Star Wars Battlefront II: Full Length Reveal Trailer


  1. ghost Compton

    ghost Compton일 전

    Man I remember being so hyped for game thank fuck I was broke during that time period and read up on reviews.

  2. Darrell Garrett

    Darrell Garrett일 전

    Epic Failure

  3. Support Guy And His M249

    Support Guy And His M2494 일 전

    0:36 I wonder if the scout trooper hitting his blaster is a subtle reference to how they used to get pissed off and beat their faulty sniper rifles in the force unleashed. I’m sure it’s a mere coincidence, “but is fun to fantasize”

  4. Isiah Lopez

    Isiah Lopez10 일 전

    Me: " We weren't expecting special forces" Gym Teacher: 0:41

  5. Vasily Leonov

    Vasily Leonov11 일 전

    Блэд, как музыка называется?

  6. Marcelo Zaldivar

    Marcelo Zaldivar13 일 전

    The campaign would have been way cooler if Iden stayed imperial, there are way too much stories of redemption

  7. Nathan Wells

    Nathan Wells13 일 전

    The campaign trailer was literally false advertising

  8. Ariel Casanova

    Ariel Casanova13 일 전

    Emperor 2019: Lol, just trolling y'all! I'm still here! XD

  9. Yes

    Yes14 일 전

    I dont understand how the soldiers are so shocked when the death star blows up,like it happened once before

  10. Sunbakedpanda Gamer

    Sunbakedpanda Gamer14 일 전

    Notice how it shows you playing as an Elite Stormtrooper but then your a Rebel for about 99.9% of the campaign. Shows you a First Order Stormtrooper but no your a Resistance fighter

  11. Rhys Jacques

    Rhys Jacques21 일 전


  12. Rhys Jacques

    Rhys Jacques21 일 전

    This looks cool

  13. Pancakes

    Pancakes22 일 전

    Friendly reminder that if you guys truly want to play as the star wars bad guys check out Star Wars the Old Republic

  14. Vladislav

    Vladislav개월 전

    Эта игра шутка.. Толеррантная хуйня во всей красе. ГГ темнокожая героиня, половина штурмовиков за Империю бабы, остальные наверное негры, под шлемом не увидишь. Про Первый Орден молчу, это вообще часть от диснеевской параши. Удивительно как они клонов не умудрились сделать женщинами или темнокожими

  15. Adrian Ramirez

    Adrian Ramirez개월 전

    “ we avenge our emperor!!” He’s still alive apparently.

  16. foxfox brl2

    foxfox brl2개월 전

    Shit game

  17. CG

    CG개월 전

    Such a shame how the game started.

  18. Bossky 07

    Bossky 07개월 전

    Y’all should come back now we have everything we’ve asked for an extra campaign More game modes like instant action more heroes like kenobi anakin or grievous and skins we have droidekas clone commandos no more loot boxes new maps like Felicia or Geonosis new star fighters and star fighter maps and more

  19. Bepis Bespo

    Bepis Bespo개월 전

    Bossky 07 yeah I recently got the game since i heard good things about the games health so I decided to pick it up and i gotta say its very fun

  20. Darth Sidious

    Darth Sidious개월 전

    Inferno Squad. Called it!

  21. Matt Keram

    Matt Keram개월 전

    0:26 Why is there an MC-80 cruiser in the middle of the Imperial fleet? No Imperial ship has that sublight drive configuration.

  22. ThisIsRamzyy

    ThisIsRamzyy개월 전

    Star was battlefront 2 2005 version is more greater than this piece of crap

  23. Jon Baxter

    Jon Baxter개월 전

    What a shame this campaign could have been...

  24. Melvin Collins

    Melvin Collins개월 전

    EA sucks

  25. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim개월 전

    Yeah I kinda just dislike the story of the campaign because I never really liked rebels and this game got my hopes up but then it just comes and ruins it

  26. Jooter BooterProductions

    Jooter BooterProductions개월 전

    This is like a goddamn movie trailer, it’s awesome

  27. Isaiah Ortwein

    Isaiah Ortwein개월 전

    This game sucks so much

  28. Isaiah Ortwein

    Isaiah Ortwein개월 전

    @Thrill Prime True man it has came a long way I suppose.

  29. Thrill Prime

    Thrill Prime개월 전

    It doesn't anymore. It got so much better. It's actually good now.

  30. darkfunewolf Coop

    darkfunewolf Coop개월 전

    Still not as good as the 2005 version, this one only had Empire vs rebels, and multiplayer was just copy paste evrytime ... New mode is like: you will fight on the ground and in the air ! NO lol, you fight on the ground, then you fight in a ship which is in the air .... Troll level 100

  31. Sephyrias

    Sephyrias개월 전


  32. Robert Sarorn

    Robert Sarorn개월 전

    This game has gotten a lot better!

