Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer


  1. SuperBurgerMan1

    SuperBurgerMan14 일 전

    Walker Assault was all this game had going for it.

  2. darkgamingYT

    darkgamingYT8 일 전

    Star wars❤

  3. ThunderBolt

    ThunderBolt16 일 전

    At the x-wing scene-1:43- the x-wing shot all 4 lasers at the same time Like why would they make the x-wings shoot 4 lasers at the same time if we can’t do it in the game They did add that in battlefront 2 though

  4. MastieDarkFie

    MastieDarkFie23 일 전

    May the force be with us

  5. Portal's House

    Portal's House26 일 전

    *Nostalgia Intensifies*

  6. Juan Mares

    Juan Mares27 일 전

    Just looking back!

  7. Michael Backx

    Michael Backx개월 전

    I still miss this game

  8. ItsNoOne1

    ItsNoOne1개월 전

    The nostalgia is flowing through my veins!

  9. Skylar durrant

    Skylar durrant개월 전

    I miss the ATAT assault I wish they brought that back in battlefront 2 tho I could never figure out how to take them down in the ship lol

  10. Darth Sidious

    Darth Sidious개월 전

    Well that soldier on Endor is completely screwed.

  11. og player

    og player개월 전


  12. M Teran

    M Teran개월 전

    This trailer literately came out on my b day lol

  13. Daniel Tv

    Daniel Tv2 개월 전

    When I first saw this I thought it was a new movie

  14. Jays adventures

    Jays adventures2 개월 전

    Looks better than it actually was

  15. Greedo

    Greedo개월 전

    Jays adventures Of course. Any trailer does.

  16. Ken DDY

    Ken DDY2 개월 전

    *yah huhuh*

  17. Whammy Cow

    Whammy Cow2 개월 전

    My favorite game ever!

  18. Greedo

    Greedo개월 전

    Whammy Cow Same! Definitely better than battlefront 2!

  19. RAPZ _TXBI

    RAPZ _TXBI2 개월 전

    Who is 2019 here?

  20. Anthony Schiavone

    Anthony Schiavone2 개월 전

    No one: KOreporter: wanna watch this?

  21. Trevor Reynolds

    Trevor Reynolds2 개월 전

    2019 anyone?

  22. Josh G

    Josh G2 개월 전

    Both games are amazing

  23. unforgettable -

    unforgettable -2 개월 전

    I can't wait.



    I wish battlefront 2 never came out as everyone would still play this as would I but I remember the good times while playing it back then

  25. Felicia The Full-sized Feminist

    Felicia The Full-sized Feminist2 개월 전

    I wish you never came out.

  26. Matheus Campos

    Matheus Campos2 개월 전

    I hate Battlefront II.

  27. MasterSolo1181

    MasterSolo11812 개월 전

    Wow 4 years

  28. stop motion Clone trooper 7567

    stop motion Clone trooper 75672 개월 전

    That Endor's map was amazing. I think it would fit perfectly in battlefront 2

  29. Mr Avocado7

    Mr Avocado72 개월 전

    I got this recommended again and I love it Thanks KOreporter

  30. nathanielvgasmen

    nathanielvgasmen2 개월 전

    Legit just need to show Vader for less than 2 seconds and the trailers gonna be metal af

  31. Carlitos Samuel Hernandez Hernandez

    Carlitos Samuel Hernandez Hernandez3 개월 전

    1:30 ese compa ya está muerto no más no le an avisado

  32. Virginia Culpepper

    Virginia Culpepper3 개월 전

    Hands Down:STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT IS Better Than Battlefront 2! you can say whatever you want nothing will top this game

  33. Smogle

    Smogle2 개월 전

    @Virginia Culpepper bf1 was shit gameplay compared To bf2

  34. Dawit Fekade

    Dawit Fekade2 개월 전

    Virginia Culpepper not really lmao they are all garbage games besides the old ones

  35. Virginia Culpepper

    Virginia Culpepper2 개월 전

    They are both best Star Wars games this has better gameplay but bf2 has way better story

  36. Dawit Fekade

    Dawit Fekade2 개월 전

    Lmao yours really funny guy

  37. Smogle

    Smogle3 개월 전

    Bf2 is way better than the first part

  38. 4hwk

    4hwk3 개월 전

    hard to believe this already says for years ago now

  39. Mattiezzz

    Mattiezzz3 개월 전

    No one: KOreporter: Hey wanna recomend this 4 years too late!

