Star Wars Battlefront II: Capital Supremacy - Community Update


  1. Party Man

    Party Man5 일 전

    Now just put it in space and let us get to the ship on our own.

  2. Jedi Knight buckley

    Jedi Knight buckley7 일 전

    Epic intro nostalgia of my childhood

  3. Lego reviewsbrasil30

    Lego reviewsbrasil3010 일 전

    Coloquem o mapa de utapau

  4. Luis Z

    Luis Z20 일 전

    I overall really enjoy this game mode. I actually like it better than galactic assault as that game mode tends to not last very long. Every capital supremacy I’ve played has taken me at least 20 minutes. With that being said I hope DICE adds sequel and original trilogy era maps to this game mode so we can play in all eras. This game mode is soo much better than galactic assault it’s ridiculous.

  5. Joshua Canales

    Joshua Canales20 일 전

    If you and the Star Wars Battlefront team read this is for your next Community update make one for the Battle of Yavin itself to new ways of playing enforcement speed wedge Antilles and Biggs darklighter outside as well as a new way it'll play as you asked you asked you if you complete battles that was against and Spa death-stars 1 and 2 in battle of Yavin and Endor Pandora

  6. JD Pragmatic

    JD Pragmatic21 일 전

    Soooo refreshing to hear the CW narrator

  7. Portal's House

    Portal's House26 일 전

    If the Clone Wars Voice actor narrating this was added as an announcer option, I'd buy it

  8. Kaden The Human

    Kaden The Human29 일 전

    Omg, how did I miss his trailer when it released? Tom Kane you fail to disappoint

  9. Manny Johnson

    Manny Johnson개월 전

    How do you individually capture command posts on Xbox one ?

  10. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi개월 전


  11. Genji Jaeger

    Genji Jaeger개월 전

    2:00 yeah that never happens

  12. ZonZon Man

    ZonZon Man개월 전

    to de federation we obey, for the federation we fight For the Droid Army!

  13. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim개월 전

    The narrator was the nice touch.

  14. Bucks boy

    Bucks boy개월 전

    Capital supremacy maps orignal era hoth endor but on endor you should go to the Death Star insted of captial ships for the Rebellion I think that would be cool 😇 And the sequel era crait starkiller base and takodana

  15. Bucks boy

    Bucks boy개월 전

    Ea if you read this but I reckon bring back the bodyguards like Rex being a hero and fives and echo being bodyguards I reckon that be cannon same for Grevious as well 2 magnagurds. Anyway this is what i want to see you might have a different idea.

  16. Jordan nonyabusiness

    Jordan nonyabusiness개월 전

    Ea is still a terrible company. They ban people from their forums for disagreeing with their opinions! Also this game has so many fucking hackers on pc its unplayable.


    VOLD GAMER개월 전

    well duh pc gaming is a hacker playground, just play on console, i left pc gaming cause of the hackers

  18. No.

    No.개월 전

    Great Job EA! We need more stuff like this.

  19. leto moore

    leto moore개월 전

    Once i spent 1 hour in one game Don't know why i did not stop I just quit because it was wasting my time going from each ship God damit

  20. Spartan 626

    Spartan 6262 개월 전

    The best intro ever definitely excited for clone commando coming to battlefront 2

  21. Jedi Knight buckley

    Jedi Knight buckley2 개월 전

    I really enjoy this mode a lot

  22. Jedi Knight buckley

    Jedi Knight buckley2 개월 전

    That’s intro brought back amazing memories epic intro

  23. Imabubble yay

    Imabubble yay2 개월 전

    Hi, are we ever going to get shore troopers/ hover tank drivers for the empire as a skin?

  24. EQOAnostalgia

    EQOAnostalgia2 개월 전

    I mean... you can't blame me for not being here 5 months ago... but this update is pretty sweet! I'm actually playing the game for the first time since i rage quit after launch lol.

  25. Erika Nunez

    Erika Nunez2 개월 전

    Battlefront ll

  26. licky licky

    licky licky2 개월 전

    The clone wars rages on

  27. Matheus Amado

    Matheus Amado2 개월 전


  28. K A

    K A2 개월 전

    Can you do empire vs rebels on mustafar? // walker assault too? 💪🏼🔥

  29. John Smith

    John Smith2 개월 전

    I was in shock, once I realized I could spawn at a command post of my choosing!😁 Just like old times!

  30. TJ Hanes

    TJ Hanes2 개월 전

    Why not create conquest mode where you start in your own capital ship all era's and as you fight and take down the enemy ship once successful the cut scene shows the ship crashing and reinforcements landing onto the planet below and the fight on the ground occurs to help support both sides in air and ground combat where you fight for strategic positions such as command posts and it be the opposite of capital supremacy.

  31. Kilian Wagner

    Kilian Wagner2 개월 전

    Is this available offline?

  32. Ruan Barbosa

    Ruan Barbosa2 개월 전

    Yes! It's coming for offline in September 25th!

  33. Nero Yick

    Nero Yick2 개월 전

    Hace falta un modo juggernaut

  34. Hege Lundring

    Hege Lundring2 개월 전


  35. Androth

    Androth2 개월 전

    still don't care. give me offline conquest mode.

  36. Ruan Barbosa

    Ruan Barbosa2 개월 전

    September 25th

  37. yeye haha

    yeye haha2 개월 전

    You know EA I eanted a clone wars campaign Like you got 12 empire timeline missions and 1 or 2 first order timeline mission but no clone wars Why?

