Star Wars Battlefront II: Official Gameplay Trailer


  1. Quoted_ Hydra

    Quoted_ Hydra3 시간 전

    After a rough start, two years later this game has come a long way and is so much better now. Of course its not perfect, and there are some things that need to be balanced and changed for the better. On the other hand this game is really fun, and certainly is a amazing Star Wars experience. Give thanks to DICE for saving this game and making it better.

  2. CaptnDomDomYDG

    CaptnDomDomYDG일 전

    So much potential lost

  3. Jarol Kingsman

    Jarol Kingsman2 일 전

    The game is amazing now and things are just gonna get better still love the trailer

  4. UrRandomUtuber

    UrRandomUtuber3 일 전

    Who else is watching this to test their S2417DG?


    KHOA LUONG5 일 전

    Comment down below tell what team do you like

  6. SKO KI

    SKO KI5 일 전

  7. Jassim Planes 1093

    Jassim Planes 10935 일 전

    0:57 to 1:01 is the best part

  8. Avrelix

    Avrelix6 일 전

    I wish the song from this trailer would play in game. It would make the battles more epic.

  9. Mike Kirk

    Mike Kirk6 일 전

    If only this game could live up to the hype it started the original is way better.

  10. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB6 일 전

    The original was good, but looking at the improvement they did over the last few months, this game has gotten a lot better. I might even say it matches the original 2.

  11. Josh Havlovic

    Josh Havlovic7 일 전

    Tbh looking back of what now is battlefront the team aspect is none compared to the trailer view besides the Crait final stand, but the music in this...🔥🔥🔥

  12. Soldier 76!

    Soldier 76!8 일 전

    There was a time we all felt the hype for real for a Start wars game. A hype so high it shouldn't have been rivaled. Game came out, turned out to be a massive insult and letdown. For a while, this game died and became a joke. Now, for the past couple of months or maybe year, developers have been crazy on this game finally doing this game justice. They're giving us what we asked for and I see this game rising again. It can get there. Slowly, but it can. This game has become something again. It's becoming a real, battlefront.

  13. Angry nAegur

    Angry nAegur7 일 전

    yeah i redownloaded the game it sooo much fun

  14. Grigory Fazz

    Grigory Fazz8 일 전

    When the trailer is better than the game

  15. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker3 일 전

    Now this game is very good

  16. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB6 일 전

    Cool. You do what you like.

  17. Grigory Fazz

    Grigory Fazz6 일 전

    Fliyo MB I didn’t like the game it was disappointing

  18. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB6 일 전

    ?? Are you sarcastic or just jumping on the EA hate train?

  19. Mr. Glitches

    Mr. Glitches9 일 전

    This Game is Trash. Full of Bugs and Glitches, Content that should have been since Launch. "But it's good now" Shut up and go fuck yourself. Fuck, you paid Money for this trash and People are saying Content for Free? Dont remember the shitty Content that the game only had on Launch? Morons, you guys should get rip off

  20. Jango Fett

    Jango Fett9 일 전

    Who remembers the hype this trailer brought?

  21. Deferdfive 092

    Deferdfive 09211 일 전

    Still a great trailer

  22. Rockwell

    Rockwell12 일 전

    This ain't the first time I've seen this but I still got goosebumps

  23. evil_ morty28

    evil_ morty2812 일 전

    The ai is messing up every ai in the game just stands still pls fix it



    Do you need to pay money to play multiplayer on this game?

  25. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전

    ?? Only if you are a console player. You will pay your standard PS+ or Xbox Gold subscriptions.



    But do you need to pay money to play multiplayer on Star Wars Battlefront 2

  27. Mohamed25X1

    Mohamed25X113 일 전


  28. Giorgos Blackjohn

    Giorgos Blackjohn13 일 전

    They added a shit ton of content still adding still supporting it and its an amazing game, Havent seen a game get this much free content and good content too since Warframe. I liked this game when I first got it, and I love it now its always full always see people the removed the microtransactions they addedd skins heroes vehicles classes maps modes everything the community is asking and Im proud for them!

  29. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전

    A true great team. I shall watch their work with great interest.

  30. E & D Angry Productions

    E & D Angry Productions13 일 전

    1:12 is my FAVORITE part, ( because of Yoda. )

  31. 3ddypogi

    3ddypogi13 일 전

    I got the game in December of 2017, for christmas and right when I got it as a gift, I ran to my PS4 to go play it.

  32. Captain Rex

    Captain Rex15 일 전

    I wish I was in this game

  33. CT- 2273

    CT- 227316 일 전

    At the times it were bad, we had to be greatful, atleast it was not a battle Royale game. The game is great now, good job EA/Dice.

  34. veronotic 9

    veronotic 917 일 전

    I hope they add a clone wars campaign

  35. Nugget

    Nugget18 일 전

    0:42 "All clear." SIKE YOU THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!

  36. Anthony

    Anthony18 일 전

    Star Wars battlefront 2 for PS2 is the best battlefront known to man don’t @ me


    VOLD GAMER15 일 전

    @Anthony yes, it is a great game now, they turned it around for the better and after launch they removed the microtransactions for good

  38. Anthony

    Anthony16 일 전

    VOLD GAMER your telling me they’ve updated it into being good?


