Star Wars Battlefront | Official Trailer |E3 2014


  1. TigerPlays

    TigerPlays개월 전

    Why are the first games always better than the second ones? It’s so weird

  2. Carter Lynn

    Carter Lynn26 일 전

    TigerPlays I wouldn’t say that anymore lol Battlefront 2 is so much better right now. I will admit the graphics are much nicer in the first one but game wise not really

  3. Artimo 01x

    Artimo 01x개월 전

    Anyone else think Darth Vader’s voice in this game is wayyy better than Battlefront 2?

  4. Artimo 01x

    Artimo 01x개월 전

    Had more fun with this game than Battlefront 2

  5. Carter Lynn

    Carter Lynn26 일 전

    Artimo 01x I guess Battlefront 2 is so much better now. Besides this game got boring after you basically got everything and you got nothing to earn anymore.

  6. Braden Dodge

    Braden Dodge개월 전

    And they certainly did not LoL

  7. Tootuff4ya

    Tootuff4ya개월 전


  8. Pinky

    Pinky3 개월 전

    What a major disappointment

  9. Flaming Toast

    Flaming Toast3 개월 전

    Came here to look back.

  10. Alexander Homeyer

    Alexander Homeyer3 개월 전

    And now a good Star Wars game is coming out. Thank god.

  11. Otavio

    Otavio3 개월 전

    we where so naive back then, so innocent...

  12. Darius Flowers

    Darius Flowers3 개월 전

    2019 anyone?

  13. Me Me Big boy

    Me Me Big boy3 개월 전

    Ah the promises.

  14. aleksandar miletic

    aleksandar miletic4 개월 전

    Force strong my family

  15. pigsrcool626

    pigsrcool6264 개월 전

    Just because a game looks breathtaking doesn't mean it's good.

  16. Victor Flores

    Victor Flores5 개월 전

    Dice is a great studio but EA makes it worse

  17. Jonty Crook

    Jonty Crook6 개월 전

    Omg this trailer is 4 years old!

  18. Raptor086

    Raptor0866 개월 전

    This game was dogshit lmao

  19. MisoSoda

    MisoSoda6 개월 전

    And then when it came out, disappointment. And even more disappointment from Battlefront 2 EA

  20. El Chilli Joen

    El Chilli Joen6 개월 전

    1:53 Its Stockholm

  21. Seashore Gaming

    Seashore Gaming6 개월 전

    This was 4 years ago.... shit im starting to get old👨🏼

  22. King Cypher

    King Cypher6 개월 전

    damn this felt like such a long time ago

  23. Korya Iine

    Korya Iine7 개월 전

    December 2018, anyone?

  24. TheBurgerHut7

    TheBurgerHut77 개월 전

    Hello future me 11/28/18

  25. Aleksi Lehtomäki

    Aleksi Lehtomäki7 개월 전

    I still love this game :) It's already been over 3 years from the release, time flies.

  26. W 6

    W 67 개월 전


  27. Nico A.

    Nico A.8 개월 전

    4 years already

  28. TK-550

    TK-5508 개월 전


  29. Ty Lando

    Ty Lando8 개월 전

    1:09 - 1:14 is just simply too beautiful.

  30. DancingValkyrie

    DancingValkyrie10 개월 전

    Watching this at 2018. Man, what a fucking joke this has become...

  31. H P͟a͟l͟p͟a͟t͟i͟n͟A

    H P͟a͟l͟p͟a͟t͟i͟n͟A8 개월 전

    Greed destroys everything

  32. Ryan Ream-neal

    Ryan Ream-neal9 개월 전

    i know right

  33. Captain America The first avenger ever!

    Captain America The first avenger ever!11 개월 전

    Luke Skywalker yeah

  34. DeftTheEpicGamer

    DeftTheEpicGamer11 개월 전

    A journey began

  35. Dying Meme

    Dying Meme년 전

    I hate the fact I was excited for this.

  36. Luke M

    Luke M년 전


  37. Giannpierre Aquino

    Giannpierre Aquino년 전

    "Do or do not... there is no try." well you tried

  38. Adam AL

    Adam AL년 전

    Too bad the player base in my region is so little i cant even join a hvv match because there is none lol

  39. vale 120 75218

    vale 120 75218년 전

    Star wars battlefront 2

  40. Alexander The golden warrior

    Alexander The golden warrior년 전


  41. John Goodwin

    John Goodwin년 전

    here in 2018 and I can say they tried and they did not with this game. But BF2 is getting better

  42. NightFall147

    NightFall147년 전

    Lol 9000000 views

  43. FeplayZ007

    FeplayZ007년 전

    Star Wars Battlefront 3 by FREE RADICAL is much, much better done and groundbreaking than its two EA Battlefront/Battlefield.



    The greatest lie on earth.

  45. Christine Leialoha

    Christine Leialoha년 전

    Dice need to fix that Loot Crate characters and servers and their bottle miniature tractors

  46. jo's Overwatch

    jo's Overwatch년 전

    And now the second one is out, This one wasn't what we thought

  47. jo's Overwatch

    jo's Overwatch년 전

    Still I have a hundred hours in it

  48. Aarón Cardoso

    Aarón Cardoso년 전

    We have acomplished nothing buddy, as the statement says "the ability to purchase crystals in-game will become available at a later date". They didn't remove the sistem from the game, they will just wait for you to buy the game and, think about it, they say this and now all gamers will buy it thinking they have removed this or that it will only have cosmetic changes WHICH HAS NOT BEEN STATED BY EA, once you buy the game, they could care less about their promise, you have already spend 60 bucks to buy their game (or your local country currency). THIS IS NOT A WIN, NOR EA SAYING SORRY, this is just a way they can ensure you will buy the game day one and keep sales asured. Don't buy the game, grow some balls, if we as users continue to keel allowing this kind of practices by large companies they will keep doing them, GIVE THEM THE FEEDBACK THEY REALLY NEED, NOT WITH COMMENTS, BUT WITH YOUR WALLET. GAMES HAVE MICROTRANSACTIOS BECOUSE YOU BUY THEM (cosmetic changes only is up to, given the fact it does not affect gameplay, and many games that immplement this method are free to play), and if you stop buying this kind of games we will stop seeing such greedy practices

  49. jwivan28

    jwivan28년 전

    Dispointed I AM 😔

  50. Mayer Gamer

    Mayer Gamer년 전

    Here’s a funny glitch I had, when I first got the game I only had bad WiFi and when I played multiplayer the ATSTs would have a weird tripping animation when they took a step

  51. MaxxyM

    MaxxyM년 전

    I saw this video in 2014 for the first time and i got stunned by the graphics. Now,in 2017,i realise everything was a joke,because the game had only the graphics. #MayTheForceBeWithStarWarsBattlefront2

  52. Seek Blu

    Seek Blu년 전

    “Opportunity of a life time” Angry Joe: YA DONE FUCKED IT UP

  53. Nerfed Gamer

    Nerfed Gamer년 전

    To anyone who's still living in 2014, this is all false hype.

  54. SPN 12

    SPN 12년 전

    This shit was ass

  55. crazixnox

    crazixnox년 전

    I cried when I first saw this. The end with the music and the sound of the speeders and the anticipation that it was going to be a game....feels good man.