  38. Avery Shannon

    Avery Shannon2 개월 전

    The game is so much better now, it actually feels like a star wars game

  39. GuardSilent

    GuardSilent2 개월 전

    This mode is so goddamn good

  40. JustVid

    JustVid2 개월 전

    I played SWBF2 after a year lay-off and discovered that PC servers are dead. There are literally 2 modes that have some players in, while in all others you have to wait indefinitely till someone comes. Not mentioning that no interesting content has been introduced for all this time. Sad.

  41. Coronel_Cordero

    Coronel_Cordero2 개월 전

    When are you gonna put new guns for this game

  42. Catandogclone 13

    Catandogclone 132 개월 전

    Damn this is amazing

  43. Clarence Hudson

    Clarence Hudson2 개월 전

    It wouldn’t let me play capital supremacy on Xbox

  44. Brutus Dutch BE

    Brutus Dutch BE2 개월 전

    Can't you not make more arcade game modes? It's boring if you can wipe out the bots on expert. And really, 4 arcade modes is not so fun at all. I know almost all the maps and it's serious boring! Do please something with what I said? Thank you

  45. Brutus Dutch BE

    Brutus Dutch BE2 개월 전

    Thanks for the news 😀😀

  46. Ruan Barbosa

    Ruan Barbosa2 개월 전

    They are making the Instant Action, the new offline mode...will release in September 25th with conquest

  47. Sinan Faisal

    Sinan Faisal3 개월 전

    Next hero mace windu?

  48. Silas Nonoir

    Silas Nonoir3 개월 전

    god I love this voice

  49. A Screaming Corn Cob

    A Screaming Corn Cob3 개월 전

    Together Brothers! *FOR THE REPUBLIC!*

  50. owlmangamer mystery66

    owlmangamer mystery663 개월 전

    This looks epic

  51. T-Mo

    T-Mo3 개월 전


  52. Raging Agent

    Raging Agent3 개월 전

    Wait so is this still just on one map at a time?

  53. Wizold Sage

    Wizold Sage3 개월 전

    how has it took them this long to implement this hahahahaha

  54. Random Kid's YTC

    Random Kid's YTC3 개월 전

    Kind of a disappointment, I expected a slightly higher player count and star fighters. And the maps are actually pretty small, or just slightly tweaked GA maps

  55. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB3 개월 전

    Thinking about it, Starfighters will be OP on CS.

  56. hello there

    hello there3 개월 전

    Just remaster the old game already

  57. Darth Derp

    Darth Derp3 개월 전

    Now just need rebel vs empire, first order vs resistance

  58. Darth Derp

    Darth Derp3 개월 전

    Now just need empire vs rebels and first order vs the resistance

  59. II Shadow II

    II Shadow II3 개월 전

    I have this game as a download and I cannot play any game mode

  60. II Shadow II

    II Shadow II3 개월 전

    @Fliyo MB yes I have 2 games that do this. Battle front 2 and wastelands 2 freeze just as I'm about to start a game. I hard reset deleting everything and those 2 games still freeze upon starting a game.

  61. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB3 개월 전

    Do you have a valid Xbox Gold subscription?

  62. II Shadow II

    II Shadow II3 개월 전

    @Fliyo MB xbox one

  63. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB3 개월 전

    What Platform are you on?

  64. Y T

    Y T3 개월 전

    Who else is here after new update naboo

  65. xXTheAssasinsXx

    xXTheAssasinsXx4 개월 전

    I love the Clone Wars style

  66. Chris 020509

    Chris 0205094 개월 전

    Hello There, It's been a long time, Admiral Yularen.

  67. Romile Westra

    Romile Westra4 개월 전

    In the original battlefronts. Each command post was a spawn point. But in this one u spawn in the same location. And capture a point then proceed to run around in circles recapturing points. And the matches last over an hour everytime so im not a fan

  68. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB4 개월 전

    Spawning in points? So you want a battlefield game? thanks, but no thanks

  69. Mr.CrowGamer

    Mr.CrowGamer4 개월 전

    Wow 12 ai kinda would’ve expected them to actually go bk to old bf2 .. if ps2 can have loads of ai cmon EA bring bk the big battle nostalgia I think online games are fun but sometimes people wanna sit back n enjoy the ai create the chaos and controlling your own fleet upgrading to get better troops ect.. you ac lost me as a customer 😂 like the game is beautiful don’t get me wrong game engine is always superb but it’s like when people ask for shit you just give em crumbs

  70. Mr.CrowGamer

    Mr.CrowGamer4 개월 전

    Fliyo MB ofcourse man but I’m talking about the old game mode they should add in if you’ve ever played ps2 bf2

  71. Fliyo MB

    Fliyo MB4 개월 전

    I really don't want my ai to do my work. I like my hands full of my enemy's blood. Especially in a MP game.

  72. Mr.CrowGamer

    Mr.CrowGamer4 개월 전

    Also galactic conquest offline should’ve been a thing since you brought out 1st game it’s like no one played old one !!!!!!!!😭😭

  73. The Dude

    The Dude4 개월 전

    Who else has always wanted to go inside of starwars ships in BF2?

  74. Bx commando Droid

    Bx commando Droid4 개월 전

    Roger roger