Star Wars Battlefront II: Official Starfighter Assault Gameplay Trailer


  1. Adin1982

    Adin1982개월 전

    Who watch in 2019?

  2. Genji Jaeger

    Genji Jaeger개월 전

    ah yes......the game mode that NO BODY plays anymore

  3. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim개월 전

    I’m still a very angry They put in maul. Like why? He died. Why not Dooku (I’m talking about at launch) He wasn’t fighting for the separatists during the clone wars. He was death watch. He had robot legs... He shouldn’t be in game..

  4. inJUSTice 00

    inJUSTice 002 개월 전

    Me: I will not buy the game 0:02 perhaps I will buy it 0:14 okay looks great, I wait until the price is reduced 0:36 TAKE MY MONEY IMMEDIATELY

  5. Stephen Nugent

    Stephen Nugent2 개월 전

    0:45 Still waiting two years later

  6. Mr Avocado7

    Mr Avocado72 개월 전

    We were so hyped for this game and this is one of the few good modes in it

  7. Moritz Pollich

    Moritz Pollich2 개월 전

    0:45 is this supposed to be a female clone?

  8. Jules Blesse

    Jules Blesse2 개월 전

    For the republic

  9. Noah Fountain

    Noah Fountain3 개월 전

    *_You cannot kill a Sith_* _HELLO THERE_

  10. Tyler Eaton

    Tyler Eaton3 개월 전

    Clone wars era will always be my favorite. This isn't a small group of people fighting oppression, it's a damn war.

  11. Ralph Avery

    Ralph Avery3 개월 전

    You can hear Anakin saying “For the Republic” and “Droid fleet dead ahead” while Ahsoka says “Bank hard. Incoming!”

  12. The Grey Jedi

    The Grey Jedi4 개월 전

    We need more Starfighter content at some point in the future.

  13. Lando Calrission

    Lando Calrission4 개월 전

    Still miss My Millennium Falcon

  14. jean themilitaryhistorianbrony

    jean themilitaryhistorianbrony4 개월 전

    The only fun part in my opinion.

  15. Nick Sparrow Studios

    Nick Sparrow Studios5 개월 전

    fuck the pc controls

  16. Rames Garcia

    Rames Garcia5 개월 전

    The trailer was way better than the game

  17. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu5 개월 전


  18. Ahsoka Tano

    Ahsoka Tano5 개월 전

    0:45 that's my voice there

  19. Ray The Manokit

    Ray The Manokit6 개월 전

    0:52 awsome sound

  20. The Bad Guys

    The Bad Guys7 개월 전

    when a girl lies on her tinder profile pic.

  21. Waxy

    Waxy7 개월 전

    0:39 Did they foreshadow Anakin before the game even came out?

  22. Alvin Chun

    Alvin Chun7 개월 전

    0:40 Nuts


    BARF_SIDEOS7 개월 전

    It shows the star fighters so fast but we go hella slow in the actual game

  24. Aiden J Garcia

    Aiden J Garcia7 개월 전

    Hey ea if you can see this please add veachles to battlefront 2 on arcade PLEASE!

  25. Ruan Barbosa

    Ruan Barbosa4 개월 전

    They have plans to a new PvE mode for August

  26. Lloyd Garmodon

    Lloyd Garmodon7 개월 전

    Its like star wars the clone wars events are in this game includes the akmino batlle

  27. V Reaper

    V Reaper7 개월 전

    There is Talking a Woman at 0:46 in a Clone starfighter......

  28. V Reaper

    V Reaper7 개월 전


  29. AlfieBF2

    AlfieBF27 개월 전

    V Reaper it’s Ashoka

  30. You Tube Helpfarm

    You Tube Helpfarm7 개월 전

    Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Amaan Saddiq

    Amaan Saddiq8 개월 전


  32. Bonnie1046353BOIS

    Bonnie1046353BOIS8 개월 전

    Show no mercy to these rebels! *star destroyer explodes* AH MOTHER (NO)

  33. huda deva

    huda deva8 개월 전

    Is star assault death ?

