Star Wars Battlefront II: The Last Jedi Season


  1. Instantaneous Sanic

    Instantaneous Sanic3 일 전

    Still haven't played this map to this day

  2. SexyFoods

    SexyFoods7 일 전

    Im getting shivers down my spine


    VOLD GAMER8 일 전

    this was way better than the trash movie called the last jedi

  4. JediPòkeWho

    JediPòkeWho11 일 전

    Let's hope the rise of skywalker dlc is worth it (the reason I'm here)

  5. Thanos 6.0

    Thanos 6.021 일 전

    Anakin: "I HATE YOU, TLJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  6. ThunderBolt

    ThunderBolt23 일 전

    Can someone tell me why the heads-up-display is off? Also at 0:22- how many tie fighters are there

  7. Dutch Van Der Linde

    Dutch Van Der Linde개월 전

    this map was aids back in December and its still aids today

  8. Obi Wan Llama

    Obi Wan Llama개월 전


  9. SEB TH3 P0W3R

    SEB TH3 P0W3R개월 전

    Say what you want about dice they know how to make good trailers (excluding BF5)

  10. SEB TH3 P0W3R

    SEB TH3 P0W3R개월 전

    No one cares about the campaign

  11. philip a dog

    philip a dog9 일 전

    The game is so great now but it is complete shit if you are only playing it for the campaign

  12. Bayden Wolfe

    Bayden Wolfe개월 전

    i hope that we can get more campaign in the Rise of skywalker update

  13. Whammy Cow

    Whammy Cow개월 전

    0:31 holy shit

  14. Whammy Cow

    Whammy Cow개월 전

    Who else is watching old star wars trailers because they are so good!

  15. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim개월 전

    0:07 0:30 0:38 0:22 1:00

  16. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim개월 전

    “Chose a side” It’s auto assigned assholes

  17. Twig

    Twig2 개월 전

    'We have 10.000 troops ready to fight' '...number arent everything' 20 v 20 match. What happened to 'large scale'?

  18. Genji Jaeger

    Genji Jaeger2 개월 전


  19. Ronen Salathe

    Ronen Salathe2 개월 전

    "We've got 10,000 troops ready to fight" *laughs in 200,000 units with a million more well on the way*

  20. pilkers2

    pilkers211 일 전

    UltramanII the separatists had over a trillion battle droids

  21. UltramanII

    UltramanII개월 전

    The scale of numbers is seriously off with the Star Wars universe. IRL even North and South Korea have 1 million+ army, not to mention the whole Earth. WWI involves tens of millions of soldiers. Yet somehow the Republic use a pitiful 1.2 million army to defend its vast space filled with thousands of planets many of which are just like Earth! Did the writers lack imagination? They seems to think the word "million" is already big enough for anything.

  22. Deadshot 500

    Deadshot 500개월 전

    Yeah that number is false they have millions more while capturing the galaxy

  23. Valhalla’s Guardian

    Valhalla’s Guardian2 개월 전

    Can we please get the trailer music released somewhere??? It’s actually one of my favorite star wars scores.

  24. H. E. M.

    H. E. M.3 개월 전

    I only played on this map like 2 times Last time was over a year ago. 😂 was this cut from the game or something?

  25. Jamesw1230

    Jamesw1230개월 전

    H. E. M. No

  26. WolfeReacts

    WolfeReacts4 개월 전

    When the content was scheduled for seasons.

  27. Brian The Person

    Brian The Person4 개월 전

    If only the Battle of Crait was that awesome...

  28. Hawaiian Ganster

    Hawaiian Ganster4 개월 전

    Don't mind me just here for the music in 2k19

  29. Mike P

    Mike P4 개월 전


  30. Ryan Przespolewski

    Ryan Przespolewski5 개월 전


  31. Ulysses

    Ulysses6 개월 전

    music made me nut

  32. Bonnie1046353BOIS

    Bonnie1046353BOIS6 개월 전

    Man that music

  33. Genji Jaeger

    Genji Jaeger7 개월 전

    this map pisses me off *match starts* run run run *get's sniped* FUCKING FLAT LANDS

  34. Regular Dude

    Regular Dude개월 전

    That’s why there’s trenches

  35. לוי ישראל

    לוי ישראל3 개월 전

    U know what pisses me off? Game Loading Kamino... I spawn... I walk 10m.. "Oh cool Anakin is here" "Oh, Darth Vader too.." I left the game.

  36. Ghost 64

    Ghost 647 개월 전

    Instead of it picking the map for you I wish you could pick what map to play on

  37. Maciek Gielu

    Maciek Gielu7 개월 전

    This Sound Track is AWSOME !!!

