Star Wars Battlefront II Launch Trailer


  1. Matt Novakov

    Matt Novakov2 일 전

    They need to have the Battle of the Space Tree.

  2. Quiri Cocho

    Quiri Cocho4 일 전

    0:23 actully tired with that music

  3. Jackattack809

    Jackattack8095 일 전

    for battlefront 3 please get rid of battle points and just have a certain amount of vehicles for each team. Like a voluble resource. Also please add medics and engineers to have more team play. And the random hero choice was cool too. AND PLEASE BRING BACK CLASSIC SOACE BATTLES

  4. Hybrid Theory

    Hybrid Theory7 일 전

    Fuckin Lootboxes ruined this Great Game

  5. EnderManTuber

    EnderManTuber21 일 전

    Wow Vader 0:42

  6. EnderManTuber

    EnderManTuber21 일 전


  7. Ian Diller

    Ian Diller23 일 전

    Man this game has changed for the better since this time. Also music at 0:37 is chill inducing.

  8. RM Films

    RM Films개월 전

    This game is actually improved sm and is so fun, try it out, I guaranteed u won’t have s bad feeling about this, may the force be with you

  9. Vladislav

    Vladislav개월 전

    Эта игра шутка.. Толеррантная хуйня во всей красе. ГГ темнокожая героиня, половина штурмовиков за Империю бабы, остальные наверное негры, под шлемом не увидишь. Про Первый Орден молчу, это вообще часть от диснеевской параши. Удивительно как они клонов не умудрились сделать женщинами или темнокожими

  10. arlen mcquillan

    arlen mcquillan개월 전

    dat soundtrack tho......

  11. Rodrigo Delrio

    Rodrigo Delrio개월 전

    Who is here to see how much the game changed?

  12. Данил Дмитриев

    Данил Дмитриев2 개월 전


  13. Mel Davis

    Mel Davis2 개월 전

    Name of music plz

  14. Áron Gách

    Áron Gách2 개월 전

    Unfortunately, Mace Windu isn't in the game! Why??

  15. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    Maybe in the future!😍

  16. CrusaderFTW

    CrusaderFTW2 개월 전

    Force theme + Duel of the fates + Battle of Heroes = Episode IX gasm.

  17. Karen Kai Ni

    Karen Kai Ni2 개월 전

    Any source for the music?

  18. Cillian Mahon

    Cillian Mahon3 개월 전

    this game is awesome I love it so much and star wars

  19. JC Yanez

    JC Yanez3 개월 전

    Droids army is my favorite thing I like even with Darth maul

  20. casey

    casey3 개월 전

    Awesome game

  21. spyrky

    spyrky3 개월 전


  22. Alvaro G

    Alvaro G4 개월 전

    Rey... Kylo Ren... Disney... 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  23. casey

    casey3 개월 전

    I dont like those movies but I like them in the game

  24. Bruno der Kameramaa

    Bruno der Kameramaa4 개월 전

    i like how all the haters are wrong with theyre visions about this game present day weve got the battlefront 2 balanced and with only free conent there are no dlc or expansionpacks just free uodates i payd 60chf on release and got everything there is in the game thank you EA and Dice for just a great Starwarsgame so if you read this and think "no thats not the truth" so, did you pay more? why? or didnt you biy the game and just jump on the hatetrain to be cool🤣🤣

  25. Edgar Campbell

    Edgar Campbell25 일 전

    I like Star Wars battlefront II to man, but fix ur grammar ._.

  26. denisse quinto

    denisse quinto4 개월 전


  27. Lando Calrission

    Lando Calrission4 개월 전

    As an entrepreneur it was easy to buy my Hero

  28. Lando Calrission

    Lando Calrission4 개월 전

    Fliyo MB I would call that a hobby rather than a job

  29. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB4 개월 전

    Ain't you a general though?

  30. Lawrence Reichert

    Lawrence Reichert4 개월 전

    i laughed at 1:05😂😂

  31. Jehudi Phillips

    Jehudi Phillips4 개월 전

    This came out just last year!!!

