Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer


  1. r3m1x

    r3m1x일 전

    If this come for free it will rise

  2. kale sherbert

    kale sherbert8 일 전

    Favorite game ever. So sad to see it die :((

  3. Dave Noob

    Dave Noob6 일 전

    This Game is Not dead .but its difficult to Play dlc maps. I Love this game

  4. CallMeJungle

    CallMeJungle9 일 전

    Everyone gangsta till darth vader shows up

  5. insert meme

    insert meme9 일 전

    Although this game wasn't complete it looked beautiful for it's time and it still does now

  6. Medi Birb

    Medi Birb9 일 전

    Can't believe after all this time I didn't realize the nien nunb laugh at 0:37

  7. Sinister Fate

    Sinister Fate15 일 전

    Tbh this game could have still been the best game without the clone wars. This was the best era anyway. They messed up by no campaign lack of maps and no galactic conquest offline mode. Battlefront 2 is better now with all the new updates but this game had more potential then battlefront 2

  8. Danii

    Danii16 일 전

    good old times where we all thought, this game would become good :D

  9. carlos fernando callisaya layme

    carlos fernando callisaya layme26 일 전

    i like more battlefront 2 for the clone wars

  10. Wojtek Gołuzd

    Wojtek Gołuzd26 일 전

    i like at-at

  11. Teddy Oshirak

    Teddy Oshirak27 일 전

    Oh, how far we’ve com.

  12. Guiller Vf

    Guiller Vf27 일 전

    I remeber the first time I saw this reveal........ I thougth it was a dream come true.

  13. JD Kassing

    JD Kassing28 일 전

    Good memories... ahhh

  14. lion747

    lion74729 일 전

    The first game was really just a demo for the second

  15. Joseph Clark

    Joseph Clark개월 전

    This game sucked

  16. The Unknown

    The Unknown개월 전


  17. Kye Jamieson

    Kye Jamieson개월 전

    KOreporter algorithm 👌🏻 Showing a reveal trailer from 4 years ago. What next, showing a snippet of Tetris?

  18. Mr. Red Dead

    Mr. Red Dead개월 전

    Whos here in 2019?

  19. lifan 98

    lifan 98개월 전

    So many memories ❤️ 6.21.2019 and still goosebumps

  20. cristobal 54x

    cristobal 54x개월 전

    Battlefront 2 is better

  21. Brandon Chua

    Brandon Chua개월 전

    Shittty game.

  22. Brandon Chua

    Brandon Chua개월 전

    HAHAHA! a failed game. sad to see that Battlefront 2 a flop too. EA shud just quit. let other game developers do it.

  23. Jo Ku

    Jo Ku개월 전

    I like OG battlefront the best

  24. Bazzy iFive

    Bazzy iFive개월 전

    Battlefront is better than Battlefront 2

  25. YorkshireChap YT

    YorkshireChap YT개월 전

    When one walker falls , just get a bigger one

  26. Sid Khanwalkar

    Sid Khanwalkar개월 전


  27. Zachary Clubb

    Zachary Clubb개월 전

    This was way better than Star Wars battlefront 2

  28. Stephen Witwick

    Stephen Witwick개월 전

    Graphics are better than Episode I and II. LMAO XD

  29. _ЗЕFIRKA_

    _ЗЕFIRKA_개월 전

    Watch this in 2019

  30. JOHN-117

    JOHN-117개월 전

    Man, when are we gonna get imperial commando though?

  31. ForSythe0

    ForSythe0개월 전

    This is on my recommended lmao

  32. John Mancini

    John Mancini개월 전

    ForSythe0 same, haha!

  33. Trapping Ackbar7

    Trapping Ackbar7개월 전

    Still get chills, such potential

  34. Chris Just Ah NOOB

    Chris Just Ah NOOB개월 전

    fuck this shit they never told me i gotta pay for online after i just spent money on this shit

  35. Michael Stout

    Michael Stout개월 전

    Chris Just Ah NOOB that would be because of your console

  36. Connor Daniels

    Connor Daniels개월 전

    2019 anyone

  37. Ross .1138

    Ross .1138개월 전

    This game was so satisfying

  38. Braden Dodge

    Braden Dodge개월 전

    "Early in-game footage" what a load of typical EA shit. Not even the cut-scenes looked that good! This was just a cinematic CGI short, nothing more!

  39. Julien Sanchez

    Julien Sanchez28 일 전

    Braden Dodge lol you mean “game engine footage” which is exactly what it sounds like... also idk what you mean, say what you will about this game but it’s graphics and sound design is phenomenal

  40. Cap Rex Master

    Cap Rex Master개월 전

    anyone 2019??

  41. ResilientSyroz

    ResilientSyroz개월 전

    Cap Rex Master lowkey miss it

  42. Nick Onufrak

    Nick Onufrak개월 전

    Back when a Star Wars game trailer gave you goose bumps.

  43. ResilientSyroz

    ResilientSyroz개월 전

    Nick Onufrak truuu

  44. Flames 5

    Flames 5개월 전

    Who is from 2019

  45. A_Lauren. Jpg

    A_Lauren. Jpg개월 전

    Not me

  46. spam

    spam개월 전

    This game may have gotten a lot of hate, but it is still to this day one of my favorite PS4 games!

  47. Stinger 19

    Stinger 19개월 전

    This game si so dead now

  48. i dont know

    i dont know개월 전

    I love it still

  49. Mr Social

    Mr Social개월 전

    2019 anyone?

  50. i dont know

    i dont know개월 전

    Leah OG

  51. Evolutia

    Evolutia개월 전

    This is still graphically better than most games today. Wow. No wonder the game sucks, ALL the work was put into the graphics!

  52. Nachoo

    Nachoo개월 전

    Yeah sure

  53. Sean

    Sean개월 전

    0:38 Anybody here that laugh?

  54. Jinx Spyro

    Jinx Spyro개월 전

    Only if trailers were as good as the games right? rest in peace Star Wars Battlefront 2015.



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    ELKFILMZ개월 전

    Why not just make a Star Wars movie like this?

  57. Matthew Rolls

    Matthew Rolls개월 전

    This over bf2. I miss being able to pick my own charcter and gear. I HATE pre set classes. It's like tf and tf2 all over again.

  58. General Plo koon

    General Plo koon개월 전

    Matthew Rolls A more polished game then 2

  59. Atomic '

    Atomic '개월 전

    I just realized a y wing bomber just took out a at at

  60. Slade Wind NEW

    Slade Wind NEW개월 전

    Why does this game still look better then Battlefront 2? I just dont get it.

  61. Greedo

    Greedo개월 전

    Slade Wind NEW Because they spent like 2 hours on the 2017 Endor.

  62. Slade Wind NEW

    Slade Wind NEW개월 전

    @Greedo i guess but they musta reused assets. I mean why does 2015 Endor look more realistic then 2017?

  63. Greedo

    Greedo개월 전

    Slade Wind NEW They spent A LOT more time on it. Bf2 was rushed, I guarantee it.

  64. True Brannan

    True Brannan2 개월 전

    I know that Jango Fett won't be in the game, but I think I know the next best thing: Make a skin fro boba called "Jango Fett" This skin will have the same colors of Jango minus the cape, give him his dual wield pistols, but make it so they do the same damage, range, and spread of Boba Fett's gun, so it not pay to win. It will put a smile on Jango Fett players faces knowing that we can feel like we are playing as our favorite character. (sorry if its not perfect grammar because I am actually from the Philippines.)