  33. Brandon slade

    Brandon slade개월 전

    Game is shit just like the 1st one. Just like any ea game makes

  34. Regular Dude

    Regular Dude개월 전

    Brandon slade Have you seen the game now? It’s way better than it was

  35. Joe Jackson

    Joe Jackson2 개월 전

    I hope we get that de hooded Kylo skin we see at the end of this trailer soon

  36. Michael Lorentzen

    Michael Lorentzen2 개월 전

    the story was really good

  37. Driver Motor

    Driver Motor2 개월 전

    are the servers still up for this game?

  38. Driver Motor

    Driver Motor개월 전

    Regular Dude thanks for letting me know

  39. Regular Dude

    Regular Dude개월 전

    Driver Motor Yes with them adding more updates and content for free with no loot boxes

  40. Saberthegamer16

    Saberthegamer162 개월 전

    They changed the campaign so much I wish we would've stayed with the empire

  41. Mohammed Ahmed

    Mohammed Ahmed2 개월 전

    This trailer is cringe

  42. Ean VanPool

    Ean VanPool2 개월 전

    This trailer made it seem like we’d begin as the Empire, only to fight as the First Order 30 years later. I think this was the original plan, but for whatever reason they changed direction.

  43. Mason Zikman

    Mason Zikman2 개월 전

    1:57 we never got this Kylo skin

  44. Kevinnn

    Kevinnn2 개월 전

    This game may not have been the best... but the music from this trailer is 🔥

  45. M Archer

    M Archer2 개월 전

    EA sits on a throne of loot boxes, money and lies....

  46. Basti

    Basti2 개월 전

    The game dont have any Lootboxes anymore

  47. Eternal Emperor Valkorion

    Eternal Emperor Valkorion2 개월 전

    Shame I couldn’t avenge the empire I want a campaign where you burn the rebellion kinda like thrawn in EU

  48. Jonathan Larrabee

    Jonathan Larrabee2 개월 전

    If only we could fix the like to dislike ratio of this video. Imagine if it was released after the game came out? Glad to see people commenting on the shit show that happened and the lying and false advertisement done. If only we could all sue EA for this because we CLEARLY did not get what was advertised...

  49. TangledThorns

    TangledThorns2 개월 전

    Glad I only paid $4 for this game.

  50. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu2 개월 전

    Lucky boy!😲

  51. Dark

    Dark2 개월 전


  52. Isiah Lopez

    Isiah Lopez2 개월 전

    0:47 when you play the campaign and find out it's nothing like this trailer

  53. Liam the Gaming God

    Liam the Gaming God2 개월 전

    Any fix to error 524 yet? Cause I can’t play online...

  54. IronVigilance

    IronVigilance2 개월 전

    "We weren't expecting Special Forces." "That's the point, Sergeant." That line alone made me so hyped for this game...for the first 2 missions

  55. S olberg

    S olberg3 개월 전

    Looking for games, first I saw the battlefield V trailer, now this, what the hell is feministic propoganda

  56. Anson Yang

    Anson Yang3 개월 전

    This tralier and the soundtrack was so lit when I first saw this

  57. Adudelaw

    Adudelaw3 개월 전

    I hate how half of the trailer wasn't in the campaign

  58. Lord Starkiller

    Lord Starkiller3 개월 전

    Je kiffe ce jeu pour la multitude de perso qui l'offre.

  59. ValtrossXM8

    ValtrossXM83 개월 전

    Well that Campaign wasn't advertised honestly, was it? At least the multiplayer is 5x better than it was on release.

  60. FlyAs

    FlyAs3 개월 전

    Nintendo switch

  61. Jerryhayden01 ARC Trooper of the Republic

    Jerryhayden01 ARC Trooper of the Republic3 개월 전



    BRADYLA3 개월 전

    This should be the first 3 missions trailer

  63. Miles Jenkins

    Miles Jenkins3 개월 전

    "I still remember my last orders" Now this is our little secret wouldn't want uncle jimmy in trouble right.

  64. XtremeN00b

    XtremeN00b3 개월 전

    Can you guys put Battlefront 2 on the switch? (i mean you put fifa on the switch with a new engine that's not frostbite, why not do that with games that we actually care about)

  65. CircusKing

    CircusKing3 개월 전

    XtremeN00b No, They can’t.

  66. Anime Fanatic

    Anime Fanatic3 개월 전

    1:04 please where can I find this soundtrack??

  67. Dottor Metile

    Dottor Metile3 개월 전

    What a pain rewatching this.... What a game could have been. Instead...

  68. Dottor Metile

    Dottor Metile3 개월 전

    @Gunners Game i was speaking about the campaign

  69. Gunners Game

    Gunners Game3 개월 전

    It really is a good game. There are no loot boxes and Dice released a lot of content for free.

  70. Nachtjager

    Nachtjager3 개월 전

    And Luke actually looks like Luke instead of the old woman who made it into the finished game.

  71. Nachtjager

    Nachtjager3 개월 전

    mmm say what happened to the main Pajeeta she looks less woke and lees ugly than her final form in the finished game.