  32. LeBron Games69

    LeBron Games695 개월 전

    This games is a ton of fun, don’t give up on it plz :)

  33. jannick-master

    jannick-master5 개월 전

    Hey! I am coming from the future, and now I am able to say more one year after the release, that the trailer is as epic as the game!

  34. Gino Rich

    Gino Rich5 개월 전

    The jedi combat with other jedi is trash, itd be cool if they added a combat similar to for honors

  35. casey

    casey3 개월 전

    In this type of game I think itd be hard to make really good mechanics like that Idk. The hero vs regular units is fun though

  36. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu4 개월 전

    Later 2019 DICE fix the lightsaber combat +

  37. Derp

    Derp4 개월 전

    I think he meant was lightsaber combat

  38. Hölökyn Kölökyn

    Hölökyn Kölökyn4 개월 전

    Why would jedi fight jedi, they're on the same side

  39. Derp

    Derp5 개월 전

    Old star wars games have better lightsaber combat

  40. Jeremiah Granger

    Jeremiah Granger6 개월 전

    This will be a day long remembered..

  41. justin evers

    justin evers6 개월 전

    This game is pretty good now lads

  42. Levon Silva_Official

    Levon Silva_Official6 개월 전

    Ah, wish I was able to get Rey's Pre-Order Skin 😞

  43. Lost in the darkness

    Lost in the darkness5 개월 전

    Me too, it seems we have to buy the code for it now.

  44. mikeisss79

    mikeisss796 개월 전

    It was a valiant effort to try to save this. But it's time to face the facts, excluding graphics, your game pales in comparison to a 15 year old game. Just give the fans what they deserve and remaster the Pandemic version. You do like money don't you? People will buy it, I promise.

  45. mikeisss79

    mikeisss793 개월 전

    @casey Indeed, if you enjoy the game big ups on you. I on the other hand would rather punch myself in the groin than play this.

  46. casey

    casey3 개월 전

    @mikeisss79 agree to disagree. It's an opinion

  47. mikeisss79

    mikeisss793 개월 전

    @casey Lots of people are stupid. This game sucks.

  48. casey

    casey3 개월 전

    Lots of ppl still play this lol. Its very good now. It fees like the original to me with much better graphics

  49. Jan Niklas R.

    Jan Niklas R.6 개월 전

    Sorry but Bf1 is better😂😂😂😂


    VOLD GAMER3 개월 전

    yeah no, ea bf2 is now the best battlefront game

  51. light time

    light time3 개월 전

    @casey the original battlefront 2 still had more content and at lunch lol.

  52. casey

    casey3 개월 전

    @light time not anymore. Much more content now.,new heroes, and villains, lots of be units and vehicles, new game mode and maps. Feels like the original now with much better graphics. The nostalgia blinds you

  53. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu6 개월 전

    @light time This is true what I say!😅

  54. light time

    light time6 개월 전

    @Kerim Gürsu and gameplay lol graphics are not everything.

  55. Dominick’s Entertainment

    Dominick’s Entertainment6 개월 전


  56. daniel faraoanu

    daniel faraoanu7 개월 전

    Wow music and action!👏👍👍💑💏

  57. JediGaming14

    JediGaming147 개월 전

    Nice and the music sounds cool

  58. Jayden Gillespie

    Jayden Gillespie7 개월 전

    0:38 when you die in fortnite

  59. Conquest

    Conquest7 개월 전

    Sector is clear! Lootboxs? NOT CLEAR NOT CLEAR

  60. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu6 개월 전

    Lootboxes are gone on april 2018

  61. Ocyrax_2

    Ocyrax_27 개월 전

    2019 anyone? after all the heroes and Capital supremacy?

