Star Wars Battlefront II: Capital Supremacy - Community Update


  1. Dusk

    Dusk2 시간 전

    Just remaster the old game already

  2. Darth Derp

    Darth Derp11 시간 전

    Now just need rebel vs empire, first order vs resistance

  3. Darth Derp

    Darth Derp11 시간 전

    Now just need empire vs rebels and first order vs the resistance

  4. II Shadow II

    II Shadow II일 전

    I have this game as a download and I cannot play any game mode

  5. Y T

    Y T5 일 전

    Who else is here after new update naboo

  6. xXTheAssasinsXx

    xXTheAssasinsXx7 일 전

    I love the Clone Wars style

  7. Chris Plays 020509

    Chris Plays 0205098 일 전

    Hello There, It's been a long time, Admiral Yularen.

  8. Romile Westra

    Romile Westra9 일 전

    In the original battlefronts. Each command post was a spawn point. But in this one u spawn in the same location. And capture a point then proceed to run around in circles recapturing points. And the matches last over an hour everytime so im not a fan

  9. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB7 일 전

    Spawning in points? So you want a battlefield game? thanks, but no thanks

  10. Mr.CrowGamer

    Mr.CrowGamer12 일 전

    Wow 12 ai kinda would’ve expected them to actually go bk to old bf2 .. if ps2 can have loads of ai cmon EA bring bk the big battle nostalgia I think online games are fun but sometimes people wanna sit back n enjoy the ai create the chaos and controlling your own fleet upgrading to get better troops ect.. you ac lost me as a customer 😂 like the game is beautiful don’t get me wrong game engine is always superb but it’s like when people ask for shit you just give em crumbs

  11. Mr.CrowGamer

    Mr.CrowGamer8 일 전

    Fliyo MB ofcourse man but I’m talking about the old game mode they should add in if you’ve ever played ps2 bf2

  12. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전

    I really don't want my ai to do my work. I like my hands full of my enemy's blood. Especially in a MP game.

  13. Mr.CrowGamer

    Mr.CrowGamer12 일 전

    Also galactic conquest offline should’ve been a thing since you brought out 1st game it’s like no one played old one !!!!!!!!😭😭

  14. The Dude

    The Dude13 일 전

    Who else has always wanted to go inside of starwars ships in BF2?

  15. Bx commando Droid

    Bx commando Droid13 일 전

    Roger roger

  16. CT- 2273

    CT- 227316 일 전

    Pretty cool, Wulf Yullaren Narrating us.

  17. Nolan W

    Nolan W19 일 전

    I love this game mode but I wish it spanned across all three eras instead of just the clone wars era

  18. Levi LaVergne

    Levi LaVergne20 일 전

    The second time you go down to the ground there showed be more dead bodies of clones and droids and more debris. Also the capital ships should have the same effect. Such as:more dead bodies, more debris, battle damaged interiors.

  19. Teje1997

    Teje199720 일 전

    This game mode is an insult to the Battlefront III that was canceled. It's cool compared with the rest of the game modes in this game, but still an insult.

  20. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전


  21. Noah The Texan

    Noah The Texan18 일 전

    Lol k

  22. tunnel vision

    tunnel vision21 일 전

    Please give us a hooded Darth Maul skin.

  23. Mario K.

    Mario K.26 일 전

    You can add what ever you want, your game is shit!!!! And you know why? Cause every f* Call of Duty game ever was more balanced than this game!!! When I have a HvV match and out best have 4 kills and the enemy's last have 14 I could f* throw up!!! It's noooo fun! But when some players exit the game because of this...this is where the real slaughter begins, so f* it!

  24. Mario K.

    Mario K.8 일 전

    @Fliyo MB I just ignore you, because I know how good I am, and I disagree!

  25. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전

    Idk man. The game is well balanced. If the enemy has more kills than you, then you may have bad teammates and you yourself may not be a great player. Ever considered that?

  26. 𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑

    𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑28 일 전

    The never ending game mode

  27. The new invasion is Here

    The new invasion is Here28 일 전

    Hello there

  28. Driguest

    Driguest29 일 전

    "Hello There" "General Kenoby ?!"

  29. shizlnit

    shizlnit개월 전

    I would rather the capital ships be part of the ground battle that you can then board and destroy to end the match while the ground battle goes on rather than it just being a entire separate map and phase. (Continues to dream of the next 2142)

  30. Alvaro G

    Alvaro G개월 전

    Battle of Geonosis and Mace Windu does not appear.... idiots EA = 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  31. cyberaj motion

    cyberaj motion개월 전

    How did they get him to voice the narrator also can we get a b3 version of supremacy

  32. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전

    Battlefront 3?

  33. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전


  34. Andrew Gohl

    Andrew Gohl개월 전

    that first part was just like an episode of the clone wars

  35. Aipe97

    Aipe97개월 전

    Oh hey, this is like the Battlefield 2142 thing.

  36. Noah The Texan

    Noah The Texan18 일 전

    Yeah that's where it started and then battlefield 4 did it then this game did it

  37. super master noob gamer

    super master noob gamer개월 전

    Likr if you like the resistance

  38. FredoPlayz

    FredoPlayz개월 전

    Who else played one game for 2 plus hours

  39. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전

    Remember this one time I spent 4 hours in a single match with my clan/group 😂

  40. BucketHead Ayala

    BucketHead Ayala개월 전

    Use Tom Kane instead of that clone for the voice that tells clones what the objective is or have him in the beginning of matches where you’re a clone as the voiceover

  41. Treativity

    Treativity개월 전

    Anakin I told you it would come to this, EA is making content

  42. chaza 100

    chaza 100개월 전

    Kinda wish this could be played offline

  43. chaza 100

    chaza 10026 일 전

    Fuzionlolz I meant the ground to space battles, you can’t play it offline

  44. Fuzionlolz

    Fuzionlolz27 일 전

    chaza 100 um i’m pretty sure you can

  45. fleshconfetti

    fleshconfetti개월 전

    I didn’t know this game was still being updated so heavily. I need to get back on it.

