Star Wars Battlefront II: The Last Jedi Season


  1. WolfeReacts

    WolfeReacts6 일 전

    When the content was scheduled for seasons.

  2. Brian The Person

    Brian The Person14 일 전

    If only the Battle of Crait was that awesome...

  3. Hawaiian Ganster

    Hawaiian Ganster27 일 전

    Don't mind me just here for the music in 2k19

  4. Mike P

    Mike P24 일 전


  5. Tumbleflop

    Tumbleflop28 일 전

    Crait is the map we needed for far too long. There's nothing quite like some well-done trench warfare. (And before anyone says hoth, hoth is NOTHING like some well-done trench warfare.)

  6. Ryan Przespolewski

    Ryan Przespolewski개월 전


  7. Ulysses

    Ulysses2 개월 전

    music made me nut

  8. Bonnie1046353BOIS

    Bonnie1046353BOIS3 개월 전

    Man that music

  9. Genji Jaeger

    Genji Jaeger3 개월 전

    this map pisses me off *match starts* run run run *get's sniped* FUCKING FLAT LANDS

  10. WW1 64

    WW1 643 개월 전

    Instead of it picking the map for you I wish you could pick what map to play on

  11. Maciek Gielu

    Maciek Gielu3 개월 전

    This Sound Track is AWSOME !!!

  12. The Blunt Sword

    The Blunt Sword3 개월 전

    I care up until 0:51

  13. Eden Hazard

    Eden Hazard3 개월 전

    0:59 that music 😍

  14. Brian From The Rebellion

    Brian From The Rebellion3 개월 전

    Anything inspired by the last jedi needs to be destroyed

  15. Michael Stout

    Michael Stout3 개월 전

    Brian From The Rebellion this trailer was lit tho, movie was ass

  16. daniel faraoanu

    daniel faraoanu3 개월 전


  17. Blake Stocco

    Blake Stocco3 개월 전

    Who wishes that they could add the riot trooper or possibly the stormtrooper executioner?

  18. Brick Sanity Animation

    Brick Sanity Animation4 개월 전

    Uh uh! Let’s take the theatrics to a minimum!

  19. Jzply _

    Jzply _4 개월 전

    Pls give us conquest like in battlefront 1

  20. Dyn Awesome

    Dyn Awesome5 개월 전

    0:39 when you are on the phone at 1%

  21. zaho87

    zaho875 개월 전

    Trailer is much better than the entire movie.

  22. Noah The Texan

    Noah The Texan5 개월 전

    Only good part on last jedi was the battle at crait

  23. Jeremiah Granger

    Jeremiah Granger5 개월 전

    At last, a fight worthy..

  24. Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    Gautham Ananthanarayanan6 개월 전

    What if the Darkness dies and the light side crashes in the road and the police, fire, and more came to see this and the first order get arrested and I tell Everett Ross about this and I have a speech about this and they find a new home in California Los Angeles or San Diego?

  25. Sadia Akhtar

    Sadia Akhtar6 개월 전

    Awesome EA

  26. Daniel Ulloa

    Daniel Ulloa6 개월 전

    Who remembers the Crait exploit

  27. Captain Game yes

    Captain Game yes6 개월 전

    *So good to have you back*

  28. Gonzalo Ceballos

    Gonzalo Ceballos6 개월 전

    There are no more microtransactions in the game, actually is really good!! The campaign is so interesting because it connects with Star Wars episode 7 & 8 also the multiplayer is very funny and entertaining, galactic assault is EPIC !!

  29. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu6 개월 전

    Agreed !😎😍💥

  30. BLACKHAWK199511

    BLACKHAWK1995117 개월 전

    The DLC? Lit 🔥 TLJ? Shit

  31. Matthew Turley

    Matthew Turley7 개월 전

    Come on

  32. Pèrez Habib

    Pèrez Habib7 개월 전

    Please rouge one

  33. Antarctic_Gaming 224

    Antarctic_Gaming 2247 개월 전

    The best bit is the music

  34. Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo Vargas7 개월 전

    amazing how in all this months this trailer got just two million views....and in a few days Obi wan and the clone wars DLC ( prequel ) got even more....that will make things right :)

  35. Rafael Jesus Castillo

    Rafael Jesus Castillo7 개월 전


  36. Big Boi

    Big Boi7 개월 전

    The map is nothing compared to geonosis

  37. doom7ish

    doom7ish7 개월 전

    Quick question: why hasn't there been a movie or a game that focuses on the empire? Or from the Point Of View of an Empirial soldier? I don't like the Resistance or the rebels. Their a bunch of traitors.

  38. Why Do I Care

    Why Do I Care7 개월 전

    There's Star Wars Battlefront 2 , oh wait.

  39. Maciek Gielu

    Maciek Gielu7 개월 전

    This soundtrack is AWSOME !

  40. Luke Raywood

    Luke Raywood7 개월 전

    Love the trailer but the movies average

  41. Jakub Husenica

    Jakub Husenica7 개월 전

    "Numbers arent everything"...especially when there are only 40 players on the battlefield.

  42. Kingdom of Gamers

    Kingdom of Gamers7 개월 전

    Kylo Ren's theme is so Iconic!!!

  43. Monsterman 1315

    Monsterman 13157 개월 전

    Who’s here after the Geonosis trailer?

  44. Lee Marvin

    Lee Marvin7 개월 전

    Not gonna lie, but this trailer gave me goosebumps. The music and the visuals in perfect harmony. Damn. What a magnificent trailer.

  45. Wars max

    Wars max8 개월 전

    The last jedi = bad movie.

  46. Wars max

    Wars max4 개월 전

    @light time/ joshT415 I not understand.I Polish.

  47. light time/ joshT415

    light time/ joshT4157 개월 전

    more like overhated movie. don't get me wrong the movie is not perfect but there are some good things in the movie but that just my opinion and I don't have a problem with other people opinion.

  48. Kevin Klein

    Kevin Klein8 개월 전

    Honestly as a PS4 battlefront 2 player I would like to see more trophies added to the game with the dlc’s that are releasing...guess I can only hope...😕

  49. Milin Patel

    Milin Patel8 개월 전

    This trailer was better than the entirety of TLJ.

  50. inJUSTice 00

    inJUSTice 008 개월 전

    0:07 Canon! We finally got to know how many troops they truly have.

  51. Rawr Dino

    Rawr Dino7 개월 전

    inJUSTice 00 its like 10

  52. Prat Chris

    Prat Chris8 개월 전


  53. We Monos

    We Monos8 개월 전

    Almost a year and only had 2 updates

  54. R.H

    R.H8 개월 전

    Little did we know this would be the only GA map we'd get for a year.

  55. Brawl Mayhem -Brawl Stars

    Brawl Mayhem -Brawl Stars8 개월 전

    Even tho i hated tlj I still like battlefront

  56. dumbass Boogaard

    dumbass Boogaard8 개월 전

    It shouldn"t be last jedi season but last season

  57. C-Ringe

    C-Ringe8 개월 전

    Lol still gets me hyped