  40. game survivor

    game survivor3 개월 전

    one of my favorite games on the Xbox one I remember staying up from 10 till 6 a.m. in the morning playing Star wars battlefront of course taking breaks to make sure I don't get a migraine or a headache

  41. Skywalker Alan

    Skywalker Alan3 개월 전

    The unforturnate vader who spawns when the match is already over.

  42. hcl

    hcl3 개월 전

    I miss this.

  43. ソマリアスレイヤーSomalislayer -

    ソマリアスレイヤーSomalislayer -3 개월 전

    I don't know why, but im feeling really nostalgic about this trailer.

  44. Narveik

    Narveik3 개월 전

    2019 Nostalgia anyone?

  45. r3m1x

    r3m1x3 개월 전

    If this come for free it will rise

  46. kale sherbert

    kale sherbert4 개월 전

    Favorite game ever. So sad to see it die :((

  47. Dave Noob

    Dave Noob3 개월 전

    This Game is Not dead .but its difficult to Play dlc maps. I Love this game

  48. CallMeJungle

    CallMeJungle4 개월 전

    Everyone gangsta till darth vader shows up

  49. insert meme

    insert meme4 개월 전

    Although this game wasn't complete it looked beautiful for it's time and it still does now

  50. Medi Birb

    Medi Birb4 개월 전

    Can't believe after all this time I didn't realize the nien nunb laugh at 0:37

  51. Sinister Fate

    Sinister Fate4 개월 전

    Tbh this game could have still been the best game without the clone wars. This was the best era anyway. They messed up by no campaign lack of maps and no galactic conquest offline mode. Battlefront 2 is better now with all the new updates but this game had more potential then battlefront 2

  52. לוי ישראל

    לוי ישראל3 개월 전

    Yea because of the better Gameplay

  53. Danii

    Danii4 개월 전

    good old times where we all thought, this game would become good :D

  54. carlos fernando callisaya layme

    carlos fernando callisaya layme4 개월 전

    i like more battlefront 2 for the clone wars

  55. Wojtek Gołuzd

    Wojtek Gołuzd4 개월 전

    i like at-at

  56. Teddy Oshirak

    Teddy Oshirak4 개월 전

    Oh, how far we’ve com.

  57. Guiller Vf

    Guiller Vf4 개월 전

    I remeber the first time I saw this reveal........ I thougth it was a dream come true.

  58. JD Kassing

    JD Kassing4 개월 전

    Good memories... ahhh

  59. lion747

    lion7474 개월 전

    The first game was really just a demo for the second

  60. לוי ישראל

    לוי ישראל3 개월 전

    With better Gameplay and class system. And we shouldn't forget that in battlefront 2 u see Darth Vader fighting Anakin Skywalker on Jakku.

  61. Joseph Clark

    Joseph Clark4 개월 전

    This game sucked

  62. The Unknown

    The Unknown4 개월 전


  63. Kye Jamieson

    Kye Jamieson4 개월 전

    KOreporter algorithm 👌🏻 Showing a reveal trailer from 4 years ago. What next, showing a snippet of Tetris?

  64. Mr. Red Dead

    Mr. Red Dead4 개월 전

    Whos here in 2019?

  65. lifan 98

    lifan 984 개월 전

    So many memories ❤️ 6.21.2019 and still goosebumps

  66. Darth Criss

    Darth Criss4 개월 전

    Battlefront 2 is better

  67. Brandon Chua

    Brandon Chua4 개월 전

    Shittty game.

  68. Brandon Chua

    Brandon Chua4 개월 전

    HAHAHA! a failed game. sad to see that Battlefront 2 a flop too. EA shud just quit. let other game developers do it.

  69. לוי ישראל

    לוי ישראל3 개월 전

    EA is not the developer, but I agree.

  70. Papa Franku

    Papa Franku4 개월 전

    I like OG battlefront the best

  71. Bazzy iFive

    Bazzy iFive4 개월 전

    Battlefront is better than Battlefront 2

  72. Damory Bernadette

    Damory Bernadette4 개월 전

    When one walker falls , just get a bigger one

  73. Sid Khanwalkar

    Sid Khanwalkar4 개월 전