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or SWBF2?


    FAT COUNTRY9 개월 전

    Ea do you even understand what Your capable of with star with there was a game mode were a faction vessel goes missing you play a team sent to investigate.only to find it filled with rakghouls it wolud be an insane take on battlefront 2 or 3.or Rakata lost space ships something more cerebral I love the galactic assault and all your other work but you have endless sceniores and characters to work with.

  8. Jack Bobola

    Jack Bobola9 개월 전

    When is the trailer for General Greivous gameplay?

  9. SuloR Gamer

    SuloR Gamer9 개월 전

    Can they come star wars battlefron two the snoke? (:

  10. TK-550

    TK-5509 개월 전

    Stfu and give ME Grievous trailer

  11. Alertdanger

    Alertdanger9 개월 전

    Pls swbf 2 grievous

  12. Defec Tec

    Defec Tec9 개월 전

    Looks like a rip off of the original bf2 from the thumbnail

  13. Aygul Gursu

    Aygul Gursu9 개월 전

    Comes to star wars Battlefront 2 kylo ren skin masked but no hood

  14. Andrea Cesari

    Andrea Cesari9 개월 전

    Unlocked him at 5 stars with mt g8 BH. Very difficult event... probably too difficult

  15. pilkers2

    pilkers29 개월 전

    Waiting for BF2 grievous trailer

  16. Sonic paramount

    Sonic paramount9 개월 전

    I actually like thia game good. Work ea! But when do you release the bf2 grievous trailer?

  17. khpitbos17

    khpitbos179 개월 전

    Almost three years after release and we’re just now getting OT Chewbacca.

  18. Carson dickey

    Carson dickey9 개월 전

    To be honest I stopped playing this game. It was fun while it lasted though.

  19. kragzh

    kragzh9 개월 전

    I subscribed to this channel not to see this garbage GOH contents

  20. Commander Gojira

    Commander Gojira9 개월 전

    I have both GoH and Battlefront 2 but tbh, battlefront is more fun cuz this game is more grinding than playing for me.

  21. S Terry

    S Terry9 개월 전

    This event is fucking garbage. And yet another disappointment from CG. Nothing innovative or skillful about it, dumb luck and rng with preloaded turnmeter as usual. This game is a shithole lately, all grind no payout.

  22. Villegas TV

    Villegas TV9 개월 전

    More content in Battlefront 2 please

  23. Army49

    Army499 개월 전

    I got to say it looks pretty good

  24. Pepe the Frog

    Pepe the Frog9 개월 전

    Battpefront 2

  25. Андрей Заборский

    Андрей Заборский9 개월 전

    As always, Capital Games, great job ;)

  26. Daynan

    Daynan9 개월 전

    Edging for two years before release!

  27. Jongo Phett

    Jongo Phett9 개월 전


  28. oversarcastic kid

    oversarcastic kid9 개월 전

    @Azoth D.V.N but this game is kinda boring. Atleast for me...

  29. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    Jongo Phett I guess you’ll die not knowing this piece of art ):

  30. Jongo Phett

    Jongo Phett9 개월 전

    GMT I don't play this game or even have it downloaded on my phone lol

  31. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    Jongo Phett Quick question, do you play Swgoh? !!immediate no response!!

  32. Adrián17Josué

    Adrián17Josué9 개월 전

    Jongo Phett shh and more videos

  33. German Hot Toys

    German Hot Toys9 개월 전

    Why have I even subscribed to this channel. Where is the Battlefront II trailer?

  34. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro979 개월 전


  35. Bossk Cruz

    Bossk Cruz9 개월 전


  36. Sammyr1214

    Sammyr12149 개월 전

    Wish I could see some work on the game I only spent *80$* on, and not a free game

  37. Thomas Newell

    Thomas Newell9 개월 전

    Just unlocked him to day but im not even close to six and seven star.

  38. xBaltha

    xBaltha9 개월 전

    Best mobile game❤❤❤❤❤

  39. Aryo Setyotama

    Aryo Setyotama9 개월 전

    Thanks, chewbacca was great!!