  46. Trench Coats 4 Life

    Trench Coats 4 Life개월 전

    I just bought it on pc a few days ago. It is night and day how different the game has become since I played it a few months after it came out on the ps4 a year and a half ago.

  47. YoungChaddy

    YoungChaddy개월 전

    Ugh. You almost had it... you could have brought back the mode from Battlefield 2142...butcha didn’t!

  48. LockeLynx

    LockeLynx개월 전

    Still no Ahsoka...

  49. Austin Beatty

    Austin Beatty개월 전

    This actually looks pretty good to change it up may give the game another go some time this Summer.

  50. Mit Whit Gaming

    Mit Whit Gaming23 일 전

    Now, I'm going to go out on a limb and say, from a purely objective standpoint, I think this Battlefront 2 is better than the original.

  51. Drake` Turcotte

    Drake` Turcotte개월 전

    Austin Beatty we also have Droidekas and the TX-130 Tank coming on the 26th with Naboo.

  52. Epic Mango

    Epic Mango개월 전

    We now have kashyyyk, kamino, and this month naboo to fight on this gamemode, with a new planet felucia on its way in the next few months

  53. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi개월 전

    It’s been out for a while this month Naboo is now a place to fight

  54. Feng Leigh

    Feng Leigh개월 전

    if they do a third battlefront they have more options for single player campaigh and offline mod. Least the original battlefront games if you don't like playing multiplayer online games you always have more options for single player offline mode or local co-op. But nope, everything about online play along microtransactions, loot boxes, and dlc content.

  55. Feng Leigh

    Feng Leigh개월 전

    Good...but which era will they choose?

  56. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    @Feng Leigh The Battlefront 2 team said: Its possible old Republik era in Star Wars Battlefront 2!😃

  57. Feng Leigh

    Feng Leigh개월 전

    @Kerim Gürsu You know what been good star wars battlefront series? Imagine if someone did Star Wars Battlefront The Old Republic? A lot happen during time of raven up to end of star wars old republic video games. Imagine nice ground and space battle in old republic era

  58. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    @Feng Leigh Yes I also hope but EA DICE love make more Updates for Star Wars Battlefront 2! (The Knights of Ren, purge troopers, Ahsoka and Ventress)😃😃

  59. Feng Leigh

    Feng Leigh개월 전

    @Kerim Gürsu Its a darn shame wont be anymore battlefront games, I hope eventually someone else gets a hold of it at some point and combines best qualities of the originals with ea vesion. Minus microtanactions, loot boxes, or heavily online multiplayer focus.

  60. PingedMirror47

    PingedMirror47개월 전

    *capital supremacy releases* Me: a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one *mode only available for online* Me: this is outrageous, it’s unfair Guess i’ll just keep playing 2005’s battlefront 2

  61. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    You are stupid!

  62. videogametroler 2

    videogametroler 2개월 전

    Are you going to upload droidaca video

  63. Chun - Li

    Chun - Li개월 전

    Ehh and when will be ahsoka and other jedi (plural) and coruscant and droidekas and order 66 and jedi temple? 😡

  64. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu개월 전

    Droidekas is coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2! June 26

  65. 360Nomad

    360Nomad개월 전

    Did no one tell these retarde devs that Clone Troopers wore Phase I armor during Episode II?

  66. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB9 일 전

    Did no one tell you that the test players could use any of the provided skins, and that it is the editor's job to make this trailer, and it is never good to insult someone?

  67. Hayden Fowle

    Hayden Fowle개월 전

    Tom Kane is like the Mozart of voice acting

  68. Alfred Viik

    Alfred Viik개월 전

    Add jango fett to star wars battlefront 2 pls it Will be amasing

  69. enesog

    enesog개월 전

    Lightsaber is the moust op and unfair crap in the game at all. It requites zero skill and you can block with just a rightclick. If that retarded crap isn't enough all ready, they included a stunlock on every lightsaber hit, so you cant rolle away with a gunhero. Worst game programming job for a AAA game in history.

  70. Legendary Super Sand

    Legendary Super Sand개월 전

    Ahhh, bringing a gamemode from the cancelled Battlefront 3. This game getting closer and closer to becoming my favorite again. Cant wait for the June 26 update.

  71. Steven Lilly

    Steven Lilly개월 전

    Can you people mack this a little more balance

  72. Andrew Villers

    Andrew Villers개월 전

    Having played it, I gotta hand it to you DICE. You’ve done well with this one. Thanks for the update

  73. Memeaboo Desu

    Memeaboo Desu개월 전

    When you've played enough classic BF and BFII to roll into Capital Supremacy and know exactly what to do: Just like the Simulations

  74. Q Mck

    Q Mck개월 전

    This looks cool ! I REALLY hope you can add more trophy’s / achievements as it makes it even more fun to play .

  75. HorusHeresy1982

    HorusHeresy1982개월 전

    Titan mode from 2142 but not as fun to play... Needs a bit more strategy.

  76. General Grievous Junior

    General Grievous Junior개월 전

    What music is it from 2:15?

  77. MatCave Gaming

    MatCave Gaming개월 전

    Hoping for some VR missions. The VR mission in the 2015 BF is one the best parts of that game. So much fun and left me wanting more.