Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Bastila Shan (Fallen) Has Arrived


  1. Star Wars Legacy

    Star Wars Legacy년 전

    “Where there is light, there is darkness.”

  2. Nukin

    Nukin년 전

    I was molded by darkness!!!

  3. batfear007

    batfear0076 개월 전

    so instead of adding them to starwars Battlefront 2 you added them into a fucking mobile game ? fuck me EA is shit

  4. Cas Speich

    Cas Speich8 개월 전

    bastila is a straight badass gosh i love her fave character

  5. Mayckon Wolf

    Mayckon Wolf11 개월 전

    The design is not so good,this game is only to get 💰,now Kotor yes is a great game,and still Jedi academy mods made by fan better.

  6. CrabbyLion2370

    CrabbyLion237011 개월 전

    Darkness Rises, and Light to meet it!

  7. -LASH -

    -LASH -11 개월 전

    So I’m predicting that with the release of Fallen Bastila and Canderous Ordo, you will next release Juhani (with a HK-47 tag change/rework). And that these 4 characters + Jedi Knight Revan will be the set of 5 characters for the Darth Revan event (Hero’s journey, Hero’ fall, whatever you want to call it)????

  8. Legendary Dark Knight

    Legendary Dark Knight11 개월 전

    Waiting for Darth Revan

  9. Bertha. A Galvan

    Bertha. A Galvan11 개월 전

    The dark side is strong

  10. Korriban Games

    Korriban Games년 전



    Keep up the good work. Mind checking me out

  12. Jay B

    Jay B년 전


  13. SuloR Gamer

    SuloR Gamer년 전

    How is she?

  14. CaptainM 0999

    CaptainM 0999년 전

    Darth Malgus next PLS PLS PLS

  15. Adam Akmal

    Adam Akmal년 전

    I'm loving the old Republic content

  16. Leopold Taylor

    Leopold Taylor년 전

    As Traya player, thank you for this. Finally a chance to take back my #1 everyday.

  17. John Michael Gonzalez

    John Michael Gonzalez년 전

    I just got her during the Fallen bastilla event but she was a 2 Star unfortunately, but she is pretty good and cool

  18. Gabriell /////

    Gabriell /////년 전

    Qual pesa esse jogo

  19. bear 133

    bear 133년 전

    Memories from an old era, an old republic...

  20. Avenger85438

    Avenger85438년 전

    Before you force bond yourself to a morally ambiguous ex-Jedi War hero with amnesia and a implanted persona, always check to warning label first.

  21. Michael McGrath

    Michael McGrath년 전


  22. Brooks Alderman

    Brooks Alderman년 전

    EA Star Wars, can we have the TOR era as canon again for Christmas this year?

  23. PlayCebo Vision

    PlayCebo Vision년 전

    Tbh I think it will be canon again, but with some changes, they've been dropping Easter eggs and references ever since the new canon started, and they still keep doing it. Like recently The resistance show has a T3 droid in a background scene. And there are a ton more of you want me to post them.

  24. Nukin

    Nukin년 전

    She joined the right side ;)

  25. CovertChristo

    CovertChristo년 전

    "What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them?!"

  26. Olympus Knight

    Olympus Knight년 전

    This should have been announced at Star WarsConn as the main attraction.

  27. NightwingJoey

    NightwingJoey년 전

    My waifu

  28. ERP Exposure

    ERP Exposure년 전

    "I hope you weren't thinking of leaving so soon Bastila.... "

  29. VadersPetPig

    VadersPetPig년 전

    Why can’t Battlefront II get cool stuff like this

  30. BCM M

    BCM M10 개월 전

    Cuz they didnt fuck up as hard as they did

  31. tanki60o

    tanki60o년 전

    VadersPetPig Becaus it doesn’t make sense for there to be hundreds of heroes and villains. There’s already more than a 150 characters in this gane

  32. Yume

    Yume년 전

    I wish the Battlefront team had as much content freedom you guys do.

  33. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash년 전

    Does this mean we are getting malak in the game soon?

  34. Sensei Mason

    Sensei Mason년 전

    Feel the power of the Dark Side

  35. Treo PL

    Treo PL년 전

    Light Side Bastila is much better.

  36. Guéli ;D

    Guéli ;D년 전

    Battlefront 2 shold have The same cast

  37. -DE-PROXY

    -DE-PROXY년 전

    I've always been a fan of the dark side😈

  38. MaverickV4134

    MaverickV4134년 전

    Typical rape amazing classic game, just as bad as Square-Enix 🖕

  39. VulturePilot

    VulturePilot년 전

    EA, Di$ney and new Lucasfilm don’t deserve such a well written and nuanced character.

  40. Nuclear Bullet

    Nuclear Bullet년 전

    GoH is boring. It's just number mashing with a graphical front-end...

  41. Thirsty boi

    Thirsty boi년 전

    I guess you didn't play it because where the hell do you get number mashing

  42. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash년 전

    Nuclear Bullet like an rpg?

  43. Merlin Herriot Fazbear

    Merlin Herriot Fazbear년 전

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing." - Darth Vader

  44. Der Erste Unbox

    Der Erste Unbox년 전

    Please for Switch

  45. Takedown Games / Zylo Takedown

    Takedown Games / Zylo Takedown년 전

    Can we use this film for Swgoh Content ?