  38. The Blunt Sword

    The Blunt Sword7 개월 전

    I care up until 0:51

  39. A KM

    A KM7 개월 전

    0:59 that music 😍

  40. Brian From The Rebellion

    Brian From The Rebellion7 개월 전

    Anything inspired by the last jedi needs to be destroyed

  41. Michael Stout

    Michael Stout7 개월 전

    Brian From The Rebellion this trailer was lit tho, movie was ass

  42. daniel faraoanu

    daniel faraoanu7 개월 전


  43. Blake Stocco

    Blake Stocco7 개월 전

    Who wishes that they could add the riot trooper or possibly the stormtrooper executioner?

  44. THEMatTRON

    THEMatTRON8 개월 전

    Uh uh! Let’s take the theatrics to a minimum!

  45. cock _

    cock _8 개월 전

    Pls give us conquest like in battlefront 1

  46. Dyn Awesome

    Dyn Awesome8 개월 전

    0:39 when you are on the phone at 1%

  47. zaho87

    zaho879 개월 전

    Trailer is much better than the entire movie.

  48. BeachBum

    BeachBum9 개월 전

    Only good part on last jedi was the battle at crait

  49. Jeremiah Granger

    Jeremiah Granger9 개월 전

    At last, a fight worthy..

  50. Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    Gautham Ananthanarayanan10 개월 전

    What if the Darkness dies and the light side crashes in the road and the police, fire, and more came to see this and the first order get arrested and I tell Everett Ross about this and I have a speech about this and they find a new home in California Los Angeles or San Diego?

  51. Sadia Akhtar

    Sadia Akhtar10 개월 전

    Awesome EA

  52. Daniel Ulloa

    Daniel Ulloa10 개월 전

    Who remembers the Crait exploit

  53. Captain Game yes

    Captain Game yes10 개월 전

    *So good to have you back*

  54. Gonzalo Ceballos

    Gonzalo Ceballos10 개월 전

    There are no more microtransactions in the game, actually is really good!! The campaign is so interesting because it connects with Star Wars episode 7 & 8 also the multiplayer is very funny and entertaining, galactic assault is EPIC !!

  55. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu10 개월 전

    Agreed !😎😍💥

  56. BLACKHAWK199511

    BLACKHAWK19951110 개월 전

    The DLC? Lit 🔥 TLJ? Shit

  57. Matthew Turley

    Matthew Turley11 개월 전

    Come on

  58. Pèrez Habib

    Pèrez Habib11 개월 전

    Please rouge one

  59. Antarctic_Gaming 224

    Antarctic_Gaming 22411 개월 전

    The best bit is the music

  60. Ricardo Vargas

    Ricardo Vargas11 개월 전

    amazing how in all this months this trailer got just two million views....and in a few days Obi wan and the clone wars DLC ( prequel ) got even more....that will make things right :)

  61. Rafael Jesus Castillo

    Rafael Jesus Castillo11 개월 전


  62. Big Freindly G

    Big Freindly G11 개월 전

    The map is nothing compared to geonosis

  63. doom7ish

    doom7ish11 개월 전

    Quick question: why hasn't there been a movie or a game that focuses on the empire? Or from the Point Of View of an Empirial soldier? I don't like the Resistance or the rebels. Their a bunch of traitors.

  64. A very concerned being

    A very concerned being11 개월 전

    There's Star Wars Battlefront 2 , oh wait.

  65. Maciek Gielu

    Maciek Gielu11 개월 전

    This soundtrack is AWSOME !

  66. Luke Raywood

    Luke Raywood11 개월 전

    Love the trailer but the movies average

  67. Jakub Husenica

    Jakub Husenica11 개월 전

    "Numbers arent everything"...especially when there are only 40 players on the battlefield.

  68. Kingdom of Gamers

    Kingdom of Gamers11 개월 전

    Kylo Ren's theme is so Iconic!!!

  69. Monsterman 1315

    Monsterman 131511 개월 전

    Who’s here after the Geonosis trailer?

  70. Lee Marvin

    Lee Marvin11 개월 전

    Not gonna lie, but this trailer gave me goosebumps. The music and the visuals in perfect harmony. Damn. What a magnificent trailer.

  71. Wars max:klockowe recenzje

    Wars max:klockowe recenzje11 개월 전

    The last jedi = bad movie.

  72. Wars max:klockowe recenzje

    Wars max:klockowe recenzje8 개월 전

    @light time/ joshT415 I not understand.I Polish.

  73. light time/ joshT415

    light time/ joshT41511 개월 전

    more like overhated movie. don't get me wrong the movie is not perfect but there are some good things in the movie but that just my opinion and I don't have a problem with other people opinion.