Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition Trailer


  1. Litteraly all I do is write comments

    Litteraly all I do is write comments28 일 전

    I bought this. It was a scam. I didn't get the content!

  2. Matt from wii sports

    Matt from wii sports6 개월 전

    Where was the battle of jakku in this trailer

  3. Dieselnaut

    Dieselnaut7 개월 전

    If the game did launch with this content, im pretty sure people would like it much more....

  4. ZebraStripes32

    ZebraStripes327 개월 전

    i love this game it is amazing

  5. TheBatmanGamer666 Channel

    TheBatmanGamer666 Channel8 개월 전

    Does this include The Ultimate Star Card Pack ?

  6. Jose Moyano

    Jose Moyano9 개월 전

    Give it free for Battlefront owners! No one is playing the dlc maps!

  7. Ethan M

    Ethan M10 개월 전

    It’s a shame the dlcs arent on single player




  9. Santi Tv gaming

    Santi Tv gaming년 전

    Wow people literally won’t play the packs

  10. Santi Tv gaming

    Santi Tv gaming년 전

    I have the season pass but it won’t let me play the expansion packs

  11. Arthur Maxson

    Arthur Maxson년 전

    0/10 because there is no clone wars

  12. Max Maynard

    Max Maynard년 전

    And I got it for 2016 Christmas 👍 My parents got it for me👍

  13. Max Maynard

    Max Maynard년 전

    I have the ultimate edition 😋and it is way better than buying all the DLCs 👍 thank you EA for making an ultimate edition 😋.

  14. Matthew Kempa

    Matthew Kempa년 전

    Does it support offline

  15. el negro

    el negro년 전

    Season pass is on the house

  16. Kingkaden 03

    Kingkaden 03년 전

    Meh just bought it for £3.99 idk if Bf2 is coming out only £3.99 is a great deal



    The futility of these games, is that once the servers finally go down they are empty husks.



    garbage sound amazing graphics 2 but pay to win extra nonsense season pass scam

  19. Thanos M

    Thanos M년 전

    Rip Battlefront 1

  20. haha yes

    haha yes년 전

    6$!!! hurry up guys

  21. DTSpectre

    DTSpectre년 전

    Just bought it for 4.90 Dollars in playstation store. Lol. Massive sale

  22. Bohowsky

    Bohowsky년 전

    Just got it for 5 € on ps store. Rip dice

  23. Alcatraz Gaming

    Alcatraz Gaming년 전

    Haha just got this for 8$

  24. Matt Boesch

    Matt Boesch년 전

    it didn't have the Jakku DLC. how can i download that?

  25. Wookienator

    Wookienator년 전

    Can't even find matches for the DLC related game modes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  26. Romeu Rodrigues

    Romeu Rodrigues년 전

    I would buy this if it ad more players

  27. Cazack

    Cazack년 전

    well its 5$ right now in origin store

  28. Thecrazygamer2

    Thecrazygamer2년 전

    If they ever take the servers of this down, they better create a skirmish edition of all other game modes.

  29. Renerd - MeuXP

    Renerd - MeuXP2 년 전

    Give us all modes on skirmish please #ea #dice

  30. SinRain12

    SinRain122 년 전

    Bought this when it was on 80% or so last month, it was worth it

  31. PatoDestructorDeMultiversos

    PatoDestructorDeMultiversos2 년 전

    For 10€ in ps4 :D


    SWAT POWER2 년 전

    i bought this but we only can play the normal edition, is this because i don't have ps plus? please help me

  33. Adam Nguyen

    Adam Nguyen2 년 전

    It's crazy to think that PlayStation plus members only have to pay $10 for this during the mid year sale from Sony

  34. joeseyeuh hell

    joeseyeuh hell2 년 전

    Patience only cost me 9.99 for this on Psn right now. sweeeeet

  35. Noob Saibot

    Noob Saibot2 년 전

    I was waiting for this game for the 10 years and overall this is my opinion on it. 5/10 I know you'll probably say that it's wrong so let me explain why do I put only half. Graphics are Brilliant. They did really good work on how they'll represent entire environment. The sound is great. It really feels like star wars sounds. The blasters, lightsabers, blablablabla. No offense on that. Those little tiny details are PERFECT. Crashed star destroyer, jawas running around, wampa. It feels like it's really star wars planets. But that's it. That is all what is good about this game.

  36. Fernando Vasquez

    Fernando Vasquez2 년 전

    don't you get some star cards ?

  37. JonZam83

    JonZam832 년 전

    if you still haven't gotten the game or the dlc now is the rime. this thing is 20 bucks on amazon. the ultimate edition.

  38. Battle Plane 109

    Battle Plane 1092 년 전

    This was the first game I got for my ps4 the star wars ultimate edition and it's awesome!! I love it!

  39. Retro Lex

    Retro Lex2 년 전

    I just bought the season pass to find out that there are hardly any players on it ..... I just got played.

  40. Bryant The Lemur

    Bryant The Lemur2 년 전

    Thanks for wasting our money

  41. Tôi có được trả tiền cho việc này không?

    Tôi có được trả tiền cho việc này không?2 년 전


  42. Liked Rapier

    Liked Rapier2 년 전

    Does this work offline

  43. Hulk Sadi

    Hulk Sadi2 년 전

    EA will you please make the dead space trilogy on ps4🙏🙏🙏

  44. Matthew Alexander

    Matthew Alexander2 년 전

    what the full game should have been? XD

  45. Stop trying Cline!

    Stop trying Cline!2 년 전

    When is double experience happening again?

  46. Henry Watson

    Henry Watson2 년 전

    If the gane had launched with this except for scarif It would be great.

  47. torchwood278

    torchwood2782 년 전

    this should have been here last year instead of season pass

  48. Lt. Apples

    Lt. Apples2 년 전

    Is it wrong that I just bought this for $20 on Origin, 2 days ago?

  49. Leo De La Rosa

    Leo De La Rosa2 년 전

    i buy it for 10 dollars 😘

  50. Sofian Yulianto

    Sofian Yulianto2 년 전