    VOLD GAMER16 일 전

    ea battlefront 2 is proving itself to be a far better game now, one more big update could beat the original

  40. Gunners Game

    Gunners Game18 일 전

    No EA battlefront 2 is way better.

  41. Logan Marcillac

    Logan Marcillac18 일 전

    If squad play was like this in the game.

  42. Tembefuxer

    Tembefuxer18 일 전

    0:43 LOOTBOX


    WITCHMASTER4618 일 전

    Quick update currently $8 on the psn store grab it boys

  44. Navajo Predator5

    Navajo Predator517 일 전

    WITCHMASTER46 I got this game day one and idk bout boi or girl idk. But what are ur thoughts on it?

  45. AHarice

    AHarice19 일 전

    The generation time shift at the start is beautiful

  46. Navajo Predator5

    Navajo Predator517 일 전

    AHarice IKR

  47. Ethan Davo

    Ethan Davo19 일 전

    Anyone who has avoided this game because of its terrible launch need to play it. It's a great game now and dice have changed and added a lot since launch

  48. 세일러94

    세일러9421 일 전

    Battlefront 2 release: NOT CLEAR NOT CLEAR 1 year later Sector is clear

  49. Shock1437 Sith

    Shock1437 Sith21 일 전

    Amazing love kylos theme song and Darth Mauls

  50. KrypticElement

    KrypticElement21 일 전

    I know this game had a rough start, but I really do enjoy this game 👍

  51. Александр Лихачёв

    Александр Лихачёв22 일 전

    Тут можно за Штурмовиков Империи играть,я верно понял???

  52. Don Nut

    Don Nut22 일 전

    As rushed the game 😠

  53. WindowsDOTexe

    WindowsDOTexe19 일 전

    Should've been like it is now when it got released

  54. David Kam

    David Kam23 일 전

    How about u guys add execute order 66 as a DlC

  55. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전

    Maybe younglings hunt as well

  56. xxBombcreeper !

    xxBombcreeper !23 일 전

    Now this This is a trailer A dang good one

  57. Emperor Zurg Cutler

    Emperor Zurg Cutler24 일 전

    I hate how in 2017 when people get mad cuz they are killed they say sorry and the rangers say it’s ok imma go in the corner and handle my emotions. But in 2019 they don’t even say sorry they say “LOL REKT NOOB “ and then I have to stand up for the people who are getting bullied

  58. Emperor Zurg Cutler

    Emperor Zurg Cutler17 일 전

    Odyssey Fox yes

  59. Odyssey Fox

    Odyssey Fox19 일 전

    @Emperor Zurg Cutler do you speak the English?

  60. Emperor Zurg Cutler

    Emperor Zurg Cutler19 일 전

    Odyssey Fox Ok?

  61. Odyssey Fox

    Odyssey Fox24 일 전

    I've been bamboozled

  62. TheDankKn1ght

    TheDankKn1ght26 일 전

    And droidekas launch today!

  63. Its Viper

    Its Viper27 일 전

    Who up here in 2019 ready for those Droidekas tomorrow?!

  64. lamaxe

    lamaxe27 일 전

    I thought the game was good even when it came out


    VOLD GAMER23 일 전

    only thing that that ruined it was the loot boxes, but props to ea for removing the loot boxes

  66. WaaromGames

    WaaromGames27 일 전

    I have it a day and if it starts my mous does not work in the game.

  67. Rouge Guardian

    Rouge Guardian28 일 전

    Guys I got to be honest, I got this game recently after all the updates and patches, I put a good 25 hours into it and it just was not Any fun. So I thought I'd give the original battlefront 2 a try, (I had never played the original before) and no joke I had more fun playing the first hour of the original than i did with battlefront 2 2017.

  68. SpartanSkillHalo

    SpartanSkillHalo23 일 전

    Yup had the game since launch. A total bore fest. Battlefront 2005 has this magic to it.

  69. Sam Lewis

    Sam Lewis28 일 전

    This still gives me asmr

  70. Sam Lewis

    Sam Lewis28 일 전

    Make your update videos look like this again pls frik ya

  71. Silver Phantom

    Silver Phantom28 일 전

    The first minute's music was phenomenal

  72. Finley Dunkley

    Finley Dunkley29 일 전

    Well I can’t play it just says 770 and other error codes

  73. Vikram Oldham

    Vikram Oldham29 일 전

    amazing game. came so far, so many content, also revamped everything.

  74. TurqoiseGravy7

    TurqoiseGravy7개월 전

    I Cant Wait Till This Game Comes Out It Looks Dope!

  75. TurqoiseGravy7

    TurqoiseGravy729 일 전

    @Kripton wait the game is out? Lol yea bout time they fixed it alrho i do miss those credit crates where you get a discounted price on clone skins 20k off os a big deal for me.

  76. Kripton

    Kripton개월 전

    True... I thought the same... Oof in not dissapointed right now .. it took 1 year and a half to be fully released