Star Wars: Battlefront Live Action Trailer - Become More Powerful


  1. buffalobill4892

    buffalobill48927 일 전

    Uh-oh. Did someone snap their fingers?

  2. Pablin Santiago

    Pablin Santiago22 일 전

    Now...a french hot chick with a TIE Figther tattoo on the back of her neck, closing the store to play SWBF...that's my dreamgirl!!!

  3. SomeWhatGoodStuff

    SomeWhatGoodStuff개월 전

    Everyone in the world: "Welp Imma head out"

  4. Jose Moyano

    Jose Moyano개월 전

    So people are being absorbed by the game... but the game is actually dead, so... this is a fake trailer indeed.

  5. ThisDudeMichael

    ThisDudeMichael2 개월 전


  6. LautiLo YT

    LautiLo YT2 개월 전

    So Yoda is playing SWB now...

  7. Frostbite Cinematics

    Frostbite Cinematics3 개월 전

    Thanos got to them all. Turns out when you get snapped you are taken into Battlefront.

  8. ados110

    ados1104 개월 전

    thanos wiped them all out

  9. Boopy Doopy

    Boopy Doopy4 개월 전

    Perfectly balanced As all things should be

  10. Cloudy15th2

    Cloudy15th24 개월 전

    so EA predicted Infinity War? nice

  11. Andrew Canese

    Andrew Canese5 개월 전

    So are they all running around naked, orrrrrr..?

  12. David Alejandro Parrilla

    David Alejandro Parrilla5 개월 전

    Didn’t know thanos’s snap went that far back in time

  13. Anonymous Dude

    Anonymous Dude5 개월 전

    Thanos: *Snaps*

  14. One and only Slameye

    One and only Slameye6 개월 전

    666k subs

  15. Ontario Church Stories

    Ontario Church Stories6 개월 전

    I don't think the game is good enough to deserve this ad.

  16. lmozep

    lmozep7 개월 전

    I will never understand the obession of the west with feminism...thank god I never paid for that shit

  17. Nicolas Roux

    Nicolas Roux7 개월 전

    Come on Thanos !

  18. SpartinVi 2000

    SpartinVi 20007 개월 전

    when thanos snapped his finger but in a different franchise

  19. Stewart Fletcher

    Stewart Fletcher7 개월 전

    The best surprise is an Anna Kendrick surprise.

  20. just fresh

    just fresh7 개월 전

    It’s been years since this dropped and I still get chills

  21. NoNo Gaming

    NoNo Gaming7 개월 전

    Bro I am just at home trying to do homework and you teleport me into a game where I get choked?!?

  22. LEVI Z

    LEVI Z7 개월 전

    Beutiful 😢😢😢 The best star wars game ever Star wars battle front2 so trash😧😳

  23. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu4 개월 전

    Not today!!😅 Battlefront 2 2019 kick ass to all games!🤫

  24. Splitzerx

    Splitzerx7 개월 전

    This would be a cool horror movie... Everyone just disappears and all that's left are their clothes... wait when they get back in the real world are they naked

  25. Zeno Dragon Head

    Zeno Dragon Head7 개월 전

    I can't play this... i just Die...

  26. the lost animation

    the lost animation8 개월 전

    An Excellent trailer for one the worst games i have ever played

  27. Will The Wise

    Will The Wise8 개월 전

    when thanos clicks his fingers, Star Wars edition

  28. Skyfire6556

    Skyfire65568 개월 전

    So this is what happened to the characters who died in Infinity War.

  29. Anakin czsk

    Anakin czsk8 개월 전


  30. もちょもちょ

    もちょもちょ8 개월 전

    0:39 「混乱について申し訳ありません」の文章の不自然さよ笑笑

  31. Akugagi

    Akugagi8 개월 전

    0:25 damn, did they learn that trick from their dad?

  32. RecordedCrane 17

    RecordedCrane 179 개월 전

    Infinity war deleted scene.

  33. GrantKP

    GrantKP9 개월 전

    Loot boxes

  34. Gabouyo

    Gabouyo10 개월 전

    Thanos ?

  35. Luxray1000

    Luxray100010 개월 전

    Interior of the Soul Stone looks lit.

  36. Luke Marriott

    Luke Marriott10 개월 전

    1:10 so she just left a perfectly good sandwich there,what a waste.

  37. Andrew Canese

    Andrew Canese11 개월 전

    Mr. Stark I don’t feel so g- Oh wait wrong franchise...

  38. Huberman Project

    Huberman Project14 일 전


  39. Vincent heed

    Vincent heed11 개월 전

    Thanos is it you

  40. Daniel De la Cruz

    Daniel De la Cruz년 전

    Thanos? Is that you?

  41. Xristos K

    Xristos K년 전

    They disappeared because of Thanos.

  42. JR 91

    JR 91년 전

    Omg Luke didn´t die he just went to play Star Wars Battlefront 2.

  43. Han Park

    Han Park년 전

    so this is where people went when thanos snapped his fingies

  44. Тайлер Дерден

    Тайлер Дерден년 전

    Thanos did it!

  45. Biscuit

    Biscuit년 전

    I don't feel so good...

  46. Tonybalony01

    Tonybalony01년 전

    Dying is bad for your health

  47. Thats one beautiful man simpson

    Thats one beautiful man simpson년 전

    Lol everyone become naked and this looks like after Thanos snaped his figers

  48. Artyom Wraith

    Artyom Wraith년 전

    I don't understand where are their underwear? Where have they gone?


    ANATOLIAN27년 전


  50. ZedKoth

    ZedKoth년 전

    Mr Stark i dont feel so good

  51. jal

    jal년 전

    Infinity War spoilers out of context

  52. kaekimaster [Let ́s Play Gedöns]

    kaekimaster [Let ́s Play Gedöns]년 전

    "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” *spawns as normal rebel soldier*

  53. That One Guy

    That One Guy년 전

    Still better then battlefront 2

  54. Ivan Gonzalez

    Ivan Gonzalez년 전

    April 2018..and still playing this game!! it's way better than Battlefront II...

  55. SnipingFlute

    SnipingFlute년 전

    *Patrick* “It’s called the Ugly Barnacle. Once there was an Ugly Barnacle, he was so ugly that everyone died. The end!” 😁

  56. SomeGuyXD65

    SomeGuyXD65년 전

    Become more disappointed.

  57. Felipe Magalhães

    Felipe Magalhães년 전

    Two and a half years later and we still cannot play with Obi Wan. Thanks EA.

  58. Franco Vivas

    Franco Vivas년 전

    Aguante star wars que viva star wars

  59. CrusaderZirαs

    CrusaderZirαs년 전

    *FOR THE FIRST ORDER!!!!!!!*

  60. Studio Filmowe Czyściec

    Studio Filmowe Czyściec년 전

    They all went to... ...World of Pornonline,



    Kids getting vaporized everywhere

  62. Slavado

    Slavado년 전

    bruh if the girl vanished the boys might get the panties