  40. Da Tick

    Da Tick9 개월 전


  41. Tymek Kowalski

    Tymek Kowalski9 개월 전

    It's great! But it is very hard! I must upgrade my hunters more

  42. Alan Ackbar

    Alan Ackbar9 개월 전

    why can’t battlefront have chewbacca

  43. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    Alan Ackbar Man you late stuck in 2015

  44. HEROGMR 43

    HEROGMR 439 개월 전

    Battlefront 2 does have Chewbacca

  45. Seth Anderson

    Seth Anderson9 개월 전

    This game has more content than Star Was Battlefront 2

  46. El Fabricio

    El Fabricio9 개월 전

    2005....enough said

  47. Zeno Dragon Head

    Zeno Dragon Head9 개월 전


  48. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    ThePixelMan Battlefront 2 is alright but lacks a variety of balance and content

  49. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    Seth Anderson Yeah man like you never copied a comment a thousand times already

  50. Dawson Tomes

    Dawson Tomes9 개월 전

    RCISam Now I dont like fortnite or any other of those cancerous games, but Fortnite is a free to play game with cosmetic only loot-boxes. That being said, there is a difference. Back when BFII came out the game was filled with pay-to-win lootboxes. Where the only way to progress was by getting lucky....

  51. Withered Freddy the forgotten

    Withered Freddy the forgotten9 개월 전

    This is great and all but where the General Gervious Trailer for Battlefront 2


    POTATO MEN9 개월 전

    i hope one day EA will lose the star wars day :)

  53. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    AC- 1 Mega ooffff!

  54. AC- 1

    AC- 19 개월 전

    POTATO MEN oof dude

  55. Thrill Prime

    Thrill Prime9 개월 전

    Awesome! I've been looking forward to this!

  56. MaD SaM

    MaD SaM9 개월 전

    Why not make a battlefront like game for mobile too ?

  57. osvaldo toledo

    osvaldo toledo9 개월 전

    Its called star wars rivals it the most similar

  58. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    Red Ripple Thank you

  59. Red Ripull

    Red Ripull9 개월 전

    MaD SaM we don’t want a battlefront for mobile Bad graphics Bad connection Bad gameplay It would be awful.

  60. Boekster Cubing

    Boekster Cubing9 개월 전

    MaD SaM because it’s EA. They’ve abandoned battlefront.

  61. Jack

    Jack9 개월 전

    I am not ready to unlock him yet 😥

  62. Yoo Hoo

    Yoo Hoo9 개월 전

    EA Battlefront II Grevious trailer please senpai.

  63. Zeno Dragon Head

    Zeno Dragon Head9 개월 전

    @oversarcastic kid lmao

  64. oversarcastic kid

    oversarcastic kid9 개월 전

    Wow.... i cant believe someone called EA their "senpai"

  65. 1JuicyTemptress

    1JuicyTemptress9 개월 전

    Bossk Cruz You tell him Bossk

  66. Bossk Cruz

    Bossk Cruz9 개월 전


  67. Straightoutta SWEDEN

    Straightoutta SWEDEN9 개월 전

    _FIX BATTLEFRONT ON XBOX I CAN'T PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_

  68. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro979 개월 전

    @Bossk Cruz What is it with you saying no to everything that will make battlefront 2 good again lol

  69. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    puppet123 Sorry kiddo

  70. PUPPET123

    PUPPET1239 개월 전

    @Azoth D.V.N im 11 years old and this is how you treat boys

  71. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    puppet123 immediate dislike your comment

  72. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    puppet123 You just had to screw it up huh? NO X4!

  73. Camps

    Camps9 개월 전

    Ningun comentario en español xD que viva chewbacca

  74. Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone9 개월 전


  75. Michael McGrath

    Michael McGrath9 개월 전

    Queue the Battlefront 2 comments

  76. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    Michael McGrath for another 6 1/2 months

  77. Nikolaizombiez

    Nikolaizombiez9 개월 전

    Too bad the event is RNG (like most events) and this ones difficulty is through the roof.

  78. icysolez23

    icysolez239 개월 전


  79. HEROGMR 43

    HEROGMR 439 개월 전

    Boba got fucked up 0:06

  80. nick spirit

    nick spirit9 개월 전

    I hope it wasnt so difficult

  81. Mulan

    Mulan9 개월 전

    Battlefront 2 trailer please

  82. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro979 개월 전

    Grevious YES

  83. Azoth D.V.N

    Azoth D.V.N9 개월 전

    Aayla Secura Please sucka dik, thx

  84. Thirsty boi

    Thirsty boi9 개월 전

    Aayla Secura r/whoosh

  85. Michael McGrath

    Michael McGrath9 개월 전


  86. Bossk Cruz

    Bossk Cruz9 개월 전


  87. Orangutan Sevgisi

    Orangutan Sevgisi9 개월 전


  88. Moixes22 hernandez

    Moixes22 hernandez9 개월 전

    Yes I argh