Star Wars Battlefront II: General Grievous - Community Update


  1. joey campbell

    joey campbell5 일 전

    They need to fix his light sabre(s) as they glitch out eventually so u can't use his light sabre too many times

  2. Hell KasierCR7

    Hell KasierCR718 일 전

    1 year ago, the grievous general arrived.

  3. Brendan Urrutia

    Brendan Urrutia19 일 전

    1 year later he’s fixed

  4. The Real Hunter Vlogs

    The Real Hunter Vlogs19 일 전

    One year ago today, grevious was added to battlefront.

  5. Wolfram von Vyller, the Wizard

    Wolfram von Vyller, the Wizard20 일 전

    0:25 For you

  6. Superkennylogan

    Superkennylogan개월 전

    This is viloenc its the leats brutal game with death

  7. Sassy the Sasquatch

    Sassy the Sasquatch개월 전

    Please make grievous more badass because he sucks

  8. Clizzz

    Clizzz2 개월 전

    They should add the eternal twins..

  9. Darth Ryan117

    Darth Ryan117개월 전

    Clizzz I don’t think they’re canon

  10. PSquiddy06

    PSquiddy062 개월 전

    Me and Grievous go on a killing rampage on battlefront 2 man grievous needs his own movie he is my all time favourite Star Wars character

  11. General Grievous

    General Grievous3 개월 전


  12. Narelle Bullock

    Narelle Bullock개월 전

    General Grievous ok.....

  13. General Grievous

    General Grievous개월 전

    I know

  14. Narelle Bullock

    Narelle Bullock개월 전

    General Grievous wait are you joking? He came out almost a year ago...

  15. Valshades

    Valshades3 개월 전

    You can see the changes in Denis's voice in the community updates from this one to the droideka one. He has built up alot more confidence since this update. He should be more confident, he and his team took a dying game and gave it a playerbase again.

  16. Billy The SU Fan

    Billy The SU Fan4 개월 전

    0:41 is that Obi Wan?

  17. Hadriegon

    Hadriegon개월 전

    Billyzilla yeah him anakan and dooku are all in the game now

  18. Snap

    Snap4 개월 전

    At the end of the video grevious starts spinning mid air

  19. General Grievous

    General Grievous5 개월 전

    I still get nostalgia from watching this

  20. ThunderStruckTM

    ThunderStruckTM5 개월 전

    Jeez how has it been 7 months?

  21. GlitchInTheSystem

    GlitchInTheSystem6 개월 전

    "Fear" bruh when i play jet trooper grevs got nothing XD

  22. Nicole Vegas

    Nicole Vegas6 개월 전

    Thanks For Sharing Your Great Knowledge With US.... Star Wars Battlefront

  23. Constantin Botev

    Constantin Botev6 개월 전

    Ea, please make galactic assault in arcade mod too.

  24. Ruan Barbosa

    Ruan Barbosa4 개월 전

    They confirmed more offline content in August

  25. Dark Lord

    Dark Lord7 개월 전

    I wish they made him different like you can switch from 2 to 4 lightsabers by holding Y or triangle and when you do his abilities change so you have abilities that involve 2 arms and when you switch to 4 arms your abilities change

  26. Theoddballguy

    Theoddballguy7 개월 전

    TRUST surge 😂

  27. Jäger

    Jäger8 개월 전

    You should add an appearance with his cape

  28. Bouncin

    Bouncin8 개월 전

    "blocking all frontal attacks" Are you sure about that?

  29. Bouncin

    Bouncin7 개월 전

    @Thatgamer pro97 No it definitely doesn't.

  30. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro977 개월 전

    Yes it does lol

  31. Shitboi41

    Shitboi418 개월 전

    "General Kenobi...." *"YOU ARE A BOLD ONE..."*

  32. Marbghast

    Marbghast8 개월 전

    "This is Grievous, lets make this quick."

  33. Emii Emmi

    Emii Emmi8 개월 전

    now we want more clone wars maps

  34. rama ricky

    rama ricky8 개월 전

    People doesnt like this game are 9 year old kids

  35. Ruan Barbosa

    Ruan Barbosa4 개월 전

    This game is really good...but need more offline content

  36. TheRagingDarkrai

    TheRagingDarkrai8 개월 전

    Lets hope they add lightsaber marks to troopers when they would make it look better as a whole when dooku and grievous and maul come slicing through xD.

  37. koolaidrybot

    koolaidrybot8 개월 전

    Lemme ask y'all a question. How did you let Grevious block but Maul can't?

