Star Wars Battlefront II: The Han Solo Season


  1. Hybrid Theory

    Hybrid Theory6 일 전

    Oh pls no. Dont make a Adaption of this Flopy shit Movie. A "younger" Han Solo was a big failure

  2. Jacob Elmes

    Jacob Elmes7 일 전

    It pisses me off to think that they could have added Bekket and driden Voss as new heroes

  3. FBI

    FBI개월 전

    0:59 damn that little clip with all 3 of them was sick asf

  4. Oliver Sebastian

    Oliver Sebastian개월 전

    I wonder why they didnt add Beckett and Val

  5. Jakoob Swack

    Jakoob Swack개월 전

    Honestly I forgot this season existed

  6. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith개월 전

    it is sad too, i cannot find anyone playing extraction at all.

  7. Ryan Przespolewski

    Ryan Przespolewski3 개월 전


  8. AnonymousPrime

    AnonymousPrime4 개월 전

    We heard the main theme THREE times in this trailer.. THREE TIMES. 0:17 0:42 0:54

  9. blakus | music for media

    blakus | music for media3 개월 전

    You missed one at 0:30 ;) Subtle though.

  10. James Morelock

    James Morelock4 개월 전

    Looking back on this game's darkest time, it sure does put a smile on my face to see how far it has come.

  11. The Chicken Lord Draws

    The Chicken Lord Draws4 개월 전

    It costs 400,000,000$ to play this DLC for twelve seconds

  12. Jack McFeely

    Jack McFeely3 개월 전

    It was free

  13. Lando Calrission

    Lando Calrission4 개월 전

    I’m liking the new uniform And MY Millennium Falcon

  14. Hanz

    Hanz4 개월 전

    Does Anyone actually play the other eras anymore?

  15. Ryan Przespolewski

    Ryan Przespolewski4 개월 전


  16. HEROGMR 43

    HEROGMR 435 개월 전

    We've come a long way

  17. kyle price

    kyle price5 개월 전

    We need a Rogue One: Scarif Galatic Assault map

  18. NavarDerth

    NavarDerth6 개월 전

    Fake, I saw Chewie crouch, he can't do that.

  19. Tymek Kowalski

    Tymek Kowalski4 개월 전

    They will fix it in the next update :D

  20. BaconSauce

    BaconSauce6 개월 전


  21. Is Ro

    Is Ro6 개월 전

    0:21 Beat weapons

  22. kyle price

    kyle price6 개월 전

    It would be nice if we got the Imperial Navy battle in Solo

  23. milk steak

    milk steak6 개월 전

    The biggest waste of dlc slot

  24. Hoyt Archery

    Hoyt Archery7 개월 전

    Solo the movie was fantastic, I think everyone went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised.

  25. Kailil Kendrick

    Kailil Kendrick7 개월 전

    Holy shit this music....

  26. mrhamode

    mrhamode7 개월 전

    Kylo Ren can instant kill Han solo at very close range

  27. Shitboi41

    Shitboi418 개월 전

    Guess I'll reinstall the game....

  28. Цаце Цацевски

    Цаце Цацевски8 개월 전

    Is the content free?

  29. Commander Methanol

    Commander Methanol8 개월 전

    Everything in Battlefront 2 is free that said this over a 100 times during E3

  30. Genji Shada

    Genji Shada8 개월 전

    0:03 trooper : is that smuggler get him!

  31. David Maloney

    David Maloney9 개월 전

    I like the solo shins

  32. Dario Sarmiento Angeles

    Dario Sarmiento Angeles9 개월 전

    I feel like they could've added Kira, L3, or Beckett as playable characters to add a little more to the DLC

  33. Awaken

    Awaken9 개월 전

    They should have ported over Nien Nunb and Greedo over...

  34. emilio pelayo

    emilio pelayo9 개월 전

    I have not been looking foward to this

  35. William eduardo jesus Rodriguez Guevara

    William eduardo jesus Rodriguez Guevara9 개월 전

    No c si valga la pena comprar este juego :v

  36. Jack Raider

    Jack Raider9 개월 전

    This is awesome but where is Q 'ira

  37. Ryo Na?

    Ryo Na?9 개월 전

    1:01 Chewbacca wearing shades

  38. Thami Manana

    Thami Manana9 개월 전

    Xbox is the best

  39. Mario Master

    Mario Master10 개월 전


  40. KaptainDruox 121

    KaptainDruox 12110 개월 전

    I understand that everyone was annoyed with this season, but was it really so bad? At least it added 2 new game modes, which the Clone Wars season has yet to do.