  34. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu8 개월 전


  35. ShockWave257

    ShockWave2578 개월 전

    I loved how they make these trailers look amazing but the game itself is really mediocre. Like too simple and you know what will happen. Unlike they added Genosis and 3 new heroes, but that's not good enough. If they added a paid dlc, they should put SERIOUS work into fixing everything I was so pumped on the game, but not anymore at this point. Not after they did little progress in 2 to 3 years. What I wish is more starfighter maps and make it act like I'm in the clone wars TV show; intense and so real.

  36. jayvhon calma

    jayvhon calma9 개월 전

    Darth vader: "Show no mercy to those rebels " His voice is badass than in the movies

  37. Talon Reynolds

    Talon Reynolds9 개월 전

    Even though the game is not that good, but it somehow always gives me goosebumps.

  38. Stephen John Hall

    Stephen John Hall9 개월 전

    This in VR

  39. Hershey Rail Productions

    Hershey Rail Productions9 개월 전

    My starwars deluxe edition code doesn't even work when I put in to my xbox it said on the game purchased failed

  40. SovietTaters

    SovietTaters9 개월 전

    0:36 The Soviet Union invading Berlin 1945 (colorized)

  41. Bianca Tudorache

    Bianca Tudorache10 개월 전

    0:38 Anakin?!

  42. Marcos Arriola

    Marcos Arriola10 개월 전

    Why we dont have team death match with super heroes and stromtroopers??

  43. Konnor Jackson

    Konnor Jackson10 개월 전

    Really Great trailer for the game.

  44. Obi Wan Kenyatta

    Obi Wan Kenyatta10 개월 전

    0:52 goosebumps every time

  45. KruS MLG

    KruS MLG10 개월 전

    За Республику!!

  46. Matt Perrelli

    Matt Perrelli10 개월 전

    Best aerial combat in the history of video games, fight me

  47. DJ Luantic

    DJ Luantic10 개월 전

    0:37 is that Anakin Skywalker voice???

  48. FNaFModderGamer

    FNaFModderGamer11 개월 전

    Der Modus ist tot

  49. ketut purni

    ketut purni11 개월 전

    Cool games

  50. Korya Iine

    Korya Iine11 개월 전

    Anakin and Ahsoka have to be those voices!

  51. Канал Дигоим

    Канал Дигоим11 개월 전


  52. D.DoT-Z

    D.DoT-Z11 개월 전

    0:49 The pause The sound design The music This is the best segment of the trailer

  53. D.DoT-Z

    D.DoT-Z11 개월 전

    0:37 Sorry who’s talking Because those aren’t clone voices

  54. Başak

    Başak2 개월 전

    Anakin and Ahsoka. They already added Anakin into the game and Ahsoka's voice files founded in the game which means she will be in the game but later.


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  57. Zach Gabriel

    Zach Gabriel11 개월 전

    0:36 NUT

  58. Imperator Negative

    Imperator Negative11 개월 전

    GEIL!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍😰

  59. Reece Simpson

    Reece Simpson년 전

    If anakin starfighter was in it then he could of said This is where the fun begins

  60. MasterChief

    MasterChief년 전

    I'm just satisfied the way (possibly anakin) they say "FOR THE REPUBLIC!"

  61. WegDhass

    WegDhass년 전

    You cannot kill MY CAMEO IN SOLO!

  62. Mac Schwegger

    Mac Schwegger년 전

    just how my head was when playing with Lego StarWars sets

  63. Jaiden Boyd

    Jaiden Boyd년 전


  64. Jee Zed

    Jee Zed년 전

    When you realize that it's nowhere near as cool as this, and that Ahsoka and anakin who you can clearly hear in the ryloth part, ARE NOT IN THE FUCKING GAME.

  65. SpartanSkillHalo

    SpartanSkillHalo9 개월 전

    Jee Zed The game is such a disappointment.

  66. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams년 전

    "You cannot kill a sith " *Peniswarrior2005 has killed Darth Maul*

  67. Justin Villegas

    Justin Villegas년 전

    May the force be with you Luke skywalker