  38. theAvPlayer

    theAvPlayer8 개월 전

    0:09 🔥🔥🔥

  39. tristan tabaracci

    tristan tabaracci8 개월 전

    Surrender (coughs) and I promise you will die quickly

  40. Kyle Wilder

    Kyle Wilder9 개월 전

    General grievous is an awesome character in the game . Though I feel like ... his claw rush isn’t so impressive or useful too often . If they made the claw rush so he could use it to climb walls and jump off to attack that would neat . Regardless, still an awesome character !

  41. Jallenso

    Jallenso8 개월 전

    Claw rush is one of the most useful abilities in the game imo

  42. Spktra

    Spktra9 개월 전

    0:31 claw rush has a different ability icon ?

  43. MrSquishiSquidboi

    MrSquishiSquidboi9 개월 전

    They should add the Clone Wars show (the original one) appearance, the white one

  44. Awaken

    Awaken8 개월 전

    Not canon.

  45. Kristina Washington

    Kristina Washington9 개월 전

    Thanks for sharing.

  46. King Zero660

    King Zero6609 개월 전

    General grievous is my favorite character in Star Wars

  47. Electro Vampyre

    Electro Vampyre9 개월 전

    Look aint no way in hell I'm coming back to this game. I supported you from the beginning got the top edition even spent 150.00 on boxes at release as a celebratory thing. Didn't get pissed when you removed the micro transactions and made hero's i paid credits to unlock free. Didn't say nothing after the first 2 officer nerfs but a 3rd officer nerf and no nerfs to the ridiculously over powered vanguard ability i was done PS. Lego Star Wars Grevious is better too. Wont get the next star wars game by you guys either you duped me enough on battlefront 2.

  48. Thatgamer pro97

    Thatgamer pro9710 개월 전

    0:40 who was that jedi , obi wan does not block like that

  49. HH HH

    HH HH9 개월 전

    Obi-Wan, they just change his block animation.

  50. Mario Master

    Mario Master10 개월 전


  51. Jeremiah Granger

    Jeremiah Granger10 개월 전

    Unrelenting Advance is one of my favorite General Grievous moves..

  52. EDITH Avenger

    EDITH Avenger10 개월 전



    IAN HEINE10 개월 전

    0:42 that Spider on the wall after you try to hit it with a Shoe

  54. Hunter bg

    Hunter bg10 개월 전

    Dam he thic :D

  55. Stalin the Legend

    Stalin the Legend10 개월 전

    When comes the next update

  56. John Alvie

    John Alvie10 개월 전

    Yeah get this after 40 hours of gaming

  57. Jallenso

    Jallenso10 개월 전

    Definitely doesn’t take that long to get 35k credits

  58. Ginger beard

    Ginger beard11 개월 전


  59. Marco Vinicio Rivas Cruz

    Marco Vinicio Rivas Cruz11 개월 전

    0:42 when you’ve been gaming for 8 hours straight and gotta get out of your room to eat

  60. EGORVADER - Игры и Разное

    EGORVADER - Игры и Разное11 개월 전

    0:42 G e n i u s

  61. Mathias Pedersen Explained

    Mathias Pedersen Explained11 개월 전

    I am sooooooo happy that we hav grievous in battlefront 2 😎👍

  62. Flubernugget 4305

    Flubernugget 430511 개월 전

    0:34 that's just scary

  63. [:] Valk [:]

    [:] Valk [:]11 개월 전

    Bae: Come over. Me: Can't. Bae: My parents aren't home. Me: 0:42

  64. Jackson Wolk

    Jackson Wolk11 개월 전

    Anybody else notice how two of his lightsabers are just reused models of preexisting ones? Specifically Skywalkwer’s and Obi-Wan’s. Cheap

  65. Jope Nauarabota

    Jope Nauarabota11 개월 전

    0:42 When I get caught watching Hentai.

  66. Tyler Gore

    Tyler Gore11 개월 전

    Samuel L. Jackson: Does Samuel L. Jackson like anime, yes I do, Hentai to.

  67. Rubenskywalker 2002

    Rubenskywalker 200211 개월 전

    Can you include geonosis on offline arcade??

  68. Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange

    Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange11 개월 전

    0:42 SPIDER!!! KILL IT KILL IT!!!

  69. Leigh Parker

    Leigh Parker11 개월 전


  70. Walter Valles

    Walter Valles11 개월 전

    Miss the old star wars

  71. MrElite56

    MrElite5611 개월 전


  72. MrElite56

    MrElite5611 개월 전

    Can Anikin skywalker come to Star wars Battlefront ll

  73. Italian Patatoe

    Italian Patatoe11 개월 전

    He will in Feb

  74. Jared Licht

    Jared Licht11 개월 전

    Is no one else gonna talk about how they saw Mace Windu??? possibly??

  75. Arovian

    Arovian11 개월 전

    Your update fucked up BF real shit so fix it for xbox players