Star Wars Battlefront - Outer Rim Gameplay Trailer


  1. Crooked Crow345

    Crooked Crow345개월 전

    2 is better

  2. Levi

    Levi개월 전


  3. NLrenzo

    NLrenzo개월 전

    Already 3 years ago

  4. Jimmy Boobaby

    Jimmy Boobaby개월 전

    Why did they make that flabby guy a playable character

  5. Gletsher

    Gletsher개월 전

    I must admit, the maps that came with this DLC were too good holy shit

  6. Alejandro Barrios

    Alejandro Barrios개월 전

    I come from the future. Battlefront 2 has the high ground

  7. Whammy Cow

    Whammy Cow개월 전

    This was my morden day minecraft

  8. Jason Maracha Bond

    Jason Maracha Bond개월 전

    I'm sick of seeing storm troopers being treated like a bunch dumbasses who can't aim.

  9. RP Bird

    RP Bird개월 전

    Why aren’t the maps like this in battlefront 2? Instead we got sniper hell crait, small halls hoth, and can’t find the fucking objective tatooine

  10. Spitfire

    Spitfire2 개월 전

    Oh the Nostalgia 😭


    PRESTIGE LMA02 개월 전

    Why am I getting this recommended to me now

  12. Daniel Tv

    Daniel Tv2 개월 전

    Ok Star Wars battlefront is only fun with ps plus or Xbox live but I’m too poor

  13. Levi

    Levi개월 전

    If u create a new account on Xbox, u will get a deal from Microsoft "2€ for 2 Months Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass". But u need to login this second acc. Than u can play online on ur main acc but way cheaper. That's a old Jewish trick.

  14. Jamf18

    Jamf182 개월 전

    I bought the game yesterday and i didnt find any games :(

  15. Jamf18

    Jamf182 개월 전

    high ground Memes cuz i already have it in ps4 but i wanna try the first one in pc

  16. high ground Memes

    high ground Memes2 개월 전

    Jamf18 why didn’t you just buy battlefront 2

  17. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim2 개월 전

    Nobody other than the most dedicated Star Wars fans know who these arez

  18. unforgettable -

    unforgettable -4 개월 전

    Cant wait

  19. Takoda Hager

    Takoda Hager4 개월 전

    Honestly this was the best DLC we got from this game. And I still play it lol

  20. CS2013

    CS20134 개월 전

    i still play battlefront

  21. CS2013

    CS20133 개월 전

    @Russell.J all good

  22. Russell.J

    Russell.J3 개월 전

    @CS2013 thank you

  23. CS2013

    CS20133 개월 전

    @Russell.J cargo, droid run, and pod capture. sometimes you can get into a walker assault match but quite rare

  24. Russell.J

    Russell.J3 개월 전

    What modes are the most filled

  25. Matthew West

    Matthew West4 개월 전

    What I loved about battlefront one was the skins there where so many skins for rebels and empire what I didn't like no clone wars and no campaign I hope that in battlefront 2 they will add more skins for empire and rebels and I really want some droid skins also more clone skins and I'm still waiting for galactic conquest hopefully in battle front 3 we will get that


    ACCELLWORD4 개월 전

    Que les cuesta meter esto en el Battlefront 2

  27. Jeff Vader

    Jeff Vader4 개월 전

    I didn’t even get the season pass until a month ago, which is 3 years since the release

  28. Ejames villar

    Ejames villar4 개월 전

    Han shit first

  29. Joseph Nelson

    Joseph Nelson4 개월 전

    I love sullust. These maps were a dream. The industrial, volcanic factories. I actually try building imperial occupied mining facilities in minecraft

  30. Pop Slop

    Pop Slop4 개월 전

    Who else is watching this 3 years later in 2019

  31. FookinLasersights YT

    FookinLasersights YT개월 전

    I'm watching this because it got recommended to me idk why like fucking 3 years later

  32. Kripton

    Kripton4 개월 전

    This is my 3 video of Battlefront 1 in my recommended today

  33. Ccaleb 64

    Ccaleb 644 개월 전


  34. jennastephenson

    jennastephenson4 개월 전

    Han shot first

  35. Agame

    Agame4 개월 전

    Thank you KOreporter

  36. Poo Poo

    Poo Poo4 개월 전

    How late am i lol

  37. Withered Freddy the forgotten

    Withered Freddy the forgotten4 개월 전

    Bring back Greedo :^

  38. Jacob Gálvez

    Jacob Gálvez4 개월 전

    Yo, I got this vid in my recommended. I wasn’t expecting this nostalgia. Now we just got Droidekas in battlefront 2? Man, it’s been quite the ride.

  39. Dead Beating

    Dead Beating4 개월 전

    Jacob Gálvez Yup

  40. Mateusz D.

    Mateusz D.4 개월 전

    Ahhhh memories!!!!!

