Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - B-1 Battle Droid


  1. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars4 개월 전

    Hey, everyone. We're looking into why this video says it was posted today since it was actually posted last month. Apologies for anyone who got a notification from this.

  2. Alien lol 25

    Alien lol 254 개월 전

    Hi.This video is funny because it mark february 14 .lol.I no it bye accidant or maybe a big bug from KOreporter it that possible. It happen for Xbox one they got releases a new video about a new game but it was not complet. Lol.Because it cut the video when one is talking and then the video stop.It a sci-fiction game space .

  3. Octagons

    Octagons4 개월 전

    EA Star Wars it’s was private but just leave it private since they suck anyways

  4. EA Star Wars

    EA Star Wars4 개월 전

    @Clubgolf, it was never actually private, which is why this situation is so weird. It had views before today.

  5. ego1899

    ego18994 개월 전

    You even fuck things up on KOreporter. :D

  6. General Grievous

    General Grievous4 개월 전

    Yay, add the incompetent idiots to the army, why don’t you... Where’s that commander? I need a droid head to smack off.

  7. The Dank USSR Hunter

    The Dank USSR Hunter4 개월 전

    but they never male AT-AT to join the fight

  8. Star Fan

    Star Fan4 개월 전

    añadan al capitán Cody como héroe y a jango fett como villano

  9. Gamer X

    Gamer X4 개월 전

    Your a bit late buddy!

  10. Andrew Burton

    Andrew Burton4 개월 전

    Well this is interesting

  11. Adam Akmal

    Adam Akmal4 개월 전


  12. Josef Secillano

    Josef Secillano4 개월 전

    Rework Mace Windu

  13. Lando Calrissian

    Lando Calrissian4 개월 전


  14. Pokemon Pokemon

    Pokemon Pokemon4 개월 전


  15. Jim B.

    Jim B.4 개월 전

    *I can't wait for February 14th, 2020 to get a chance to unlock the B1!*

  16. DecarabiaSatanachia

    DecarabiaSatanachia4 개월 전

    Revoke ea license to make crap star wars games

  17. Myjulot

    Myjulot4 개월 전


  18. Bigbee

    Bigbee4 개월 전

    You also failed to inform everyone how bad it is.

  19. Hugo Aguilera

    Hugo Aguilera4 개월 전

    Please LucasArts, we need you to come back!!

  20. McKay J Berg

    McKay J Berg4 개월 전

    Just let this game die! We need some sort of real Star Wars App Store game

  21. Champion Singh

    Champion Singh4 개월 전


  22. MJayP13 PTR13

    MJayP13 PTR134 개월 전

    Dang cant wait

  23. papacheeze82

    papacheeze824 개월 전

    A little late on this one.

  24. Awaken

    Awaken4 개월 전

    Wait this isn't a joke? Wow EA, you did it again...

  25. Neptune-_-

    Neptune-_-4 개월 전

    I think the next will be the droideka trailer

  26. Michael Ruelas

    Michael Ruelas4 개월 전

    February 14th was last month, lol!!!

  27. ~(Rogue Jedi)~

    ~(Rogue Jedi)~4 개월 전

    A little late don’t you think?

  28. Dubby

    Dubby4 개월 전

    Can we get more skins in battlefront 2? Hooded maul, bespin Luke, caped grevious, damaged phasma, chancellor palpatine, old obi-wan, masked but unhooded Kylo, etc. and even add more characters like Jango Fett, Mace Windu, Qui Gon Jin, Captain Rex, Asajj Ventress as some options too and even add droidekas for GA. There is so much more that could be done with this game and we need its full potential

  29. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu4 개월 전

    Agree, bro!😃

  30. RochetRockstar Best hacker

    RochetRockstar Best hacker4 개월 전

    Hey can yall make Ashoka Tano and other main characters in star wars univers it makes the game better and I can give yall great ideas

  31. un tipico stormtrooper

    un tipico stormtrooper4 개월 전

    2000 Years later.....

  32. multikings20

    multikings204 개월 전

    Who left a B1 in charge of the video release schedule

  33. The Battlefront MUTO

    The Battlefront MUTO4 개월 전

    Yes for Sepies!

  34. FruttiDiMaré

    FruttiDiMaré4 개월 전


  35. orange42

    orange424 개월 전


  36. Chris James

    Chris James4 개월 전

    Timing is as punctual as the calendar

  37. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise Alex4 개월 전

    This is kinda unfair :/ but legit considering how massive production of B1 battle droids looked like in Prequels :P

  38. Thirsty boi

    Thirsty boi4 개월 전

    How is it unfair?

  39. Martin Freij

    Martin Freij4 개월 전

    Is it supposed to be 14th March?? i know they released last month but are they becoming farmable this month then??

  40. ProbablyFear

    ProbablyFear4 개월 전


  41. Dylan Hansen

    Dylan Hansen4 개월 전

    Uh you guys have a calendar or sumthin

  42. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash4 개월 전


  43. Arvy BlackOps

    Arvy BlackOps4 개월 전

    Where is Captain Rex and Fives on 501st legion Battlefront 2?

  44. Jeremias Vera

    Jeremias Vera4 개월 전

    @Arvy BlackOps i prefer get the large scale mode, More New maps, weapons for the 4 classes, ahsoka, etc were get Rex or Fives

  45. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash4 개월 전

    Arvy BlackOps we might get Rex but I’m sure we will get Fives

  46. Arvy BlackOps

    Arvy BlackOps4 개월 전

    Ik but there is no Captain Rex and Fives on 501st Legion (BattleFront 2)

  47. Jack Theflash

    Jack Theflash4 개월 전

    We got the 501st

  48. Jeremias Vera

    Jeremias Vera4 개월 전

    The 501st legión Is on battlefront 2 bro

  49. Angel Galvan

    Angel Galvan4 개월 전

    command the droid army

  50. Noah The Texan

    Noah The Texan4 개월 전

    "Not a roger roger from the lot of them"

  51. Sir Vincent Kompany

    Sir Vincent Kompany4 개월 전


  52. JD C

    JD C4 개월 전

    What About Star Wars New Game 🕹🎮🕹 Battlefront lll Rogue Squadron Classic HD Collection for Xbox One ☝️ & Ps4

  53. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu4 개월 전

    The Knights of Ren is coming on the Battlefront 2, if you like the new trilogie!

  54. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu4 개월 전

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the last Battlefront game not more Battlefront games from EA!

  55. JD C

    JD C4 개월 전

    What February is March Star Wars Galaxy 🌌 Edge Update

  56. Yoda

    Yoda4 개월 전

    Ea makes me hate my life

  57. E H

    E H4 개월 전

    Roger Roger

  58. TWSTF 8

    TWSTF 84 개월 전

    BTW It says, "February 14th," people! So what if the trailer is a couple weeks late?! Don't you have anything better to do? Finally got our first proper Game of Thrones trailer today lol WHY is anyone here watching THIS?!?!

  59. Andromachi Tserki

    Andromachi Tserki4 개월 전

    No shit sherlock :D

  60. Trueloveheart94

    Trueloveheart944 개월 전

    You're a little late to upload this

  61. Offlineable

    Offlineable4 개월 전

    SOMEONE put the wrong release date on the scheduled upload. Don't worry, we still love the editing ;)

  62. John Diggle

    John Diggle4 개월 전

    is this game good?

  63. jaiem

    jaiem4 개월 전

    If like the game por turnos yes

  64. Cujo

    Cujo4 개월 전

    This is what they do with the Star Wars IP. This.

  65. Collin Quirk

    Collin Quirk4 개월 전