  41. The Healthy Man

    The Healthy Man개월 전

    Yeah, and the game modes were garbage and dead after a month.

  42. Awaken

    Awaken9 개월 전

    Yes it was. No new heroes, one new boring map, no new planets...

  43. Maikiniki HD

    Maikiniki HD10 개월 전

    Yeah Solo

  44. antoine nangniot

    antoine nangniot10 개월 전

    X-wing pilot skin for Skywalker please !

  45. TheGamingGeek

    TheGamingGeek10 개월 전

    Either take voice lines from the movie or hire the actors that play the characters IN the movie!!!!!!

  46. Adidasaurus

    Adidasaurus10 개월 전

    They did that tho

  47. Kool Beans

    Kool Beans10 개월 전

    I love this music

  48. Cricky H

    Cricky H11 개월 전

    EA can you guys make blackwing

  49. The PlayStation Fanatic

    The PlayStation Fanatic11 개월 전

    Solo's skin is the best skin in the game

  50. Sandstraw469

    Sandstraw46911 개월 전

    RIP seasons


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  52. SpringBeGaming /RkFlash14

    SpringBeGaming /RkFlash1411 개월 전

    Little did they now general grievous already came out and obi wan kenobie. Hint: NOVEMBER 27

  53. Jeb NJimbo

    Jeb NJimbo11 개월 전

    You could at least add Tobias Beckett and Enfys Nest playable characters for this season?

  54. MisaelDaiquel Perez Diaz

    MisaelDaiquel Perez Diaz11 개월 전


  55. Zion Sean

    Zion Sean11 개월 전


  56. Gojirawars 03

    Gojirawars 0311 개월 전

    *Geonosis Trailer gets more views than this in 2 days* You get it now Disney? We don’t want this crap! We want the good eras! The good films!

  57. Aidan McFarlane

    Aidan McFarlane11 개월 전

    I may not like EA but man do they know how to make a good trailer for their games

  58. Alexandre Aguera

    Alexandre Aguera11 개월 전

    Isn't good deal sorry for my english but is to much

  59. Steven Kang

    Steven Kang11 개월 전

    @Alexandre Aguera thats true

  60. Alexandre Aguera

    Alexandre Aguera11 개월 전

    40000 credits Would have been enough and I would have bought it but it's abused

  61. Alexandre Aguera

    Alexandre Aguera11 개월 전

    @Steven Kang no the skin , 80 000 crédits is to much

  62. Steven Kang

    Steven Kang11 개월 전

    only $10 and free dlc

  63. Alexandre Aguera

    Alexandre Aguera11 개월 전

    Skin trop chère

  64. T. Martin

    T. Martin11 개월 전 this an impression of an impression of Harrison Ford?

  65. Liam Porteous

    Liam Porteous11 개월 전

    This ain't a season. Just new map and skins. A new season would be new characters

  66. The Protagonist

    The Protagonist11 개월 전

    Says who ?

  67. Llukix

    Llukix11 개월 전

    Dun mind me just re-visiting all the Star Wars trailers after the geonosis trailer dropped

  68. wolfguy23

    wolfguy2311 개월 전

    Bang, Bang, *BOOM.*

  69. Smashball Face

    Smashball Face11 개월 전

    Honestly the only good thing to come out of this update was the Starfighter Arcade.

  70. Jevtak7

    Jevtak711 개월 전

    I M H A N S O L O

  71. hooodini hoobenis

    hooodini hoobenis11 개월 전

    They make the trailers good and all. But they need to work on making the game better

  72. Nicholus Malifa

    Nicholus Malifa년 전

    After the movie that GIRL should be in it

  73. Beatle

    Beatle년 전

    Movie sucked and the game sucked lol

  74. blah blah

    blah blah9 개월 전

    BeatleDude 4 you suck

  75. Trevor Scragg

    Trevor Scragg년 전