  41. Jack Dean

    Jack Dean4 개월 전

    Nobody; KOreporter; wAnt tO SeE OLd vIDeo?!?!

  42. DT-L29

    DT-L298 일 전

    Shut the fuck up

  43. Shabaka Smkss

    Shabaka Smkss개월 전

    Jack Dean lol

  44. Bash Conde

    Bash Conde2 개월 전

    I know just stop the KOreporter recommended isn't about the date

  45. Good Stuff

    Good Stuff2 개월 전

    Shut up

  46. Armando Alvarado

    Armando Alvarado4 개월 전

    It's always nice to look back and think of the times when clone wars was no where in sight. Now we get to play as obi won , anakin, Yoda, maul, and finally droidekas. Just took them 3 years. Lmao

  47. Snapper 657

    Snapper 6574 개월 전

    Why this on my recommended

  48. Anthony

    Anthony4 개월 전

    2019?! Game is still a gem

  49. Pavlos D303_PL

    Pavlos D303_PL5 개월 전

    Han shot first 😎

  50. Jeff Vader

    Jeff Vader5 개월 전

    Ey remember when dice released like 6 heroes in one year, seams like ancient history

  51. Jeff Vader

    Jeff Vader5 개월 전

    I want Greedo to be in Star Wars battlefront 2 having his og trilogy outfit, and his clone wars outfit

  52. TheApexMammoth

    TheApexMammoth5 개월 전

    The good old days , miss the crap out of this game:(

  53. TheApexMammoth

    TheApexMammoth4 개월 전

    TK-550 same just miss when everyone played the first one

  54. TK-550

    TK-5504 개월 전

    I still play it, Its fun, I play battlefront 1 and 2.

  55. IsaacSaint

    IsaacSaint4 개월 전

    TheApexMammoth me too 😞 i haven’t checked on it in 2 years

  56. Nixon Fleming

    Nixon Fleming6 개월 전

    I just completed iden resurrection were she dies .but liea ask zay to outer rim how do I get to that mission do I have to iden resurrection allover again .i know play rest of game u need online play do so .do I have keep playing online get to outer rim ?

  57. high ground Memes

    high ground Memes2 개월 전

    Nixon Fleming oh my god you are so dumb

  58. לוי ישראל

    לוי ישראל6 개월 전

    Still remember it as the best Star Wars Game.

  59. Shay Jeager

    Shay Jeager6 개월 전

    Remember when we had to pay to get extra content

  60. Francisco Elumba

    Francisco Elumba7 개월 전

    Greedo was a terrible shot in New Hope.

  61. gkkelemen

    gkkelemen7 개월 전

    OFFLINE MOD PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Ok i am Dying

  63. Mr. Star Killer

    Mr. Star Killer7 개월 전

    Me too

  64. Boiyager

    Boiyager7 개월 전

    anyone else got this in their recommended

  65. Hooman Being

    Hooman Being7 개월 전


  66. Mr. Star Killer

    Mr. Star Killer7 개월 전


  67. Lorena Terry

    Lorena Terry7 개월 전

    Oh how I MISS Nien Nunb! 😩😣

  68. gopnik king

    gopnik king7 개월 전

    1:01 greedo put the crack down...

  69. Elite 18

    Elite 187 개월 전

    Say, what you want about battlefront (EA), i loved this game and thought the DLC were good, I prefer paying for more content then waiting round for a new Skin or hero every 3 months like in battlefront 2, the big problem is not everyone is willing or can pay for the DLC

  70. Cragger Vortex

    Cragger Vortex7 개월 전

    Greedo shot first......But he had one job

  71. Sawyer Freed

    Sawyer Freed8 개월 전

    Miss it

  72. Is Ro

    Is Ro8 개월 전


  73. Wout Eyckens

    Wout Eyckens8 개월 전

    Battlefront and Battlefront 2 in one game please with the Old battlefront 2 👌

  74. young parcedo 609

    young parcedo 6098 개월 전

    I love greedo

  75. Shitboi41

    Shitboi418 개월 전

    1:02 Greedo used Dead Eye

  76. raptor 1

    raptor 19 개월 전


  77. Marcelo Montoya

    Marcelo Montoya9 개월 전

    This was a great dlc

  78. LucidMelody

    LucidMelody9 개월 전

    I wish enough people played now a days to fill up an outer rim lobby

  79. Orson Krennic

    Orson Krennic10 개월 전

    Nien Numb is badass

  80. Freund und Feind

    Freund und Feind10 개월 전

    I love this hero

  81. Kevin Feesche

    Kevin Feesche10 개월 전

    Han shot first

  82. BaconBot V3000.1.1 beta

    BaconBot V3000.1.1 beta11 개월 전

    *_i t ‘ s h i g h n o o n_*

  83. Otto von Bismarck

    Otto von Bismarck11 개월 전

    Han always shoot first