Star Wars Battlefront II: Official Gameplay Trailer


  1. Tom

    Tom22 시간 전

    At the beginning a worse game but the Trailer is EPIC AS FUCK

  2. Matt Novakov

    Matt Novakov2 일 전

    What do you think of the idea of the "Battle of the Space Tree", a station in space that is under attack by unknown factions?

  3. Min Sky

    Min Sky3 일 전

    Rey and Kylo having a better lightsaber duel here than in the movies. Lmao. This sequel is just a joke istfg

  4. Pinhead Larry

    Pinhead Larry4 일 전

    I’m surprised DICE was able to turn this game around considering how bad the launch was. I’ve been playing the game since day 1 and can safely say content wise the games 50x better then it was at launch. The only problem is bugs.

  5. DuhConMan

    DuhConMan5 일 전

    the hype for this was unreal

  6. Diego Andrade

    Diego Andrade7 일 전

    Girls during recess: Ew there's a bug in my hair Boys during recess:

  7. Mr. miscellaneous

    Mr. miscellaneous8 일 전

    EA made this game terrible... And dice was the one that fixed it. Thanks dice!

  8. Razer Raven

    Razer Raven9 일 전

    I am sad that everything that happens here can’t happen in the game.

  9. Alex De Groot

    Alex De Groot10 일 전

    Hi ea are you making more updates to star wars battlefront 2? I like this game so much but there are nothing change

  10. Hybrid Theory

    Hybrid Theory10 일 전

    Game looks so fabulous after the years. Still an Amazing Graphic Expirience and a Fan Dream for all Star Wars Fans

  11. killswitch_I I

    killswitch_I I10 일 전

    *Watch those wrist rockets!*

  12. Rogue Guardian

    Rogue Guardian10 일 전

    Here's an idea EA if Jedi fallen order does well, make more single player games please!

  13. General Saucy 2.0

    General Saucy 2.011 일 전

    This game may have hella bugs and glitches, but my god, it definitely does not fail in theatrics and graphics

  14. comicalpha

    comicalpha11 일 전

    Honestly this game is great

  15. Burrito Feet

    Burrito Feet12 일 전

    It's funny cause now the game is literally everything the trailer is took about two years 😂💀

  16. geh5e 77

    geh5e 7713 일 전

    I love thies Trailer

  17. Gamer Life GDS

    Gamer Life GDS13 일 전

    Cade os br?

  18. Benji 0399

    Benji 039914 일 전

    EA just like anyother game company. And they are all beautiful and just doing there thing while I’m here getting to experience the chaos of lasers being fired when I look up from one of the holes on Crait think that this games is truly so epic and I got a true Star Wars experience.

  19. Conor Brodie

    Conor Brodie15 일 전

    This was such an amazing trailer

  20. Michael Barone

    Michael Barone15 일 전

    Who's watching this in 2019

  21. Dustin Roy

    Dustin Roy16 일 전

    I’d love to see a clone wars movie and in a last ditch desperation battle all you hear is this song as the climax of the battle hits

  22. Dustin Roy

    Dustin Roy16 일 전

    He’ll put this song in the battlefield 5 trailer for the next chapter (the newest one about the Japanese and American entry into the war) then it’d be an amazing trailer

  23. TheWorld21

    TheWorld2116 일 전

    Why does this POS game keep crashing on consoles.

  24. christian kelso

    christian kelso18 일 전

    Why are qui gon, mace, ashoka, evil Anakin, and sidious (chancellor) with lightsaber not in the game as well as non customizable clone and lightsaber colors

  25. Jenhner Y€

    Jenhner Y€18 일 전

    casino battlefront 2


    VOLD GAMER10 일 전

    dude, the game is not even the same as launch, they added clone wars content, there are new heros, free updates, NO LOOT BOXES OR MICROTRANSACTIONS, etc, clearly your still stuck in 2017

  27. Winter216

    Winter21612 일 전

    Legit dude its completely different since launch

  28. Darth Ryan117

    Darth Ryan11714 일 전

    Jenhner Y€ at launch it’s completely different now

  29. Jenhner Y€

    Jenhner Y€14 일 전

    @Darth Ryan117 My younger brother had that game and it's a virtual casino without profit

  30. Darth Ryan117

    Darth Ryan11715 일 전

    Jenhner Y€ you have clearly not played the game since launch obviously

  31. Jake Rosenow

    Jake Rosenow20 일 전


  32. Jena Vinogradov

    Jena Vinogradov20 일 전

    Супер трейлер

  33. JDP Trooper

    JDP Trooper20 일 전

    This game is so amazing now it’s not even funny

  34. Aaron Ludwig

    Aaron Ludwig20 일 전

    I love how everything is in sync with the music.

  35. Rhys Jacques

    Rhys Jacques21 일 전

    I love this all

  36. Zakk Elemento

    Zakk Elemento21 일 전

    EA: Money Money Money

  37. Let Be Pals

    Let Be Pals21 일 전

    Ea:give me your money!!!! Me: OK my guy but whats new? Ea: better graphics and bug fixes. Me: you knw9 you can just make a update

  38. ro sh

    ro sh22 일 전

    This is like an actual movie

  39. 2000 subs without a video challenge Please help

    2000 subs without a video challenge Please help23 일 전

    *Having fun while teacher is away* Sector is clear *Teacher is coming back* Not clear!Not clear!

