Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Anakin's Starfighter Has Arrived


  1. CT 7182

    CT 71827 개월 전

    Who else thought this was BF2 trailer?

  2. mr nobdy

    mr nobdy8 개월 전

    Wtf we did you not have this in the first place

  3. unactive unactive

    unactive unactive8 개월 전

    WTF. Mind checking me out

  4. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment8 개월 전

    For a second I thought this was battle front 2

  5. Stephen Shettler

    Stephen Shettler8 개월 전

    Call EA all messes them okay guys

  6. Mir The Destroyer

    Mir The Destroyer8 개월 전

    Is it sand-resistant?

  7. Noah

    Noah8 개월 전

    Hey CG. Could you add in a feature that allows you deconstruct characters for credits?

  8. HOT DOG

    HOT DOG8 개월 전

    На рыверс

  9. Manuel Schönhofer

    Manuel Schönhofer8 개월 전

    yeey. finally i have a complete old republic fleet. how long i have waited for that! :D

  10. Zeno Dragon Head

    Zeno Dragon Head8 개월 전

    We want Caped General Grievous.

  11. Darkness S

    Darkness S8 개월 전

    When Will be the clone Wars update for battlefront 2

  12. SlenderScarf 335

    SlenderScarf 3358 개월 전

    Please more Heroes and Villains from Clone Wars: 1. Obi-Wan’s Starfighter 2. Count Dooku’s Malevolence 3. Grevious’ Starfighter 4. Commander Wolffe 5. Pong Krell

  13. Da Tick

    Da Tick8 개월 전

    Hayden Werren Count Dooku’s Malevolence? I think you made a mistake there buddy. The Malevolence was Grievous’ capital ship before The Invisible Hand. It wasn’t a starfighter

  14. Julian Parra

    Julian Parra8 개월 전

    Bring scaif back in star wars Battle front 2

  15. Quetion mark

    Quetion mark8 개월 전

    Throughout the movie, Han has his ship, throughout the game, he has no ship

  16. Erik QbZs

    Erik QbZs8 개월 전

    Put it on BF 2 >:v

  17. Haitian Dany

    Haitian Dany8 개월 전

    On battlefront 2 delete wookie warrior nearly the same thing as chewbacca and replace it with something like a death trooper


    MAX GAMES PC8 개월 전

    I wish you were doing a third part of the game The Godfather

  19. HG Kaboom

    HG Kaboom8 개월 전

    Just a reminder this channel has a ratio of 10:1 for SWGOH to Battlefront II videos.

  20. moderndemon84

    moderndemon848 개월 전

    Now we just need Obi-Wan's and Yoda's starfighters.

  21. Adam Akmal

    Adam Akmal8 개월 전

    The ones who disliked this didn't want the fun to begin

  22. Michael McGrath

    Michael McGrath8 개월 전

    Adam Akmal or just aren't retarded prequel apologists

  23. Adam Akmal

    Adam Akmal8 개월 전


  24. Jocast Wong

    Jocast Wong8 개월 전

    "We got him R2"

  25. darksoul 10

    darksoul 108 개월 전

    and now all we need is star wars battlefront 2

  26. Vincent Rahm

    Vincent Rahm8 개월 전


  27. Trump

    Trump8 개월 전

    Out Stop obsessing about these dumb mobile games & focus on the AAA Star Wars game, SWBF2. We want this in that game.

  28. Michael McGrath

    Michael McGrath8 개월 전


  29. Foxtrot 29

    Foxtrot 298 개월 전

    "jedi knight" lmao

  30. Goofy Goodness

    Goofy Goodness8 개월 전

    I thought this was battlefront 2

  31. Agwa Putra

    Agwa Putra8 개월 전

    So you need to 200$ for that?