  46. Yoda

    Yoda년 전


  47. TheRetard Machine

    TheRetard Machine년 전

    I feel like she should be on the top 20 heroes list God EA make the sith so good

  48. Darman's Bar

    Darman's Bar년 전

    Don't do the same fo JKR please EA

  49. Wiktor Kamiński

    Wiktor Kamiński년 전

    That character is so good! Also try the Bastila (light side) with Bastila (fallen). This is a very strong duo.

  50. GP Channel™

    GP Channel™년 전

    Hope they will make a remastered kotor 1

  51. BCM M

    BCM M10 개월 전

    They did for xbox, and were going to make a fan made one that looked very promising, ya we'll just nuke that shit lol

  52. ArachnidoComics

    ArachnidoComics년 전

    Dark side rules.

  53. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro97년 전

    It is actually so annoying seeing comments like "now add her to battlefront 2" like we are getting what you all wanted ...

  54. Cole Viloria

    Cole Viloria년 전

    Let Aperion be a thing.

  55. Hk21boss305

    Hk21boss305년 전

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that I post a video of me screaming like a maniac at games every week.

  56. Marauder Shields

    Marauder Shields년 전

    Go away

  57. Joe_sef

    Joe_sef년 전

    “Unlock now” more like pay money now

  58. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash년 전

    Thirsty boi well it is EA

  59. Thirsty boi

    Thirsty boi년 전

    Pay money to unlock a free character, yea that makes sense

  60. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash년 전

    Well she and ordo are events Then again you might have to pay money to complete the events depending on your characters

  61. Thanos

    Thanos년 전

    Well thats how mobile games are

  62. Alex

    Alex년 전

    Am i the only one here thwt doesnt like the old republic era?

  63. Joshua Shkopiak

    Joshua Shkopiak년 전

    Great now put her in bf2

  64. Lynx

    Lynx10 개월 전

    Fuck Battlefront 2

  65. BCM M

    BCM M10 개월 전

    No no fuck that, make BF3 just Old Republic, or SWTOR 2... ig....

  66. It'sBumbleBoy

    It'sBumbleBoy년 전

    Ooh cool. Now make her cannon

  67. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash11 개월 전

    HeavySandvichGuy1 ?

  68. HeavySandvichGuy1

    HeavySandvichGuy111 개월 전

    No. Make her trebuchet

  69. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash년 전

    bumbleboy11 we wish

  70. Guardian Down

    Guardian Down년 전


  71. nsk5599

    nsk5599년 전

    When I saw Bastila Shan had fallen to the dark side in KOTOR. It was shocking to see her fall to the dark side.

  72. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash년 전

    Fresh Avocado lol

  73. Fresh Avocado

    Fresh Avocado년 전

    When I cracked eggs into my frying pan, it was shocking to see them fry.

  74. Soulhunter GER

    Soulhunter GER년 전

    Now add it to Battlefront II

  75. Lynx

    Lynx10 개월 전

    Fuck Battlefront 2

  76. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu년 전

    @JWM Gaming Studio Microtransacton 🤣 where do you live that is already gone 🙄

  77. JWM Gaming Studio

    JWM Gaming Studio년 전

    Wheezes in micro-transactions

  78. BoombrO34

    BoombrO34년 전

    Her lightsaber will make another fine addition to my collection.

  79. Tank Dempsey

    Tank Dempsey년 전




    Galaxy of heroes >>>>>>>>> battlefront 2

  81. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash년 전

    I mean you are not wrong

  82. Thanos

    Thanos년 전





  84. icysolez23

    icysolez23년 전

    When EA puta more effort in a shitty mobile game but not their console games *cough cough Battlefront II cough* smh.. Assholes.

  85. SirFrost

    SirFrost년 전

    BAEstilla shan😍😍

  86. Ronen Salathe

    Ronen Salathe4 개월 전

    Love how they hearted this

  87. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash년 전

    Yep she is bae

  88. FabulouzGamer

    FabulouzGamer년 전

    She's always been bae since I played the game back in '03

  89. HEROGMR 43

    HEROGMR 43년 전

    Imagine if they added The Old Republic era to Battlefront 2 as fan service A man could dream

  90. Grandmas Moist MeatBalls

    Grandmas Moist MeatBalls8 개월 전

    @Nuclear Bullet imagine if SWGOH didn’t suck

  91. CamelPack Javi Ritsuka Betancourt

    CamelPack Javi Ritsuka Betancourt8 개월 전

    HEROGMR 43 definitely would be worth $60. I think you should know that there is a mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2 2005 for PC that lets you have united and heroes form the old republic I think as well as planets and things, you should look more into it. When I get a Gaming Pc I will definitely start playing Star Wars The Old Republic.

  92. hxxerre foley

    hxxerre foley년 전

    i'd buy it

  93. Sanek94cool

    Sanek94cool년 전

    Bad joke.

  94. Nuclear Bullet

    Nuclear Bullet년 전

    Imagine if the Battlefront 2 actually didn't suck.