  62. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu7 개월 전


  63. Tymek Kowalski

    Tymek Kowalski7 개월 전

    Roger roger

  64. CT7567

    CT75677 개월 전

    Now I can enjoy the trailer again now that the game is a 7/10 with the updates and mods

  65. casey

    casey3 개월 전

    Id give it 8.5. Feels like,fhe original to me with,much better grahics

  66. kanal vise nepostoji jel sta da snimam kad bezvese

    kanal vise nepostoji jel sta da snimam kad bezvese8 개월 전


  67. Soldier_66

    Soldier_668 개월 전

    So i'm sure we can all agree this game has gotten a lot better from launch.

  68. Edgar Campbell

    Edgar Campbell7 일 전

    Ea games had trouble with the balancing of hero’s and villains. Emperor Palpatine could fire through walls making him the best villain. Then we had the dlc Boiz, General grievous could 1 shot people and anakin was a whole new level of broken

  69. clealxo

    clealxo7 일 전

    I started playing this game 4 months ago and progression seems good, but can someone tell me how bad it used to be ?

  70. Edgar Campbell

    Edgar Campbell개월 전

    I had fun with the game, it’s pretty cool and interesting

  71. Joshua Beauchamp

    Joshua Beauchamp개월 전

    @Seany Loves Cowboys This has nothing to do with anybody's opinion tho

  72. Seany Loves Cowboys

    Seany Loves Cowboys개월 전

    Joshua Beauchamp bro can you just shut up if he says it isn’t buggy then it isn’t it’s his opinion


    BARNAHNAH8 개월 전


  74. Captiankirk games

    Captiankirk games8 개월 전

    EA time has come

  75. kevin texter

    kevin texter8 개월 전

    When most of the gameplay is loot crates and hero spam

  76. sam DeJoch

    sam DeJoch8 개월 전

    wow boba fett looks epic, now make him epic to play with

  77. Zoltán Benkő

    Zoltán Benkő8 개월 전

    Yes it is very epic, but in reality every 10 seconds you shooted by a sniper or interceptor

  78. Maximillian Wolfe

    Maximillian Wolfe8 개월 전

    Still get goosebumps

  79. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers8 개월 전

    Lightsaber combat is so good in the trailer...

  80. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers7 개월 전

    Boba Fett Agreed

  81. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett7 개월 전

    Michael Myers wish it was like that in the game....

  82. POISON23 X

    POISON23 X8 개월 전

    They should make battle royale

  83. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu7 개월 전

    Battle Royal mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2 would be awesome!😃

  84. POISON23 X

    POISON23 X8 개월 전

    suspended wind apparatus yeah man I thought about it after I commented this and it’s just a no no to much bs to add

  85. ცིгᅭন

    ცིгᅭন8 개월 전

    Wtf no

  86. Archington

    Archington8 개월 전

    00:42 only if the saber game play was like this.

  87. Blue Highlander02

    Blue Highlander028 개월 전

    Who else agrees that this reminds you of the infinity war trailer

  88. Mello gang

    Mello gang8 개월 전

    My grandfather's HERE!? YES!!!!!

  89. Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL

    Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL9 개월 전

    The potential

  90. Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL

    Chocolate Sandwiches OFFICIAL8 개월 전

    @ცིгᅭন i agree but there were some aspects of it that could have been done better

  91. ცིгᅭন

    ცིгᅭন8 개월 전

    What potential, its an amazing game.

  92. Miquel Espinoza

    Miquel Espinoza9 개월 전

    0:14 reinforcments!

  93. Lime Toast

    Lime Toast9 개월 전

    I can afford to watch the trailer only lol

  94. BlaneHale

    BlaneHale9 개월 전

    this comment section is so cringy now

  95. Smashball Face

    Smashball Face9 개월 전

    0:24 The AT-AT firing was perfectly in sync

  96. AFC14

    AFC149 개월 전

    Fuck you. All I wanna say.

  97. North Polar

    North Polar9 개월 전

    The game's better now. But yeah EA did Batrlefornt dirty.

  98. Everard Robinson

    Everard Robinson9 개월 전

    I have a good feeling about this