  32. Da Tick

    Da Tick8 개월 전

    RAVEN Nope, only 5-10 minutes of your time is what it costs

  33. The Prodigy

    The Prodigy8 개월 전

    I'm just here for the battlefront 2 comments

  34. Unorthodox

    Unorthodox8 개월 전

    Yet we still dont have anakin in battlefront 2

  35. Da Tick

    Da Tick8 개월 전

    Anakin is coming in February. He hasn’t been added yet cause DICE is still working on Dooku, Obi Wan and the Geonosis map

  36. Michael McGrath

    Michael McGrath8 개월 전

    Unorthodox GOOD! How anyone could want that whiny brat in the game is beyond me

  37. Verminlord Soulberry88

    Verminlord Soulberry888 개월 전

    So you guys can add in his ship but not as a playable character yet? Id say its disappointing but i already left this game in the past, what a waist of money.

  38. Fettuccine

    Fettuccine8 개월 전

    Verminlord Soulberry88 Lmao this isn’t Bf2 this is the mobile game also if you already left why keep commenting that you don’t like it

  39. Dr Dank Gaming

    Dr Dank Gaming8 개월 전

    The Sandmobile has arrived

  40. Sunrise Alex

    Sunrise Alex8 개월 전

    great! :D now add Obi-Wan's starfighter and the duo will be complete! :D

  41. Magnus Guglius Vuglius

    Magnus Guglius Vuglius8 개월 전

    This doesn’t look fun

  42. Luke Skywalker Endor

    Luke Skywalker Endor8 개월 전

    *This is where the fun begins* >:D

  43. Adam Taurus

    Adam Taurus8 개월 전

    Hopefully they'll add his starfighter with him on feburary.

  44. Jamesw1230

    Jamesw12308 개월 전

    Does anyone actually care about this game?

  45. Jake M

    Jake M8 개월 전

    Insert prequel quote here

  46. Oliwier Dąbrowski

    Oliwier Dąbrowski8 개월 전

    Maybe put Anakin in battlefront 2?

  47. Oliwier Dąbrowski

    Oliwier Dąbrowski8 개월 전

    Alex Yeah i know :)

  48. Alor'ad

    Alor'ad8 개월 전

    @Oliwier Dąbrowski Yes look on the website of Star Wars Battlefront 2. And you will see Anakin comes in February and Dooku on January. I hope you know Geonosis come this month with Obi-Wan right ?

  49. Oliwier Dąbrowski

    Oliwier Dąbrowski8 개월 전

    Alex True?

  50. Alor'ad

    Alor'ad8 개월 전

    Yea, he comes in February..

  51. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro978 개월 전

    PuT iT iN baTtLeFrOnT 2 comments incoming

  52. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro978 개월 전

    This is Where the fun begins...

  53. Conor Brodie

    Conor Brodie8 개월 전

    I bet we’ll never get this in battlefront 2

  54. N.R. Wilson

    N.R. Wilson8 개월 전


  55. Tom Weeks

    Tom Weeks8 개월 전

    Alright, now put it in BF2 hahah

  56. David Gomez

    David Gomez8 개월 전

    "I'll try spinning, that's a good trick" Obi-wan: Spinning is flying. Anakin: But it's a good trick.

  57. 501st Legion

    501st Legion8 개월 전

    We waiting for Battlefront II

  58. Alor'ad

    Alor'ad8 개월 전

    Waiting what ? We give you content and 2 days after you need content ?

  59. Offlineable

    Offlineable8 개월 전

    Very nice! Can't wait for Kenobi's Starfighter to inevitably come to the game too and they will have synergy!

  60. Adam Taurus

    Adam Taurus8 개월 전

    Obi Wan's ship is in the game, only his episode 2 delta 7 starfighter.

  61. Travis Maguire

    Travis Maguire8 개월 전

    Yanno when u click in this pumped because u think it for battlefront II but then u find out that it’s for galaxy of heroes and have a heart attack but survive because u realise that this could be where the fun begins

  62. Mason Or Dixon boy

    Mason Or Dixon boy8 개월 전

    Thank you EA and Star Wars