  40. Daniel Animation

    Daniel Animation23 일 전

    This game, from now on, has beaten the original Battlefront II from the PS2 era as my top favorite of three Star Wars games. The third is Jedi Academy, which was good but could not beat this game in term of combat techniques the game now have. Good thing I waited to all the updates before I bought Battlefront II (2017) to my PS4. Who else were waiting on the latest updates like me?

  41. Juan Gracia Marques

    Juan Gracia Marques23 일 전

    The funny thing is that they used maul as hero of the separatist when during the clone wars he wasnt neither in the republic or separatist side. He was conquering the criminal underworld

  42. Juan Gracia Marques

    Juan Gracia Marques23 일 전

    For the separatist alliancee!!! Lol, the most heroic droid ever.

  43. Spider Gwen

    Spider Gwen23 일 전

    You have redeemed yourself young one

  44. Cristi Stefanescu

    Cristi Stefanescu23 일 전

    There is something wrong: Clones could not fight in battle of Naboo with a normal maul.Maul got it's legs cut in Ep1 but clones apeared in Ep2

  45. Tolken Kaider

    Tolken Kaider24 일 전

    Sector clear!.....@_@....not clear - not clear,,,, ахах, . трейлер топ!


    VOLD GAMER27 일 전

    been playing this game alot and i can safely say that this game is badass 11/10

  47. naio piaio

    naio piaio27 일 전

    Dead game tho.

  48. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu21 일 전

    A tons of People in the World play this coolest star wars game! Why dead idiot??

  49. Debunk Duo

    Debunk Duo28 일 전

    Me: KOreporter: Hey, you want a Gameplay Trailer of a game you've been playing since launch?

  50. Brickmation

    Brickmation개월 전

    the battle droid voices are the best

  51. Ivan Gambino

    Ivan Gambino개월 전

    This game is great now even tho I was there till launch day

  52. Good Boy Doggo

    Good Boy Doggo개월 전

    The story is the worst Star Wars story ever. Edit: Nvm I just remembered about the sequels

  53. Good Boy Doggo

    Good Boy Doggo개월 전

    Shit at launch, amazing after 3 years, like all EA games (except BFV)

  54. Alex Carter

    Alex Carter개월 전

    Who came back to Watch this in 2019 after the game got better? 👍👍👍

  55. David A

    David A28 일 전

    Alex Carter I’d say its only 9/10 whereas the original BF2 is 10/10... but the graphics and physics in this game are enough to bump this game to 10/10 IMO....

  56. Legit Jj

    Legit Jj개월 전


  57. freefaller

    freefaller8 일 전

    You're just bad

  58. Legit Jj

    Legit Jj개월 전

    This game is trash don’t buy it. All it is, is grenade hide, grenade hide, grenade hide, shoot shoot shoot, dead, grenade hide, teammates are hero’s first you have to wait, team mates are hero’s first you have to wait, grenade hide, grenade hide, grenade hide, kill, vehicle kills you, grenade hide, shoot shoot shoot, enemy hero kills you, grenade hide

  59. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu27 일 전

    @VOLD GAMER Really??😲😲 Ok I buy this awesome game!


    VOLD GAMER27 일 전

    @Kerim Gürsu no it is not, i have the game and it is very good, and the game takes skill (like every dice game)

  61. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    Is this game trash?🤔

  62. Ldrtk

    Ldrtk개월 전

    A great experience, especially with all the new updates. The game was my first multiplayer experience and let me tell you, it was a blast. Very happy that the game finally gets the recognition it deserves :)

  63. Drag shan

    Drag shan개월 전

    IT really is crazy to think about how bad the game use to be and now it is in my top 5 games with god of war four spiderman the uncharted collection and RDR2

  64. GotAnySoup214

    GotAnySoup214개월 전

    Let’s be honest, this game was a little bad at launch especially with the micro transactions and pay to win system, but now you can’t deny that this game is one of the best Star Wars games ever made

  65. Jakoob Swack

    Jakoob Swack개월 전

    Ohhohohohhoho I remember how hyped as shit I was when the revamp of duel of the fates started playing and the unloading of the droids, the firing of the blasters, and the stomping of the armies all connected with the beat

  66. Stormtrooper 1311

    Stormtrooper 1311개월 전


  67. The Wellington

    The Wellington개월 전

    1:43 That’s sound like you took the bit where rorke is being dropped in ghosts

  68. Gun Ther

    Gun Ther개월 전

    This game has come back from the dead

  69. The Senate

    The Senate개월 전

    They need to remake this trailer with all the new content for the 2 year anniversary. This game has come so far over the years and for more years to come.

  70. Alexlplp

    Alexlplp개월 전

    I love it so much

  71. ThornSnow 5

    ThornSnow 5개월 전

    Wow this game has come far

  72. Walker #34405

    Walker #34405개월 전

    Is there a clean version of the trailer song